3 thoughts on “This is Your Brain on Football”

  1. I used to play soccer, and we used to head the soccer ball a lot. I stopped doing it when I heard that it caused micro brain injury every time you did it. But I later heard that that was a myth, because the part of the head used was so well protected by that ridge of bone that it hardly mattered. I’d imagine smacking your head against 300 lb. guys in the best shape of their lives is a different thing though. Then there’s boxing. I don’t get how people can attack MMA for being “too violent” when sports like these are basically sacrosanct.

  2. true dat, but Boxer’s Dementia is already pretty well-documented. Boxing would be a lot less popular with headgear. Olympic boxing? boring!

  3. Wow, I didn’t even know what MMA was! I learn so much on here. No, it isn’t too violent, and it’s actually safer to your brain than boxing. I don’t know about death rates, though. Three guys have been killed already.

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