For Women Who Really Love Obama

And I do mean really love him!
Drum roll…folks…are you ready… for? Drum roll…the Obama Dildo?

Separates the women who really love Obama from the Posers
Separates the women who really love Obama from the posers

A lot of women love Obama, but only a few are dedicated enough to really love Barack all the way, and I do mean all the way! On the other hand, female conservative women with masochistic tendencies (there must be at least a few million of you out there) who feel they are getting fucked by Obama can make it all the more real and lifelike with this handy piece of craftsmanship. Conservative humorists who feel Obama is nothing but a big dick may also wish to invest in a piece of clever workmanship for posterity.
Not only that, but it’s made in America. Who says we don’t make anything anymore? Shut up already, we make Obama dildos, what more does a manufacturing power need? Buy American, dammit!
Order here. Get yours today!
All it needs is an autograph!

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