Why Zionists are KKK-Jews

Bedouin villages in Israel get no protection from incoming Palestinian rockets, no sirens, no early warning systems, no shelters, no nothing. These villages are all “unrecognized”, in one of the more outrageous outrages of Zionism. After the war, in 1949, Israel simply claimed 93% of the land in Israel for Jews and Jews only.
There were many Arabs living on this 93% of the land. I am not sure what happened to them all, but in the Negev at least, all Arab villages were immediately declared “illegal settlements”, “unrecognized villages”, etc. They were denied all aid from the state in the form of housing, schooling, medical care, utilities, sewage lines, water, roads, you name it.
Periodically, Israeli forces would descend on the towns and destroy them. The residents would usually be given 10 minutes notice to leave. Their agricultural fields were periodically sprayed with poisons. This nonsense has been ongoing up until recent days – it’s not something that happened a while back.
This is what I mean when I say that Zionism is racism and has been from the very start. It has not suddenly “turned racist” as commenter Goyta suggested, instead, this has been the case from Day One, even long before Israel was a state. If you are an ethnic nationalist who supports this sort of thing, then Israel is for you.
I’ve noticed that many of the White Nationalists on American Renaissance who are not anti-Semites support Israel on White nationalist grounds. Well of course. It makes perfect sense. And the rest of the WN’s would support Israel in a heartbeat where the Europeans living there not Jewish. Racism is only ok when it’s done to Jews, not by Jews.
To picture what this means, try to imagine a US where Whites seize power and declare that 93% of the US is for Whites only. The non-Whites living on White land soon find their towns destroyed, their crops sprayed with poison and their towns are declared “illegal” and all government aid – schooling, medical care, roads, sewage lines, electricity, utilities, etc. is denied to them on the grounds that they are living in illegal towns.
There are Whites-only towns and schools are over the US, and the non-Whites are crowded into 7% of the land, denied or shorted on many state services and often given the message that they need to leave the US. Many non-Whites are simply forced out of the country, where they camp out in Mexico and Canada on the borders waiting to come back, but we won’t let them back in.
The US is officially declared a White state, the state of Whites all over the world (NOT the state of its citizens – 20% of whom are non-Whites),  and Whites all over the world automatically get to come here and become citizens just like that. It’s a White Nationalist dream! It’s the KKK-USA. This is why I call Zionists KKK-Jews. I’m not being mean or anti-Semitic. I’m basing it on this analogy right here. Really, all WN’s ought to get behind Israel. They are showing how and ethnic nationalist state ought to be run. They are lighting the way, guys!
So this is really where I stake out my position as an anti-racist staunchly against Israel and Zionism. If you’re anti-racist, it’s pretty mandatory that you need to come down against Zionism. On what basis would an anti-racist make an exception for Zionism?
It makes no sense to oppose Zionism as racism while supporting Nazism, White nationalism, Islamic domination, Arab nationalism or other forms of racism or bigotry. Racists of other varieties only oppose Zionism because they hate Jews. You’re either for racism or against it.

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12 thoughts on “Why Zionists are KKK-Jews”

  1. That’s fine, but how did you manage to get ‘Arab nationalism’ into that list? The pan-arab project, Nasserism if you like, was a pretty worthwhile effort – basically aiming for economic nationalism, that they should use their own resources for the benefit of their people, rather than foreign companies backed by imperialist war machines. So too, Islamic domination, to an extent – it’s not ideal, but it’s the only game left in town, since the CIA nurtured them to get rid of the leftists. The Islamists are the only force left who can resist imperialist domination. I realise that can mean simply replacing US domination with the rule of corrupt mullahs, as in Iran, but that’s for the people there, and throughout the Mid E., to deal with once they’ve got the US off their back. The US wouldn’t have any problem with the Iranian mullahs anyway, if they did what they’re told, like the Saudis ; it’s when they start getting ideas of their own, like Noriega or Saddam Hussein, that the US starts to find them ‘undemocratic’ etc.

  2. Arab nationalism, as it worked out in praxis, is SHIT. I know these idiots. They are FASCISTS, plain and simple. Sadly enough, a lot of them are Marxists too. The classic Arab nationalist party was the Baath. Look at how the Baath treated the Shia and Kurds in Iraq, and even the Assyrians, Sabeans and Yezidis. Assyrians were forced to take Arab names.
    Saddam launched genocidal wars against the Kurds and Shia. Saddam launched an insane war against Iran. You need to do some research on these nutcases. They HATE Iran. Arab nationalists have always HATED Iran, from Day One. That’s one of their insane, lunatic, ultra-racist ideas.
    In Syria, it’s as bad as ever. Kurds are not citizens of Syria! Never have been! Why? Because they are not Arabs! Kurdish and Assyrian villages in the Far North are ethnically cleansed to make way for Arabs. And everywhere, Arab nationalists hate the Shia, because they are associated with the hated Iran.
    In North Africa, it’s not much better. Arab nationalists treated Berbers like complete shit, sidelining them and their languages. Typically, Arab nationalists decided that everyone in the country was an “Arab” and that everyone had to speak Arabic. Like all ethnic nationalisms, Arab nationalism in praxis was a catastrophe for non-Arab minorities.
    Another group they hated from Day One was Jews. Arab nationalists are mad anti-Semites. Arab nationalists want to rename the Persian Gulf to the Arabian Gulf! They refuse to utter the phrase “Persian Gulf”. Is that messed up or what. Ask some Iranian, Assyrian, Berber or Kurdish activists what they think think of Arab nationalism. Not much!
    Granted, Nasser was ok, when he wasn’t executing people. But his project got warped to the max.
    I call em Arab Nazis, because that’s what they are. I know these idiots. I used to be on an Arab nationalist mailing list until I got thrown off for being an “Israeli spy”. LOL! Oh yeah, they’re paranoid too.
    I would not care much for Islamists, but once they get in power, they always treat the non-Muslims like shit. That’s just bigotry plain and simple. It’s the same as racism, except it’s based on religion. No way can I support that. And no way am I going to get behind fundamentalist idiots. That’s what that idiot Richard Seymour and his gang is all about. Support Islamo Nazis because they are resisting imperialism. Forget it. Have you read anything by the Iranian and Afghan Communists. Do. Their opinion of Islamists is extremely low. They killed the Left like flies. I’m with the Left in South Asia and against these bearded kooks.
    Ihappen to know some progressive Iranians, too, and they do NOT like that regime. I know one woman who is an Iranian Marxist, and she despises them. She’s on some list of people who are not allowed back in the country. And I used to go out with an Iranian woman who was an Iranian Communist at the time of the revolution. The Khomeinists killed so many of her comrades. She lived in a safe house for months and then had to be smuggled out of the country on the back on donkey in the middle of the desert at night.
    Thhese bearded dickheads spent most of the 70’s and the early 80’s killing the Left in Palestine. Everywhere they get in power, they kill the Left. Fuck them!

  3. Yes, I agree with the gist of that – I know some Algerian Berbers who aren’t too keen on Arabs, and I’m aware of the rest of it. but you’re getting a bit close to the ‘pro-war left position here. I know you don’t like that lot much but you come close to som of their propaganda with this:
    ” And no way am I going to get behind fundamentalist idiots. That’s what that idiot Richard Seymour and his gang is all about. Support Islamo Nazis because they are resisting imperialism. ”
    Well, who else is left to resist imperialism? Like it or not, the communists are too weak. We have to support anyone willing and able to organise effective resistance, whether we like them or not – no way is the success of US imperialism good for them or us. And it’s certainly not accurate to label Hamas and Hizbullah as Islamo-nazis – they’re grass-roots social movements. Hizbullah inludes many non-Muslims. It’s a common ploy of the ‘ pro-war left’ to claim that ‘the rest of the left’ (pro-warries aren’t ‘left’ at all, of course) support the Islamofascists – I don’t know of any left group whose papers don’t regularly denounce the Islamist regimes. It’s a straw man, as they say. HOPI ( Hands off the People of Iran), for instance, sounds on the face of it quite a reasonable proposition, if you’re not aware that it’s whole ostensible raison d’etre – no to the US invasion and no to the corrupt, benighted mullahs – is already the longstanding position of the already substantial Stop the War Coalition. The point of HOPI is to claim that this is not the case, to slander the Stop the War Coalition as supporters of of Islamofascism., thus to weaken it, not to support the Iranian people. George Galloway, it has to be said though, has in the past sailed a bit close to the wind in courting favour with some of these regimes, but in the balance, considering all the good he’s done, he gets my benefit of the doubt. There is a slight case too against Seymour and the SWP ( British Socialist Workers Party), but it’s not directly related to support for the fascist clerics. I’ve noticed that it seems to be current SWP policy to back-pedal on criticism of religion, tp ridicule Richard Dawkins, and to play down Darwin, and to rewrite Marx’s opinion of religion. This bothers me, and I feel it is down more to the SWP’s political ambitions in the local English elections – they were for a while in the Respect coalition, with George Galloway, which had some substantial gains in local elections, but all in largely muslim areas, dependent entirely on Muslim support. I think that explains that.
    “Have you read anything by the Iranian and Afghan Communists.”
    Bits and pieces, but I know the gist of the history. The Iraqi communists are another kettle of fish altogether. There was a heated debate about something (I’ve forgotten what) in the early days of the occupation, and the Morning Star ( daily paper of the Communist Party of Britain) regularly gave space to the Iraqic communists to state their case – I found them to be disgraceful, opportunist collaborationists, a charge which is often made too, and not unjustly, against the CPB itself. Communists aren’t all saints either.
    Support the resistance – that’s the bottom line!

  4. Sure, the Islamo morons are fighting imperialism. In Iraq, in Palestine, wherever else, they have the guns. Let’s grant them that. But I’m not going to support them. And I do support the Iranian regime’s efforts to acquire nukes, and their resistance to US imperialism and Zionism, but OTOH I do NOT support them as a general rule. Hell, everyone has a right to self-defense, and the IRI is the government of Iran.
    The pro-war Left supports Israel and the US! Forget it!
    Yeah, the Iraqi resistance is fighting the US colonial occupation of Iraq, sure, but OTOH they are mostly a bunch of assholes! And they are really racist, too, BTW.
    Hizballah is ok, but fuck Hamas. Hizbollah is a good example of an Islamist group that has dramatically toned down their BS in order to win favor with the West.
    I really doubt if there are *any* non Shia Muslims in the Hezbollah armed forces.
    When I said Islamo-Nazis, I wasn’t really thinking of Hamas, though they have been acting bad lately. They lately discussed legalizing crucifixion! WTF?
    That’s really interesting about the SWP backpedaling on religion. I bet they are not backpedaling on criticism of Christianity! When I was at Lenin’s Tomb, Christianity-bashing was a favorite sport, and I was said to be a “Christian anti-Semite”, all Christians being Jew-haters deep down inside of course.
    There were a number of Iraqi Communists and Leftists who took up arms in the first year of the war. I have extensive notes on that that I ought to publish. They’re history now. I share your condemnation of the ICP.

  5. “And the rest of the WN’s would support Israel in a heartbeat where the Europeans living there not Jewish. Racism is only ok when it’s done to Jews, not by Jews.”
    Incoherent-it would not be called “Israel” in any other case of Europeans
    Bob, any white nationalists who have the right to the title in America oppose a minority unassimilated ethnic groups’s parasitical drain on the American economy, one which makes masses of Moslems unnecessary enemies of America, even a White Nationalist America if one ever revives.
    You are talking AR simpletons if they exist, who deserve to see a different white ethnic group obtain world hegemony rather than their own. Russians for example.

  6. It’s not incoherent at all. If those Europeans camping out in Palestine were Swedes or Dutchmen or Slovaks instead of Jews, the whole WN community would be behind them in a heartbeat. The only reason that the WN community is split on the issue is that the anti-Semite WN’s have decided that the Euros colonizing Palestine are evil only in that they are Jews and only because they are Jews. The rest of the AR types logically support a European settler colonial movement on native soil, as all WN’s always have.

  7. To be fair, they didn’t actually legalize crucifixion, but they did discuss it. Still pretty disturbing, even if it does make me think of Monty Python. A slow, ‘orrible death, it is.

  8. Yeah, I know what you mean, Mort. There are still some Christians in Gaza. About 2,000 of them. I guess they are doing ok, but they are scared. There are way more Christians in the West Bank. What’s gotten into Hamas anyway?
    Palestinian Christians have been dealing with Islam for a long time. They always lived under Islamic Law until quite recently, so it’s pretty normal for them. Not that they liked it any.

  9. I’ll go slowly. Your statement is incoherent because it assumes the area in question would still be labelled “Israel,” were the colonizers non-Jews.
    Furthermore, your prejudices against WNs allows you to cast them in one
    confused heap. The natural geopolitical interests of an American white nationalist does not coincide in all/many instances with that of a European white nationalist of any stripe. There is no such thing as a beneficial pro-Israel position for an American white nationalist unless he is looking beyond the inevitable collapse of the American System resulting from Zionist control of the Congress,media, banking structures.

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