The Left's Nonsense on Palestine

Lafayette Sennacherib points out in the comments section that the British Left says that the whole problem in Palestine is “capitalism and imperialism, not Jews.” This can be seen eloquently on the PFLP’s website where they carry recent statements by the KOE in Greece, the ILPS (International League of People’s Struggles) and the CMKP in Pakistan. All of these are pretty hard-Left organizations. The KOE is a Maoist party in Greece, the CMKP is a more or less unapologetic Stalinist type party in Pakistan and the ILPS is now chaired by Jose Maria Sison, head of the CPP, Communist Party of the Philippines, whose armed wing, the NPA (National People’s Army) wages a Maoist rebellion in the Philippines. So we have two Maoist parties and a Stalinist party. If you read all of those statements, you will note that they all take the line that Israel is a pawn of US imperialism. It’s US imperialism’s “attack dog” in the region. I’ve already discussed in previous posts why Israel is of little to no benefit to imperialism at all, and in fact, it’s a great big gigantic fat liability. It’s true, some sort of dysfunctional imperialist-Zionist hegemony has come to define the relationship, but it’s not like we get much out of it, other than maybe letting Israel use our latest weapons. We now colonize Iraq as a result in part of this twisted co-dependency, but it’s hard to imagine a US imperialism not entangled up with Zionism would be idiotically colonizing an Arab country. Sure, we get to buy influence in the region, but the costs to imperialism of this project would seem to massively outweigh whatever crumbs of benefits we get out of it. Surely there must be a cheaper way, in both blood and treasure, to purchase influence in the Arab World. I’m not going to say the problem is Jews either, other than Jews being typical primitive humans who have not yet joined the modern world and are continuing to engage in ancient tribal  behaviors. But it’s downright absurd to say that the problem in Palestine in capitalism and imperialism. The only reason that the Left says this is because nowadays they are terrified to discuss race or ethnicity. And the lunacy of Marxism says that race or ethnicity has nothing whatsoever to do with anything. Why are Jews and Palestinians fighting? Capitalism done made em do it. Why is there racism? Capitalism done turned us into a bunch of knuckle-dragging bigots. Yet any sensible view of human relations shows that tribal warfare and conflict and the racism that inevitably springs from must be as old as man. What does capitalism and imperialism have to do with a Jewish settler-colonial project and the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian aborigines? About as much as capitalism and imperialism had to do with the settler-colonial projects in North America, Australia, Hawaii or elsewhere. Conquer the natives, steal their land, kill them if they resist, put them on reservations, throw them out of the country. This stuff is as old as man. Tribes have always been conquering other tribes, throwing them off the land and stealing their land. For 1000’s of years. Before there was any capitalism or imperialism. It’s age-old tribal behavior. The Geneva Conventions after WW2 which outlawed annexing land, ethnically cleansing conquered peoples or settling conquered lands, were supposed to put an end to this age-old bullshit once and for all. So Zionism really is an anachronism. Neither is it the only settler-colonial project going on the world. There are others – Chinese settler-colonists in Tibet and Xinjiang in China; Indonesian Malay settler-colonists in Papua New Guinea and Aceh in Indonesia; various settler-colonial projects in South Kurdistan carried out by the Kurds themselves and displacing Shia and Christian Kurds, Christian Arabs, Shia, Sunni  and Christian Arabs and Sunni and Shia Turkmen; various settler-colonial projects carried out in Kosova by the Albanians in which Serbs and Gypsies were replaced by Albanians; the whole mess of the Balkan Wars in the 1990’s where Croats and Serbs carried out various settler-colonial projects against Croats, Serbs and Bosniaks; a settler-colonial project in Darfur and Southern Sudan in which Arab Muslims replace African Muslims and Christians; another one being carried out by Morocco in Southern Sahara in which Sahrawis are replaced by Moroccan settlers; and settler-colonial projects in Syria and Iran involving removal of Iranians, Assyrians and Kurds and their replacement with Sunni Arab settler-colonists. It’s hard to say whether there is a settler-colonial project going on Mindanao. There was one a while back involving Christian settler-colonists in Muslim Mindanao, but I don’t think it’s ongoing. There are also settler-colonial projects going on in Brazilian Amazon, Mexico (Chiapas) and Colombia where Indians are thrown off their land with violence, which is then stolen by rich people for plantations. A good argument is that nowadays only fascist regimes engage in settler-colonialism and ethnic cleansing. Any regime doing that nowadays has some serious fascist tendencies. That some are nominally Communist, as in China, makes it all the more shameful. So you can see there is nothing aberrant about the Zionist project. Similar projects are going on all over the globe. But setter-colonialism and ethnic cleansing define one as a primitive. If you engage in primitive behavior, you’re a primitive. Everyone doing this sort of crap needs to knock it off and join the civilized world.

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8 thoughts on “The Left's Nonsense on Palestine”

  1. I appreciate it. You definitely have a way with words on yours though, I think I neglected over an hour of work just to read your posts! ha.
    Anyway, take care my friend.
    ~ Mythos

  2. You can’t blame Jews because we have “not yet joined the modern world and are continuing to engage in ancient tribal behaviors”, since those tribal behaviors have contributed to our successes, as well as our setbacks.

  3. Tribal behavior in the modern world, if anything, only contributes to the problems of modern nations, such as the U.S., who have moved beyond those behaviors.
    Case in point, our military gets bogged down in countries such as Iraq who, if anything, was possibly a threat to Israel but certainly not to the United States. Hell, Hussein kept more terrorists out of Iraq than we have!
    Besides, Perry, if you think the more advanced military of Israel blasting the shit out of Palestinian civilians is a “Jewish success” then all I can say is that’s pretty sad.
    ~ Mythos

  4. Perry, I am not blaming Jews for the fact that we have not yet joined the modern world. Actually, I am accusing them of being primitives who have not yet joined the modern world by continuing to engage in settler-colonialism.
    I don’t think that’s what he is saying, Tom.

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