Moronicans, Continued.

The evidence, no fossil record needed.
I was hoping we were sort of evolving some more sense about this stuff, but I guess not.
Particularly horrifying figures: Only 39% of Americans believe in evolution. A majority of Republicans (!) do not believe in evolution. Only 74% of Americans with postgrad degrees believe in evolution. An incredible 14% of Americans with postgrad degrees (From where? Moron U.?) are unable to associate Charles Darwin with evolutionary theory. Question was what scientific theory is Darwin associated with. Maybe it’s time we start revoking some of these “postgrad degrees.”
Unsurprising findings: The more you go to church, the dumber you are (the less likely you are to believe in evolution). Regular church-going seems to prolong life at the same time as it shrinks the brain. And the more education you have, the less stupid you are (the more likely you are to believe in evolution).
It’s too bad that fundamentalist Protestantism in the US has drawn a line in the sand at evolutionary theory. The Catholic Church, more flexible than one might think, has said that belief in evolution is compatible with Catholic doctrine. This shows that Christianity and evolutionary theory are compatible. I don’t believe Jesus uttered a word on the subject of evolution, did he? Case closed.
Hat tip to the Inductivist, an interesting, albeit rightwing blog.

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One thought on “Moronicans, Continued.”

  1. There is a big difference between evangelical protestantism and traditional e.g. Anglican or Presbyterian protestantism. The evangelicals are something new, scarcely protestants at all, but a new sort of regressive judaism.

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