Linguist Joke, One More Time

Since no one seems to be getting this one, we will try it one more time. I tossed it out there on the old blog.
It has to do with polyglots. A polyglot is one who speaks many different languages.
There was a very famous linguist named Roman Jacobsen. He was Russian, and he also spoke many other languages. In fact,  it was said that Jacobsen spoke Russian in 15 different languages.
I know it’s not exactly a floor-roller, but we think it’s kind of funny. Ok, geniuses, now figure out the joke!
Explanations for the joke in the comments please.

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9 thoughts on “Linguist Joke, One More Time”

  1. Dear Robert
    The joke is very simple. It means that Jakobsen had mastered 17 languages but that his Russian acccent was so heavy that the other 16 also sounded like Russian when he spoke them. Did I get it right?
    Regards. James

  2. Yes, you can find the original joke by changing a few words and Googling for it, which I did originally, but that was cheating so I didnt bother posting.

  3. Is he a jew? JOKING! Joking! Joking! Hehehe 9O))
    He speaks a dialect nobody including russian can understand a word of?
    I speak some danish but not any danish, but a dialect from the north part of Jutland, that is the western part of Denmark. From the top of Jutland, the well known painter village Skagen to the German border its less than four hour with a car. Thats the longest part of Denmark and its about the same distance to Copenhagen + an hour maybe, but the dialect is totally different.
    They speak really, really fast and not only that, they cut words in half. And if that wasent enough they also use words that dont exist in the rest of Denmark. Take the english word I (I as in I’m), in danish they say JEG, very clear and the spell out all three letters, on Jutland they say A, a short A is I.
    I was in Scottland once and I swear to god that if could not one word in engish I can undertand what a scott is saying by knowing the jutlandia dialect. Take the worst schottis dialect and you have the jutlandia dialect.
    The funny part is that the juts can understand any danish, norwegian or swedis dielect, but nobody, not even the danes can understand a word of what they are speaking.
    Norway was a danisah coloni for many years, the norwegian spelling language is more or less copied right over. Most norwegian can understand well spoken danish and most danish can understand most norwegians.
    Most swedes can underastand most norwegians, there are many norwegian that is in the entertaining that regulary is on swedish TV. This wouldent work if most sweds dident understand norwegian, but there are next to non danish actors in swedish TV. There are a few but they speak a slow and very clera danish. Most sweds cant understand a word most danes say, but most danes can understand what most sweds say.
    Finland has been a swedish coloni and there is a small group of finns who only speak swedish. This is the most beutiful dialect. They speak very soft and slow. Its a joy just to listewn to the dialect. They like singing when they speak. Finnish? They might as well come from China or speak hebrew, finnish got nothing whatsoever in common with, danish, norwegian or swedish.
    One, two in swedish is ETT, TVÅ, in finnish itsa YXI, KAXI (probably misspelled, but you say it that way), 1,2 in danish is EN, TO, same i norwegian.

  4. The finns are infameous in sweden for drinking vodka and troubelmaking when the finns gets drunk. When they get drunk the finns are known to take to the knif when they disagree with someone. The finns are know to be the silent, rough supermacho when he is sober, when he get drunk he want some action.
    The jokes goes like this. Two finns drinks three bottles of vodka, then one leaves the room. Then the one that stays in the room shall guess who left the room.

  5. Well folks, today we celebrate the birthday of the drunkard, woman-beating prostitute sexing 3-some having plagiarist, non other that Martin Luther King!
    So Robert, when are you going to reveal your new visitor stats and put up Sitemeter?

  6. I don’t have Sitemeter since WordPress doesn’t really need one. The combined totals between the two sites are now running at about 900 visitors/day. At my peak, right before I was shut down, I was running at about 2,700 visitors/day, so my traffic has dropped by 2/3. Traffic at the new site is not very high. Yet. I am hoping that it will pick up.

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