Joseph Cannon Channels Robert Lindsay

This guy has a very interesting site that I have been reading off and on for some time. He’s smart as a whip, and he’s one kickass writer to boot. I like him because he’s not afraid to take on conspiracy theory – his site was one of the best for up to date coverage of the stealing of several recent US federal elections via computerized voting machines. And yet, he’s not a nut.
He knows where to blow the whistle on conspiracy theory – he bans all 9-11 conspiracy morons in the comments, especially the “controlled demolition” boneheads. A lot of gullible folks have fallen for this very well thought out nonsense. They have all sorts of engineers, scientists and whatnot on board to prove that the Twin Towers were actually blown up by “controlled demolition”, not by two jet airplanes full of ultra-flammable jet fuel flying into them at 400 mph.
I guess the government ran around for weeks beforehand planting explosives all over the towers, but no one ever saw them! Whoa! How did they pull that off, man? Crime of the century!
Oh, Larry “Lucky Larry” Silverstein, who owned the buildings, just so happens to be a Super-Jew. Not such a big Super-Jew though, they he didn’t get about 300-400+ of his fellow New York dual-loyalists massacred in the controlled demo. Did he fuck up or what? Everyone knows Jews don’t kill Jews.
Lucky Larry adds the anti-Semitic twist, the diabolical Semite zillionaire super-criminal mass killer – to the mix. Stir and serve! Controlled demolition, anti-Semitism, several heaping teaspoons of stone ground silliness, and it’s ready to eat! Anyway, if you are interested in takedowns of the controlled demo BS, there are plenty out there on the Net, including one done by Andy at Xymphora.
Which brings me to Cannon’s post. In which he decries Andy’s spiraling tumble into the fetid Mumbai-like alleyways of anti-Semitism. He was once a fine blogger, though a bit of a conspiracist, pretty good on Israel too, until he got the Jew-thang. And down he went. Andy complains in a recent post that folks are calling him an anti-Semite. Let me throw my shout out into the ring, too, Xymphie! You’re an anti-Semite! Neener neener!
The fall of Xymphora has been gradual. Xymphora (clever name means ‘misfortune’ in Greek) has been sliding for a while. The first symptoms were the colonization of the comments threads with super-strains of multidrug resistant anti-Semites and conspiracy nuts. Then came the Far Rightwingers and the Nazis, as they always do, trailing like seagulls to the anti-Semitic chum trail.
Then Xymphie himself became increasingly deranged. It’s all Zionism all the time at Xymphie’s place. Zionism being the cause of just about everything unpleasant, deadly and even capable of causing minor itching, on Earth. He appears to be heading into the terminal stage of the illness, as he’s now linking to the charming David Irving.
Anyway, I will send you over to Joseph’s piece, where he riffs on Jews, anti-Semitism, Israel, Gaza, Super-Jews, Jewish paranoia and the often-Jewish organisms that feed it, etc.
The part about the Jewish lady who is convinced that Hollywood films and TV shows are filled with somewhat hidden anti-Semitic imagery – the cause being a “glass ceiling” that prevents Hollywood Jews from rising to a roiling boil at the top of the Tinseltown Pan – was classic Jewish paranoia and nearly had me falling out of my chair. Some folks jes needs to be victims, you know?
He pretty much sums up my feelings on all of these things, so I will just hand him the mike. Take it away, Joseph.

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10 thoughts on “Joseph Cannon Channels Robert Lindsay”

  1. Lets get the facts right here Robert. Any airliner CAN NOT do 800 mph.
    The 747-400, the latest version in service, is among the fastest airliners in service with a high-subsonic cruise speed of Mach 0.85 (567 mph or 913 km/h). It has an intercontinental range of 7,260 nautical miles (8,350 mi or 13,450 km).
    800 mph is about 1.200 kmh, or Mach 1,2.
    If you take a 747-400 to the max altitude and then make a free dive the 747 can maybe, but just maby break the soundbarrier, one Mach, but the wings will fall off.
    An airliner can under no circumstances whatsoever do 800 mph. It’s just impossible.
    The two airliners that hit WTC had, from my guess maybe top 400 mph – or slower.
    Fact two: The jet fuel CAN NOT make the steel beams in any skyscraper bend or even get them more than a sotted surface.
    It’s all very easy to understand – 9-11 was staged and here is all you need to understand that 9-11 was planned. Short video – two minute.

  2. 9-11 isa False Flag Operation.
    Why the WTC fell is of absolut no importance.
    The ONLY question you have to ask yourself is: – Why did the US air force not intercept and shoot down the airlines before they hit the WTC?
    The US airforce could have intercepted the two airliners a thousand times before they hit WTC.
    The answer is simple: – Sabotage.
    This is the ONLY thing you have to understand about 9-11 – SABOTAGE of US air force.
    No sabotage of US air force = No 9-11.

  3. I dont know, but I think you could say that the sound starts to wobble to a point where it destroys itself and when you get over that it just stabilish itself to you reach Mach 2, when it starsts all over again. Concord did over Mach 2 and she was built the same way jet fighter is, with a small ving.
    All airliners have big vings to carry a heavy payload. A jet fighter is just, Get the fucking biggest engine there is, put a kitchen chair in front of the engine, cover it in aluminium and put on some small flaps in the middle, some even smaller on the tail, put a man in the chair, call him pilot and give him a patch on the back and say: Good luck.
    Robert, what do you think of my vocabulary? The best there is. The Master, or God of dictionaries?o)))
    Elaborate thx.

  4. Serious?
    I’m that god? Misspell on purpose. I like to play with words and I’m interested in dialects. To me its a sport to tell where people come from.
    The jews (I can ALWAYS find the jew needle in any haystack 9D)))) are ALWAYS on and on and on and on how smart, good looking etcetcetc they are. Sartre good looking
    White people envy jews? Only jews can make that up.
    Serious, I cant judge my own english. What do you think of my grammar?

  5. I don’t mind you, Joachim. Or your wife. I think that your theory of Jewish influence is somewhat overarching though, but I do think that you have the best interests of Jews at heart, you being racially a Jew of course. Due to your heritage, obviously the racial anti-Semites have it in for you and I guess your wife too (she’s Jewish?).
    As a supporter of the Arab Left, though, I have no interest in Islam. I also think that all of the Jews can stay in Israel. I am rather suspicious of the intentions of Hamas and Hezbollah towards the Jews of Israel since their beef with them is religiously based. For example, the PFLP has said that all of the Jews can stay in Israel, but they just want to get rid of the Zionist state. They also said that they disapprove of Hezbollah’s stance, which seems to target Israel’s Jews on an Islamic religious basis. The PFLP has no interest in religion. So where I am coming from is more the POV of the PFLP. Have you read a guy called Angry Arab’s blog? I’m sort of in that camp too. He regularly slams anti-Semites. I would also point out that an Islamic fundamentalist state would not be workable in all of Palestine, as the Jews will not support it.
    Truth is, I don’t really give a damn about the Jews. I do hate Israel, but for some reason I separate Israel and Jews in my mind. I don’t know if that’s a good analysis or not, but it makes me feel good.
    My opposition to Zionism is simply on a Leftist anti-racist stance. Zionism is a nasty form of racism and bigotry and should be opposed by all non-racists and anti-racists. I would not support Arab racism or Islamic bigotry over Zionism either. None of them are any good.

  6. C’mon, this is just the usual tar and feathers. Can’t you accuse us all of something indictable, like running child sex slave rings?

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