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  1. I thought I left a post here. Anyway, it went something like ‘ Are you serious? Anyway, how long till they replace all the little stars on the US flag with one big Star of David? After all, it’s the only state that counts.’
    Read the latest article on James Petras site. Obama’s administration is so laden with zionists it makes Dubya’s lot look like a KKK rally. Wait for them to cry racism, and try to stir up blacks against whites, when they push him into doing something that appalls everyone. Maybe he’s got a trick up his sleeve, but he’s looking even more of a puppet than Bush.

  2. Hmmm, God I hope not, LS.
    Do you really think that the Jewish Lobby would do that, try to turn Blacks against Whites, if he does not do what they want? What do you mean when you say, Watch them cry racism if he does not do what they want?
    Can you give me a link to Petras’ article?

  3. I think they’ll try to. I didn’t say ‘ if he doesn’t do what they want’ because I don’t think there’s much chance of that. I meant if he DOES do what they want, and it gets significant opposition. Look at his position: he’s not OF the rulling class like Bush; he’s beholden to his backers; he rules on their sufferance. So, if he gets opposition for collaborating on nuking Iran, just wait for the media to start bleating that the whites are treating him as if he wasn’t ‘really’ the president, just a token darkie there on their sufferance. Crocodile tears will flow.
    I’d like to hope he has some hidden resources, but what he’s up against is massive, and it would tax the energies of a giant to take them on; and, when I look at him, he just doesn’t look that strong, physically. I don’t think he’s up to challenging the establishment, even if he wanted to.
    The James Petras article ‘ Israel Asserting Middle East Supremacy,,,’ is the most recent one on Petras’s website at http://tinyurl.com/d5jmct
    The preceding link on his website. ‘ the Art of Plain Speaking’ is a gem of an interview, again on the zionist lobbies – I strongly recommend.
    He has a new book out, ‘ Zionism, Militarism and the Decline of US Power’, which is his 3rd dealing with the Israel lobbies, following the 2 he published a year previously, ‘ Rulers and Ruled in the US Empire: Bankers, Zionists and Militants’, and ‘the Power of Israel in the United States’. These are all very readable and essential. It’s a joy to read someone who isn’t cowed, telling it like it is, in a way which doesn’t insult your intelligence. No doubt they’ll kill him soon.

  4. Yea, and James Petras is a Marxist expert on South America. He looks like Pablo Neruda. I think he is the bomb and I’m an Iron Guardist! The Obama financial advisory team are all the same Clinton administration retreads from The Harvard School of Economics who helped rape Russia. Anne Williamson’s
    1999 testimony before Congress is rife with their names.
    The Rape of Russia:
    This recent Village Voice article on derivatives tries to put some perspective on our current crisis. Here again we find the names of these same economic hit men from Harvard busy deregulating the American banking system so they can commence the looting.
    Here a snippet of commentary on Lieber’s Voice article from Joe Webb. it’s obvious Obama has invited the foxes back into the hen house.
    “…Enter Bill Clinton. Clinton and the 106th Congress abandoned regulation in 2000. They were committed to de-regulation and deregulate they did. Alan Greenspan, a libertarian “oracle” and “maestro” to the Clintonians, Robert Rubin, Clinton’s Treasury Secretary, and Lawrence Summers, Rubin’s Deputy , went all-out for deregulation. The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) was gutted and the frenzy began. By the mid ’90s the credit derivatives were hitting their stride and hedge funds were mushrooming. Lieber says that hedge funds were and are basically ‘bucket shops” or “boiler rooms” which were made illegal in the 19th C. Bucket shops were basically gambling rooms where customers would place bets on stocks without owning them. The owners of the bucket shops owned and manipulated stocks to beat their customers.(It would be interesting to know which ethnic group, if any, ran the bucket shops.) For example if the herd (customers) was betting that a
    stock would go up the shops would sell it to drive the price down, and vice-versa for a bear market.
    The derivatives and hedge funds were unregulated, first at the Federal level, and at the state level since the “Titans”-Greenspan, Rubin, and Summers had their way and Congress went for de-regulation. The CFTC was gutted. And state governments were forbidden to regulate them. Interestingly, Brooksley Born, who headed the CFTC, fought the Jews, pardon me, but lost. Lieber says that Born was “unknown and cloutless, but brilliant and prophetic”. Born said that unregulated derivatives trading would “threaten our regulated markets, or indeed our economy, without any federal agency knowing about it.” Warren Buffet also went on record against the deregulation.”

  5. No words necessary.
    Photo from here. Yeah, I support em. No, I don’t like Hamas. Make sense? Sure it does.

    I thought no words were necessary?

  6. the posters on the PFLP are pretty funny. looks like someone had fun with the cut tool on Microsoft Paint.

  7. Really? Are their posters that bad? Too bad. I actually thought they were pretty good, but I guess that shows you what I know about art. They could at least use Illustrator and Photoshop. My brother is a graphic artist and those 2 apps are the real necessities. Both of those have tons of problems though, and often don’t behave right.

  8. Socialist conservative? – http://fray.slate.com/discuss/forums/thread/2217000.aspx

    It makes no sense for Republicans to be for lower taxes for the rich when so many rich folks are Democrats. Democratic Party is now the Party of the Rich. The only difference is today’s rich folks put on airs of ‘compassion’ and ‘social justice’. Even dumbass Bush had to push for bigger government to prove how much he ‘cared’.
    Enough of this crap. We conservatives stood up for the rich in this country. We saluted their success and said they should keep their wealth. So, how do they pay us back? By giving tons of cash to Obama and other Democratic lowlifes.
    I’m still for low taxes on the middle class and small businessmen. But, on the superrich, I say raise tax rates up to 90%. They are lowlife scum who stabbed us in the back. We support their asses, yet they give their cash to Obama and make him president.
    If they’re not contributing to the Democrats, they are setting up foundations–Ford foundation, Rockefellar foundation, etc–which fund leftists like Bill Ayers and worse. Enough of this crap. The superrich can go to hell.
    I know why the superrich support Obama though their tax rates will go up. They are SOOOO rich–worth billions or 100s of millions–that they feel, ‘hey, we already got ours and can afford to be a little generous’. Also, they wanna expand government so that their children–trained in elite schools–will gain more power over us through politics. It’s like Joseph Kennedy made his fortune through capitalism but consolidated his family’s power through sending his kids into government. Rich people know that new entrepreneurs with better ideas will eventually overtake them, so the safest way for any family/dynasty to hold onto power is by training its kids for government. Same with the Bushies. The hell with all of them.
    If we are gonna raise taxes on the superrich, let’s take it up to 90%. And, don’t use it to build new bureaucracies since it will just empower the existing elite–and their privileged children in government. I say LET’S SPREAD THE WEALTH AROUND. Just give all of us freebie checks so we’ll spend it right away and so on and on. Heck, it will certainly help small businesses since we’ll be shopping more.
    I still believe in lower taxes for all in theory, but I cannot support it in practice today when the rich sumfabitches–whom we’ve supported all these years–have turned on us!!
    Well, F— them. You see, they aren’t satisfied with great wealth. They must monopolize compassion and ‘social justice’ as well. They wanna have the cake and eat it too. They wanna make billions, and then support a lowlife like Obama so they can say, ‘look, I’m not just a greedy pig. I care’. And, they want their kids–who grew up with privilege and have no business skills–to succeed and gain power through politics in a BIGGER government.
    I’d rather have the wealth of the rich be given to us to spend–like welfare checks–than to have it go to leftist foundations, political campaigns, and the like.
    The article says Obama supporters are smarter, and to some extent, this is true. The average IQ of ashkenazi Jews is 115 whereas that of average white gentiles is 100. Though Jews make up 2% of the population, they own more than 40% of the national wealth and make up a high percentage of top professional class. So, Jews boost the IQ on the liberal side. But, Democrats is a party of extremes. It also has people with the lowest IQs–blacks, some hispanics, and blue collar white working class types.
    There was a time when most white professionals were Republicans, but in the past decades the professional class has expanded to those with working class and minority backgrounds. Also, our colleges have come under the control of the likes of Victor Navasky, Noam Chomsky, Cornel West, and other such leftwing ilk. So, we no longer have higher EDUCTION in the social sciences and humanities. We have higher INDOCTRINATION. College educated people, in this sense, are not necesssarily more intelligent. They are only more ‘intellectual’ in a brainwashed way. Indeed, some of the most closed minded and mentally rigid people are those who got the most ‘education’ Often, those with more ‘education’ actually know less of reality than ordinary people do. A street peddler may only know the rudimentary facts about buying and selling. Marx wrote an entire book on the history of economics. Yet, who had more sense about economics? The peddler of course. Pinochet did more for Chile than intellectual Marxists did for East Germany or Commie Cuba. Intellectualism is a kind of secular religion. It’s less about truth and facts than nitpicking some facts to promote a radical (chic) agenda. We need only look at the global warming hysteria. I do not discount that it may be happening and even be dangerous to mankind. But, it’s taken on a religious aura. Those who disagree are purged and attacked viciously by arrogant know-it-all jerkoffs like Al Gore. Gore accuses people on the Right for hogging God, but he hogs Reason. What he says must always be scientific, factual, undeniable, and infallible. He thinks HE is god(of reason).
    Anyway, the leftward trend among the educated, privileged, and pompous was bound to happen. Why? Antonio Gramsci understood it with his theory of cultural hegemony. People grow up watching, reading, and hearing music, books, movies, etc, made by liberals. The failure of the right to be creative and intellectual–as most conservatives tend to be pragmatic, individualist, or family-oriented in life–has led to liberals hogging the collective imagination of this country. Even engineering and business majors read books about history and society written by liberals. They see documentaries on PBS made by liberals. They watch Hollywood movies and TV–much of it gay agenda propaganda–made by liberals and leftists. I dare say Rolling Stone magazine has more impact on our young than all the political journals out there. Left won the battle of cultural hegemony. So, even rich ‘greedy’ capitalists absorb leftist attitudes and put on ‘radical’ airs even though they make six or seven figure incomes–or more.
    This is why it’s time for the Right to put aside all this priggish puritanical Christian mumbo jumbo and embrace paganism which is creative, wild, and dynamic. Just consider the impact of Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd. If conservatives came up with 100 more songs like that, they would win. That song is so cool and badass that even the bluest of the blue liberals love it. But, more often than not, we get stupidass family values crap from the Right.
    The liberals have now embraced ‘no enemy to the left’. So, now it’s okay for even moderate liberals to support someone like Obama who is associated with and is really part of the Far Left. Let’s not kid ourselves. Obama is a black David Duke. Like Duke tried to remake his image in the 90s, Obama remade his image and got away with it because the media–90% of it owned/run by lib Jews–let him get away with it. This is why we need a real FAIRNESS DOCTRINE. No ethnic group should be allowed to own the media more than 3 times their percentage of the population. Since Jews make up 2%, they should not be allowed to own more than 6% of the media. Imagine if Palestinian-Americans owned 90% of the media. Most Americans would sympathize with Palestinians than with the vicious Zionist murderers who brutalize Palestinians everyday–and get away with it through their AIPAC control of US government and total domination of the media.
    Since liberals embraced Obama–a black Duke–who’s been closely associated with lunatic bigot Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers(whose Weather Underground sought to murder 25 million people in the 60s), why should conservatives distance themselves from people like Duke? Duke may be a liar and an exaggerator, but if the libs embrace Obama the Marxist, we should embrace the likes of Duke. (Also, since libs love Che Guevara, it’s time we rehabilitated Mussolini… if not Hitler, as he really was a bad egg–though it must be said National Socialism made economic sense. Che revered Stalin and Mao and sought to spread Leninism all throughout Latin America and even topple the US, but many many liberals love him. These lowlifes have no moral right to denounce our rehabilitation and admiration of Mussolini, Franco, and etc. Except for Hitler, all rightwing leaders of the 20th century killed far fewer people than leftwing thugs.)
    “No enemy to the left” must be met with “No enemy to the right”. And, let’s have the REAL fairness doctrine that forbids Jews(85% of whom are liberals or leftists) from owning 90% of the media. How can we have fair coverage of world affairs and domestic issues when our eyes and ears are owned and controlled by liberal Jews? And, consider that Jews dominate elite colleges too. So, they even do the thinking for us. They are our brains. This would not be a problem if most Jewish academics and intellectuals were honest; they are not. They are like Victor Navasky, a leading professor at one of the most influential journalism schools in the nation–Columbia. This guy, who’s been lying about American communism for decades–and does to this day–has trained generations and generations of journalism grads. Kudos to Peretz, an honest liberal Jew who had the guts to speak the truth:
    We gotta break out of this liberal/leftist programming. We gotta stop being afraid of the term ‘anti-semite’, which is used to taint anyone who dares to criticize Jewish power–though Jews tirelessly criticize, condemn, and insult Mormon Americans, Evangelical Americans, white Americans, Arabs, Muslims, Chinese, etc. The funniest is when liberal and leftist Jews accuse Cuban-Americans of ‘holding American foreign policy hostage’. What’s more powerful? AIPAC or Miami Cubans? Who has done more damage to American foreign policy? Cuban anti-communists or Zionists–whose policy has alienated over a billion Muslims toward America? Liberal Jews are allowed to be anti-cuban-americanite, but Cuban Americans are not allowed to be ‘anti-semite’. Jews can freely and openly criticize anyone, but we cannot say anything about them.
    Did any Cuban American go over to West Bank and sing for Arafat? Indeed, most Cuban Americans have supported the Jewish community and Israel. Any gratitude on the part of Jews? No, Carole King the hideous Jewess sang for Fidel. “You’ve got a friend”. And, Barbara Walters considers Fidel her dear friend. NY Times essentially helped Castro to power and hired Jon Lee Anderson–an admirer of Che and Castro–to cover Latin America.
    When Nazis dispossessed and scapegoated Jewish businessmen, that was evil, say the Jews. But, when Castro dispossed and scapegoated the entire Cuban middle class–most of which had nothing whatsoever to do with the CIA and the mafia–, the liberal Jews in the US sided with Castro. Most of the cuban-americans in this country were good decent folks whose property was stolen by the Castroite cuban state, but watch PBS and you get the impression that every Cuban-American in this country fled with Batista and his mafia cronies. Jews hate it when others call them bloodsuckers, but Jews love to accuse others of being bloodsuckers. When a national-socialist state(Nazi Germany) robbed Jewish capitalists, Jews threw a fit. But, when a national-socialist state(Castro’s Cuba)robbed gentilecuban capitalists, Jews celebrated. When Saigon and Phnom Penh fell, countless liberal and leftwing Jews in this country were giddy with joy to see Asian capitalist destroyed.
    Why do I say all this? Because these people have gained cultural hegemony over us. And, since most privileged kids go to college, they become INDOCTRINATED–than educated–by liberal Jewish academics or dimwit goy academics–usually at less prestige colleges–who received their education from the likes of Victor Navasky.
    This is why the rich today are liberal or leftist. They’ve been castrated by political correctness into metrosexual dweebs and have been brainwashed with the same old crap about ‘racism’ and blah blah.
    The rich have betrayed the good solid people of this country. The hell with Freedom to Choose which has degenerated into Freedom to Jews. High tax rate on the superrich will essentially amount to a Jew Tax since Jews make up much of the richest people in this country–and their numbers will grow since future wealth depends on super-smarts which Jews have more of. Google and such will be the economy of the future. Since we have affirmative action for blacks to compensate for their lower intelligence, we should have affirmative taxation to balance out the higher IQs of Jews. A relatively smart goy with IQ of 130 cannot accomplish 1/100 of what a Jew with an IQ of 180 can in business. So, in the spirit of ‘fairness’, we should have higher taxes on the Jews since they’ve been advantaged by nature. The tax rates on Jews should be 90%. Yes, on all Jews. Why not, since affirmative action benefits all blacks, even the children of millionaire and billionaire blacks–over poor whites?

  9. Ron, please read the comments policy on the upper right. You are getting close to a ban. Be careful.
    Ah. So it is okay for you to push the line, but not others?

  10. “Ron, please read the comments policy on the upper right. You are getting close to a ban. Be careful.”
    Ah. So it is okay for you to push the line, but not others?

    Right! Great policy, huh?
    Blogs are fun!

  11. Increasingly nervous economic Jew Robert Reich writes – with me filling in what he is really thinking when he speaks of “populism”…
    Typical [non-Jewish] Americans are hurting very badly right now. They resent [the Jewish] people who appear to be living high off a [Jew-corrupted] system dominated by [Jewish] insiders with the right [Jewish] connections. They [non-Jews] have become increasingly suspicious of the [Jewish] conflicts of interest, cozy [Jewish] relationships, and [Jewish] payoffs that seem to pervade not only official [Jewish] Washington but our biggest [Jewish] banks and [Jewish] corporations. In short, many [non-Jewish] Americans who have worked hard, saved as much as they can, bought a home, obeyed the law, and paid every cent of taxes that were due [to the Jewish-dominated IRS and FED] are beginning to feel like chumps. Their jobs are disappearing, their savings are disappearing, their homes are worth far less than they thought they were, their [Jewish levied] tax bills are as high as ever if not higher.
    Meanwhile, [the Jewish] people at the top seem to be living far different lives in a different [Jewish only] universe. They’re the [Jewish] executives and [Jewish] traders on Wall Street who have lived like [Jewish] kings for years off a [Jewish] bubble of their own [Jewish] making while ripping off small [non-Jewish] investors, the [Jewish] financial louts who are now taking hundreds of billions of taxpayer [i.e., non-Jewish] bailout money while awarding themselves huge [Jewish-only] bonuses and throwing lavish [Jewish only] parties, the corporate [Jewish] CEOs who are earning seven figures while laying off thousands of [non-Jewish] workers, the [Jewish] billionaire hedge-fund and [Jewish] private-equity managers who are paying a marginal tax rate of 15 percent on what they say are capital gains while [non-Jewish] people who earn a fraction of that are paying a higher rate, and, not the least, the [Jewish] Washington insiders who have served on the Hill or in an administration and then gone on to pocket millions as [Jewish] lobbyists for the same [Jewish] companies they once regulated or subsidized. To the [non-Jewish] American who’s outside the [Jewish] power centers—the places of [Jewish] entitlement and I’ll-scratch-your-[Jewish]-back-while-you-scratch-mine [Jewish] deal making—the entire [Jewish] system seems rotten.

  12. Yes heg, I have heard of that book. It is totally ridiculous. He was a great journalist who totally went off the deep end into anti-Semitism. That book is nuts! I’ve read it. Whacked!

  13. Douglas Reed had written 8-10 other books before Controvercy of Zion. Have you read those books Robert?
    I have, and do you know what? Reed had NOTHING against the jews before he wrote Controvercy of Zion.
    Then Reed spends 3 years researching and then write a 3ooo.ooo word book about the Global Jew Mafia.
    Did he go sane or insane?

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