Ok, Jews Do Run Hollywood

My bad.
I thought things were getting better, but I guess not. I know a local cinematographer who was working in Hollywood 1/2 the time and up in the Sierra Nevada the other half the time. This guy was an out and out anti-Semite, and he insisted Jews ran the whole place. He said you just have to deal and not freak out about it. That’s the way it is.
Looking through the movie ads, it’s hard to see. The lower rungs of the movies, judging by the credits, are quite Gentile these days. In particular, tons of Italians. I’m told they took their Mafia bucks and moved them legit into the movies, Vegas and corporate America, but who knows if that’s true.
This article still pretty much clinches it. Even the CEO of Fox is Jewish. They’ve still got NBC and CBS. Turns out that the National Alliance may be right after all. Darn. I was hoping one of the worst anti-Semitic “canards” of them all was not true. Guess I’m wrong.
So, what to do? Jewish influence is waning nevertheless. This latest crap in Gaza seems to have been the icing. A lot of Americans have just about had it now. They don’t think much of Arabs or Palestinians, but more and more, when you bring up Israel, you get a frown. Even from my hopelessly Judeophilic relatives.
Israel seems to be losing the NY Times and the Washington Post. That’s a good argument right there that Jews don’t run those papers. My commenters from Israel tell me that Super-Jews consider the Sulzberbergers to be lost. They’re all marrying into Gentiles, and they’re lost to the Jews. You can make a good case that the Washington Post never was all that Jewish. Ben Bradley seem Jewish to you?
On the Daily Show, Jon Stewart (yeah, Jewish), staunch cheerleader against Iran and Hezbollah and fully behind the Israeli War on Lebanon in 2006, has about had it. During this Gaza War, he was slamming away at Israel. If you lose the Daily Show, you lose most of under-30 America. Israel’s already losing the Internet, and The Huffington Post seems gone now. That’s the left wing of the Democratic Party right there.
The Lobby really needs to sit down and think hard about this fuckup. They think they won big in Gaza, but as far as public opinion is concerned, they are just piling up the losses.
If you read the Israeli press (I do, diligently, and I recommend it highly for anyone interested in the conflict) the Israelis all think they won this conflict. 100-1 wins in any contest, contact or otherwise. Fine, you, the World Series Champs, win 100-1 against the Little League. Pat yourself on the back. But you lose the Public Opinion War. Israelis like to blow that off, but do they do this at their peril? Curious minds want to know.

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23 thoughts on “Ok, Jews Do Run Hollywood”

  1. I’ve really enjoyed your last couple of posts Mr. Lindsay. I started reading your blog just a few weeks before you got blacklisted on blogger or whatever it’s called. Even though you made me cry a little with the russian woods butcher video, I still like you.

    1. Thx so much, Tom. The only praise I get out of life these days, it seems, is from the blog, so it’s great to hear your kind words. Yeah, I’m whining like a little girl, I know. It’s my blog and I’ll whine all I want.
      Sorry about the Ukranian maniacs. If you cried, at least you’re human.
      Where’d you get that Azerbaijani avatar anyway?

  2. I really like reading your blog Robert, even topic I couldnt care less about, and that is because you have a very good way with words.
    You Can do a lot of reSearch but when it comes to the jew mafia you make straw mans and put words in the mouth of the honest people who say: Stop the jew mafia.
    But that dont work with me, and the simple reason is that I did my research FIRST – then I make statement about the jew mafia.
    I can back up any statement by facts that nobody can debunk, and the reason is that I use Jew Only sources. Often som obnoxious sabra starts whining but I will shut him up to.
    How? You can look up “idiocy” in JewishEncyclopedia.com
    heg’s secret weapon against the jew mafia is quotes from jew only sources. Nobody, and when I say nobody I’m mean nobody can debunk any statement I do about the jew mafia.
    You Robert on the other hand is doing a slobby job on the jew mafia. But you perhapps just play the bad cop – good cop game. Me being the goooood cop ?o)

  3. heg, you have done research. but your source seems quite biased. i don’t know this ahmed rami fella but i found this quote on the site “Hatred, force and ethnic cleansing never originate where self-determination, freedom and justice are guaranteed” I’m not sure I understand what this means exactly, but it seems to be against ethnic cleansings and hate or does it mean ” easy for you to not kill your neighbors when you are free already”?

  4. Well, you can always get your own avatar. I had a choice of a couple of different avatars out there and I chose these monster dudes.
    As you can see, my avatar has my handsome mug on it, but that’s cuz I didn’t want a monster. I think you can set up any avatar you want and have it show up, but I’m not sure how do it. It doesn’t have to be your face. It could be anything.

  5. Funny how “Heg” up there ranted about how he does research…..too bad he didn’t research proper grammar or how to spell words correctly. “look up “idiocy”” indeed.
    Anyway Robert,
    Another great post….very entertaining & informative my friend.
    ~ Mythos

  6. yeah, I liked your monsters but I like Azerbaijan a bit more. you know it’s like me, a country with people and air and stuff.

  7. Hey you guys. Don’t worry about heg. He’s one of the friendly neighborhood anti-Semites. He’s pretty much got a one-track mind. It’s all Jews, all the time on the Heg Channel. I pretty much ignore him most of them, though I do always read his comments. Mostly I don’t bother rebutting them.
    There’s all sorts of seedy characters who lurk around this blog in trenchcoats and dark glasses. There’s the anti-Semites looking to molest little Jewish girls, there’s White nationalists and White racists looking to abuse helpless Black and other non-White girls, there’s Stalinists who want to send millions of helpless, screaming women to the gulag, there’s Jews who try to abuse the anti-Semite kids back, including Israelis.
    It’s just a great big carnival here and we don’t ban anyone for political speech. We had a debate about that a while back, about whether or not we should ban White Nationalists and anti-Semites, but we decided we would just let the Jews take em on instead.

  8. Yeah, talk about screwing up. Today martin fletcher reports that the Israelis are admitting to using white phosphorous in Gaza, after denying it heatedly. Of Course, they say they only used it as an illuminator at night (i saw video on the eve news of the W.P. shells bursting in the daytime over the city) and only on hamas firepoints, but of course the UN occupied building and other apartment houses where people were horribly burned say otherwise. The UN rep who was in the bombed shelter lauhed..actually laughed when the reporter told her what the Israelis said. The UN secretary-general was “visibly upset” after seeing the carnage and blasted the Israelis. That doesn’t include the NGO’s, for whom the Israelis long ago set up counter-info sites to negate the info and criticisms.
    Every time the IDF bombs civilians and UN occupied sites it’s because “Hamas was using it as a base”. A coupla schools, hospitals, several ambulances, mosques, small gatherings of people, schoolkids running home, apartment flats..all Hamas bases I guess.
    Gaza is one of the most densely packed cities in the world.
    It’s hard to make the argument that there’s “two sides to this conflict” when the bodycount is… Isreal – 13.. and Gazans – 1300+..more than half civilians.
    White phosphorous is a chemical weapon. It’s use in civilian areas is a violation of the Geneva conventions, and I assume Israel is a signatory.
    The wounds and deaths willy pete causes are horrendous. It’s like something out of a Stephen King book.
    I read that even the Israeli military brass were calling for restraint fro the govt., obviously to no avail.
    Israel really screwed up.

  9. Yeah, Tom, you can abuse him. Most of us don’t bother and just ignore him, but feel free. It doesn’t do much good, either, because he never changes him mind no matter how much he’s attacked. Everyone can attack anyone on here, with the caveat that since this is a dictatorship, you have to be real careful about how you attack me! Do so too cavalierly and you may get banned.
    OTOH, most of the civilized people here don’t attack each other too much because what goes around, comes around here. But heg’s an anti-Semite, so by all means, feel free to fire away.
    Most people don’t really call each other obscenities on here either.

  10. Let’s sum the facts up: Jews totally run Hollywood. Jews totally run “media” in America, Robert explained how the jews do that. Jews run the White House, senate and congress, I explained how they do that.
    Chling; Sum: The Jew Mafia controls America.

  11. The link was to the Jewish Moment. Of course Radio Islam is biased. What they mean by those excerpts I dont know. Ask them.
    MyAss, another “smartass” That has nothing to say, save complaining about spelling and gramma. Anyone over twelve years and nativ english spooken can tell my gramma is not english, for the spell I could do a better job. But that aside, anyone older than 12 years and nativ english spooken can read and understand what I’m saying – except MyAss Mythos.
    Anyone that makes the massage* secundary and only sees misspell and gramma errors is just another idiot. Idocy is more common among one people. The jews will tell you what people this is in the online JewishEncyclopedia.com Entry: Idiocy. No, its not the muslims or white people.
    * an E became an A, misspell on purpose. Always explain to idiots.
    Now Mythos MyAss go back doing before, wink on youself.
    (Ohh… Misspell again. One i should be an A. Even MyAss Mythos should be able to figure that one out. Hint, there is only one i in the sentence. Dont fucking mess with me.

  12. You’re welcome to the compliment. I got my avatar by just google imaging Azerbaijan Flag. I’ll try to stay polite on here as I don’t know that I am informed enough to defend my own opinion much less tear someone else’s down.

  13. “Let’s sum the facts up: Jews totally run Hollywood. Jews totally run “media” in America, Robert explained how the jews do that. Jews run the White House, senate and congress, I explained how they do that.
    Chling; Sum: The Jew Mafia controls America.”
    I don’t know if i’d call it a proper mafia: those are different Jews, with different priorities, as evinced by how different Hollywood movies can be, or television programs. The Jews that rule Hollywood are on the America trip. They went to L.A. to buy and work some American Dream magic, and I’ll bet you twenty shekels that not too many of them identify as anything but culturally and peripherally Jewish, except in the back of their kidneys where they’re still afraid of Iran or Russia or something.
    As if to say: the tribe as long since given up integrity and commitment to itself as One community, and the tendancy of the economically successful is to identify very individually and ideosynchratically with what future they want to build.

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