Debka Downed By Arab Cyberattack

Debka appears to be down right now. This happens often during major offensives when the site gets flooded with hits. However, in this case, Debka has apparently gone down under a concerted cyberattack by Arab hackers. Some Jerusalem Post pages are also not loading. Debka sent out a message to its subscribers saying that both the English and Hebrew sites had been under heavy cyberattack since 7 PM local time. As its 11 hours later now, it looks like this is a serious attack. I don’t dig it when either side does this shit. I want my news, dammit. If Debka ever comes back up, maybe we can write something about this ground invasion. The hackers also took down the Israeli news site in addition to and redirecting them to a webpage with an anti-Israel message. They did this by hacking into a domain name registration server.

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