For MLK Day – The Need to Demonize

As it’s MLK Day, it’s time for a post about the need to demonize our enemies. If you’re White, no matter what you think of Blacks, Hispanics, Puerto Ricans, etc., there are some reasons you might want to reconsider becoming a White nationalist. For starters, Martin Luther King is just about #1 on their enemies list! WTH? That sucks. MLK is now as American as baseball, Mom and apple pie. He’s one of my heroes, and he’s the hero of most decent Americans of all colors. Oppose MLK? What’s next? Trash George Washington, Abe Lincoln, Ben Franklin, Jesus Himself? Yes, he’s one of their worst enemies. Why? He stood up and demanded something completely outrageous for Black folks. Equal rights. We can’t have that! Now, race realists can go on and on about B-W IQ differentials, high Black crime rates, the tendency of Black districts and schools to decay and get run-down in a variety of ways, gangster rap, Detroit, this and that. Clearly, Black folks have lots of problems. Go to any web forum for middle class Blacks on the web and get an earful of this stuff. I would like to point something out there. Despite all of the above…Blacks, or any minorities, or any humans, really, are not exempted from the basic principle of democracy and fairness. Why did Blacks deserve equal rights? Because they are human. Does any of the above come into play? Not at all. Having problems certainly does not exempt you from the basic rights of a human. Now, onto MLK. White nationalists completely demonize this man, as they must, I suppose. Their supposition – that he was an immoral man. Forget for a moment that those accusing MLK of being less than moral are themselves guilty of a severe moral transgression – savage racism. So in this case we have some very immoral persons attacking MLK for being immoral. What’s their problem with that? They should welcome him with open arms if that were the case. Now, onto the accusations. The standard ones are that he’s a plagiarist, a Communist and a philanderer. The plagiarism accusation is apparently true. I forget what it deals with – possibly his doctoral dissertation. He lifted a few lines here and there. Heck, I’ve just about done so myself, though not word for word. I’m not stupid! I borrow ideas all the time. People have been writing for a few thousand years, and there are not a lot of new ideas floating around anymore. The next charge is that he’s a Communist. Apparently not true. MLK was never a Communist. Communists supported him, sure. MLK was a leftwinger with some socialist tendencies, sure. He may have had some Communist friends, but so do lots of folks. The FBI tailed him for years trying to pin this one on him, and they never could. The next one is that he was a philanderer. Like many Black men, he seemed to be incapable of monogamy. Yes, he cheated on his wife, possibly habitually. I would argue that many great men do such things. Added to this charge is the charge that he hired prostitutes and badly beat them. Apparently not true. That’s a lie made up by White racists out to destroy him. The scorecard? I would argue that what MLK did was less bad than what his critics are doing. Plagiarizing and philandering are not as bad as being an out and open racist. Sorry racists. My opinion. Notice here the tendency of people to demonize their enemies. Let’s take Hitler for example. Now he was a major scumbag for sure, but that’s not enough for those who really hate him. The super-Hitler haters I’ve run into were mostly Jews. Now surely Jews have a beef with Hitler. He killed 75 But look what the Jewish Hitler-haters say about him (I used to hear all this on the ME and Jewish newsgroups all the time). He was a failed artist. He was a sick, twisted, unhappy, neurotic or mentally ill boy, even as young as elementary school. Supposedly he had a severe flatulence and indigestion problem as a young person. He wouldn’t stop farting! He just stunk outright. They must have called him Adolf Fart behind his back. After high school, he wandered around Vienna as a footloose starving artist. This is usually parlayed into the “Hitler was a loser” gambit. As an artist, he was a failed artist, they say. They laugh at his paintings, atrocious and horrible, they say. A bitter man, wandering around Vienna, broke and homeless, getting more and more furious at Jews and other successful people. I’m not sure what they say about his military career. I guess he was a crappy soldier too. They’d probably say he was a coward, except he got badly wounded, so that won’t fly. Now I have done some investigating into Hitler, and the picture that emerges is quite the opposite of the above. As a child, he seems to have been pretty unremarkable. I don’t think he was either popular or seriously rejected. I’ve asked some artist friends about his art. They’ve told me that his art is good; it’s not crappy art at all. He just never hit the bigtime is all. Sure, he was a “failed artist.” Almost all artists, writers and musicians are failed artists, writers and musicians if we are going to play that game. As for his time wandering around Vienna, well, there are starving artist types out there. Orwell was one. Check out Down and Out In Paris and London if you don’t believe me. Big deal. Some of my best friends were starving writers, musicians, artists, etc. What about it? Now we get to the more crucial part. In Mein Kampf, Hitler paints a picture of Vienna life in which he is growing more and more furious at the Jews and some others in Vienna. I think this is a case of false memory syndrome. Thing is, if you ask people who knew him back then and hung out with him in cafes and whatnot, he didn’t seem that way at all. He spoke to and befriended Jews and could not be less interested in anti-Semitism, which was pretty popular at the time. When others got on the anti-Semitic kick, Hitler typically waved them off and defended the Jews or said leave them alone. So what happened? He went off to war, got wounded, and apparently went nuts. He came out of the hospital, and veterans were being demonized and blamed for the war. It was Vietnam, half a century too soon. The veterans were furious. Then there was Versailles, and Germany was driven to economic ruin. The Nazi Party grew out of the Freicorps, the far rightwing WW1 vets used by the elite to go into the streets and crush the Left. The worst enemies of the Freicorps were on the Left. They were shock troops to destroy the Left, and they did it well. The elite used them, but the pawns got out of hand. They made Frankenstein, then he got up, walked out of the lab, and trashed his inventor’s home and everything else for miles around. Hitler is a case of a good to ordinary man gone bad. Way, way, way, way bad. Psychologists insist he had to have been ill his whole life, but I doubt it. Good men go bad, bad men go good. It happens. One would think that all of Hitler’s crimes would be serious enough. He killed millions of people. Why not leave it at that? Because we can’t allow our enemies to have any positive attributes. It clouds the picture and causes cognitive dissonance. All black or all white. No gray areas. Hitler was a bad man who had some positive qualities, particularly before he went bad. Surely his bad qualities disastrously outweighed whatever good he did in life. MLK was a good man with some bad qualities, like most of us. I argue that the good he did far outweighed the bad. People are complicated. We want our heroes to dress in pure white, but their costumes are soiled here and here. We want villains to wear black all the time, but there are splashes of white glinting off their outfits, making us blink and wince. People are complicated. So is life. Everything’s a grey area. My motto.

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24 thoughts on “For MLK Day – The Need to Demonize”

  1. Dear Robert
    WNs try to kick MLK off his pedestal, but they do not demonize him. They resent that this black men has been politically canonized in the US, so they try to show his warts, but they stop short of demonizing him. To point out somebody’s warts is not the same as to demonize him. To say that he does not deserve to be a secular saint and to be the only American that has a holiday named after him is not the same as to say that he is an arch-villain.
    The WNs have a point. If MLK had been white but done exactly what he did, he would not have become a secular saint, any more than Nelson Mandela would have become one. To be canonized in the secular religion of political correctness, you have to be a non-white.
    Regards. James

  2. If you ever go their websites, you can see that almost every WN on Earth utterly despises this man. They aren’t just pointing out his warts; it goes way beyond that.
    You make an interesting point about whether or not he deserves to be made into a secular saint and that no White man would could ever have gotten away with what he did and be so lauded.
    Also, we formerly had two holidays named after Americans, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.
    Personally, I feel that US race relations are poisoned enough that naming a holiday for King can only be a good thing.

  3. 1.) There is nothing immoral about racial discrimination. This is only a popular opinion.
    2.) MLK was a philanderer and plagiarist. He was closely associated with men who had known ties to Communism (Levinson and Rustin). These charges are all true.
    3.) “Human rights” are social conventions. They are not derived from the nature of reality. Instead, “human rights” evolved from the earlier discourse about “natural rights” which evolved from the “rights of Englishmen.”
    4.) MLK was a supporter of racial preferences for negroes. He used the rhetoric of colorblindness to advance the interests of his race. Then he discarded it. This inconvenient fact has been forgotten by most conservatives. At bottom, MLK was a race advocate.
    5.) MLK was not a saint and should not be treated as one.

  4. Robert’s false memory hole syndrom. Like all commis RL make things up about their enemies. I have read some part of Mein Kampf and the Vienna part is very clear. AH tells that one day he was on the street and he bounced at a sight and he asked himself: – Is that a jew?
    Later he asked himself: – Is that a german?
    Robert’s decscripion of Hitler so totally out of touch with reality. Hitler’s Vienna time clearly shows that he hadent matured yet, the book makes this very clear. Before his first encounter with a jew in the street of Vienna he had nothing against the jews in any way.
    You can forget anything you ever heard about Hitler because it all jewish propaganda lies!
    Ww1, England and France are brooken in the war on the western front. In the east Lenin is in charge of Russia and he makes peace with Germany. This is the very reason why the germans let Lenin travel thru Germany to Sweden, Stockholm and from there to Moscow.
    Lenin had promised to stop the war between Russia and Germany. Now the germans could move the troops from the eastern front to the western front and then England and France’s days would be over. Germany would kick the crap out of them. Game over for England, France and America.
    What happend next is that all agree on call the war of, go home and settle the scores at the table. A year later the scores are settled in Paris, treaty of Versaille, a castle in Paris.
    The deal when the cease-fire was called was that they all ended the war and all would be even. In Paris jewry, the global jew mafia enters the scene. All you have to do to get this confirmed is to go AJC, american jewish committee’s homepage. The jews brags about their achievements at Versaille.
    The next man to the leaders of America, England, France and Germany were all jews. Check on it for yourself. This is a fact, not some conspiracy nutcase bullshit.
    According to the jew Benjamin Freedman there was 117 jews at Versaille. He was there and he was born into the inner circle of jewry, the global jew mafia. He later turned against jewry and told the world what jewry did.
    When Versaille was over Germany was to stand alone and take all the blame for the war and to pay reparation that could not be paid. On top of that England had a naval blockade of Germany for years after the cease-fire and many hundred thousand germans died from starvation because of the blockade.
    The germans called this the Stabb in the back, and that it was. But not only that, at Versaille ten percent of the German heartland and 15 percent of all germans was sliced of Germany and belonged now to the countries surrounding Germany.
    The Treaty at Versaille made Hitler. Hitler dident make Versaille, Hitler was still a young man and during his Vienna stay he matured.
    Hitler spend a lot of time i the parliment and after some time he asked himself: Who is responsible? None. He wrote in Mein Kampf.
    Democracy is NoT about the majority ruling over the minority . Democracy is all about how a small minority can rule over the majority. That is why all jews loooooove “democracy” and working relentless to spread “democracy” around the globe. Paid and executed by the stupid americans.
    Hitler came to the conclusion that white people are the superior race – and Hitler is right. Talmud judaism tells the jews that the jews is the superior race, hench Hitler and all white people must be crushed at all cost.
    The most remarkably thing is that jewry, the global jew mafia has turned the white man against himself and kill himself, all in the name of the stupid, “Spreading democracy”.
    Take away “Spreading democracy”, where would America be? At home minding their own business.
    The “Cold War” was a fraud. Soviet and America was run by jews during the whole “cold war”. The cold war was about testing weapon system.
    Seven of the 19 alleged 9-11 highjackers was alive and well after 9-11. BBC have proved that beyond any reasonant doubt.
    The “War on Terror” is a fraud and its a jewry, the global jew mafia fraud.
    Before it was the “cold war”, the war on muslims, “War on Terror” is just the same as the “cold war” a fraud, and the propaganda against the muslim world started 1972 after the Munic Olympic games.
    If you go back and read the frontage of all major papers in America 1916, you will see that every major paper in America was pro-Germany – every single one!
    Then over one night all major papers in America was anti-Germany. All you need to do to get this confirmed is to read the frontpage of say ten major papers. You make propaganda on the frontpage, not page twelve.
    All the major papers have the entire archive online. All you have to do get this confirmed is to read the frontpage of the major papers in America 1916. That is 365 frontpages. 1916 America started “spreading democracy”, that is when the “cold war” started.
    Its the same thing with the “war on terror”, it started 1972. Just read the frontpage of all the major paper in the whole western world, its all the same – anti-muslim propaganda all over. 9-11 is just the top of it.
    Lusitania 1915 was the fraud that got America into the fraud “spreading democracy”.
    Why did America enter world war One? Because of the fraud Lusitania. It took a year or two, but then America was in the war. Just look at the similarity with 9-11. It took some years and then America was ready for an all out war in Iraq.
    Why is America in Iraq? Lies, that’s why – fucking lies. Iraq and Saddam Hussein had NOTHING whatsoever to do with the fraud 9-11, yet America keeps “spreding democracy” with bullets in Iraq, killing and maiming millions of people, all based on lies, lies and god damn more fucking lies.
    Who are the liers? Who owns all major papers in the western world? Jewry, the GLOBAL JEW MAFIA – that’s who.
    When jewry, AJC, American JEWISH Committee returned back to America after Versaille they did it in triumph. Why? Because their greatest victory at Versaille was “Minority rights”. Just read AJC’s homepage Timeline.
    “Minority rights” is about one thing and ONE thing ONLY – How a minority can take control of the majority.
    Every single “Minority rights” bill, legislation, law that is ever written and imposed jewry, the Global Jew Mafia is behind.
    “Minority rights” is how a minority can control the majority, that is jewish “democracy”.
    If you still dont get it, understand this: What the jew does is he is ALWAYS asking himself:
    – Is it good for the jews?
    Is “Minority rights” good for the jews?
    Is “democracy” good for the jews?
    In a “democracy” you as a minority can control the majority, the (m)asses by writing the “Minority rights” laws.
    Who write all the “Minority rights” laws in America? The muslims? The White Supremacists?
    Its the jew – you idiot!
    Martin Luther and Rosa Park are both jewry propaganda lies. Rosa Park is a two minute b-movie. What did she ever do or say that is immortal? Just name one thing that Rosa Park did that is immortal. You cant and that is because Rosa Park was a nobody that that jewry MADE.
    Martin Luther was a nigger, just like Mandela, who turned to a negro when he matured. Mandela or ML couldent have rallied ten niggers even if you paid him ten million dollars.
    Rosa Park, Mandela and Martin Luther are all MADE by jewry, the global jew mafia into non-white super heros.
    Obama is just like Rosa Park, Mandela and Martin Luther – a fucking nobody negro – if not for jewry, the global jew mafia.
    None of this four negroes chose jewry – jewry choose those negroes to be the white (m)asses “heroes”.
    Rosa Park, Mandela, Martin Luther and Obama are all frauds. With out jewry they would all be just a negro.

  5. US Supreme Court have nine justices. If you – Yes YOU – would be one justice in US Supreme Court, would you say that you have power in America?
    Ther are twenty million jews in the whole world, that is o.33 percent of six billion, six thousand million people.
    There are six million jews in America. That is two percent of 3oo million americans, and how many of the 9, nine justices in US Supreme Court are jews?
    Two.o, 33 percent of all the people on earth are jews and 23 percent in US Supreme Court are jews.
    If you was one of the jews in US Supreme Court, would you say that you have power or would you say that jews dont have any power at all?
    In Canada 60 percent of the Justices in Canada’s Supreme Court are jews.

  6. o, 33 percent means that one in 3oo people on earth is a jew, and it only “happends” that 2 out of 9 in US Supreme Court are jews?

  7. “Democracy” is communism!
    What do the communist say? Communism is the best thing that ever happend to mankind, but most people do not understand what communism really is, so we must kill off anybode who opposes the world savior Communism.
    Communism is “democracy”
    What do the “democrats say? Democracy is the best thing that ever happend to mankind, but most people do not understand what democracy really is, so we must kill off anybode who opposes the world savior democracy.
    How many million people has been killed in the name of “spreading communis
    How many people has been killed in the name of “spreading democracy”?
    “Democracy” is communism and the only one that benefits are jewry, the global jew mafia.

  8. Robert – you missed one outstanding bad-point about MLK – his support for zionism. I’m sure it was out of naivety and ignorance, but there you go.
    As a sufferer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, that ‘fartypants’ story slightly endears Hitler to me. I can just imagine him taking a ribbing from some cocky jews ” Don’t gas us, Adolf! ” and going about muttering to himself ” one day I’ll really give you a gassing!” You’ve got to laugh. Seriously though, IBS wouldn’t tend to bring out the lighter, more affable, side of a person.
    heg – I could quibble with some of that, but there’s one serious point: it’s ‘liars’ not ‘liers’.

  9. You have IBS? I’m not even sure what it is. My sister has it. I doubt it I have it. I’m mostly just constipated all the time! Nothing much comes out! Other than that, no serious issues. Farting is a problem for everyone. I’m not sure what can be done about it really. I used to do enemas, and they would clear up the bad smell of the farts, but I don’t think I should do that anymore. Fasting also makes your farts not smell bad, but as soon as you start eating again, the stinky farts start right up again! Also your sweat starts smelling again. It’s like if you are going to eat, we are going to stink! Drag, huh?

  10. I honestly don’t think Hitler hated Jews before he got out of the war. He turned anti-Semite after the war. Before that, I don’t think he gave a damn about Jews. There’s a bunch of people who knew him in Vienna, and they said he never cared anything about Jews and always defended them whenver the anti-Semites got down on them. I think Mein Kampf is made up. I don’t think he was an anti-Semite in Vienna at all. If he was, he sure covered it up well.

  11. In the Jewish and ME groups, the Zionists would also post that damned MLK quote about anti-Zionism being anti-Semitism, and then dare us to oppose that. Really shitty tactic. We would just respectfully say that MLK was wrong.

  12. Rule nr1: Jews are ALWAYS lying – until proven otherwise.
    Jews will tell you that Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf that he would use one big lie to trick the whole world. The truth is that Hitler warned against the jews and said that the jews would use one big lie, a lie that is so big that most people just cant understand how anyone can lie that much, that is the holohoax lie.
    Nobody – except jewry, the global jew mafia – is gaining anything from the holohoax. We non-jews is losing everything from the holohoax – free speech in the whole world is taken away in the name of “Hate speech”. Anyone that say he or she dont belive in the six million holohoax is declared “hater” and “hate speech” and its jewry who accuses, nobody but jewry gives a fuck if six million jews died and how during ww2.
    Judaism “debat” technic is very simple, you give people two choices: Yes or No.
    Are you a jew? Yes, you are good. No, you are a jew hater.
    This is the most basic Question for all jews and that Q is everything to jews. You as a non-jew dont walk around and ask all people if they are a jew, but jews walk around all life asking every single person he meets: Are you a jew? If Yes, you are in. If No, you are a NAZI.
    This is why we live in a “democracy” and not in a true democracy. The jews OWN the whole propaganda-machine and tells us what we can and most importand what we can not talk about.
    Its just the same thing the jews did to Robert on the net, the jews starts and if you dont say Yes, then they are all over you. The jews owns all major propaganda outlets and the jews decide what we non-jews can and can not “debate”.
    What the jews do is they box you and only give you one “right” answer, anyting but Yes and you are out in the cold.
    Communist uses the very same “debat” technic. The commi tells you what you can and ca not talk about. Communism is judaism.
    The simple truth is that Germany under Hitler went from a country in total disaster to the most prosperous country in the world.
    Lier Liar … I got to be some kind of dyslectic. I can look even the simplest word up a thousand times and yet cant spell it. Io((

  13. The WNs habitually call him Martin Lucifer Coon. If that’s not demonizing right there, then nothing is.

  14. The WNs habitually call him Martin Lucifer Coon.
    And doesn’t your people refer to non Jews by the derogative ‘Goyim’?
    Perhaps us Gentiles are not so intellectually inferior after all, eh…?

  15. Umm… Haven’t heard that term in years. Maybe decades. ANyway, look it up. I’m familiar w/ that BS about goyim meaning cattle, but it really means nations or peoples. “Gentiles” is a literal translation of that, being derived from Latin for “peoples.” ANd it’s used by Jews about non Jews, Mormons about non Mormons, and Catholics about non Catholics, as seen in Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Contra Gentiles.
    And BTW, even if you are right, I would say that’s derision, not demonization. Your point is completely irrelevant. I don’t think Gentiles are intellectually inferior. But I’m not impressed with *you* so far. Sorry, but ’tis true.

  16. Wow! Martin Lucifer Coon! Jesus Christ man, I did not know that they called him that, but I’m not surprised. Yeah, that’s demonization all right.
    I suspect that this whole thing of, “We don’t hate him; we just think he’s not a saint,” is a big lie and an attempt to airbrush their extreme contempt for this man, who is clearly one of their worst enemies.

  17. Well, I will agree with heg on one thing. In the ME groups, a lot of those super-Jews in there gave you two options, with us or against us. If you were with them, you had to support them 100%. The slightest peep of criticism from you and you were just like those people who threw them in the ovens. Some real black and white tribal thinking going on there.
    Plus if you ever said boo to them, they either called you anti-Semite right off, or they started sneakily implying that. They also started calling you racist, bigot, Jew-hater, fascist, KKK, White supremacist, Nazi, etc etc. They gave you German nicknames, said you walked with goosesteps, claimed you hated Blacks and Mexicans, etc. For instance, they called me Herr Robert.
    To say that it’s annoying ain’t the word.
    They also really tried to make you feel guilty. They said that your criticism of Jews would be picked up by anti-Semites who would use it to fan anti-Semitism everywhere. The result was Jews getting attacked, their stuff getting vandalized, Jews getting killed. It was implied that I was responsible some skinhead asshole bashing some Jewish guy in the head as he walked down the street.
    I guess the skinhead was a normal peaceful guy until he read Robert Lindsay, went insane, turned into a Nazi, and started pummeling Jews in the street.

  18. “Plus if you ever said boo to them, they either called you anti-Semite right off, or they started sneakily implying that. They also started calling you racist, bigot, Jew-hater, fascist, KKK, White supremacist, Nazi, etc etc. They gave you German nicknames, said you walked with goosesteps, claimed you hated Blacks and Mexicans, etc. For instance, they called me Herr Robert. ”
    Pretty much like Trotskyists, who funnily enough are heavily laden with …?
    I could telly you a story along these lines, which needless to say has a lot to do with my attitude to jews and Trots, but who needs it?

  19. They may call him Michael Lucifer Coon, as they make a big deal about his original name being Michael, not Martin. It’s easy to see how this crap is echoed in some of the slanders of our new president that have been going around. Just saying.

  20. They may call him Michael Lucifer Coon, as they make a big deal about his original name being Michael, not Martin. It’s easy to see how this crap is echoed in some of the slanders of our new president that have been going around. Just saying.
    And yet, it was your people who enslaved MLK’s people:
    And you have the gall to accuse others of ‘demonizing.’ Who are the real demons here..?
    Now that’s chutzpah fer ya! Shalom!

  21. Yeah, yeah, yeah. WTF ever. But if it’s true that we enslaved MLK and his people, you should thank us, him being such a scumbag and all. He had it coming!

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