The Benefits of Anti-Semitism

I realize that that is a provocative title, but stick with me here for a minute. I’ve already gone over the problems of anti-Semitism on this site before. For one thing, nothing feeds Zionism more than anti-Semitism. The mantra of the Zionist is that no Jew can be safe anywhere on Earth except in Israel. So all Jews in the world have to move to Israel pronto. Israel actually is a monument to anti-Semitism. Theodor Herzl, the Austrian journalist who founded Zionism, was originally an assimilationist. With the Dreyfus Affair, he left all that behind. Dreyfus was a French Jew who rose to the top of French society despite considerable anti-Semitism. He was an example that said that Jews could make it in France and didn’t need to be separatists. But then Dreyfus was accused of treason and there was a great big to-do. He lost his high position in society and fell. It’s generally agreed that the charge was faked by anti-Semites in order to “get the Jew.”  The Jews were crestfallen. Herzl assumed that this meant that assimilation of Jews in France is impossible due to the permanent nature of anti-Semitism. He blamed the Jews as much as the Gentiles. Neither one could stand the other, and it was the fault of both of them. Herzl wrote that when Jews rise, they become filthy rich and inspire resentment “the power of the purse’ beckoned, “when we fall,” he said, we Jews become bomb-throwing revolutionaries who inspire more resentment against “revolutionary Jews:” (italics by me).

Anti-Semitism increases day by day and hour by hour among the nations; indeed it is bound to increase, because the causes of its growth continue to exist and cannot be removed. Its remote cause is or loss of the power of assimilation during the Middle Ages; its immediate cause is our excessive production of mediocre intellects, who cannot find an outlet downwards or upwards – that is to say, no wholesome outlet in either direction. When we sink, we become a revolutionary proletariat, the subordinate officers of all revolutionary parties; and at the same time, when we rise, there rises also our terrible power of the purse. (Herzl 1897)

This was before Communism, as the book, “Der Judenstaat” was written in 1897. The writings of many early Zionists are mirrors of the worst anti-Semitic rants. We Jews suck, here’s why, it’s permanent (must be something in the Jewish soul), no wonder the Gentiles hate us, so it’s time for a divorce. A permanent divorce. This is not to say that early Zionists were Gentilephilic. Clearly they were not. But in contrast to the Zionists of today, they laid a of it down on the Jews too. We can’t live together. We’re bad, so they hate us and try to kill us. Plus they’re shits too. Anyway, we can’t live together. Ever. Hence Zionism. The notion that Jews and Gentiles cannot live together in peace and harmony is essential to the discourse of all anti-Semites. However, this same notion is at the heart of Zionism. If we create societies where Jews feel comfortable, there’s no need for Zionism. If all anti-Semitism disappeared tomorrow, Israel would fold up and wither away. So one of the best ways to fight Zionism, strange as it seems, is to make Jews feel at home in the Diaspora. When you make Diaspora Jews uncomfortable, it makes them want to high-tail it to Israel to get away from the heat. No one likes being pissed on. If I were a Jew, I wouldn’t like anti-Semitism either. Let me tell you a story. Once I was in a White nationalist chatroom. I just drifted in there. I’m not sure what happened, but soon I was the enemy. Plus they “figured out” that I was a Jew. I’m not a Jew, but never mind. As soon as the spotted the Jew in their midst, the whole room changed. The mood became ominous, creepy, and homicidal. Even though they couldn’t kill me over the Net, I actually started getting frightened. In mind, I had become the Jew. I had become the terrified Jew surrounded by hissing anti-Semites. It was like watching a scary movie. I was trembling in front of the computer screen. Another time I was at a coffee shop and we were talking. One guy is an Italian from New York. At some point, I guess I made him mad. He got this sneer on his face and snarled at me, smirking, “Are you Jewish?” That smile didn’t look too nice. No, I wasn’t. He wasn’t convinced, and he was still smirking. I should have been disgusted, but I got scared again. Once again, I was Jewish for a few minutes. If you can ever maneuver yourself into a position of empathy like that, you can begin to understand Jewish paranoia. If you’re Jewish, anti-Semites must feel  downright creepy. Maybe they’re scary too. They sure scared me. So now I think I understand Jewish fear and hatred of anti-Semitism, Jewish paranoia, and even the Jewish feeling of need for Israel. On the other hand, I’m convinced that letting Jews get too comfortable in any society other than Israel is not a good idea. They have a tendency to take the ball and run with it and generate lots of anti-Semitism in the meantime. Actually, a bit of anti-Semitism is a good weapon against Jewish power and its excessive buildup. Anti-Semites like to go on and on about Jewish control of the media or Hollywood. On the other hand, this is true pretty much only in the US, Israel and to some extent in the UK. In the rest of the world, forget it. Jews don’t run much media or entertainment in the vast majority of the world. Why not? Well, truth is that most of the world will not let Jews buy up the their media and entertainment industries. Why not? Well, a lot of reasons, but anti-Semitism must be up there on the list. Do you think the Arab and Muslim World will put up with Jewish media moguls buying up the Arab press, Al Jazeera, the Egyptian movie industry, the Lebanese music industry, or the Arab book publishing industry (Lebanon and Egypt)? Not on your life. Will Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia? Get real. Will India? Indian nationalism will put a stop to that. China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore? GMAB. They aren’t many Jews in those societies, but for some weird reason, there’s tons of anti-Semitism. You think the Oriental East will let Bronfman, Asper, Sulzberger and Spielberg buy up their media and movie industry? Try again. Some of my Jewish readers may disagree with this post. But a bit of anti-Semitism does serve as a break on excessive Jewish power. Super-Jews feel that Jews can’t get enough power, but any reasonable Jew knows that the Jews shouldn’t grab for too much. Do the Jewish media and entertainment moguls send my Jewish readers a check from Jewish Central Control every month? Come on. So would they get a raise if the Jewish information control spanned the globe instead of parts of the West? No way. Would significantly increased Jewish power in the world’s entertainment and media industries increase world anti-Semitism? You bet your sweet bippy! How much anti-Semitism is enough? Enough that constrains excessive Jewish power, and hence, paradoxically, blocks the waves of anti-Semitism that would follow in the wake of such power. How much anti-Semitism is too much? Enough that Jews feel frightened and uncomfortable and feel like they want to take off for the Levant. Tough call. But walking a tightrope ain’t easy.


Herzl, Theodor. 1897. Der Judenstaat, “The Jewish State.” Edited and original translation by Slyvie d’Avigdor revised by Jacob M. Alkow. 1988. New York: Dover Publications. 1946. Reprint – originally published New York: American Zionist Emergency Council.
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13 thoughts on “The Benefits of Anti-Semitism”

  1. Dear Robert
    Two tribes in one territory equals conflict. This conflict doesn’t have to be armed, but it will exist. The rivalry between Jews and Gentiles is ultimately tribal. Judaism is a tribal religion that encourages tribal behavior. This tribal behavior often persists even when a Jew becomes irreligious. One only needs to look at the atheist Alan Dershowitz, whose fulltime job seems to be the defense of Israel.
    The existence of Israel makes anti-Semitism more likely because it makes Jews behave like dual-loyalists. We have a vicious circle here. The loyalty of Jews to Israel increases anti-Semitism and this increase in anti-Semitism in turn strengthens Jewish loyalty to Israel because they will see it as a refuge from anti-Semitism.
    Instead of being stupid anti-Semites, Gentiles should be pro-Gentilic. Our attitude toward real Jews should be: “Your tribe is not our tribe and your interests are not our interests. Israel is not our country. The more you support it, the more we will oppose you.” Instead of agressive, hate-filled anti-Semitism, we need fair, assertive pro-Gentilism. We can’t have unilateral anti-tribalism, which is like unilateral pacifism. As long as Jews behave tribally, we have to do the same.
    Let’s be clear about what a Jew is. It is someone, religious or not, who feels Jewish and identifies with Jewry. In my view, Karl Marx and Felix Mendelssohn, for instance, were not Jewish. In what sense was Marx Jewish? Did he practice Judaism? No, he was an atheist who despised religion. Was he Jewish in a national sense? Absolutely not. Insofar Marx had national feelings, those feelings were German. If Marx wasn’t Jewish in either the religious or the national sense, then he wasn’t Jewish. Period. The same can be said for people like Trotsky. They were Jewish only in a genealogical sense. Maybe their Jewish upbringing had something to do with with their radicalism, but they did not behave tribally for the benefit of Jewry. Did people like Marx or Trotsky ever ask what is good for Jews?
    What makes much anti-Semitism so stupid and counter-productive is that it racializes Jews. To most anti-Semites, it seems, being a Jew is a question of biology. As one German anti-Semite put it:
    Was der Jude glaubt ist einerlei.
    In der Rasse liegt die Schweinerei.
    = What the Jew believes doesn’t matter.
    His wickedness lies in his race.
    If a person who doesn’t identify in the least with Jewry is told by anti-Semites that he is Jewish anyway and bad because of it, that person is very likely to be pushed back into the Jewish tribal fold. Anti-Semitism hinders the assimilation of Jews. People who resent the tribal behavior of Jews should welcome ex-Jews with open arms, that is, welcome people with Jewish ancestry who decide to abandon Judaism in both ists religious and national aspect. You want to encourage assimilation, then welcome the assimilated and treat them as equals without suspicion.
    A fully assimilated Jew is a contradiction in terms. If he is fully assimilated, he is no longer Jewish. If he is still Jewish, he can’t be fully assimilated. The cause lies in the tribal nature of Judaism. It is possible for Sikhs or Muslims to become 100% American or 100% French because Sikhism and Islam are non-tribal religions, but Judaism is not. To say that somebody is 100% Jewish and 100% American is like saying that a person can be 100% Italian and 100% American.
    There are sets, subsets, overlapping sets and separate sets. Americans are a set. Texans are a subset of the American set. Catholics and Americans are overlapping sets because religion and nationality are different categories, but Jews and Americans are different sets because they are both nationalities. It is possible to have one foot in a set and another foot in a separate set but not both feet in two separate sets.
    The fact that Judaism is a tribal religion is of central importance in understanding the Jewish problem. It makes Judaism different from all other religions.
    Have a good day. James

  2. Good stuff, Robert and James. I don’t see how America can become pro-gentilic, in the current circumstances, without becoming seriously anti-semitic. Jews are not so much a nation as a mafia which claims a national and ethnic identity. That mafia includes most of the rabbis, and has most of the world’s banking system (notably not Islamic banking -which is a big reason why the hate Islam), and especially covert, off-shore, money-laundering, tax-avoiding banking, under its thumb, and so has the divided gentile elites
    under its thumb. This mafia has its agents in all the key strategic points of Western society,and hence only a serious anti-semitic program can deal with them – that is, to treat anti-semitism as a crusade against an organised crime gang, not against an ethnicity.
    I read a ‘lefty’ recently saying that ” [re Palestine] to the right the problem is jews, to the left it is capitalism and imperialism”. Yes, but who’s capitalism and imperialism? And is there NOTHING that happens in the world apart from capitalism and imperialism? So, why all the anti-racism campaigns? Is that not just capitalism and imperialism? To quote a prominent UK jew-pseudo-marxist: ” We are revolutionaries; we’re not interested in tinkering with capitalism – what good would it do to ‘demote’ one ethnic group?” This was a response to my suggesting that affirmative action and equal-opportunities should apply to jews too. Does he not support these when applied to WASPs? Does he not support tinkering with capitalism by supporting anit-racist legislation? This was around the point I got barred from Seymour’s Grave. You can’t go there.
    If the authorities notice unusual betting patterns on football games, boxers or horses, they know a crime has taken place, and come down like a ton of bricks.. Similar authorities are supposed to watch the stock exchange; how many stories are there, from 9/11 to the Madoff affair, of the authorities turning a blind eye. Of course, it’s not just jews – but it IS very heavily so. And why is it so hard to get statistics about the percentage of jews in various professions? We have to rely on jews boasting in their jew-oriented publications. Is it because they are not required to state that they are jewish in monitoring questionaires, as similarly they were not required to state they were jewish when they immigrated from Europe before, during and after WWII? Can we doubt that a group that comprises 30% of the elite, and 50% of the billionaires ( though Madoff might have reduced that), which has so many of its agents in government and academia, would overlook to have agents in all public record offices?
    The point of the above is that it is crime we are talking about, not race. We know that a huge crime has been underway for a long time, and we know that it will be impossible to gather the evidence when the crime-gang has its operatives at every level of the watchdog. We know that there is a big (not infallible) indicator of membership of, or loyalty to, that crime-gang -jewish identity.
    Are WASP elites not engage in crime? You bet your ass! But removing the jewish mafia will be a big step towards addressing their illegal acitivities, since it would reduce their access to covert international money hiding facilities, so be sure that the WASP elites will also resist any moves against the jews. Are WASP elites not involved in treason and racism? Up to their ass ! But we’ve already made significant steps to countering their racism, and we think that a good thing, and their treason is less blatant than the jews’. First things first, unless you believe there’s going to be a magical simultaneous world-wide workers’ revolution, after which there will be no racism and no crime – pull the other one! Unsurprisingly, most of the ‘left’ groups pushing this fantasy are heavily … you guessed!
    What to do? The Bobby Fischer option? A military takeover, imposing Nuremberg-style laws and shoot the top half million jews out of hand? The trouble with that is – will it stop there? Power like that, once attained, is not easily taken away. But there may not be time for any other option, if America is to save itself and the world. The nuclear-armed zionist state may one day, given its large religious nut element, go rogue even to its American jewish masters, and they’ve got nuclear-armed subs.
    But, if there’s time, there needs to be a concerted campaign to make it mandatory for jews to state their jewish identity on all workplace monitoring questionnaires, and furthermore, for all with links to foreign political lobbies to be similarly monitored. Sorry, if that seems a bit of a let down, but examing the problem of ‘how to do this?’ is the core to sorting out the problem, and convincing the American people that there is a problem. How can you have effective monitoring, when the monitoring authorities are at the mercy of politial parties who are in the grip of ethnic partisans?
    Your answers please!

  3. I’ve always wondered why groups like Hezbollah and Hamas try to attack Jewish institutions abroad, esp. those that are not explicitly dedicated to Zionist goals. Even though American Jews, etc. are an important base of support for Israel and there may be some short term tactical advantage it, I would think their presumed goals would dictate that they would want to make Jews as uncomfortable as possible in the ME and do as little as possible to disturb them elsewhere.

  4. Mort – When did Hamas or Hizbullah ever operate outside their own countries? The only even accusation I’ve heard is re that business in Argentina, which no-one seriously believes was anything to do with Hizbullah, although zionist propagandists still talk about it like it was an uncontrovertible fact.

  5. I thought the Argentinian thing was pretty definitely linked to Hezbollah or Iranian intel, but I could be wrong.

  6. AFAICT the Argentine thing is definitely linked to Iran and Hezbollah. It was some kind of major payback for killing some Hezbollah top guy. It’s all pretty murky, but I think they have a pretty good case. Problem is that Iran and Hezbollah are very good at this sort of thing, and they are excellent at covering their tracks. Kind of like Mossad. I believe that the Argentines are looking to prosecute some Iranian figures for that attack.
    Furthermore, Hezbollah’s leader Nasrallah has made some pretty awful comments along the lines of “first we will go after the Jews in Palestine, then we will go after the Jews in the rest of the world.” Both Hamas and Hezbollah are pretty much hardcore anti-Semites at this time ideologically. They oppose the Jews on a religious basis as per the Koran. The PFLP has opposed that, saying that they are willing to live with the Jews in Palestine and they don’t have any kind of religious beef with Jews per se. Hezbollah naming one of their missles the “Kaybar” was pretty nasty. That’s the name of some village in Arabia that Mohammad conquered. Afterwards, he executed all the male Jews – like 900 of them. Pretty hard to name a missile “Kaybar” and then so your only beef is with “Zionists.” Ain’t gonna fly.

  7. “AFAICT the Argentine thing is definitely linked to Iran and Hezbollah. Problem is that Iran and Hezbollah are very good at this sort of thing, and they are excellent at covering their tracks.”
    No, it isn’t. If there are no tracks there is no evidence i.e. no case.
    “Kind of like Mossad.”
    Are you serious? Mossad doesn’t need to cover it’s tracks. It’s got a free pass to assassinate anyone it wants – European politicians, scientists, activists, arabs anywhere of course, but they might have to wear false moustaches to assassinate US politicians.
    “I believe that the Argentines are looking to prosecute some Iranian figures for that attack.”
    If they are, it’s only because the jews have bribed someone. Last I heard, it was pretty clear that neo-nazis were behind it, which seems eminently plausible since Argentina is crawling with neo-nazis and has next to no Moslems.
    Furthermore, Hezbollah’s leader Nasrallah has made some pretty awful comments along the lines of “first we will go after the Jews in Palestine, then we will go after the Jews in the rest of the world.”
    1. I don’t believe that – Nasrallah is extremely practical 2. What’s awful about that, given that most of the world’s jews support and fund what Israel did to his country?
    “Hezbollah naming one of their missles the “Kaybar” was pretty nasty.”
    You can hardly blame them for not being saints, under the circumstances. As nasty as getting ten-year old schoolgirls to write messages of hate on the missile they’re going to fire at Palestinian civilians, photographing it and distributing it to the world’s press?
    “That’s the name of some village in Arabia that Mohammad conquered. Afterwards, he executed all the male Jews.”
    For rebellion, not for being jews.

  8. Using the word “Gentile” is itself anti-Gentilic – the term “non-Jew” should be used instead of “Gentile.” To use the word “Gentile” is to divide or separate Jews out from the rest of humanity, to place them somehow above them.

  9. Hey LS: I don’t give a s**t about my Jewish identity, and if I could forget the whole thing, I would. I don’t support Israel, and when I hear about this thing in Gaza, I just think, “f**k you, Israel.” I’m not a self-hating Jew, though. I’m pretty pleased with myself and my family, and if anyone tried to do what you’re proposing to me or anyone I was related to, or liked for that matter, I’d get in touch with my inner Jabotinsky real fast.

  10. I’m proposing is equal opportunities monitoring and affirmative action: making it mandatory to declare, on workplace monitoring forms, jewish descent and any link to lobby groups for foreign powers – plus, that those tasked with investigating this should, at least largely, not be part of the group being investigate.
    I believe YOU, Mort, but jewish identity seems to be a very flexible thing related often to opportunism – few zionist jews have any religious beliefs or ‘jewish identity’ but they still function as jews in their support of the elite jews’ power ploys.
    But I missed the serious point – Unless you outlaw ALL ethnic organisations and lobbies, you have to accept that it is not impossible that these bodies may be engaged in illegal activities, and not shy away from whatever is necessary to investigate them.
    As I said, if you get heavy betting on an unimportant ball game, you know there’s a crime going on. If you get statistics that show an ethnic 2% of the population getting 30% plus of the cream, then you know there’s something going on that is undemocratic, discriminatory and illegal. So you have to do what is necessary to get the evidence. We don’t have any problem examining WASP behaviour for discriminatory practices; why should jews be exempt?
    The matter is given more urgency by the jewish lobbies’ involvement with a a deranged, violent, rogue state with enough nukes, including nuclear armed subs, to devastate the globe. Should the rest of us shirk from defending ourselves out of reluctance to hurt the feelings of the decent jews (or ex-jews) like Mort? No! Mort and his ilk should be shouting louder than anyone for this, because the substantial percentage of jews who buy into the zionist career path put the rest in serious danger.

  11. I do see what you mean LS, but the answer is to actually enforce the laws that already exist about foreign agents, etc. when they relate to Israel, something that seems to be rarely done in the U.S. Also, I think no one should be dual citizens unless they happen to be so from birth. As for dual loyalties: yes, they exist in regard to (some) Jews and Israel. But the Jews who have those loyalties are not shy about saying so, or at least claiming to regard the interests of Israel and the U.S. as identical, which would be absurd even if Israel were not run by genocidal a******s. Such people should not be elected or appointed. For example, you don’t have to be Edgar Cayce to see that the neocons of PNAC, etc. were dual loyalists. They pretty much said so loud and clear enough for anyone with half a brain to understand. It should not be tolerated. I repeat: DON’T ELECT THEM OR APPOINT THEM. If they violate laws relating to agency for foreign powers, arrest them, fine them, imprison them.

  12. Yeah, this is the problem with anti-Semites. They scream and scream about Jewish power and all that, but it’s nothing that can’t be cured with a little healthy anti-Semitism, judiciously applied. If Jews run the media, then try to ignore any of the pro-Jewish BS they shovel at you via their media. Or agitate against their propaganda. If pro-Israel Jews are running for office, hey, don’t vote for em! Agitate against them and expose their dual loyalties and whatnot.
    The fact that Gentiles are so moronic as to let Jews take over their media and Hollywood, and march off and vote for dual loyalists who grab hold of the state to enforce pro-Israel views, well, shoot, man. All I have to say is that all those Jewish jokes about dumb goys may have something to them.
    Quit electing them. Tune out their media propaganda. I mean, if you’re electing them and being brainwashed by their media stuff, you’re an idiot and you have only yourself to blame. Further, I have no sympathy for you. AFAICT, America’s Gentiles deserve to be brainwashed and represented by a bunch of POV-pushing Jews. If you’re so dumb as to sit there and let yourself get colonized and brainwashed, well, screw you. You deserve it.

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