New Flynn Effect Study

There is an interesting new study out about the Flynn Effect (ecstatic over this very depressing news, since they hate the Flynn Effect with a passion. If ever there was a reason not be a WN or even a hardcore hereditarian, this is a great one. It has to be one of the most atavistic, depressing, misanthropic and pessimistic movements around. They’re overjoyed that people are getting stupider and furious that humans might be getting smarter. This is because WN’s, like all racialists, are all about genes = destiny,  however much they lie and deny it. They hate the idea that the environment can have any positive effect on anything, but I guess they accept that the environment can have a negative effect. Whatever! Nevertheless, it should be pointed out that the IQ’s of British teens are apparently 14 points higher than they were in 1942. They’re also higher than the Brits of the 1950’s, 1960’s and even 1970’s. After 1979, there seems to have been a 2 point drop at the high end of age range of the sample. So there must have been a 16 pt. rise from 1942-1979. From 29-66 years ago, British IQ’s rose at a very high rate. The British of today have higher IQ’s than the Brits of 29-66 years ago. Now, since 1979, there has been a very modest drop of less than 1 pt per decade in the very oldest teens. And! In the last 30 years, IQ’s of 5-10 yr old Brits have risen 15 full points! The WN’s are going on and on about how the reason for this is because the UK is increasingly Black. Forget it. Britain is Nor can increasing Black This leaves us with Flynn’s explanation, which seems to explain things well. British teen culture is dumbing down, and race has nothing to do with it. WN’s always says that Flynn refuses to admit that Blacks have lower IQ’s than Whites. Although he is a Leftist, Flynn readily acknowledges that Blacks have lower IQ’s than Whites. Flynn has titled the study Requiem For Nutrition As The Cause Of IQ Gains Raven’s Gains In Britain 1938 To 2008. WN’s are chortling that this means that the entire Flynn Effect is nonexistent, since Flynn supposedly predicated it on increased nutrition. Wrong again, racists. Flynn never stated that nutrition was the sole effect of the FE, and he has always been dubious about that. The Flynn Effect of a secular rise in IQ is a fact. What it means and what is causing it are what is up for grabs.


Flynn, James. 2009. contribution to support more of this valuable research.

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8 thoughts on “New Flynn Effect Study”

  1. If ever there was a reason not be a WN or even a hardcore hereditarian, this is a great one. It has to be one of the most atavistic, depressing, misanthropic and pessimistic movements around.
    Finally, the admission. Robert hates heredity because he can’t handle it. Not because it isn’t true. But because its implications are too frightening for him. He’d rather run and hide and cover his ears — and everyone else’s. He figures if he can feed himself feel-good lies about the Power of Environment long enough, he’ll be able to live to old age and die without ever having to face up to reality.
    Yep, that’s what motivates these people. Sad, isn’t it, grown men cowering like children? They’d rather ruin a perfectly fine race by larding its loser elements with welfare so that they can go on to produce more losers, and distract the finer elements of the race with promises of sex, sex, sex and eternal youth to enjoy more sex, sex, sex, so that when the results come in and the race is shown to be degrading they scream for joy and point to The Power of Environment. “See,” they’ll tell you, “It’s the same race that created just about every good the modern world enjoys, and look at them now! Obviously their successes weren’t just down to their genes.”
    They hate the idea that the environment can have any positive effect on anything, but I guess they accept that the environment can have a negative effect. Whatever!
    Yeah, sure Lindsay, “whatever.” A car can run at less than its maximum speed, but it can’t go faster than it. People can perform much worse than their maximum potential, but they can’t exceed it. A culture can support people striving to reach their limits or it can reward people for behaving like degenerates. Nothing here that hereditarians haven’t long been aware of.

  2. If Bob could rid himself of Darwinian racialism, he’d still have the “Spiritual Racism” of Evola and the European New Right and Duginism/Russia to worry about. Maybe the construct of Darwinian racialism is ultimately
    derived from a late-materialist thrust of Western Cultural imperative anyway, and but one wing of multi-pronged Euro/Russian Resurgency of Authority movements writ large. All anathema to Bob, I’m guessing.

  3. Nope, it’s not that the truth is so depressing. Hereditarianism is not the truth! It’s all lies! Just to take one example, the Flynn Effect (FE). Almost all hereditarians despise this FE because it spits right in their faces and shows them how wrong they are. It’s…get this. Optimistic. Whoa! We really are not prisoners of our genes after all. Hold your horses.
    This is the truth, accepted by all reasonable people, including a number of more or less hereditarians: IQ’s have been going up in the West at a rate of 3 pts per decade for the past 80 years. They are also going up in the Third World. They are going up among all races. Blacks have gotten so much smarter that US Blacks are now smarter than the Whites of 1950! It’s true! If the Whites of 1950 were not morons, surely the Blacks of today are not morons.
    The truth is that intelligence, as with so many other things, is obviously a product of genes + environment. All sane people realize this. You see, the brain is a muscle like anything else. If some guy jogs every day for years, he will be a better runner than a couch potato like me, genes be damned. Hereditarians are so wrong and nasty that they just can’t seem to get their brains around this. If the environment can make us dumber, surely it can make us smarter. And vice versa.
    Now, there may indeed be genetic limits to how much smarter we can get…
    We’re getting smarter. Yahoo! Our IQ’s are going up. Yeehaw! That’s a reason for partying right there. Yet this makes hereditarians furious, because genes can’t possibly make an IQ go up 20 pts in 80 years. And it gives a message or hope, beauty and optimism. It makes you want to party. Hereditarianism is ugly, nasty and vicious. It doesn’t make you want to party; it makes you want to kill someone. Not only that, but it’s not even true. It’s a lie.
    It’s the hereditarians who are the liars. IQ’s are going up, and they just can’t handle it, so they lie and say they are not. They’re mean, vicious and nasty not because they tell the truth, but because they lie to fill their hate-filled vision.
    On Darwin. Darwin was never a strict hereditarian. If I am not mistaken, he believed that the environment could indeed radically influence phenotype.
    You’re right, Ken. I hate all racialism, pretty much. Racialists are racists, for the most part. The ones that are mostly into loving their own and don’t hate others much or at all are tolerable, but 95% of them really do hate all the other races. This is one of their lies. We don’t hate other races. We just love our own. I’m calling BS!
    Once again, just to show you how ugly these people are, they refuse to admit when the evidence shows we are getting smarter – they lie and stomp their feet and insist against all evidence that we are not. When the environment starts making us stupider, they whoop and throw a party. Hereditarians are the nasty and vicious people.

  4. Zimbabweans are not starving because they are Black. This is one of the ugliest lies of them all. It’s all based on a completely insane premise – that Black folks are too dumb to grow food! Now, all over Africa, Blacks have shown that they are perfectly capable of growing food. They’re definitely smart enough to do that. Zimbabwe’s economy is ruined because the US and UK have slammed sanctions on it, locking them out of the whole international banking system.
    All to support 5,000 White British criminal dog farmers who have stolen all 50% of the farmland in Zim, and 100% of the good farmland. Obviously, land reform was needed, but the UK stopped it in solidarity to the White criminal dog farmers. So the people started seizing the farms. Mugabe didn’t even want to seize them – he opposed it. But the people demanded it and started raiding the farms themselves, so he caved in. After that, sanctions got slammed on to “make the economy scream” in Kissinger’s words. It’s really evil White people that are causing the deaths of all those Blacks in Zimbabwe.

  5. I would like to debate with you egalitarian, but there is too much emotional ranting and raving saturating your posts. I need to wade through and discard all of this first before I can get to anything meaningful.
    bold this text

  6. Robert,
    I consider myself a hereditarian because I think that most IQ gaps that we see in the developed world are the result of genes, but I would never deny that environment plays a significant role. Of course it does. If you’re never given a chance to exercise your brain, or fed nothing but fast food growing up, your brain isn’t going to exactly be a well-oiled machine. But maybe I’m wrong to consider myself a herediatrian (i.e. maybe the word has a different meaning than what I suppose).
    I don’t like the Flynn Effect, though, and not because it’s optimistic. (I *like* the idea that things are getting better.) I don’t like it because it seems counterintuitive and no one has ever really explained its existence to my satisfaction. Although if it were to stop at some point, then I think it could just be the result of an improvement in the environment over the past 100 years. If it were to keep going… I’m sorry, but I can’t believe that we have unlimited cognitive potential. My grandchildren will not be levitating objects with their minds, sorry. 🙂

  7. It’s true that the Flynn Effect exists and in a lot of ways is just plain mysterious.
    In some parts of the developed world, it has already stopped and is even starting to reverse a bit.
    I pretty much doubt that we have unlimited cognitive potential.
    If you study the effect, it is not across the board at all. It’s only on certain subtests. Other subtests have barely moved at all or even stayed flat.
    As far as whether the gaps you see in the developed world are due to genes, especially racial gaps, I pretty much pass on that question. As a Leftist, I really get pounded for saying that they are.

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