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I’ve noticed that since I’ve moved to the new blog, I’m just not pissing people off like I was at the old blog. Although I’m supposedly sorry about being Blogger-blocked, the truth is that I was constantly pushing the envelope over there, seeing if I could go this far from getting blocked or removed.
Now I’m over here at WordPress, where it’s next to impossible to get blocked or removed, and I’m a little frustrated. Nothing to rebel against. You fuckers will let me say anything I want to, and you won’t discipline me, block me, shut me down? What the Hell?
The 13 yr old in me strenuously objects! This is no good. This calls for some beheading videos!
Anyway, I see there are lots of White nationalists following the blog now. That’s one of the great things about this blog – there’s no way you can be so extreme you won’t be welcomed in a sort of way here. The comments section is great. Rightwingers fight leftwingers, racists fight anti-racists, anti-Semites have it out with Jews, it’s great! And strangely enough, they all feel at home here.
Anyway, seeing as White nationalists are starting to find a happy home here, I thought I would throw them a great big welcoming party by posting the British BNP Party list. Yes, that list! The one that has the WN’s frothing away. You guys are so cute when you froth. Guys are actually getting fired from their jobs in the UK over being on this list. Great. Always happy to do my part.
I’ll go over why the BNP is bad news in a later post.
Download here. Enjoy. Welcome to Robert Lindsay, guys! Muaaaaaah!

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6 thoughts on “Download The BNP List”

  1. The police are currently engaged in a number of investigations of people who have posted the list. Some are in court as we speak. Take it down.

  2. Thats is not true. You could quite rightly be extradicted if someone used your list and went and attacked someone. In interview they mention your name and your website. Try your excuse with the police when they come and get you…Truth whether you like it or not….Take it down…You know it is the right thing to do…

  3. There are only two people being prosecuted for the BNP list right now, and they are the BNP employees who leaked it in the first place. They are Brits and they violated British law. No one else is being prosecuted. Best I can tell, the list is all over the Internet by now.
    No one is being prosecuted for putting the list out on the Internet, other than the two original leakers. Further, I suspect you are a British supporter of the BNP, so I am inclined not to go along with your request on that basis right there.

  4. Me, I got bored with the list after the first couple of pages.
    Yes, write something on the BNP. I could say a few things about them, but I’ll save it. Just one thing, though: there have been rumours of them, like a lot of European fascist recently, taking jewish money and letting jews join, leading to ‘ a better write-up’ in the MSM, in return, of course, for concentrating on Islam – ‘Paki-bashing’ as they used to call it. The recent pubilic support by their leader, Nick Griffin for Israel’s Gaza atrocities, seems to confirm this. A lot of members are trying to have him removed. Fair play to them – if you want to join a jewish party, you’d join one of the Trot sects or one of the mainstream parties.

  5. I don’t really regard the BNP as typical white nationalists. As Lafayette mentions, they are strenuous in their support of Israel. They may even see Israel as a model.

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