None of it Works

Penis enlargement, the various techniques. Those few that might work have the risk or permanent damage to the penis, including permanent loss of the ability to get an erection. Just as I always thought. You would think the damn scammers would get the message. No wait, they are criminal fraudsters who don’t care. You would think that gullible males would get the message. No wait, they all want big dicks.
Whew, good thing guys like me never have to worry about such products, God having smiled upon us in various ways.
I’m not laughing at all you small fries out there. Honest. I’m way too mature for that.

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2 thoughts on “None of it Works”

  1. There is one PROVEN method that WORKS! What is it? It’s so simple that you’re gonna say, “I knew that!”, or, “DUH!”
    It’s called “pulling on your dick”! IT WORKS!

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