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People are wondering about the site stats. Combined with the two sites, they are running about 950 visitors/day lately. Before Blogger blocked me, I was running at 2,700 visitors/day. So I lost about 2/3 of my traffic right there. Thanks, Blogger! Traffic at this new site is fairly slow yet (but not that bad), but hopefully it will pick up later on. If these WordPress bastards would let me upload some really awesome beheading videos, this site could really take off.
It takes a while to build a brand. It took me 4 years to build the old site up from 0 to 2,700/day. A lot of it has to do with Google ranking, but it’s also just building a brand and popularizing a product.
Most people are trying to make themselves likable, but I’m actually trying to make people hate me.
If I notice there’s lots of Leftists coming around, I post some stuff that drives Leftists up the wall. Unwashed, stinky racists on the site? No problem. Watch me morph into antifa-boy and kick some skinhead ass! Seedy anti-Semites sulking about in trenchcoats and dark glasses? Watch my hidden Judeophile rabbit pop out of the hat! Lots of Israel-haters steaming up the comments threads? Time to bash the suicidal maniac moronic Pallies!
It seems nuts, but it actually worked. I don’t know if people like abuse, or if they just like combat, or if they’re in on the joke, but gimmicks are fine as long as they work.
Those of you getting too comfortable on the site, you just wait!

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3 thoughts on “Site Stats”

  1. I always figured you and heg were a good cop/bad cop routine. Your sense of humour is your saving grace, plus your soft spot for Uncle Joe.

  2. “Those of you getting too comfortable on the site, you just wait!”
    I don’t need to tell a linguist about labels having different or even contradictory meanings to different people, and I probably shouldn’t just show my hand, but almost everybody hates libertarians, or what they mean by the label. An easy target, like WN, being stationary and in the open, but harder to damage, having a much richer (IMO) theoretical background and an easy escape route (“It’s all the fault of the State”[true-also IMO). Their major weakness (good from your perspective) is being easy to draw into the open and expose their impracticality. You can probably start a lot more fights and piss off a lot more readers than you can with WN’s, who really only have one trick. I don’t think you can make me mad, though I wouldn’t be surprised if you heated me up a bit.

  3. Speaking of linguistic nuance, in putting together my last comment, I wondered why “being provocative” seems good, but “provoking” someone is bad, since it seems the logical outcome of being provocative. From the perspective of the internet it would be the other way around, no? I guess face-to-face it’s more effective to be provocative without rancor (dialectic synthesis being the goal), but on line we’re more interested in a string of hits. Or something.

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