13 thoughts on “Mountain Ewww To Compete With Peepsi and Coke”

  1. I probably should not say this, but I had a gf who was into that. It wasn’t really my thing, but I went along. Open up and say ahh, baby! Some women are just twisted. She was kind of an ultra-submissive / borderline masochist, like so many women. What’s the matter with women anyway? Why are they so weird sexually like this? I don’t get it.

  2. I know you can drink your own urine in the desert if you are dying of thirst. And there is some Indian guy, a guru, who pissed in a glass and drank a nice big 8 oz glass of urine first thing in the morning. What a way to start the day! Ahhh!
    You shouldn’t drink too much of that stuff, though. Your body is trying to remove it from your system. My understanding is that urine is sterile when it leaves the body though, unlike poop. So it’s free of bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc.

  3. Ok, not to get into the habit of airing all of my people’s dirty laundry on this blog, which would get real old real fast, but you know a lot of gay guys are into something called “watersports,” which is basically pissing on another dude in a sexual setting. Of course, there are all sorts of variations and degrees. Some guys like to drink it, others don’t. Some guys like to take piss up their ass, etc…
    Ah, gay men! Is there anything they won’t try? Other than women, I mean?

  4. Yes, I have heard that a lot of gay guys are into water sports. Not many straights are. That one woman was, and there was one other one that I dated briefly when I was 20. She was a totally insane submissive / masochist type. She wanted me to brand her. WTF? Why are women so into pain anyway? I asked my Mom and she said that being a woman is very painful, so you either learn to love pain, or you’re not very happy. And there’s obviously a serious element of dominance and submission in the heterosexual sex act itself – being penetrated and penetrating, that is.
    Of course if a lot of gay guys are into masochism and being submissive, that would blow my whole theory.
    What % of gay guys do you think are into water sports? 25%? More? Getting pissed on is a seriously submissive / masochistic act.

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