Finally, A Post On Gaza

Surely, you have been waiting with bated breath for my golden words on the Gaza Crisis? But of course.
Let us begin with a history lesson. What is Gaza anyway, and why is it so crowded with people?
Why is Gaza cram-packed with “Pallieniggers” as one Jewish Zionist put it? Is it because Palestinians like to live in Hellish conditions like a bunch of rats? There’s a reason why the place is so overcrowded. Because 80% of the Gaza residents’ ancestors came from the surrounding areas of Israel. You can read all about the sordid history on Palestine Remembered, a great site by the way.
Robert Fisk says that is what is ironic about rockets landing on Ashdod. By the way, the ethnic cleansing of the areas around Gaza did not end in 1948. They continued through 1949 (indeed, this is when most of the Southern expulsions occurred) and actually, they continued all through the 1950’s. Yep, all through the 1950’s, Palestinians living around Gaza in various ways were being forced out of Israel and into Gaza. Hence we end up with Gaza, which should hold 300,000 people, now holds 1.5 million.
Check out The Jews of Iraq by Naeim Giladi, an Iraqi Jew, a great read! This book could not find a single US publisher and hence had to be self-published, amidst endless threats. Gee, who did that?
Jews in Israel are KKK-Jews. They are the KKK Whites transmuted into a Jew-shaped form. If you oppose racism, if you think the KKK sucks, you really ought to look into opposing Zionism as it is currently constructed. Anti-Semites think that opposing KKK-Jews by being racists of their own variety is some kind of a moral position. Excuse me? Opposing racism with racism? In what multiverse does that add up?
I’m not trying to say that the idiots in Gaza are angels. They are not, and I thought that this rocket campaign was moronic.
But Israel, the US and the UK blockaded Gaza from the get-go for no good reason at all, resulting in chronic food and medicine shortages. In no world does making malnourished kids and depriving hospital patients of meds make sense. Yeah it’s a war crime. Just like shooting rockets at civilians for no reason. I don’t see the point. Clearly shipments of food and medicine could be policed to keep the arms out.
By the way, it’s thoroughly criminal the way that Egypt is keeping food and medicine out of Gaza, and depriving Gazan civilians of the right to flee the opportunity of getting a bomb on the head. Egypt is in deep with the Israelis on this, and it’s all because they hate Hamas, and the Muslim Brotherhood by extension. Yes, Hamas is just the MB-Palestine. They don’t publicize this, because Pallies don’t like the MB, but it’s true.
Just so you understand the motives of the actors.
Does Israel have a right to defend themselves? Sure they do. Is this offensive all about Israeli elections, in which a Centrist Olmert-Livni Group is about to lose to the Far Right, represented by Netanyahu? Sure it is. Israeli elections always mandate lots of shooting and bombs. If you don’t carry out enough attacks, you’re a pussy and you lose the election to the Rightwing guy. Sabras are a macho bunch, dontcha know? No quivering Ghetto Jews marching passively to the chambers are they, no sir.
Everyone is a product of their environment, Kropotkin observed. That’s one of my favorite rock songs, “I’m a Product of My Environment.” Listen and try to understand. We all are, Israelis, Gazans, all of us.
Otherwise, I do not see the point of this crazy offensive. What is Israel’s endgame here? I just don’t get it. And as someone who does not dislike Jews, I see this whole mess as bad for the Jews. It just creates oodles of anti-Semitism and makes people want to kill Jews.
Zionists respond by saying that Jews are either passive pussies allowing themselves to be mass murdered or killers slaughtering hundreds of humans a week. If you’re a Jew, you’re either a killer or a corpse. I don’t believe that, and there’s got to be a better way. Zionists call that position “The Suicide Left.” Fine, color me Left and suicidal please, but it’s not true anyway.
By the way, it really looks like most of those “Hamas militia members” killed were just cops, not part of the Hamas armed forces at all. There’s the Hamas army, and then there’s the cops, you know, the guys who solve crimes and direct traffic. That’s who got massacred at the graduating ceremony – traffic cops. That’s why they showed their faces at the ceremony – they figured no sane person would drop a bomb on a traffic cop’s head. That’s why the police stations were full that day.
Hamas is not stupid. There’s traffic cops and there’s the Hamas Army. Not the same thing. The Hamas Army numbers about 15,000, and the traffic cops are not part of it. They have not been too hard-hit by this, and now they are hitting Beersheba.
I don’t have much more to say about this except the Arabs and Muslims are getting more and more pissed, and no way is this shit good for the Jews. As a Judeophile, this concerns me.
Check out Johann Hari. Never realized he made so much sense.
You are invited to toss your opinions into the ring.

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22 thoughts on “Finally, A Post On Gaza”

  1. The jews are the most criminal people on the earth.
    This is so easy to understand that even if you is the most stupid fuck ever born, you have to understand this single sentence:
    The jews are the most criminal people on earth.
    You still don’t get it?
    The jews are the most criminal people on earth.
    Why would anyone in their right mind want to defend The jews who are the most criminal people on earth?
    The jews are the most criminal people on earth.
    The jews are the most criminal people on earth.
    The jews are the most criminal people on earth.

  2. If nothing else, the Egyptian wall along the Gaza border shows that it’s not just “the Jews” who want to avoid the problems of Gaza-born immigrants. I guess both Gaza and the West Bank are essentially sealed up in one way or another from all other countries.

  3. Hey. You’re right again about Israel being basically “racist” (to use your word). Like most states in the world, it’s strongly tied to a dominant nation, a Staatvolk. Americans and Western Europeans have a hard time understanding what it’s like to live in a state like that. The rest of the world, which is also “racist,” understands perfectly well. They just want the state to belong to a different Staatvolk, the Arabs.
    I also agree with you about the Gaza blockade. I never did see the point of that.
    Disagree on the current operation. The goal, or what should be the goal, is to seriously damage the terrorist infrastructure (tunnels, etc.) and to get a few months or, ideally, years of relative calm. I think that’s achievable. It was achieved a few years ago by Operation Defensive Shield in Judea and Samaria, and I think it can be achieved, at a higher price, now in Gaza. I still don’t understand why the IDF doesn’t reoccupy the Philadelphi Corridor.
    You cited Johann Hari, who’s a retard. As usual, his column was idiotic, or at least the first part which is all that I read. The usual stuff about this making the Palestinians madder than they were before. But there’s plenty of anger — oops, I mean “rage” — and hatred all the time, ready and waiting to get stirred up. Every retaliation pisses people off, no matter how mild. Defensive Shield caused a lot of rage and hatred too, but they didn’t act on it, because they couldn’t. I don’t know if this is Good For The Jews, but it is good for the Israeli Jews, if Olmert and Livni don’t screw things up like they did last time.
    Also, it’s pretty odd that you call the Likud “Far Right,” when you correctly identify Kadima as centrist. The Likud is center-right. The far right is folks who believe in transfer, even if they don’t say it, and who reject land-for-peace. The Likud has always been unequivocally against transfer, and while they give lip service to the “whole land of Israel” ideology and give practical support to the “settlers,” there’s also a strong faction of their leadership and base that’s ready to trade land for real peace. The vast majority of Israelis would be in favor of land-for-peace, if it ever became possible. A lot of those people will vote for the Likud and other right-wing parties in the next election.

  4. Happy new year, Robert, and everyone. Thanks for the article – not much to fault there, except for the ‘idiots firing rockets’. I agree that the rocket attacks are counterproductive, but I don’t think it’s the result of idiocy so much as near insanity brought about by the extended cruelty you described. Hamas have limited ability to control these people, but they did manage to reduce the rockets to a trickle during the ‘ceasefire’; that’s why the nazis are killing all their policemen – to make it even harder for them to stop the rockets, so Israel can pose as a martyr.
    Heg – yes, I basically agree with that. ‘ Zionists’ is just a euphemism – zionism is just one project of the mafia that has taken over the USA, their bolthole, and private nuclear threat. I read a piece on znet recently where someone quoted Joel Kovel that zionism is a mafia set up, drawing recruits through the ethnic filter of jewishness, the way the Italian/Sicilian mafias recruit from Italians. Of course the Italian mafias have made huge inroads into civil society, corrupting all levels of police and government, but I’ve never heard that they got the Catholic church to work for them. There may be a few little jewish sects who oppose zionism ( and they’re always trotted out as an example by the ‘lefties’), but by and large the rabbis act as enforcers and community liaison workers for the mafia bosses – an utterly vile culture. Sure, many jews drift away from it, but how many so-called secular jews really resist when their career or business starts moving, and they get a visit from the rabbi suggesting that it would profit them if they helped so and so, or donated to this or that, or whatever; and, of course, implied that it would REALLY not profit them to resist or talk about it. That’s what jewishness is – the grassroots movement of the international financiers and moneylenders who were first to get into the fractional reserve scam, who have all the covert international links, and who have had the gentile elites by the balls for the last 200 years. Organised crime is exactly what it is.

  5. Dear Robert
    Let me first wish you a happy and prosperous 2009. I don’t doubt that you will prosper because running a blog is such a profitable activity. May your health never falter, so that youcan continue to enlighten your readers all year.
    You neglected to mention the high fertility of the Palestinians as a factor in their overcrowding.Natives never behave as their colonialist
    masters wish, and one thing that the Palestinians did to frustrate the Zionists is to make many babies. The Arabs in Israel also went from under 200,000 in 1948 to almost a million today. it is a form of demographic revenge.
    The government ofgaza is the only democratically elected government in the Arab world. Israel complains about lack of democracy among the Arabs but it vastly prefers pliable dictators to defiant democrats.
    The sad thing about it all is that the US couyld end it all by simply recognizing the sovereignty of Gaza. Never mind the West Bank. Gaza is already judenrein, so it could easily become an independent state. As such, it woulg gain access to the sea and air. It could be supplied with ships and airplanes. The problem of Gaza should be separated from the problem in the West Bank. The US could give the money that it currently gives to Israel to Gaza for 10 years, which would allow Gaza to create an economic base. An independent Gaza, especially one that gets money from abroad, would have every incentive to end attacks on Israel. That could be the bargain that the US offers to Gaza: we recognize your independence and offer you financial help and you stop attacking Israel.
    The border between Egypt and Gaza should be fully open. Since the Egyptians depend on American aid, the US could simply threaten to cut off aid to Egypt if it does not open its border with Gaza. Of course, I might just as well tell water to run uphill since American Middle Easter policy is determined by the Zionists and bears no relation to the true interests of the American people.
    Regards. James

  6. LS and Ploni Almoni, welcome to the new blog!
    And a very Happy New Year to all of you! I just slept for 16 hours, so I definitely started off the New Year in the way I love best.
    I agree with Ploni that these people are pissed off all the time, and that some things just make them even madder. I guess my point is that I shiver when I see these demos in the Arab World. This will make Arabs and Muslims in general hate Jews even more and want to kill them even more. As a friend of the Jews, it bothers me when people want to kill them. And I don’t think it’s good for the Jews to be seen as bunch of killers and murderers. It’s bad for their image, and makes people hate them and want to kill them.
    What I mean is that this stuff just feeds world anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism is bad for the Jews, hence I suppose this sort of thing because it increases anti-Semitism.
    If there were actually some valid military objectives here, it would be interesting. Perhaps it would be worth it militarily then. A few months of peace from the rockets I suppose would be a legit military objective. Is that going to occur.
    The rest is answered in a new post.

  7. “Rahmbo” was in on kicking Findley out of Capitol Hill. The more I learn about the jew mafia, the more the word Mafia is appropriate.
    Talmud 1 say that the jews shall rule the world. Commumnist Manifesto is a quick version of Talmud 1 and say the world shall be ruled by an chosen elite – guess who – from Moscow. Communist Manifesto is Talmud 2.
    The Jewstate by Herzl say that the jews shall rule the world from Jerusalem. The Jewstate is Talmud 3.
    The Protocol of Zion say the jews shall rule the world. The Protocol of Zion is Talmud 4.
    All four Talmud is a manual to the jews how to get that power. You must own the whole propaganda machine. Once you do that, you can tell the ignorant (m)asses what you want. All four Talmud manuals tell the jews just that.
    What you do when you are at war is that you take all the strategic passes. Airports, harbours, TV, Radio, paper and bookprinting offices, military command HQ etc etc …
    And of course all major Capitols of the world. And that the jews has done. When I tell people that jews control America many go like: -I don’t belive that! Or: -Okay, jews have some (or) strong – influence in Washington DC, but they don’t run it.
    Well, the simple fact is that it is extremely simple for the jews to control America. It is so simple that it is astonishing that so few understand how jewish power works. There are 100 in senate, two from every 50 states in America. You have two who run for senate for democrat. One is pro-“israel” and the otrher is against “israel”, or like in Findley’s case, just slightly pro-palestinian.
    Think that you are Findlaey. You get zero jewish campaign money. That is 50 percent minus. Jews give 50% of all campign money to dem, they brag about it. Then the jew owned MSM, MainStreamMedia will give you as little airtime as possible. The other candidate will all the airtime he wants – for free. He will be on the frontpage a lot of papers in a flattering way. On TV and radio the same thing. That is propaganda disguised as “News”. You will be page 12.
    If that don’t work the jews will start a smear-slander campaigne against you. If the jews can’t dig up some dirt on you, then they just make things up, the start lying and they are good at that. And how do you defend yourself from lies? You can’t, and even if you can you will get minimum airtime at low viwer time, then you have to waste much time explaning youself. Most people will not be able to hear you and of the few who do, even less could care less about the issue. And many will go: -No smoke without fire.. They can belive that you lied and your rating is down just because the can belive that you did that, this or whatever.
    To lie is a powerful weapon to who knows how to use lies, and the jews knows everything about lying. The jews are masters and they got the tool to use the lies, the MSM, the jews propaganda machine. You lose, and you can’t do a thing about it. And if that don’t work the jews will accuse you to be an “antisemite”. You can bet your last money on that the jews can find an “antisemite” in Mother Theresa if they need to.
    Now, repeat that a hundred times and you got a senate that will vote at least 80 percent as the jew mafia tells them to. Do the same thing with the 435 in congress and you got a senate and a congress that will vote 80% in any way you say.
    Then you repeat the same scheme for say the last 50 years. Who controls America? The american people? No, because they vote as the jew mafia says. If the jew mafia tells the people to vote for that candidate to senate and to not vote for the other candidate, most people will vote for that candidate the jewish MSM tells them to vote for.
    This is why jews looove”democracy”. The jews can manipulate us to vote their way next to always. They don’t always got it their way in the first round, but then they just re-write their aganda and keep pushing.
    It really don’t take many jews to control America, probably less then one hundred jews on key passes and a small group of 10-20 jews who coordinate the whole scam, and of course a big intelligence department. Those few jews have the money, they have the skill and they have four versions of Talmud – and they control America.

  8. Robert – I thought everyone would know that Sennacherib was an Assyrian king who ‘came down like a wolf on the fold on the tribe of Israel’, in the words of a famous poem (can’t remember its title) by Byron or someone like that. But that’s nothing to do with why I chose the name. I just liked the ring of it – it’s got a sort of cajun pimp sound about it. I used to play in a band called Lafayette Sennecherib and the Simps.

  9. The Destruction of Sennacherib, by George Gordon, Lord Byron
    The Assyrian came down like the wolf on the fold,
    And his cohorts were gleaming in purple and gold;
    And the sheen of their spears was like stars on the sea,
    When the blue wave rolls nightly on deep Galilee.
    Like the leaves of the forest when Summer is green,
    That host with their banners at sunset were seen:
    Like the leaves of the forest when Autumn hath blown,
    That host on the morrow lay withered and strown.
    For the Angel of Death spread his wings on the blast,
    And breathed in the face of the foe as he pass’d,
    And the eyes of the sleepers wax’d deadly and chill,
    And their hearts but once heaved, and for ever grew still!
    And there lay the steed with his nostril all wide,
    But through it there roll’d not the breath of his pride;
    And the foam of his gasping lay white on the turf,
    And cold as the spray of the rock-beating surf.
    And there lay the rider distorted and pale,
    With the dew on his brow, and the rust on his mail:
    And the tents were all silent, the banners alone,
    The lances unlifted, the trumpets unblown.
    And the widows of Ashur are loud in their wail,
    And the idols are broke in the temple of Baal;
    And the might of the Gentile, unsmote by the sword,
    Hath melted like snow in the glance of the Lord!

  10. It was taking too long… The “Protocols of Zion” were finally quoted! A bad plagiarization of a work by a mediocre 19th century satirical writer called Maurice Joly (who didn’t write a line about Jews – he actually attacked Jesuits), then adapted by the Okhrana, the Tsarist secret police, to justify their pogroms, and later enthusiastically embraced by every anti-Semite person, group or organization.
    Now, again, let me state again that what Israel is doing in Gaza is making me vomit. The U.N. should have established a mandate there as in Kosovo a long time ago – not sure it would work, but it should at least be tried. And while I do believe that this is fostering hatred between Gazans and Israelis even further, and that it will certainly have much worse consequences later, I also believe that is exactly what both sides want. And it goes much further than just winning elections.
    In the beginning, Zionism was just a movement to give the Jew diaspora a land to call their own in what had been the land of their ancestors, and which according to their scriptures was the “Promised Land” that had been taken from them (God’s promises notwithstanding). Although they were far from innocent in that process (ask the ghost of Ben-Gurion), and it was done at the expense of another people (whose ancestors had also been in the area for millennia), it was not much more than that.
    Over the decades, however, under the guise of “national security”, Israel has used that continuous state of belligerance for just one purpose: power. A state of war is a very effective means of keeping power (again, quoting George Orwell). That’s a lesson Saddam Hussein learned from the Israelis but implemented badly during his miscalculated wars with Iran and Kuwait. Yes, Zionism has become racist, because it has to create an “us and them” mentality to keep things going. Or rather, “us OR them”, since “us and them” (“and after all, we’re only ordinary men”) would actually be a very good thing.
    Imagine how much the Saudis would be willing to pay for Israel’s celebrated irrigated agriculture technology, which allows them to grow juicy oranges in the barren Negev. Imagine how much the Gulf States, who are trying to reduce their dependence on oil, would pay for Israeli computer software and biotech expertise. And Israel even has a large Arab population (both Muslim and Sefaradi Jewish) to make the process easier. Israel could also profit a lot from the millions of pilgrims to Al-Aqsa. A perfect synergy.
    Alas, this is not going to happen – at least not in the foreseeable future. Those who want to have the power on both sides will cling to it, the easiest way to do it is exactly what they are doing, and in the long-term current leaders will be dead and won’t enjoy the benefits (which would have to be shared anyway). The Hamas guys weren’t foolish when they fired those rockets on Ashdod. They got exactly the response they had wanted and expected. Like all those in power, they couldn’t care less about the Gazans who suffer, no more than Israelis do. They are not even pawns in the game, they are nothing. Both sides got exactly what they wanted.
    Have you seen Google Earth pictures of the Gaza Strip? They are shocking by themselves. Prosperous, verdant Israeli farms up to the border. Then bleakness and slums inside Gaza – as well as a large barren dune area where the Israeli settlements once lay. The latter were once prosperous, but with the evacuation of skilled workers, corruption in the then-Fatah government and cut water resources after the Israeli withdrawal, they failed and were claimed again by the desert. It would have been so easy with political willingness to start a joint venture in Gaza, open to all and sharing everything, obtaining support to Israel from a grateful, prosperous, well-fed Gazan population. But who wants that? War is much more practical and easy to keep power… Ask not only the Israelis but the Koreans on both sides…

  11. Excellent and unusually thoughtful post, Goyta. Of course it’s about elite power, but not just in Israel (or Gaza, which I’m less convinced about) – it’s also about the power of the US elites and the Israel lobbies. Peace = less excuse for the huge subsidies transferred to Israel, spent on lucrative arms contracts (i.e. wealth transferred from the US poor to the US rich), and also spent on the well paid jobs for the Israel lobbyists.

  12. Oh yes, Lafayette, I just scratched the surface of the more immediate level… There’s much more to it than that, as your well-remembered points show… And there is still more… 🙁

  13. To Goyta – anyone that calls the Protocol of Zion “mediocre” is low educated and extremely ignorant.
    Personally I don’t use much time on the Protocols of Zion and the reason is that most people is just like Goyta, to ignorant to bother. What Goyota has in common with all people who ridicule the Protocol of Zion is that none of this ignorant people has read the Protocol of Zion.
    The people who wrote Protocol of Zion had a deep and profound understandig of how the world works and how political power REALLY works. To even imply that the Protocol of Zion is mediocre is to shout out loud: I’M IGNORANT AND DUMB!
    I’m so dumb that I speak of a book I never read, but I do know eveything about that book I never read. How dumb can you be?

    There. Satisfied, Heg?
    Actually, it is a pretty interesting book in terms of how to acquire and abuse power, along the lines of Machiavelli. OTOH, it’s clearly a forgery, and it was not written by any of the elders of Zion, and it’s not any master plan for the Jewish takeover of the world.

  15. Robert, guess what? You are right! (never argue with a idiot, just nodd an keep on telling him that he is right and wait for the white coats)
    hehehehe … ;D)l)
    Never mind the Protocols of Zion. Was Karl Marx a jew? Is Commnist Manifesto a jewish conspirecy for world domination?
    Who control America? Americans or the Jew Mafia?
    I wish I was wrong – but I’m not wrong. A small group of mafia jews controls America.

  16. Her name is “Ms. Ann” o5:oo to o6:4o Pastor Manning is kicking some black butts here.
    I don’t really care about the protocol of zion. I have been on the net for ten years now and never even bothered to read the whole book. I have made 20.000 + comments on the net, I have blog and not one single word about the Protocol of Zion – till now. Of course I have discussed the protocol of zion but never once claimed they were real.
    I think the protocol of zion is real and the major point is: Who else but jews have talked for 3500 years about taking over the earth, steal everything and take all non-jews as slaves? Jews only.
    No other people think like that. To jump on the protocol of zion, like Goyta did is to say: I’m really ignorant and dumb.
    Goyta do not know if I’m right when I say that there is a jewish conspirecy.
    There are only three, 3 kind of people when it comes to a jewish conspiracy: The people who smile at you and give you the look of “Time for some pills here …”. The second group is people who do NoT smile and listen. The reason they don’t smile is that they understand that there can be a jewish conspiracy, but they don’t know enough to say yes or no. 99.999999999 of all people belong to those two groups.
    Then you have the rest that say there is a jewish conspiracy and I can explain how the jewish conspiracy works. I did that just above. There are two major reason, well there are other things like a small group of jews control your money and the education system which the jews uses to dumb down you americans, this is why you americans are so deeeeeeep profound ignorant, and the next thing is that the jew controlled MSM, MainStreamMedia can tell you anything and you belive that, then you vote as the jews says and you have a negro as president in a country with 70 percent white people.
    This is exactly what the jew mafia wants, to push white people out of power. And do you what is next for you americans? End of free speach. The jew mafia have pushed for ending free speach for decades in is now finally in it’s last step. Hate laws have ended free speach in many European countries and soon it be that in the whole EU. The jew mafia ended free speach in Canada and Australia, now it’s americas turn.
    Who is writing this Hate Law bill? Americans or jews? It’s the same thing in EU, search Kahn + EMUC.
    To focus on the protocol of zion is like having a pieces jigsaw and noticing that one of the piece in the sky has the wrong shade and saying that the person that put togheter the puzzle is all wrong because one minor detail don’t fit or is slightly wrong. Stop looking at details and see the big picture. Anyone can tell that it’s a sky, one piece missing or the wrong coulor dosen’t matter.
    The problem is that most people are just looking for a small piece that don’t fit and then smile and shake their head about something they have zero knowledge about, and think they are the smart ones. The rest don’t know. This is why the jew mafia think they are soooooo smart and clever. The reason why the jew mafia is so “clever” is because the non-jew (m)asses are ignorant and plain stupid, but think they are the clever one.
    Anyone who thinks a negro became president of America – a nation with 70 percent white people – by his own is a totally stupid fuck! Obama was selected by the jew mafia.
    All MSM in America – except Fraud News (Fox News) – was all out Obama for president. This has nothing to do with real democracy – i’s just like in Soviet – you are told what to do. Vote for Obama. Over and over and over the message in the jew owned propaganda machine was: VOTE OBAMA!!!
    You need to understand the american voting system. The voting is not about one getting 49 percent and the other 51 percent of the total votes. What they get is electors votes and the electors vote is by the state. If one state vote 51 percent rep, the rep gets all the electors votes in that state. The electors votes are to the states population. Most states vote eighter dem or rep, totally predictable. What makes or break a president is five major swinger states with a big population = many elector votes. To be president in America you don’t need 51 percent, you can be president with as low as 45 percent of the votes.
    I have explained above how the jew mafia chose who will be in senate and congress. It takes a lot of work but it works the jew mafia way. The president election really comes down to a handful swinger states. When the jew owned MSM came all out Obama for president they did just that, the jew mafia swinged the voters to vote Obama. If Obama got 45 percent of the votes dosen’t matter – only the electors votes counts.
    If 95 percent of all jew owned MSM is all out for Obama, then even the most stupid, ignorant american fuck must realise that there is something rotten in America. Well, he and she don’t.
    Obama has been supported by the jew mafia sence 92. The Chief of Staff i the white house plus many more on key position are jews. 13 of 100 in senate are jews. 40 in congress are jews. There are nine in US supreme court – two are jews. The jew mafia owns all the major papers, TV and radio staions and whole Hollywood. The jew mafia controls all major campus. All major bookpublishing. All telephone billing companies. All airport and harbour surveillance companies. America sends 6 billion dollars annualy to “israel”. That is si thousand million dollars. On top of that is all “israels” military hardware stolen from America. But hell no, the jew mafia don’t control America.

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