Typical Muslim Behavior

The Taiba, West Bank, pogrom in September 2005.
The Muslims always do this to us Christians, especially when we are small minorities.
It’s probably not that bad to be a Christian in Morocco, Tunisia or Libya. I had a Black African friend from Togo, a Catholic, who was living in Morocco for a while, and there were no problems. And I knew some Nigerian Christians who were in Libya. There were no real problems, but they said that the Libyan Arabs were openly racist towards Blacks (typical Arab behavior)  and they really hated Christians.
In places where Christian minorities are tiny, the Muslims just leave them alone as unimportant.
In places like Lebanon, the Muslims leave the Christians alone too, since the Christians are very well-armed and have lots of political power and numbers. The Maronites, for all their faults, have the reputation for being some of the baddest-ass Christians in the Middle East, and the one group of Christians who successfully fought off the Muslims for centuries.
It seems to be ok to be a Christian in Syria and Jordan too. Egypt is definitely not ok. It’s not a nightmare, but there are a lot of problems for Christians. Turkey and Pakistan are not secure for Christians at all, but Iran seems to be ok.
The Christians have been ethnically cleansed from Chechnya, and there is ongoing ethnic cleansing in Iraq. In Southern Philippines and the Moluccas, it’s “kill the Christians.” Anywhere you have a jihad against the Christian “occupiers” or “colonists” (Chechnya, Philippines and Iraq) the local Christians really get pounded. There’s typically ethnic cleansing and genocidal behavior of some sort.
There are real problems in places like Palestine where the Christians have more than tiny numbers, but not big enough numbers or power to be tough like the Maronites.

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10 thoughts on “Typical Muslim Behavior”

  1. Well, maybe, but that guy gets along everywhere he goes. Plus he spoke French. He was going to a university there and he used to play soccer with the other students, mostly Muslims I guess. Those Nigerians in Libya though were adamant that the Libyan Arabs totally hated them for the most part simply because they were Blacks.
    There are large Nigerian Diasporas all over that area, especially in Libya and to a lesser extent in Egypt. They seem to be using it as a launching pad to try to get into Europe = Libya as launching pad. Plus, they were able to live much better in Libya than they could in Nigeria.
    I knew some East Asians, especially Pakistanis, and they were absolutely livid in their hatred for Arabs. These guys were hardcore Pakistani Muslims who had been working over in the Gulf or went there on hajj. They were furious at the overtly racist way that the Arabs treated their fellow Muslims. These guys weren’t even Blacks. They were East Indian Caucasians.
    Islam is losing at least a million members a year in Black Africa. That many are converting out, mostly to Christianity. The reason is that the Gulf Arabs are so racist towards Black Africans that they won’t spend any money on mosques or proselytizing. Most mosques in Black Africa are falling apart. In contrast, Christian forces are well funded.
    The war in Sudan is basically just “kill the niggers.” The Sudanese Arabs, though very dark, do NOT consider themselves Black, and to them, Black Africans are utterly inferior and useful most for being slaves. Black Africans are enslaved by Arabs all through that region of the Sahel, and the whole context is racial. Slavery was legal in Saudi Arabia until 1963.

  2. I hadn’t really heard about arabs racist against blacks, i always thought they were against “orientals”.
    I was also unaware Islam was losing people. I would imagine it is still growing overall?
    Post more on Chechnya, i get their beef, but can’t understand the whole cutting off heads thing. Is that even prevalent or are the videos online the only ones? do they also behead and not film?
    Why don’t the muslims try to be buddy buddy with the christians to battle the jews? Christianity really shouldn’t be considered western. Although it shares more in common with judaism.

  3. I wasn’t aware that Arabs cared anything about Orientals. There are hardly any of them over there. Islam is indeed growing, but it is NOT the fastest growing religion on Earth. That would be Baha’i. The Chechens haven’t been doing much head chopping lately. That was done back in the 1990’s when the jihad was really going strong. It’s really calmed down a lot there, but there is still a low-level insurgency.
    Muslims chop heads in all jihads. They chop Christian heads in Indonesia, Iraq and Philippines and chop Buddhist heads in Thailand. They do this because that bastard Mohammad chopped heads in some of his jihads and against people who just pissed him off. His buddies chopped off the head of some poor woman poet who wrote a poem insulting him. The Prophet did not take criticism very well.
    The Chechens did tons of beheading and no filming, for sure.
    Hmm, well, there is some of that Muslim-Christian alliance thing, but Muslims dislike Christians so much that they just won’t get together with them to fight, even against the hated Jews. A lot of Christians fought in the Arab wars against Israel though, and there are lots of Christians in the PFLP. The founder was a Christian.

  4. ok i read about it enough. lol
    i can’t help but not like it because of the whole resemblance to the LDS but that is similar to the caliphs of Islam, which is similar to da popes, which is similar to Jesus, which is similar to moses coming off the mountain etc. the hero story. i get it but i don’t like it.
    very interesting religion though. the website shows some peru folk, i thought it was ‘one a them mexican saint cults’ at first.

  5. Baha’i is ok. It’s a really secular, universalist, non-crazy type religion. I guess if you really look at the texts it’s nuts, but your average Baha’i is about as secular as the average US Jew. They like to throw these big religious dinners where lots of people come and they serve this really great food. My Mom went to one once and she came away thinking the religion was pretty cool. They’re not fundamentalists at all like Mormons.

  6. I don’t think Qaddafi is sponsoring the Janjaweed. I’ve never heard that. His whole thing is that he’s African, not Arab, so he’s not into that Pan-Arab stuff too much.
    The Christians are the original Christians of those places. There were a few missionaries and some Europeans that went there, but they did not breed in too much with the native Christians and I don’t think there have been many converts. The Arab Christians don’t like missionaries because it pisses off the Muslims. There was not a lot of anti-Christian sentiment in the newly free Arab lands because Christians led the independence movements, and Christians were behind the pan-Arab movements too. The founder of the Baath Party, Michel Aflaq, was a Christian. This is one of the reasons that the fundamentalist Sunnis so hate the Baath Parties in Iraq and Syria, because it was founded by a Christian. Saddam knew this well, and he killed 1000’s of Sunni fundamentalists, so calling him a fundamentalist Muslim is really so wrong. The fiercely anti-colonial Syrian Social Nationalist Party was founded by a Greek Orthodox and the party basically represents the interests of the Greek Orthodox in Lebanon. They were some of the first suicide bombers in Lebanon and they even fought Israel alongside Hezbollah.
    In Algeria it was a bit different. Algerian Jews and maybe Christians were regarded as traitors there because during the war, a lot of them supported the French colonialists. The whole Islamic beef with East Timorese is that it is a “Christian colony in a Muslim land.” The genocide of the East Timorese was really a Muslim jihad against Christians, but hardly anyone ever sees it that way. Same with the Turkish genocides of Greeks, Armenians and Assyrians – Islamic jihads against infidels.

  7. “Same with the Turkish genocides of Greeks, Armenians and Assyrians – Islamic jihads against infidels.”
    well that sucks. i wish things were only motivated by money. so much simpler.

  8. The Muslims always do this to us Christians, especially when we are small minorities.
    And what do niggers always do, Lindsay? Rob, rape and murder. So why is it so wrong to be “racist” against them? Really, I can’t think of one good reason not to dislike them. The Arabs are absolutely right to take a dim view of them. If they were smart, they’d pack every nigger off back across the Sahara. Nothing good ever comes from niggers. If that “offends” the poor darlings, bad luck. They were as witless, truculent and noisome when everybody thought they were savages and they’ve only gotten worse since everybody started believing (or pretending to) that they’re our “equals.” Fuck niggers.

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