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In the Finally, A Post On Gaza post, Lafayette Sennacherib points out that Hamas has limited ability to control the rocket shooters. This is not completely correct. Truth is that Hamas are hardliners. They really don’t want to arrest anyone for the “crime” of shooting at Israelis. Ideologically, that’s not a crime to them. That’s just resistance. So the last thing they want to do is arrest people for that. Fatah did a lot better job of this, even arresting the PFLP guys who killed the Israeli minister “Gandhi” (Gandhi – LOL!)* and keeping them in prison for years. Hamas would never do that. This is an important distinction to make. James Schipper says that an independent Gaza ought to be recognized and aided by the US. I do not think that an independent Gaza would quit shooting rockets. Further, they would arm themselves to the teeth and there would be no way to stop this. No way is Israel or the US going to put up with that. How are you going to keep arms shipments out of Gaza? You can’t. No go, no fly. Further, I suspect that the Gazans are so nuts that they would keep on shooting rockets at Israel no matter how much aid we flooded them with or how prosperous they become. James says that we propose to recognize and aid Gaza on the condition that they knock off the rockets, but they would probably say yes, and then as soon as we recognize them and start the aid flowing, they would start shooting the stupid rockets again. At which point, what? We get furious and cut off aid. Gazans get all pissed again, but they’re chronically angry anyway. We’re back to square one, and they’re shooting rockets again. James notes that the Arab birthrate is one reason why Gaza is so crowded. But that is not a good enough reason. Are the West Bank or Arab parts of Israel this crowded? Of course not. Go to the Palestineremembered site and see how Gaza got flooded with refugees from most of southwest Israel. Very enlightening. * By the way, I supported that very controversial PFLP operation. This blog does support the PFLP and the DFLP. I’m convinced that the secular Leftists in the PFLP and DFLP could actually coexist with Jews. The Hamas types – I doubt it.

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5 thoughts on “More on Gaza”

  1. I think the “rocket” is a jewish fraud, a false flag op. You can’t hit a barn from 1oo yard with this “rockets”. If they really wanted to kill jews they would place remot detonated bombs where there are many jews.
    If this is true and hit the fan. Jews stealing US taxdollars to bribe senate and congress. The jews are the most criminal people in the world, so why would they not do that?

  2. Are any Hamas claiming false flag? When only Western conspira-buffs
    do so, their claims are marginal.
    On Hamas co-existence, Lindsay should ask himself: how about as former Israelis now mere Jews as Dhimmis? I can hear the secular left sneer.
    But Bob—could Traditional Arabs anywhere coexist for long with
    PFLP etc. rule? Just asking.

  3. Dear Robert
    First, I did not say that high fertility was the sole cause of overcrowding in Gaza, only that it was a factor. Obviously, if all the residents of Gaza had limited their offspring to 2 since 1948, the strip would be far less crowded today. It isn’t either or.
    Second, an independent Gaza would have only 1.5 million inhabitants. Egypt has over 80 million, Jordan over 5 million, Syria almost 20 million and Lebanon about 5 million, and weapons can flow freely into those 4 countries without seriously imperiling Israel’s security. Why would a free flow of weapons into Gaza be such a threat?
    The inhabitants of Gaza, the West Bank, Jordan and Israel proper are essentially of the same stock. Why is that those of Jordan and Israel are quiescent while those in the West Bank and Gaza are carrying out attacks? Answer: they are treated better. Palestinians, including those in Gaza, aren’t innately terroristic. The governement of an independent Gaza would have every incentive to control whichever fanatics would like to carry out attacks on Israel from Gaza’s teritory. After all, Israel does not lack retaliatory capacity.
    The real reason why Israel does not want to grant independence to Gaza is probably that it would set a precedent. Today Gaza, tomorrow the West Bank. They want to hold on to the West Bank if only because no Israeli government dares to tackle the settlers there anymore. They have become too numerous, 50 times more numerous than the 8000 of Gaza.
    Regards. James

  4. Good points James.
    Yes, Hamas co-existence with Jews would indeed by as dhimmis, more or less.
    I do not think that traditional Arabs would put up with PFLP rule, though the secular more or less Left under the Baath and similar parties ruled in Syria, Iraq and Tunisia for a long time.

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