In the US, It's Illegal to Boycott Israel

Is it illegal to boycott any other state on Earth? Of course not. In fact, boycotting is official state policy; it’s as American as Mom, apple pie and baseball. If you try to not boycott certain countries, you can actually go to jail. What countries? Oh, evil, diabolical countries like Cuba, North Korea, Syria and Iran. Got that? Try to do business with any of them, and you go to jail. You can’t even translate their stuff from Syrian Arabic into English. That’s called “doing business.” Why can’t we do business with any of these countries? Because they are “enemy states”, and apparently we are at war with them. Officially at war? Of course not. So are we at war, really, with Cuba, North Korea, Iran and Syria? Not really. So how can we be at war and not at war? You  tell me. And why do I, an independent businessman, go to jail if I refuse to do business with an Israeli on the basis that I am boycotting his shitty little country? Because I live in a free country, where freedom and democracy reign, and we even spread it with guns all over the world. USA! USA! USA! USA! Get that? In the US, it’s illegal to boycott Israel, as a private businessman! WTH?

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19 thoughts on “In the US, It's Illegal to Boycott Israel”

  1. Got to be them Al-CIA “muslims” who wrote that bill in The House.
    Who the fuck but jews could come up with a law that explicit forbid to boycott that shitty little country USrael?
    Jew mafia power in America? Hell NO!!!
    I really dont know what it will take the stupid goyim to wake the fuck up. But I will tell you Robert one thing, I will post his up at
    Real Jew News. Com
    Br Nathan claims he has close to One million hits a month.

  2. I imagine it is also impossible. As everything bought in America must in some way send money to Israel? is that true at all? i don’t really know. from what I have been reading on here and others’ posts America is fully behind Israel. I feel stupid. I knew America helps Israel but I want to know if officially the US is on Israel’s side.

  3. No, everything bought in the US does not in some way send money to Israel, unless you are talking taxes. Yes, officially, the US is 100% behind Israel, to the point of absolute absurdity, in fact. It’s a very powerful Jewish Lobby in the US that has all of the politicians under their thumb. I mean, we support them so one-sidedly it’s just nuts. The politicians are all afraid of the Jewish Lobby, apparently.

  4. Go for it, heg. Post it over on Brother Nathan’s site. I could use a few of those million visits/month. Jesus Christ man, that anti-Semitic site is getting 30,000 visitors/day? My God! When he says hits, does he mean visitors or page views?

  5. I do not see how they can actually enforce the anti-boycott laws, unless someone is going around trying to form a movement of some sort. It cannot be proven that someone or some entity is withholding money from a country because of a boycott, unless this was a stated reason.
    On the other hand, it is relatively easy to prove that someone has violated an embargo.

  6. There’s already been one case of some guy in Texas who refused to do business with some Israeli company and was actually prosecuted by the US government for that. Unbelievable.

  7. No, Scott, but it’s pretty well-known. The law was put in I think way back in 1976 by guess who. We used to have fights about it on the ME newsgroups and all of the Jews would defend the fact that it was illegal to boycott Israel. They were always bringing up the cases of the few who got prosecuted for that, too. They did this to threaten us every time we threatened to boycott Israel. They would say, “Boycotting Israeli is illegal!”, give some links, and then say businesses could go to jail for doing so. They also provided links to the law and the Texas case.
    Google around if you want.

  8. Yeah, 32. So you get 10 visits a day, ok.
    I currently get 825/day between the two sites, but the old blog is dropping like a rock for some reason, I think because it’s Google ranking is getting wasted somehow.
    It took me like 4 years to build up from 0 to 2,700/day, and now I’m back to 825/day. Takes a long time to build up blog readership, and your readership is about normal for most bloggers. Keep in mind that I’m a pretty big blogger, and my blog is considered to be a big blog, a major blog.

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