The Failure of White Nationalist Theory: The Case of California

White Nationalists (WNs’) like to throw around figures showing that nationwide, few Whites breed outside their race. But those figures are only for one generation. 8% outbreeding, over generation upon generation, is going to have some significant effects.
In addition, WN’s counter with various theories like Philippe Rushton’s Genetic Similarity Theory, which posits that humans mostly want to breed with their own like kind. There may be some genetic imperative to breed with your own kind, but it is easily swamped by other desires, genetic, cultural or otherwise.
Let us take the case of my home state, California. Let us look at the the Amerindian.
After 150, there are few pure- bred California Indians left in this state. They bred in very heavily with Mexicans at first (often Spaniards) and then very heavily with Whites. In most cases, it was a Mexican or White male breeding with an Amerindian female. If Genetic Similarity Theory is really all that, why didn’t these California Indians seek out their fellow Indians and only breed with them?
Presently, up to 50% of Asian females in the US are breeding out, mostly to White males. What’s up with that? What happened to Genetic Similarity Theory here? Is it lying down on the job?
Genetic Similarity Theory is interesting, but in the real world, so many other things are operating. Sure, people prefer to breed with their own kind, but on the other hand, the story of the human race has been one of endless outbreeding and miscegenation between races, ethnic groups and tribes. We want to breed with our own kind, yet we often breed out. Go figure!
One of the most notable cases of interbreeding in this state is the White and the Mexican. First of all, it is not really true that Mexicans are “non-Whites”. It’s more the case, from a White POV, that they are part of our White family. Most Mexicans have Mediterranean Spaniard blood.
This includes many Mexican Indian tribes. My research on Mexican Indians indicated that among the tribes studied, there were few pure-bloods. The tribe in question had about 18% White blood on average. It’s similar with “White Mexicans”. Most of them seem to have some Indian in them, usually a small amount, but they are often not pure White by any means.
After 100 years of White-Mexican interbreeding in this state, the number of Whites marrying out, in particular with varying types of Mestizos, is quite high. Keep in mind that although Mexicans are proud of their ethnicity like everyone, they are perfectly willing to miscegenate with Whites, as it is not seen as race suicide.
The reason it’s not race suicide is because there is no Mexican race. Mexicans are genetic mystery casserole, most of them have at least some White in them, and the ones in California have traditionally been about 70% White on average. So a Mexican marrying White is not committing race suicide in any way, shape or form. Hence they are more than willing to do so.
After 100 years here, the number of Californians with some Mexican ancestry (including many “Whites”) is quite high.
The truth is that once a state gets as mixed as California is, everyone is just going to start mixing, outbreeding and miscegenating like crazy. There’s no denying it. You can talk Genetic Similarity Theory until you are blue in the face, but on the ground, it’s quite a different story. From a WN perspective, the only way to keep Whites from miscegenating out is probably separation.

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2 thoughts on “The Failure of White Nationalist Theory: The Case of California”

  1. Do you have any statistics? Looking out your window doesn’t mean so much. California is really a decadent cesspool, it’s much different than more conservative parts of the country.

  2. “California is really a decadent cesspool, it’s much different than more conservative parts of the country.”
    Yup, exactly right. Though there are definitely some nice parts of California left, they are the parts where White people are still the solid majority – the rest of it, having been taken over by non-Whites and criminal-prone/stupid/parasitic immigrants, is the reason why the state as a whole is flat broke and begging for handouts from the Federal government (i.e., siphoning off money from the WHITE parts of America so the immigrant children can have free schooling, healthcare, food, and shelter courtesy of the WHITE taxpayers) – meanwhile the state sinks deeper in to anarchy and chaos as all lines of social order begin to break down and as Whites flee the state in increasing numbers. California is broken, as are other states with large immigrant and non-White populations.
    This is the ‘Great Diversity Depression’ we are currently experiencing, with the parts of the USA with the most non-Whites and immigrants experiencing the worst of it.
    But hey, at least in Southern Cali it’s still sunny and 70 degrees outside…right, right?

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