Bring Em Young

Ee gads. I swear this is bordering on child abuse.
Ee gads. I swear this is bordering on child abuse.

Little kids are so cute! Eeek.
The Nazi virus is a terrible illness, and it even strikes young children. Of the kids in the photo, focus on the two on the right. Notice the alien, Vulcan-like red eyes. The red eyes are a sure sign of an infection of the Nazi virus, an indication that any last shreds of humanism have long departed the hollow Nazi soul of the afflicted child.
From Finland.
Those are three young Finnish brothers, posed by their neo-Nazi mother. I was starting to get worried about why so many Finns were going to look at that famous Russian neo-Nazi video on the old site. Now some of my worst suspicions are being realized.
The USSR was so damned aggressive in WW2, attacking Finland and the Baltic states, attempting to annex Finland and actually annexing the Baltics, that it left a long-term bad taste in the mouth of these blond and blue northerners. Hatred of Communism and the USSR often goes along with seeing Nazis as liberators, if only from the hated Soviets. I always thought the Winter War (USSR vs Finland) was retarded. Anyone want to try to justify it for me?

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5 thoughts on “Bring Em Young”

  1. Where did you get the photo?
    Naziism is considered a joke in Finland, unless it’s Swedish Naziism, of course. Naziism is a Germanic or Indo-European supremacist ideology and, well, we’re neither Germanic or Indo-European, so it makes no sense – even ultranationalists usually like to equate Naziism with Swedishness. We were counted as Mongoloids in most racial hierarchies of the time, so to the Nazis we and our cousins the Mongols and the Tatars were the source of non-Aryan admixture that made Slavs supposedly inferior.
    A Finn who believes in some Aryanist ideology is seriously confused, which is why it’s likely that those “neo-Nazis” are not actually ideological Nazis of any sort but the type who like waving Nazi flags because it looks scary to some people. We’ve actually had a few crank political parties like that, led by self-proclaimed Nazi leaders who had the Hitler moustache and who held speeches in German (those true Finnish patriots).
    As for WWII, the Germans burned down half of the country when they withdrew, so they were not exactly viewed positively after the war.

  2. I got it from a woman who is part Finnish and part German, who lives in Finland.
    You know, there are tons of Russian Nazis too out there, so they must all be confused too.
    Thx for the heads up on Finnish Nazism, though, and how the German Nazis really felt about Finns and what they really did to the country.

  3. I haven’t known too many (actually, any) Finns. What do they look like? I knew their language was non IE, but I thought they were tall, blond and Nordic as a rule.
    Other than that: I know that their national epic is the Kalevala, Paolo Nurmi the great runner of the early 20th cent. was Finnish, that they’ve continued to 0produce a lot of great athletes in winter and endurance sports, but other than that, I know little.

  4. I dated a woman, Tami, who was part Finnish and part Russian. She was really beautiful, pale skin, blond hair, blue eyes. Not thin at all, but not fat either. Sort of a Germanic type build, except short and stocky. They are very, very light and not nearly as tall as the Finns. I knew another Finnish woman, Helga, who had brown hair and didn’t look that different from the rest of us. This one was also sort of short and stocky, sort of the same build as the first woman. She married a friend of mine. Both of these were just Americans of Finnish stock.
    I don’t think it’s correct to say they are tall at all. They’re pretty think though. Built for cold weather.

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