4000 Israelis Stayed Home on 9-11, and Other Bullshit

The 9-11 attacks really hammered the NY Jewish community hard. 3,000 people were killed, and about 450 of them, 15 As supporting evidence, a while back, I had access to a list of the names of the people killed in attack on the towers, and I was interested in the “no Jews got killed on 9-11” thing, so I started going through and counting all of the obviously Jewish names. I got to around 300 or so and then I just gave up. Manhattan is swarming with Jews, and I think one of the companies on the towers was called Cantor, Inc. It’s owned by a Jew, Cantor, and it had lots of Jewish staff. They got creamed in the 9-11 attack; the office just got decimated. The 4000 Jews or 4000 Israelis or whatever staying home that day is one of the biggest lies of them all. It comes from the fact that the Israeli government said that there were 4000 Israelis, or dual citizens, or whatever the Hell they were, living or working within an X-mile radius of the Towers at the time 9-11 hit. You know, the Israeli government freaks out whenever one Jew anywhere on Earth gets killed. So they just said 4000 Israelis or dual-citizens were missing. I specifically remember that announcement on the day of the attacks 8 years ago. It’s also quite possible, as New York is Tel Aviv West, that there were 4000 Israelis or dual citizens situated in Lower Manhattan when the planes hit. Well, it turned out almost all of them were ok, except one or two guys. One of them was on board one of the planes, so the anti-Semites peddling this tripe morph this poor Israeli guy into “one of the pilots,” as suicidal, well-armed Saudi Al Qaeda young men are such peaceful folks that they could never do such a thing, bless their Takfiri hearts. But even if  “4000 Israelis got warned,” lots of NY Jews got killed, so that means that Israelis are so evil that they warn their own Sabra kind but piss on Diaspora Jews as kapos or something. Bullshit. Jews protect Jews, everywhere. That’s part of what being a Jew is all about. In fact, the prohibition against Jews killing Jews is supposedly based on a Jewish religious prohibition on suicide, so a Jewish friend of mine told me. This implies that in Judaism, all Jews are part of a whole, a body politic, and to kill a fellow Jew is to kill yourself. The whole “Israelis got warned” shit is all based on the above, the Israeli government saying 4000 Israelis were missing, simply because they could not immediately account for them. Since they almost all turned up ok after people checked on them, this morphs into “4000 Jews/Israelis/whatever got warned and stayed home that day,” except they didn’t bother to warn the 450 NY Jews who got Shoah’d in 9-11. Yeah right! Anti-Semites are so stupid sometimes.

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14 thoughts on “4000 Israelis Stayed Home on 9-11, and Other Bullshit”

  1. Nobody actually believes the thing about 4000 Jews staying home.
    Personally (since, yes, I do believe that elite international Jewry carried out 9/11, with help from other factions), I think the “4000 Jews stayed home” meme was floated on television shortly after 9/11 in order to spread an obviously ridiculous conspiracy theory as a way to inoculate against all the very real evidence of Jewish involvement in 9/11 (which the mass media will never tell you about).
    As far as “Jews couldn’t have done 9/11 because Jews were killed in the attack” – well, this is not really much of an argument, since the evidence clearly shows that Jews were involved and that the official story is untenable. I’m sure that the elite Jews didn’t like killing that many of their own but obviously they figured the price was worth it.

  2. One of my commenters apparently believed it, or at least thought it might be true. I am pretty sure a lot of Muslims believe it.
    I am glad to hear that at least you acknowledge that 450 Jews died in the attacks.
    The behavior of some obvious Israeli spies is very suspicious indeed. Israeli spies were seen after the attack filming the burning buildings and dancing and cheering. Pretty damned bizarre. There is also the art students and the fake moving companies, all Israeli spies. After the attacks, a large number of Israelis were jailed on suspicion of involvement in the attacks. They were all mysteriously released afterwards. The behavior of the Israelis in the 9-11 attacks is definitely suspicious. I think that at most what we are looking at here though is failure to warn. The Israelis claim that they thought that something was up but were not sure what, and that they tried to warn the US but were blown off.

  3. If six or four hundred jews died at 9-11 you can rest assure that the jew mafia controlled propaganda-machine would tell you day in that six, or four jews died 9-11 – but the jews dont.
    All the jew propaganda-machine can come up with is one single jew died on 9-11.
    No jews died in WTC 9-11. Except one or two jews.
    When did you hear in MSM that a lot of jews was killed at 9-11?

  4. Well, there are a lot of Jewish names on the list of those killed in the WTC. Of course, maybe the names are fake and some or all of the Jews really were warned – who knows. In 9/11 research land, there’s lots of speculation over whether or not the passengers alleged to have been on the hijacked flights were real or not – I’ve never looked into this subject carefully although it does appear that an awful lot of them are very hard to track down, even in things like Social Security death indexes and the like.
    Odigo, an Israeli instant messaging company, sent warnings out to its offices near the WTC just before 9/11, a fact which has been confirmed from multiple sources though never explained so far as I know. Maybe some of the Jews in the buildings also got warnings. Larry Silverstein supposedly didn’t show up that day because of a doctor’s appointment, though obviously he was heavily involved in the planning of the attacks. Still, I would suspect that a fair number of Jews died in the WTC.
    I believe the “4000 Jews didn’t show up for work” thing actually originated with an article in Ha’aretz, the major Israeli newspaper. They also ran similar articles about Jews being warned after both the 7/7 bombings in London and the Jordan hotel bombing. I wonder if the reports have some truth to them or if they are deliberately planted disinformation of some kind.

  5. Zim Shipping, one of the largest Israeli shipping companies, also moved its offices out of the WTC in April 2001 if I recall correctly, breaking its lease and paying extra fines to do so. They were almost certainly warned in advance.

  6. This is pretty crazy stuff, Reader!
    If there are fake names on the list, should not we be able to track this down? I mean, there are 3,000 people who died, and I believe they have all been accounted for and are all proven to have died. I would think fake names on there would be easy to disprove. Not only that, but the list I saw for the WTC deaths included the occupations and employers of all of the dead. Many of the Jewish names were listed as working for particular businesses, in particular this Cantor, Inc. If Cantor did not get hammered (like 300 deaths, many of them Jewish, including the owner) and the Cantor list is a bunch of fake names, should not someone have blown the whistle on this yet.

  7. I dunno, like I said I’ve never gone around checking up on any names myself. Most of the investigation into the people who allegedly died has focused on the people on the planes, since there’s lots of dispute over whether or not there were ever planes at all and that kind of thing.
    It’s an interesting question, to what extent Jews were warned to stay out of the WTC on 9/11, and maybe I’ll look into it if I get bored enough. But it’s really irrelevant to the fact that 9/11 was not done by Muslims, that the towers were brought down by some kind of explosives, and that elite international Jewry was heavily involved.

  8. Anti-Semites are so stupid sometimes.
    Well, the fact that Jews have been booted out of country after country over the past 2000 years strongly suggests that there is something wrong with the Jews themselves, and not the anti Semites.

  9. everyone know for ct tha there was no jewish on 9/11 i dnt kno wky but its doggy!!!!!!! i think most of us now whats happen

  10. The 4000 jews thing has been misinterpreted. It was 4000 Israelis who were believed to have been iin the area of lower manhattan & the pentagon at the time of the attack (reported by Jerusalem Post), yet only Five(5) Israelis perished in the attacks.(http://www.israelnewsagency.com/september11israelvictimsmemorial.html) and two of them were on the planes (one was an Israeli Sayerat Commando) — Daniel Lewin(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daniel_M._Lewin)
    This means only 3 out of 4000 Israelis at the wtc perished.
    They were warned by instant messages coming from Herzliya Israel — headquarters of mossad is stationed in herzliya.
    Israel did 9/11
    >> http://zioncrimefactory.wordpress.com/israel-did-911/

  11. I realize this is an old post, but I want to offer a different perspective here. During the 9/11 attack, I was working in Europe for an Israeli security firm, even though I myself am not Israeli and only a half jew. Some of the people I worked with had contacts with the intelligence community in Israel, so I got to hear a side you won’t hear about in the US press.
    The word is that Israel did know about the attacks beforehand. They knew details which included the terrorists taking flighf lessons in Florida. Pretty much the only thing the didn’t know was exactly when the attacks would take place, but they knew within a 5 day window. They apparently warned the CIA and providec them with all the information they had. The CIA said they would look into it, but evidently never did.
    After the attacks, the Mossad was livid. But Washington asked them as a favor not to reveal the fact that they had been warned. The feeling by the Israeli intelligence is not that this was an elaborate plot by the US, but more that it was the result of incompetence and the arrogant belief that America was invulnerable to an attack like this one. Had Israel revealed that they warned us beforehand, heads in Washington sould have rolled and we would have appeared too weak to fend off a second attack.
    I can’t know if this is true or not, but it rings true to me. Think about that for awhile and let it sink in.

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