Finally, the Left Attacks H-1B and Outsourcing

Unbelievable, although the author is actually a conservative, not a liberal, Counterpunch is an insanely liberal leftwing website. In this piece, Paul Roberts attacks corporations for their rampant abuse of the H-1B (Hindu 1-B) program, one of the most disgusting corporate outrages around.

Every single year, IT corporate whores, sociopaths like Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer and Scott McNealy from all over the industry march off to Washington DC and testify that there is a desperate shortage of US IT workers and that they need to up the already outrageous limits in the H-1B program. They’re lying through their teeth.

There is such a horrible shortage of IT workers that IBM is busy replacing its “redundant” US IT workers with outsourced IT staff at its shops in India, and offers its US IT staff to move to IBM shops in China, India, Russia, the Czech Republic, and the UAE if they are willing to work for the low wages offered there.

The shortage of US IT workers is so acute that big US IT companies just announced the layoffs of thousands of these scarce programmers. They’re so scarce that we are laying them off by the thousands!

In Congress, it seems that only socialist Bernie Sanders and Republican Charles Grassley of Iowa (cheers for him) have taken this issue on. The banks receiving bailout money have already been caught doing this.

The US Chamber of Commerce (Roberts points out that the C of C  is no longer a US institution – I go further and call them open traitors to America) promptly went to work to shoot it down.

Later, amendments were offered to the stimulus that required those receiving money to purchase US made iron, steel and textiles. Assuming that there is enough US iron, steel and textiles to buy, this seems like a reasonable amendment.

The Chamber of Commerce, the equally treasonous National Association of Manufacturers and the traitors who run the US newspapers all immediately stampeded all over themselves to attack the amendment and defeat it.

Ultra-traitor John McCain, the man the so-called nationalists in the White Nationalist movement overwhelmingly favored in the Presidential campaign, offered dubiously that the amendment “would cause a second Depression.” The US C of C insanely said that buying foreign products was “economic patriotism (!).”

A perfectly reasonable amendment was attached to the stimulus package that demanded that those receiving stimulus money use E-Verify (a program that is 99.6

The US Chamber of Commerce quickly went to work on this, and quietly, in committee, super-traitors Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid stripped this out of the bill. As the stimulus is now written, 100

It now appears that the Obama Administration is going to allow the E-Verify program to lapse and not renew it. The Congressional Black Caucus is absurdly leading the pro-illegal immigrant charge. Considering that US Blacks are probably hammered worse than any other group by illegals, that position is seriously absurd and means that on this issue, the Congressional Black Caucus is objectively anti-Black.

I thought that the prospect of the worst economic downturn since the Depression would lead to some sanity on H-1B visas and illegal immigration, but I guess not.

White Nationalists and the anti-immigration crowd are increasingly calling for a third party, a nationalist party. I’m leery about why the WN’s want one, but the party offered by the anti-illegal crowd, the California American Nationalist Party, seems like a good start.

It’s sad when a Leftist is reduced to supporting a nationalist party, but there seem to be few to no US patriots in either major US party anymore.

Oh, and the Libertarians you commenters love? Never was a more treasonous US party created.

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12 thoughts on “Finally, the Left Attacks H-1B and Outsourcing”

  1. Paul Roberts is usually spot on. I’m not sure if you are famillar with Booker T. Washington “Cast down your buckets where you are” speech, but it is as true today as it was when he said it. To bad blacks don’t hold there leaders feet to the fire on this issue.

  2. Counterpunch is an insanely liberal leftwing website.
    Nothing like the Maoists, you understand.
    I’m leery about why the WN’s want one
    Mostly to counteract the effects which even you manage to notice in your more lucid moments. Sadly, it’s soon back to hyperventilating about “neo-nazis” and one whole beheading. Meanwhile your darling niggers — whose egos must be protected at any price, and which every country simply must have more of, ad infinitum — kill whites for purely racial reasons multiple times each year but that’s not really worthy of mention.

  3. The 3rd World Maoists are usually ok on the Cultural Left bullshit. The Western Left is infected with the Cultural Left. For instance, this leads these morons to always support foreign workers and any foreigners, especially immigrants, over American workers. The Western Left will always support immigrant workers over US workers every day of the week.
    Mostly to counteract the effects which even you manage to notice in your more lucid moments.
    Yeah, to be a bunch of fascist racist scum. Wonderful, such charming and heartwarming people. You know, actually, outsourcing, Hindu 1-B’s and illegal immigrant invaders can actually be attacked without degenerating into racist assholes.
    I don’t think every country needs more Blacks. We should be careful about importing Blacks and only import high-quality ones. Our policy with African immigrants is excellent and they are our highest performing immigrants. I am so proud of our African immigrants here in the US!
    You know, silver, you’re basically a walking advertisement for why most Whites twist their faces into a look of revulsion when the subject of WN comes up. Too many “people” like you in the movement.
    No need to put Russian neo-Nazis in quotes. Your buddies are the real deal.

  4. Mostly to counteract the effects which even you manage to notice in your more lucid moments.
    Yeah, to be a bunch of fascist racist scum. Wonderful, such charming and heartwarming people. You know, actually, outsourcing, Hindu 1-B’s and illegal immigrant invaders can actually be attacked without degenerating into racist assholes.

  5. White nationalists weren’t happy about McCain. I think you know that, I’d bet most didn’t even vote or went third party.

  6. I think you are right about American Renaissance. I can’t even tolerate most WN sites because they are so horrible, but I can actually read and sort of enjoy Amren. They are nothing like the David Dukes or even the Buchanons. You are correct that they really hate Islam.

  7. “A ship lost at sea for many days suddenly sighted a friendly vessel. From the mast of the unfortunate vessel was seen a signal, “Water, water; we die of thirst!” The answer from the friendly vessel at once came back, “Cast down your bucket where you are.” A second time the signal, “Water, send us water!” went up from the distressed vessel, and was answered, “Cast down your bucket where you are.” A third and fourth signal for water was answered, “Cast down your bucket where you are.” The captain of the distressed vessel, at last heeding the injunction, cast down his bucket, and it came up full of fresh, sparkling water from the mouth of the Amazon River”
    This was an allegory urging businessmen to hire blacks rather then importing eastern and southern Europeans during the 1890’s

  8. Cool cursed, I don’t know what’s with Black politicians, I guess they are just playing Democratic Party politics. This whole illegal alien thing looks more and more like a scam for a permanent Democratic majority.

  9. On the subject of Islam, and for reasons I shouldn’t have to explain, European ethnic nationalists and Americans of similar ideology should of necessity have different perspectives. There is no excuse for any European nationalist movement to favor their government’s assistance, however, of US Mideast policy, much less wars.
    There is Nationalism needs high middle and low brow wings and if there is an absence of high and middle, conditions will deteriorate to the need for more of the low, but also to a much more precarious outcome.

  10. That ANU link is pretty interesting Ken, and I can almost get behind those guys. But they are ferociously anti-Communist and I can’t support red-baiters at all. That’s a killer for me, sorry.

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