The "Theory of Intelligence"

Intelligence like spies, not intelligence like IQ.
The fascinating blog Entitled To An Opinion reproduces an excellent document from an Israel intelligence scholar who has written several books on the theory of intelligence. In particular, he delves into the organization of guerrilla groups their cells. I love this stuff!
The document makes some interesting points, considering the author is an Israeli. First of all, he points out that Hamas was operating completely outside of the hands of Arafat and the PLO and was in fact trying to crush Arafat’s attempts at negotiation. Hamas’ terrorism was not Arafat’s terrorism!
Yes, yes, yes, a thousand times yes! Via Debka and the other idiot Israeli outlets, we always heard about how this guy called “Arafat” was behind all of the sui-bombers self-detonating all over Israel. Even surrounded by Israeli forces in a bombed-out headquarters with all contact with the outside world cut off, Arafat Mastermind was still coordinating every single attack against Israel. How did he do it? Telepathy, of course! Arafat was a master of ESP.
After a few years, Israel poisoned him via his Palestinian chef (check out Ghada Karmi , no conspiracy buff, on this), and then he died. The rest of the PLO, including the Abbas faction, was apparently in on the operation, at least after the fact, in that an autopsy was prevented, and his body was quickly entombed for all time. I realize this is a conspiracy theory, but after months of investigation, I am convinced it is true. If only more knew about this. And Arafat did NOT die of AIDS (Zionist rumor-lie).
Anyway, back to the point.
The article is wrong in some places. It claimed that Sheik Yassin and then Rantissi were giving the orders for every single sui-bomb. I find this dubious. Hamas is split between military and political wings.
The military wing seems to be relatively autonomous in terms of selecting targets and whatnot. Yassin and Rantissi were part of the political wing. There is lots of breathing space between the two wings for counterintelligence purposes – political wing members arrested cannot give much info on military wing members since they know little to nothing.
I also think it should be pointed out that it should be obvious by now that Hamas is riddled with Israeli informers. There is no other way that Israel had such great intelligence on where to drop those bombs.
Israeli intelligence on Hezbollah,on the other hand, is pretty abysmal though not a complete failure. Hezbollah has somehow managed to keep Israeli informers out of its system for a good 10 years now. How do they do it? Who knows? We get back to the “theory of intelligence” which this guy has written several books on. It’s a nasty world out there, and not so easily mastered, even by the best spy agencies or guerrilla formations on Earth. How to keep spies out of the insurgency? You tell me!
One more thing becomes clear in this document – the policy of targeted assassinations so decried by the pro-Palestinian side clearly works from a military POV. Further, civilian casualties are probably kept to a minimum.
The article deals with at what point does any system start to collapse. They are using guerrilla organizations as a system, but really we can plug any variable in there. It turns out that 25% is a magic number for a guerrilla group. Not 25% of total members, but 25% of its top members. Once they lose 25% of their key members, guerrilla groups do not function very well anymore. This despite the usual policy of quickly replacing killed leaders with new folks.

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  1. Terrorism is what the Israelis practice. Hamas et al practice resistance. All Israelis of age to be eligible for military service are legitimate targets, because they are military reservists.

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