This Map Make Sense to Anyone?

PNAC's Plan For South Asia
PNAC's Plan For South Asia

What do you think? Is there anything to it? I shouldn’t really need to explain it too much, and it’s late. If you read all the captions, you should be able to figure out what’s going on.
Part of the project here is the dismemberment of Pakistan. Pakistan’s territory will be divided up between Afghanistan, India and an independent Balochistan. Although this map was drawn by an American, it’s safe to say that this represents the paranoid world view of the Pakistani elite, and certainly that of the Pakistani military.
This is why they oppose an independent Balochistan, all of Kashmir going to India, and Pashtun nationalism in Pashtunistan on the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Islamists like the various Talibans are not nationalists, and they don’t give a damn about Pashtunistan. All that matters is to live under Islamic rule, borders are nothing.
This is why Pakistan has promoted the Talibans at the expense of secular nationalists like the Awami Party in the Northwest Frontier Province and the Territories.
The Great Game didn’t end in the 1800’s. You kidding? You think we planted all those bases (lily-pads in imperialist-speak) in Central Asia for no reason?

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