Why Egypt Cooperated With Israel on the Gaza Operation

This question has probably mystified many people.
The Ikwaan. And, in the Egyptian context, specifically.
Hassan al-Banna.
What does this have to do with Hamas? It is not well-known, because the MB is unpopular, along with fundamentalist Islam (yes, it is true, forget the Zionist lies), in Palestine, but Hamas is nothing other than the Muslim Brotherhood-Palestine (see 2nd paragraph). Also see here, under Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.
MB-Palestine is nothing other than a wing of MB-Egypt. The MB connection makes Hamas’ very close alliance with Syria all the more perverse and odd.
Lots of hard feelings, shall we say, between MB-Egypt and many successive regimes. MB-Egypt has a necessary and sufficient relationship with Al Qaeda itself. Al Qaeda’s leading philosopher (deceased) was a member. One of the philosopher’s most ardent followers is this man, still alive and broadcasting regular videos, including one in which he proudly claims the 9-11 attacks and castigates those who blame the US and Israel as underestimating the great capabilities of the Sunnis.
This man is not well-liked by the Egyptian state.
This war with the Egyptian state has been pretty much resolved.
Egypt mass-arrested most of the members, took them out to the desert, tied them to stakes with no food or water, and requested that they talk. Those who did not give in to interrogators experienced the wrath of the desert met with a man armed with neither food nor water. Death in a day or two. 1000 or so were killed in this charming way. We see how the Arab conducts counterinsurgency. Can you imagine the outcry if Israel deigned to emulate the hated Arabs?
Saudi Arabia is one half of the Al Qaeda equation, in terms of its birth anyway. MB-Egypt, etc, etc, is the other half. Failure to understand this essential aspect of the Al Qaeda birth process and continuing influence results in a failure to understand AQ. Why should Americans understand Al Qaeda? 9-11 is an emergency phone call number.


Wright, Lawrence. 2006. The Looming Tower: Al Qaeda and the Road to 9/11. New York: Alfred A. Knopf. Highly recommended; great read!
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2 thoughts on “Why Egypt Cooperated With Israel on the Gaza Operation”

  1. Good post. The Egyptian repression of the Muslim Brotherhood is classic for Arab repression. I’ve heard similar stories about how Syria treats its dissenting minorities. These regimes make the Israeli regime (at least inside the 1967 borders) SEEM ALMOST HUMANIST BY COMPARISON.
    The Israeli regime is Ashkenazi in essence, therefore imbued with European Jewish values. It is also a colonial state. Hence the conflict inside many Israelis. How to be civilised like the Europeans, and how to “shoot and cry” at the same time.
    Imagine the Muslim Brotherhood in charge of the territory of Israel. Perish the thought! Israel must either draw back inside its 1967 borders and give the Palestininans some lebensraum, a course we can encourage it on by adopting boycott, disvestment and sanctions (BDS) rigorously, or face that eventual fate. The vengeance would be terrible. The Jordan would run red with the blood of the Jews. Hence it is extremely anti-semitic NOT to support the BDS movement where Israel is concerned, and save it form its own suicidal regime!
    Paul Grenville.

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