Go Maoists Go

Well-armed Maoist rebels are rapidly expanding their insurgency in India. It has to be stopped now, or in two years, it will get out of hand, says the state. 22,000 fighters under arms. They mostly operate in the East, especially Chattisargh and Jharkand, but they are expanding all over. They are even starting to form cells in big cities. Good for them. Indian capitalism has failed. Time to try something new. The Indian Maoists have deep links to the Nepalese Maoists, a very forward-looking group of Leftists who are now pretty much running the Nepalese government. Would be great to see a similar-looking group running India. The Indian Left makes sense on Kashmir and even supports separatism in India’s Northeast. I think they could make peace with Pakistan too.

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7 thoughts on “Go Maoists Go”

  1. I thought you’d given up on the left-wing bullshit? Or are you only giving it up piecemeal? You’ll probably get there in the end. I have high hopes for you.
    I’m just curious, why on earth do you care so much for people half a world away from whose presence on this planet you derive zero benefit and a whole lot of headaches since the dimwitted 3rd world losers always find a way to tie their plight back to something a white man did to their ancestors? Their problem is a mentally violently sub-par population which farts out useless kiddies at ferocious rates and raises them in an anti-intellectual, anti-rational culture that merely perpetuates the trends.
    To me, the concerns of these people are absolutely meaningless. Even whether they live or die is meaningless to me. I don’t expect them to care a wit about me either, so my indifference doesn’t harm them. I just can’t work out why at a time when your own country is dying — in large part because of the presence of massive numbers of useless, witless 3rd worlders on its soil — you still manage to care about squabbles on the subcontinent. Old habits die hard maybe?

  2. No, I am still a Leftist. The Nepalese and Indian Maoists don’t really care anything about race or White people or any of that. It’s the Indian nationalist fascists, the Hindutvas, your ideological buddies, fascist, who are so obsessed with hating the White man. Indian people are White, and they have low rates of violence, like a lot of White people. They also have lots of really smart people for some reason, maybe the White IQ distribution. Racially, these are our White brothers and sisters.

  3. “Racially, these are our White brothers and sisters.”
    I don’t think they consider themselves white. and a lot of indians are so dravidian they are more like new guinea people.
    anyway. i thought “blocked” was his status not name.

  4. He was blocked on the old blog.
    The ones in the South, the Dravidians, if you look at them genetically, they are Caucasians. If you look at them phenotypically, they are Australoids, so you are correct to tie them in with Papuans, because their skulls look like Papuan skulls. But their on the border between us and Asians.
    Some of the Northern ones definitely might consider themselves. I told some Punjabis they were White, and they said, “Of course we are.” The ones up northwest are more related to Europeans. Their stock is Iranian-Aryan type.
    He was blocked and banned on the old blog, but I’m letting him back in for now. He’s a White Nationalist, a racist, and on top of that a real asshole, but until he starts attacking me, I will let him post. I think it’s sort of funny when he goes on his racist rants.

  5. pffft genetics are boring and complicated. I want to study physical anthropology but i only like phenotypes (in a non-racist way). just kind of the awesome diversity of humanity. and i love labeling/ classifying things so a test where you have about 40 faces and you would have to identify their race/phenotype/whatever would be awesome. from what i have read a lot of that stuff is not PC or somewhat debunked now. i got interested from dieneke’s site.

  6. According the physical anthropology, at least some of those Dravidians could be seen as Australoids. Others are said to be some sort of Caucasians. It’s pretty controversial. I’d say that Tamils are Australoids.

  7. Racist rants = points and arguments my commie-addled brain simply has no rational answer for.
    I’m a eugenicist, not a white nationalist. WN, as popularly manifested, is largely horseshit. There’s no real “nation” there. The “nation” is the country’s founding stock + the most closely related NW European immigrant stock, + products of miscegenation between either of the former two and something else central or northern European, + the most obvious exceptions to these rules. Still, they get my support because they’re the only ones telling the truth about race and reality and wanting to do something about it. Any (loosely-defined) white (or near-white) with an interest in civility and liberty would do well to support them; they’re not going to like the ensuing 3rd world cesspool being created before our eyes any more than real whites. You think NE Asians might care too, but why would they? Things get too nasty, they’ve got developed countries, largely untouched by useless immigrants they can skedaddle back to.

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