Finn Joke

Lots of ethnic groups get insulted, but no one ever insults the Finns. This is grossly unfair. They have very high rates of depression and heart disease, never smile, hate Russians pathologically, like to dive into freezing cold water in the middle of winter like lunatics, have no gourmet foods to speak of, and have an insanely difficult language that is frankly incapable of being learned by anyone not a native speaker.
It’s time to dog on the Finns!
Hey, did you hear the one about the Finns?
They were Finnish before they even started.
Har har.
I used to date this 1/2 Finnish, 1/2 Russian girl named Tami, and damn was she beautiful! Blonde hair, blue eyes, smart, happy, friendly, oh yeah!

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4 thoughts on “Finn Joke”

  1. Did you ever see that episode of Seinfeld with Rava? She was a Finn who embodied most of the stereotypes at least for females. Google is currently broken so I’m using a second-rate search engine right now, but this looks like a link to the full script of the episode:
    And another:
    Also, for what it’s worth, apparently Finnish university students carry swords with them during their graduation ceremony.

  2. Thx, I read up on The Statue on Dickypedia. I’m not a Seinfeld addict, but I have seen a few shows. How does the stereotypical Finnish woman behave?
    heg says Finnish guys are horrible drunks. They get so drunk they can barely even walk or talk and then they act extremely stupid. This is the Swedish stereotype of the Finns.
    Someone once said the Finns look like fish, but I think that’s just a rumor based on the name of the people.

  3. I had to laugh so hard at your joke that now I have a dislocated jaw. Thanks a lot, Robert.
    In the early 1990’s, I was in Leningrad during a weekend. In my hotel, there were Finns, almost all males, who were there as weekend vodka tourists. Their behavior was indeed sad. They weren’t really agressive or disorderly, but they just drank themselves into a stupor. On Sunday evening, many had to carried on the bus. Finland itself is a very clean and orderly Scandinavian country.
    It should be easier to learn Finnish than to learn Latin. Finnish may have more cases, but it has only one declension class and no gender. Latin, of course, has 5 declension classes and 3 genders. The verbs in Finnish have only one conjugation class and fewer tenses than Latin. It should be interesting to see how many adult immigrants to Finnland become fluent in the language. Phonetically, Finnish is probably much easier than English, and I’m sure that its spelling is far easier than English spelling.
    Have a good da. James

  4. Finnish is reportedly one of the harder languages to learn for non-speakers, assuming you don’t already speak a Finno-Ugric language. Estonian is quite close to Finnish though. Estonian speakers should be able to pick up Finnish quite easily. I don’t know about Hungarian. That’s actually pretty far away. Basque also has a reputation of being hard to learn, as does Hungarian. Hungarian was regarded as one of the hardest European languages to learn by the British foreign services. I think that the Caucasian languages like Georgian and Chechen would also be pretty hard to learn.
    The hardest languages of all to learn for an English speaker are Japanese, Korean and Chinese, according to the US military foreign language school.

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