Lots of Black Gay Men

I had heard that the rate of HIV is very high among Blacks and it is especially high among Black gay men. Some reports are saying that it is higher among Black gays or bisexuals than among some AIDS-wrecked African countries. I never really knew there were lots of Black gays. I used to hang around Hollywood all the time when I lived in LA because I was into the music and club scene. There is a huge gay community there, and it’s true, it was rather surprising how many Black gays you ran across. It seems odd because the Black community is said to be very homophobic, and they especially hate homosexuality among males. So you get this phenomenon called the down-low where lots of Black guys who would otherwise be out and gay or bi have girlfriends or are even married and then have sex with guys on the “down low” or on the secret. Then they go home and give HIV to their women. This is apparently the source of the high HIV rates in the Black community, plus probably some IV drug use too. I just got an incoming hit to the old site from Thugsforsex.com. Well, most of you probably do not want to go that site, but I decided to go it anyway, though I sort of figured what it was. The whole site is done up in gangster. There’s gangster talk all over the site, gangster graphics, gangster everything. You can search or browse and a lot of the categories are in gangster talk too. I browsed around and saw a profile or two, with tons of comments after them, then I left; after all, it’s not my thing. The site’s pornographic and it’s gay pornography, so you’ve been warned. Most Black guys showing off their big Black dicks, which to me is about as sexy as a trip to the zoo looking at the elephant trunks.* Anyway, you look down at all the comments and a lot of these guys don’t even look or seem gay at all. Their photos look exactly like gangsta style Blacks from the ghetto, or Blacks who are trying to look that way. There were also some gangster looking Latinos on there too. I started wondering…how many of these guys are really gay? How many of them are real ghetto types, except they will just screw anything that moves? And how much gay sex is there really in the Black community? It’s well known that there is tons of gay sex in prison, and the Black guys go in for it in a big way. The truth is that prison sex is mostly Black males raping White males, but you can’t say that because if you do, you’re an evil racist. Seems like there might be a Hell of a lot more gay sex in the Black community than we think, no? I’m also wondering if this is some kind of a gay trend? Some kind of “thug sex” thing, like the leather boys and drag queens and whatnot? Weird trend; gay guys are so effeminate and gangsters are so macho. In case you type in thugsex.com by accident (More porn, warning!), don’t worry, that’s a straight porn site of White women taking on groups of Black guys. Let the fun begin! I put that link in there especially for you White nationalists. You guys just love seeing White women exploring their darker sides like that, huh? Teehee. *Robert Lindsay is straight

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9 thoughts on “Lots of Black Gay Men”

  1. I’m also surprised at the number of black men who are into the gangsta lifestyle who are either gay or on the down low. There really is no white equivalent, by which I mean you don’t run into large numbers of gay white jocks, or white jocks cruising for gay sex.
    I think most of these guys are on the down-low or bisexual. In my more sexually adventurous days I visited a few sex clubs in D.C., which have since closed down because they built a new stadium in the area and bought up the land. Some of them were 90% black, and most of these guys did not seem gay at all. On the other hand, the gay black guys that I’ve encountered in regular gay clubs and bars are much more gay-seeming.
    I remember walking home from one of these clubs one night and a bunch of ghetto black guys driving past slowed down and propositioned me for sex. It was uncomfortable and bizarre. I can’t imagine straight or straight-seeming white guys doing that.
    I’ve heard black men have higher rates of testosterone than white men. Maybe high rates of testosterone makes some guys more willing to fuck whatever moves and some guys more intolerent of effeminate men.

  2. Thx Mark. It’s great to see some confirmation of this from someone with an inside view.
    Blacks have higher testosterone until they are in their early 30’s, and then it declines.

  3. Overcrowding does all kinds of terrible things to human beings and contributes mightily to various social pathologies.
    Homosexuality was likely almost entirely non-existent when the majority of American Blacks lived in spread out rural areas, as it was and is in all other human groups. But as people have piled in to crowded cities where they live like rats, social pathologies have increased almost exponentially – homosexuality is just one pathological expression of the stress which overcrowding causes.
    “Under normal [non-crowded] conditions, in their natural habitats, wild animals do not mutilate themselves, masturbate, attack their offspring, develop stomach ulcers, become fetishists, suffer from obesity, form homosexual pair-bonds, or commit murder. Among human city-dwellers, needless to say, all of these things occur.” – from Desmond Morris’ book on urban overcrowding, THE HUMAN ZOO
    Also see the research of John B. Calhoun – “Calhoun (1962a) was perhaps the seminal work suggesting a link between crowding and social pathology. He populated a room subdivided into four contiguous pens with rats and provided them with unlimited food and water; after a year, their density was high and he reported infanticide, cannibalism, homosexuality, and the formation of a “behavioral sink”: the majority of the rats would congregate to feed within a small subsection of the room, increasing their real density far above that imposed by the distribution of food or size of the enclosure, and seemingly exacerbating the social pressure of numbers. ” – http://dss.ucsd.edu/~jmoore/publications/DensityInfanticide.html
    “Crowding as a chronic source of stress, constitutes a major threat to psychological well-being. Dense populations are characterized by considerably increased aggressive behavior. Crowded monkeys (even well-fed) have brutal fights, wound and kill each other, including females and young. Crowding stress adversely affects gonadal functions, and during pregnancy may inhibit reproductive activity even through the second generation (Marchlewska-Koj, 1997), among others by masculinization of female pups. Chronic crowding leads to deficits in learning tasks (Goeckner et al., 1973) and has been suggested as a stressor to induce an animal depression model (Naitoh et al., 1992). In human populations crowding stress is suggested as an important factor in the development of increased urban insanity/schizophrenia.” – http://www.chaperone.sote.hu/cikk9f.htm

    The above descriptions mirror the social pathologies of American Blacks and other population groups packed in to overcrowded urban environments, yes?

  4. Homophobia amongst blacks is pretty widespread. Blacks nations are the most homophobic outside the Muslim world. The blacks that aren’t homophobic or believe in gay marriage are usually the ones that socialize with a lot of SWPL white liberals. Jamaica is arguably the most homophobic non-Islamic country in the world.
    Also the interesting thing about this “down low” issue is that many guys doing this stuff don’t even think of themselves as gay when they have sex in prison. They define themselves more like the ancient Greeks did, as penetrator and penetrated. The man that penetrates(whether he is penetrating men or women) is still considered masculine, and is not viewed as gay by fellow inmates. The man that gets penetrated has been “turned out” into a punk and essentially becomes a female within the context of prison. Yeah and you’re right, white guys have a big “X marks the spot” on their assholes when they arrive. I don’t think it’s because they are white per se, but because they’re less likely to have gang protection and are perceived as easy targets, at least until they join a Neo Nazi gang. I’ve never been to prison FYI, I’m basing this off some documentaries I’ve seen on the prison subculture.
    My guess is that a lot of the HIV rate in black America comes from guys having sex with guys in prison and then releasing it into the community when they get out.
    Fast forward to 6:57

  5. Homosexuality is a natural, normal variant of human sexuality, just like heterosexuality is. Let’s not confuse situational homosexuality (like that which occurs in crowded or confined environments) with the real, uncultivated sexual orientation of people that naturally occurs on its own.
    I’m a gay black guy who grew up in the suburbs of Southern California. My family comes from the Midwest and the Deep South. I came out at the age of 16. I do not relate at all to any of the guys on that website or any of the so-called “homo thugs” many have encountered on the street. I am also HIV-negative, sexually responsible, selective and strictly monogamous.
    We black gay guys are just as varied and as human as white gays. I’m sure if black gay men were more accepted by the larger white gay community, our HIV/AIDS rates would probably be much lower. Black gay men are placed in the unique situation where we’re tossed aside by the largely homophobic black community (mostly due to bigoted religious views) and at the same time abandoned by the larger white gay community (mostly due to racism and xenophobia). The effect is that we’re on our own.
    I am luck to have friends of all races and sexual orientations. I went to college where I got to meet the higher stock of the gay population and this privilege meant that I was insulated from many of the harms that other black gay men in my situation would face. I also got lucky in that I had parents who loved me. They may not be fully accepting of my sexuality, but they did not throw me out or abandon over one detail in my life. I cannot say the same thing for all of my black or white gay friends.
    So, where am I now? I’m in a bedrock Latino community in Los Angeles where I meet a lot of Mexican and white gays. I find it interesting because out here non-interracial relationships are taboo. The gay people out here don’t frown until they see guys dating within their own race. Kind of weird. I see quite the opposite situation occurring when it comes to race relations between black and white gays.

    1. Homosexuality is a natural, normal variant of human sexuality, just like heterosexuality is.

      It may be natural and it may be a variant, but that doesn’t mean it’s NORMAL, or even desirable. Hermaphroditism is a natural variant of human sexuality too, but it’s certainly not normal or desirable. You could say the same about people being born with color blindness or being born as midgets or siamese twins. Some may learn to accept or embrace the mutations of their DNA, but they are still mutations and mistakes of nature. Gays, through political correctness however don’t want to acknowledge that homosexuality is a genetic defect the same way that being born with no sexual orientation would be. They want us to think it’s equal in every way to heterosexuality, despite the fact that men were biologically created to be with women and the anus wasn’t designed for penetration.
      I don’t have anything against gays, nor do I care about what they or anyone else does in their bedrooms. What I don’t like is them pushing their agenda down everyone’s throats trying to make homosexuality normal and desirable and saying that’s it no different than heterosexuality. Or even comparing gay relationships to inter-racial relationships(which are not analogous). Evolution designed people with only 2 purposes, 2 survive and reproduce. Gays as they are cannot reproduce, well they can technically, but that would involve doing something against their nature. Thus I cannot consider homosexual behavior to be desirable. Though I don’t lament them either.

    2. Yes, I don’t think that it’s accurate to say that heterosexuality is a variant of human sexuality. It appears to be the norm.

  6. Homosexuality has conflicting data when comes to whether it should be viewed as a mental illness, but overall I think it comes off as being more of a preference than an illness or developmental disorder.
    Mostly it’s the fact that there are a lot of gay men whose emotional functionality seems healthy in a way that is atypical of a disorder or neurosis.
    People with real developmental disorders are largely identified as being inherently unstable and dysfunctional. A lot of gay men do have these issues but there not really very far from the level of problems people with high IQs or depression suffer from. There certainly not like your average schizo or developmentally arrested pedophile.
    A lot of gay men actually seem to have very happy, healthy relationships and feel feel broadly emotionally satisfied. Especially masculine gay men.
    Some gay men even complain that they are resented by their friends in the same way that singles are resented by their married friends. They have more sex, have more to do together, seem more interested in each other’s activities and thoughts, live better etc. As result they get indirectly insulted or cut out of social circles with people who used to accept them when they single were unmarried.

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