Old Blog Shut Down Again

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This is the second time they have shut down the old blog. I wonder if this time, it’s going down for good? Good thing I moved over to WordPress. I’ve had it with Blogger and their idiocy.

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9 thoughts on “Old Blog Shut Down Again”

  1. Are you now beginning to realize how little the Jews who control America respect freedom of speech?
    They want to wipe out all of your old blog posts (many of them very excellent) and the associated comments which are related to Jews and the Jewish Question, amongst other extremely non-PC topics – that is their foremost motivation in seeking to censor your old blog.

  2. I’m not sure if it’s Jews doing that, OJC. Maybe it is and maybe it isn’t. I do know that the only person I ever caught flagging my blog and complaining to Blogger about it was a Jew who worked closely with the ADL.

  3. Dude, get a clue – Google/Blogger is Jewish-owned, and you’re being censored because you wrote a lot of material critical of Jewish power and unflattering toward organized Jewry.
    Is there a way to import your old posts to WordPress? There was some good stuff in there.

  4. Yes. I have self-installed a wordpress blog (http://www.freemediaproductions.info/Editorials) and I have imported blogger posts before.
    RL, if you want your posts back, do this : Go in the admin panel, hit “Tools,” then hit “Import.” You’ll have to be logged into your google account but then okay it.
    This at least works for the self-hosted version of wordpress.
    Do it quick, before they delete you.

  5. I did it, and it keeps on failing. I don’t get it. It keeps giving me this error message saying, “Nothing was imported. Are you sure you didn’t already import this blog?”
    Lame. Of course I did not already import it.
    I already have the old blog as an XML file on my hard drive, so it’s already saved. I don’t know what I can do with it though, if I can’t import it to WordPress.

  6. If you think WordPress is “free” your wrong, just the last days I have come across two blogs shut down at wp, and guess what they were about? JEWSJEWSJEWS

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