HR 362 – Beware the Monster

US House Resolution 362 was introduced last spring by Gary Ackerman, a New York Democrat. Text of the resolution. The resolution apparently imposes some sort of a military blockade on Iran. In particular, this part of the resolution here:

…imposing stringent inspection requirements on all persons, vehicles, ships, planes, trains, and cargo entering or departing Iran…

Looks a Hell of a lot like a military blockade to me. We are going to intercept all vehicles, ships, planes and trains attempting to enter or leave Iran to see if they have anything naughty on them? Whoa. That’s a blockade. A blockade is generally thought of as an act of war, and if a country is subjected to a blockade, I believe that under the laws of war, the blockaded country has a right to attack the people who are blockading them.
Well, yes, Gary Ackerman is Jewish, sure. There is a lot of talk about all sorts of folks who want to attack or fuck with Iran for various reasons outside of Zionism, but at any rate, HR 362 appears to have been drafted by AIPAC itself, and they are the main ones pushing it.
Amazingly, the House tabled this resolution when it came up last year. Mr. Ackerman has promised that he will reintroduce the resolution this January when Congress reconvenes (has that happened yet?). The Stop AIPAC website has some good updates on this resolution.
If Iran is intent on developing a nuclear bomb, and if Iran really is going to shoot a nuke at Israel, it seems reasonable that a blockade or even an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities by Israel, the US or other interested parties would be a good idea. I certainly don’t want to see Iran lobbing any nukes at Israel.
However, it seems that even if Iran is trying to get a nuke (I believe that they are), they are just trying to get one for self-defense, since the lesson that came out of the Iraq War 2003 was that countries without nukes can get attacked any time by the US, or I guess Israel.
It’s pretty amazing that Israel actually asked Bush for permission to bomb Iran’s nuclear sites last year, but Bush refused to grant flyover and other permission to do so.
Turkey was a major part of this Israeli plan (part of the attack would be launched from Turkey) but with this Gaza attack, Israel-Turkey relations are at an unbelievable low.
It’s also quite possible that Israel was grooming the new pro-West Georgian government as a place to launch the attack on Iran, but the Russian war with Georgia which resulted in the de facto independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia (which this blog supports, and we supported Russia versus Georgia in the war), seems to have put that on ice too. From the link:

There were reports that Israel wanted to use bases in Georgia to attack Iran and one of Russia’s aim was to preempt that. Interesting to note – Israel got wind of the Russian attack a week before the attacks and left Georgia with its advisers (note: USA stayed behind).
The Israelis went to Russia and admitted that arming Georgia was a mistake and implored Russia NOT to arm Hezbollah and Iran with sophisticated armaments and missiles.

Unfortunately, the new senator from New York, Kirsten Gillibrand, taking Hillary Clinton’s place as Hillary moves to Secretary of State, is a strong supporter of HR 362, in fact, she’s a co-sponsor of the bill. Gillibrand’s face was on the front page of the New York Times today, so she’s definitely in the news. She’s in AIPAC’s pocket all right.
How do I feel about Iran getting a nuke? I hope they get one. As per the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, the nuclear powers were supposed to get rid of their nukes on the basis that non-nuclear powers would not be allowed to get nukes. The nuclear powers are not upholding their end of the bargain, so screw it.
Any reasonable and sane country (Iran is one) who is being threatened by nuclear weapons has a right to get nukes themselves (I believe there is even a provision in the treaty that allows that). Iran’s being threatened with nukes by both the US and Israel, so Iran gets to get a nuke for deterrence. The nuclear powers could have avoided this whole mess by fulfilling their end of the bargain. They have not, and in the foreseeable future, they will not.
How worried am I that Iran will lob a first strike nuke at Israel, Europe, or anyone for that matter. Not at all. If I were the least bit worried, I wouldn’t support them getting a nuke.
Support Iran’s effort to get a nuclear bomb!
Whoa, is that a radical statement or what?

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8 thoughts on “HR 362 – Beware the Monster”

  1. to argue that the ADL is so evil as to make up out of whole cloth the deaths of 450 Jews on 9-11 is to accuse them of a particular evil that I think even they are not capable of.
    When you are capable of L-Y-I-N-G about six jews in six milion “gas chamber”, then you is cabale of LYING about anythingf.
    There was gas chambers YES! There was gas chambers – but the gas chambers was not there to kill – the gas chambers where ther to SAVE life.
    The gas chambers was ther to kill the TYPHUS – lice.
    The gas chambers had NOTHING to do with “jews”.
    The gas chambers was all about killing TYPHUS – lice.

  2. I DO dismiss anything form the ADL out of hand – they ARE that evil.
    ” Jews protect Jews, everywhere. That’s part of what being a Jew is all about. ”
    Like Madoff? No, what jews (at least organised jews and their footsoldiers) are about is what any mafia is about – there is a hierarchy of expendability. I’m glad you seemed to find, like me, that there were NO Israelis killed in the twin towers, though just about every other country on Earth was represented in the fatality list – so I’m told anyway. Where did you see the list anyway? It’s pretty impossible to tell by name if someone is jewish or German, since. as I think you pointed out once, most of what we consider jewish names are just common German or Polish names which jews adopted to fit in.

  3. Hey, my post went to the wrong thread too.
    Anyway, I too hope Iran gets its own nukes; and the UK too – we pay out billions for a fake deterrent we don’t even control. And Germany too, for that matter.

  4. One of my (ex?) favorite talk radio hosts, Lionel, went to Israel a couple weeks ago and is now on the War with Iran bandwagon, and he’s starting to float the idea that maybe torture is okay in some circumstances. AArrrggghhh.

  5. One thing that nobody seems to notice: Jerusalem is the third holiest spot in Islam. The Iranian govt. is devoutly, some might say fanatically, Muslim. For them to be willing to nuke Israel, they’d have to be willing to nuke the third holiest site in Islam and a whole lot of Muslims who would be in the way, granted they’re mostly Sunnis. Any thoughts?

  6. Yeah, this has been brought up a lot, Mort. A whole bunch of Arabs would die, Jerusalem would get obliterated, and the Holy City and its inhabitants would be contaminated for decades.
    I don’t think Iran hates Palestinian Sunnis. Hell, they and the Shia Hezbollah seem to be backing the Sunni Palestinians more than Sunni Muslims are. Some of the members of Islamic Jihad Palestine have converted to Shiism. You don’t really convert, you just sort of go over. Most Palestinians don’t really give a damn about the whole “we hate Iran” thing. A few of them are in on it. That’s mostly an Arab nationalist and fanatical Sunni thing. There aren’t really any Shia in Palestine to hate. The we hate the Shia thing is mostly in Lebanon, Iraq and Arabia (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Yemen). In North Africa, no one gives two shits about the Shia, because there are none. Sunni-Shia strife only occurs where there are lots of Sunnis and Shia in one country.
    But the fundamentalist Hamas has not had much to say about the Shia, and they have a marriage of convenience anyway with the Shia Hezbollah, Shia Iran and Shia Alawite Syria. When Khomeini came in, he tried to mend ties between the Shia and Sunni worlds and promoted Sunni-Shia cooperation, or at least the cooperation of Sunni and Shia fundamentalists.
    The world is a funny place.

  7. ” Jews protect Jews, everywhere. That’s part of what being a Jew is all about. ”
    Like Madoff?

    The Madoff thing was exceptional because it violated traditional Jewish dual morality.

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