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Chechclear is one of the most horrible videos ever made available on the Web. It involves the execution of a Russian soldier during the Chechen War.

There is a lot of controversy about it.

Chechens say he was a mercenary, and that is why he was killed. It took place in 1996 in Chechnya. The best information from many former Russian soldiers on forums is that the man executed was a a Russian contract soldier named Alexei Shcherbatykh. He was a contract soldier, not a mercenary, meaning he continued his service after conscription. He was picked up with other soldiers you see in the the video that proceeds Chechclear (see below). They went into town to pick up vodka. It was a bad mistake, as you can see what happened to them.

Some say that the man being beheaded is Yevgeny Rodionov, age 19. However, this is incorrect. Rodionov was captured at age 18 and beheaded at age 19, but his beheading was not captured on film.

Another story from is that it is possible that it is not Alexei in the video and that the person was not a soldier but a civilian hostage named Yuri who was killed to make a point to the other hostages.

Some think that the man’s throat was cut by Khattab, the famous Saudi jihadi who fought with the Chechens until he was killed by a poison letter.

However, the killer is actually most probably Salautdin Temirbulatov (known as The Tractor Driver), or at the very least, the man was executed by his gang. Photo here.

The chechclear execution is one of three carried out that day by Temirbulatov’s men. His men captured the four contract soldiers outside the town of Komsomolskoye on April 12, 1996.

There is videotape of Temirbulatov questioning the four men. He and his men then shot two of them and beheaded the a  third. It is not known what happened to the fourth man. There is an old videotape of very poor quality that is very hard to find that shows Temirbulatov questioning the four men. Then he and his accomplices shoot two of men each in turn, next someone saws the third man’s head off. However, this tape is not a part of chechclear.wmv.

According to Movldy Khasanov, an arrested Chechen rebel and member of the same Temirbulatov gang, the beheader was actually a man named Daddy or Batya in Chechen. He was reportedly killed in a Russian mortar attack one month later. However, Khasanov may be lying to cover up for his boss who was arrested for the crime the year before. Temirbulatov was arrested on March 20, 2000 and charged with this murder and three other murders of Russian contract soldiers. He was indicted on February 15, 2001. One of the videos used to convict him was chechclear.

This video was purchased by Russian media in 1999. Channel 2 is the only station that played the media in the full version. They played this video to make Chechens appear to be brutal maniacs and drum up support for the Chechen War.

Temirbulatov was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment. There are rumors that he was killed in prison by Russian Orthodox prisoners and that they beheaded him as revenge for his crimes, but there is no confirmation of that.

There is supposedly a much longer, 5-minute, unedited version that is much worse but is either almost or completely impossible to find anymore. In that video, his captors beat and humiliate this man for several minutes before they behead him.

Yet another version shows Temirbulatov kneeling on the victim’s back, then beheading him, then holding the severed head up in the air and laughing. This one is also almost impossible to find anymore.

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21 thoughts on “Chechclear Video”

  1. This one has some. It looks like it even has the very start of the beheading.

    This is a much longer one. It shows them cutting off a sheep’s head and assaulting the soldier. Later, it show Russians who pussed out and converted to Islam. Frankly I hope the Chechens decided to kill them anyway. Or even better, I hope the Russians found out who they were and killed them. Vaginas.

    1. “This one has some.It looks like it even has the very start of the beheading.”

      I meant that as a response to this statement you made:

      “There is supposedly a much longer, 5-minute, unedited version that is way worse but is almost impossible or impossible to find anymore.”

  2. “Russian media played this video on Russian TV make Chechens appear to be brutal maniacs and drum up support for the Chechen War.”

    Well…let’s call a spade a spade.

    “There are rumors that he was killed in prison by Russian Orthodox prisoners and that they beheaded him as revenge for his crimes, but there is no confirmation of that.”

    Sounds like a fitting end for a disgusting POS. I hope they didn’t kill him immediately. I hope that when they beheaded him his butthole was wide enough to fit his head in.

  3. Russian media played this video on Russian TV make Chechens appear to be brutal maniacs and drum up support for the Chechen War.
    Well we wouldn’t want them to think that would we with their mass rapes, torture, kidnapping, slavery, mass murder and ethnic cleansing before the first war that THEY orchestrated.
    Ms. Nazarenko, former Grozny resident.
    “I stayed in Grozny until November, 1992. President Dudaev was indulgent towards all kinds of crimes against Russians and Chechens were never punished for that. Quite unexpectedly the principal of Grozny State University, Mr. Kan-Kalik disappeared. Later, his corpse was accidentally found in a forest in a pit. He was murdered because he didn’t want to quit his position.”
    Ms. Khrapova, former Gudermes resident.
    “In August 1992 our neighbor Mr. Sarkisyan and his wife were tortured and set on fire alive.”
    Ms. Minkoyeva, 1978 – y.o.b.
    “In 1992 in Grozny our neighboring school was attaked. The student of the 7th grade were taken hostages for 1 day. There was a group rape of the whole class and 3 teachers. In 1993 my classmate M. was kidnapped. In the summer of 1993 one man was shot down by Chechens at the railway station.”
    OBSHINA: The largest Chechen mafia has made most of its money from bank robberies, kidnapping and white-collar crime and is one of the most important organized crime groups in the former Soviet Union. Its sphere of influence extends from Vladivostok to Vienna. Chechen gangsters are involved in all areas of crime from automobile theft, money-laundering to the trafficking of Chinese immigrants to Japan.
    Due to western censorship and propaganda through CIA, EU, Soros, etc think tanks, NGO’s, websites, “research” and atrocity stories most of which resemble debunked propaganda used against the Serbs like the changing death toll amounts we don’t know the real history and truth of what is going on there.
    If Russian government really revealed all the videos the militants shot themselves and what these people are doing Russians would be up im arms.
    When I found out how evil these MF’s are I tried to see if there was a way foreign citizens could fight in Chechnya like how foreign citizens can fight in the Israeli army.

  4. The newbie gore forums are all spreading incorrect or deliberate false stories of how this poor soldier in the chechclear scene is the much younger & obviously different looking Yevgeny Aleksandrovich Rodionov (a conscripted 18 year old beheaded on his 19th birthday whose death was not videotaped). I do not know why the story is being wrongly rewritten by said forums.

    Mr Lindsay has a more accurate account above.
    There is also the thin possibility that this is not Temirbulatov killing the man, as the famous old bad quality clip of Temirbulatov & a friend shooting a man each in turn then a throat cut of a very young soldier was part of another video which was not ‘chechclear.wmv‘.

    From ex-Russian soldiers posting on old forums to regular Russian posters, it appears that they all are stating that the man being killed in the chechclear video is a Russian contract soldier named Alexei Shcherbatykh.

    He seemingly was still executed by the exact same Temirbulatov gang, but according to Movldy Khasanov, an arrested Chechen bandit & accomplice of Temirbulatov, the murderer was a man nicknamed Daddy (or Batya in Chechen) & was killed a month later by a mortar attack. It is possible he is lying to protect his boss caught a year before him by the Russians.

    It is also very possible though that the man known as the Traktorist AKA Temirbulatov was nicknamed Daddy as well IMO, as he did always overact like such a big proud man on film for a very wee guy in height.

    Here are 2 links to rough translations of the Khasanov details:

  5. In relation to the famous old bad quality Temirbulatov execution tape I mentioned in the post before this, I have posted a link I found to it Lindsay here:

    UPDATE: It also appears that Alexei Shcherbatykh according to court statements is probably not the victim in the ‘chechclear‘ video as I debated above, as he is named as one of the victims in the above link.

    I still do not believe the victim in the ‘chechclear‘ tape to be Yevgeny Rodionov as he looks older than Yevgeny & has a different nose/face shape. There is still the mild possibility that the chechclear victim is Alexei Shcherbatykh & and he was just roped in with the names of the other victims who were killed in this incident.

    The video link also has trial details regarding the video in the comments section below it.

    This video (currently held at the site seen in the watermark) used to be slightly less edited down IIRC & definitely of better quality back in 2002 when I first viewed it. At this time, it was more commonly found on war & shock sites. I very clearly recalled recognizing Temirbulatov (seen doing the talking/interview of captives at :40 & executing a soldier by pistol at :55) as the same Temirbulatov seen in the vidcap from the Temirbulatov Court Video here:

    Here is also a link to a folder containing the video, two text files of the court details & 2 url-links of the details & the pic’ of the Traktorist in court):


      Scroll down to find a multicolored version that shows an extra scene of the full beheading that is not in chechclear.wmv.

      But I did see a 40 sec full version of this video that was posted in 2003/2004. This video is evidence that’s still out there to anyone who wants to dig deep enough.

      You’re not looking hard enough. Use different search engines and start translations. I found this within 30 mins of digging. I

      I’ve never seen the 50 minute video that some claim to have seen.

      The most important thing is to bring to light who this soldier really was and everything we can uncover about this. There is clear evidence of a coverup to do with this video, since it is very difficult to source information, and it has been pulled from various sites,

      P.S. I do think this is Alexei Shcherbatykh, but the story behind him is still very much unknown.

  6. I know this video is ancient, but it’s become somewhat of a obsession to find out information on who the soldier and the executioners are. From what I can tell with Google Translate and a lot of time searching, there are two different stories:

    1st story is this is Alexei Shcherbatykh. He was a contract soldier, not a mercenary, meaning he continued his service after conscription. He was picked up with the other soldiers you see in the first video. They went into town to pick up vodka…bad mistake, as you can see what happened to them.

    The other story I read on was it’s possible it’s not Alexei in the video, and that the person was not a soldier but a civilian hostage named Yuri who was killed to make a point to the other hostages. If anyone’s fluent in Russian and would like to help me translate, let me know. I want to either make a documentary or write a book on this topic.

    1. I speak Russian and can tell you that no one knows the name of the soldier killed in the chechclear video. Most of the soldiers who fought there know about the video, but no one knows who he was. I have been to many of the more popular Russian military forums and got to know some of the members who were veterans of the Chechen Wars, and they have no clue who it is.

      The Yuri guy you speak of was from another famous beheading clip that can be found by typing in google “Ofex” or officer execution, even though in reality he was a conscript soldier as well who fell behind his regiment and was captured by the rebels.

      They traveled with him for two months before they decided to kill him. The English version of his name is “Yury Sidorov.” He was killed on Oct 22 1996, and the killing was very brutal. There were three killers involved. Two were caught, and one has never been found.

      Back to the chechclear video, one has to understand that unlike in the U.S., these soldiers were basically cannon fodder who mostly came from poor villages in the middle of nowhere as conscripts who know one cared about.

      Read “One Soldier’s War” to get an idea about how the average Russian soldier was treated even by other Russians. Plus take into account this video was probably filmed sometime during the first Chechen War right after the Soviet Union broke up.

      Trying to find a persons identity when 1,000’s of others have not been identified is pretty much impossible. Watch the documentary “The Betrayed” where 100’s of Russian mothers are in Chechnya trying to find out if their sons were either dead or captured. Many of the women didn’t even know their sons were in Chechnya and only were told by friends.

      It is a sad thing to say, but life is cheaper outside of the West and especially during this time period in Russian history. The chechclear victim wasn’t Alexi. The guy killed in chechclear was older than Alexi who was 19, plus there is snow in the chechclear video, and the tractor killings occurred in April when there was no snow.

      We will never find his name. It’s a futile endeavor, as even some of the Russian soldiers I talked to – (some of whom were very respected and knew answers to almost any battle or detail you asked about) still had no clue of the identity the man in the chechclear video, right this one off as unsolved, probably forever.

      1. Thank you for the reply. I’m very interested not only in this particular case but in the whole time frame. I came across a article in Russian that I translated, and it fits the description of the video, the time frame and explains the snow on the ground.

        What do you think?

        At the end of October, Magomed Chaguchiev, in the same place, in Urus, was transferred to another pit, Martan, and he came under control of Arbi Barayev.

        And in the middle of November, everyone else was transferred to Barayev, adding two more people abducted from the Ossetian city of Beslan: a 24-year-old Russian boy named Andrei and his girlfriend Natasha.

        In late November, the bandits cut off Andrei’s head, and the whole process was filmed on a cassette. The tape was shown to the rest of the hostages. In December, Magomed Chaguchiev was released. His bandits ordered to get a ransom for relatives.

        I’ve not been able to find anymore info on Andrei, as like you said, it’s next to impossible to find lists of missing people around that time. As you said, we might have to write this off as a mystery.

        1. That is possible and I can tell that you have researched it, as you are hitting some of the places I did. Correct me if I am wrong – it’s been awhile – but that story is from the “White Book,” if I am not mistaken? I saw that angle as well on one of the forums as the possible victim which could describe the snow as you mentioned.

          The problem I always ran into when researching the story is the lack of pictures of servicemen. I could not find a picture of Andrei, and there was only one picture of Alexey Shcherbatykh floating around, so to do a comparison is next to impossible.

          I have even entertained the remote possibility that there was another Alexey Shcherbatykh killed by the tractor driver and not the Alexey in the picture we have seen. Alexey is one of the most popular names in Russia, and one possibility (a long shot) is that the Alexey in the picture actually truly was the guy in Chechclear and that the picture being used with the tractor driver deaths isn’t the same Alexey.

          I have seen the video of the tractor driver, the four people lined up none of them resemble the Alexey in the picture. Neither of the two that were shot were him, and the one beheaded and thrown in the grave was not him either.

          Confusing, and I am probably grasping at straws and creating my own conspiracy theories. I kind of gave up the search when this one guy on a forum (which is down) translated to brother named Mishka couldn’t identify him. He was a walking encyclopedia of that war that everyone went to for answers. He was the one who gave me Yuri and a few others but couldn’t identify chechclear.

          Here is the common description of the tractor driver killings that include Alexey’s picture, which is always the same picture. If you look at that picture then google the tractor video, he isn’t in that video.

    2. Hello Bryan.
      I realize its been several years since you’ve posted this but I too am working on a documentary on the whole Chechclear story.
      I can tell you its definitly not Alexei, and most likely not even a soldier.
      I would love to combine ideas if you like.
      Please feel free to contact me at
      That goes for anyone else that wants to help


    Court Sentences Chechen Bandit to 15 Years in Prison


    The Rostov Region Court (South Russia) on Thursday sentenced Movldy Khasanov, a member of the Temirbulatov or Tractor Driver Group, to 15 years in prison. Khasanov was charged with first-degree murder, banditry, and illegally keeping arms.

    The court found Khasanov guilty on all the three charges. An investigation revealed that Khasanov participated in the murder of Russian contract soldier Alexei Shcherbatykh.

    According to testimonies given at the trial, Khasanov shot at Shcherbatykh with an assault rifle after another band member had cut his throat. Documents attached to the case included a video recording of the murder which was made by the group.

    It’s Alexei.

    You can tell by this photo that it resembles him more than anyone and the date 1996 confirms it:

  8. Seems this poor man’s identity will remain unknown. The rough number of people who disappeared in Chechnya from kidnappings, killing, robbing, etc. during that period of time is around 5,000, and that number doesn’t include Russian soldiers.

    The victim is not the soldier named Alexei Shcherbatykh whose name is being tossed around on the web. In the video of the tractor you can see him being killed. They cut his throat, throw him in a shallow grave, and shoot him. Sick to watch. Thankfully it’s heavily pixelated as he lasted a long time before being shot.

    Chechclear, on the other hand, isn’t as pixelated, and the camera is very steady. Clearly they weren’t in a hurry.

    The only people who may know his identity are the high ups in the KGB or the man’s parents, although in many such cases, the parents didn’t even know their sons were killed. As another poster said these poor kids were cannon fodder from poor villages. Probably the only time they got to travel was the trip of death to Chechnya.

    Doubt the person’s identity will ever be known, and there doesn’t seem to be that as much interest in Russia forums for finding out the truth as there is in the West. The man in the video is 100% not Yevgeny Rodionov or Alexei Shcherbatykh. That I am sure of. Everything else is speculation or second hand gossip. I often hear that this was shown on Russian TV, but I have yet to see one article that says it was.

    P.S. On a last note of hope for the internet sleuths who want to continue down the rabbit hole of trying to find the victim in chechclear‘s identity, right now might be the best and last time to do that. There is a movie out from Russia called Closeness made in 2018 that actually has the damned clip (chechclear) featured in the movie as well as the Tukhchar Massacre.

    Maybe someone could get a hold of the director of the movie (he is fairly new to the film industry – an indie) or one of the writers. You never know. Might be a good lead considering the director put the scene in his movie.

    The movie takes place during the Chechen War, and the director lives in Russia. One would think he at least would have researched the clip a bit before putting it in his movie. Movie has a 91% on Rotten Tomatoes.


    Directors name: Kantemir Balagov. He is really young. Born in 1991 and has just two indie films to his credit. Someone might reach out and get lucky. Maybe Lindsay or someone else can get an interview with him. As I said the unedited chechclear clip is featured in it.

  9. a documentary video that can be found on YouTube by the name of “Чечня. ХХ век. Террор. Все за други своя”. Has the chechclear clip. You can find it in around the 34 minutes mark.
    The documentary was released on 2001. The clip possibly got cut from there.

    1. Hey mate, Yes I think you’re right. The 16-second clip we all have seen originally came from there.

      I had a Russian guy watch it with me and translate. It plays Chechclear along with a bunch of other videos that are of people being punished for not paying ransoms or demands.

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