On Monitoring Jews in the Workplace

In the comments section, one commenter suggested that Jews should have to state whether they are Jewish on employment forms, which should then be collected and monitored by the government for the purposes of seeing if they are foreign agents. A (non-Zionist) progressive Jewish commenter took extreme umbrage to that.
Let me weigh in here on the collect data about Jews in employment stuff. First of all, I think it is completely unnecessary to collect information on Jews in the workplace and monitor them.This is America, not Syria or Iran. I’m sure Syria or Iran does this, but maybe they have a good reason?
On the other hand, we already collect racial data, do we not, about employees? Anyway, in anti-discrimination cases, we collect data about race and try to figure out if there is discrimination going on.
I understand that in Hollywood, there are claims that Hollywood Jews preferentially hire and promote their own. There is a group called FIRM (Film Industry Reform Movement) that is fighting this. I don’t see how pro-Jewish and anti-Gentile discrimination can be legal. When Whites and men preferentially hire and promote their own, you can go to the government or sue on anti-discrimination statutes and win your case.
I don’t see why such cases cannot be filed against Jews who may be discriminating against Gentiles in Hollywood or other places. Gather some data, take it to the state (wait, forget that) well, take em to court, sue em, and see where you get.
Anyway, if you have nothing better to do, check out the FIRM site. It’s really interesting, and hardly anyone knows about it. The people running it are really cool and are bending over backwards to not be anti-Semitic.
Nevertheless, you can go on the site and read all sorts of disgusting running conversations they are having with sundry Super-Jews who are, of course, accusing them of being Jew-haters, bigots, anti-Semites, Nazis, KKK, White supremacists, White trash, racists, fascists, you know the script.
There is also the typical line super-Jews throw out in these conversations – the reason you’re not making it in Hollywood (or wherever) is because you’re a failure! There’s no anti-Gentile discrimination in Hollywood. You’re just a loser who can’t make a good movie. Hahahahaha!
I imagine this will be the line thrown out there in any anti-discrimination case filed against Jews discriminating against Gentiles. You weren’t promoted cuz you’re all shitty employees, not because you’re Gentiles!
Wow, that’s pretty galling and ballsy. There’s a reason chutzpah is a Yiddish term.
Can you imagine if every time women or Blacks took men or Whites to court on anti-discrimination the Whites or men just said, “You ladies and Blacks are just shitty workers! You Blacks are shiftless and you ladies are too emotional. That’s all there is to it. There is no discrimination!”
Or is this what Blacks and women do have to put up with in these cases? Shudder to think.
Anyway, FIRM was saying a while back they were going to try to sue some Hollywood firms for anti-Gentile discrimination. Not sure where they got with that.

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3 thoughts on “On Monitoring Jews in the Workplace”

  1. Forcing them to reveal that they are Jewish would allow us to collect useful data, one of which is to expose their numbers at the universities, in academia and graduate schools. The only method we have to identify them is the surname, but even that isn’t foolproof (however, it is still better than nothing). Of course, they could simply lie and say they were not Jewish to get around it.

  2. I don’t believe that people should have to tell what their religion is just to get a job. Imagine if you had an STD or something you had to live with, do you think you should have to tell an employer that just to get a job? No. Because it is personal. The fact that they are Jewish does not have anything to do with whether or not they can get the job done or not.

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