The Reason For Footbinding

I always thought foot-binding was just men being cruel and stupid to the women they lord it over, but it turns out that it was all about sex all along, and the men would have probably bound their feet too except for what foot-binding was all about. Turns that like so many things in life, foot-binding was all about sex. And like so many things in sex, foot-binding was all about the pussy. Well, of course. According to Pioneers of Modern China (p.92):

In a man, big feet indicated a big penis. In a woman, small feet indicated a tight vagina.

Then again, men were keenly aware that a woman with bound feet could barely walk very well, much less run, so she was unlikely to run away from the household. The patriarchy rears its head again. Like so many shitty things, foot-binding was closely tied in with “conservatism.” The more conservative the area of China, the more they subjected their women to this shit; the less conservative, the more they thought it horrid. One more reason for humanists to reject conservatism.


Lee, Khoon Choy. 2005. Pioneers of Modern China: Understanding the Inscrutable Chinese. Singapore: World Scientific Publishing.
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17 thoughts on “The Reason For Footbinding”

  1. The more “liberal” the area the more likely lethal disease will spread from it. Example. The opening of San Francisco bath houses and the result. One more reason liberalism should be rejected.

  2. Any other examples besides that highly debatable one? I thought not.
    Definitely the bathhouses, etc. were a bad idea from almost any standard you care to name, but prob. not the *only* factor in the spread of AIDS. Anyway, AIDS mostly kills the people you hate and those who fraternize w/ them, so I fail to see your objection.

  3. Actually, societal dissapproval of homosexual behavior will always curtail it in some of those on the margins who could go either way. Thus increasing the chances of a qualitiative lifestyle on their part. And though Fumento was quite right in his book “Myth of Hetereosexual AIDS,” such maintained disapproval would have also increased such chances for significant numbers of innocents of the hemophiliac community as well.

  4. “Actually, societal dissapproval of homosexual behavior will always curtail it in some of those on the margins who could go either way. Thus increasing the chances of a qualitiative lifestyle on their part.”
    I fail to see why curtailing the sexual behavior that is natural to someone is a desirable thing or would lead to a “qualitative” lifestyle. It could perhaps spare them being treated the way they are by folks like you, but would this offset the unhappiness, self-hatred and painful inner conflict that would come along with that repression? I don’t think so. Unless you are talking about not subjecting the heterosexual majority to see things it considers too disgusting to see, let alone accept.
    Maybe people have the right to consider homosexuality disgusting, but I think it’s an opinion they should keep to themselves. They have the right to their opinions, but they don’t have the right to force other people to be unhappy just to make them fit into one’s comfort zone. Many people still consider interracial marriage disgusting, and it was illegal in many American states until 40 years ago – as it was in South Africa until much more recently. It was said to be “against God’s will”, “against the natural order of things” (if there is one and whatever it is), “a menace to the family institution”, etc. – the very same things that are said against homosexuality.
    Now, preventing other people from being happy just because nobody taught people to deal with the situation, so it makes them feel uncomfortable, and it’s a much, much easier and more convenient to wipe the “deviants” from view than to accept them as they are (which I believe is the real main reason behind homophobia, no matter what excuses one disguises it under, religious or whatever), *THAT* is immoral and outright WRONG to me!

  5. Homosex is a jew mafia agenda
    I do NOT give a fuck about what my neighbor do or do not do in his or her bed with whoever they want to fuck – as long as it’s not childsex or forced sex.
    I’m a true liberal, but … What I do NoT want is to have gay kissing in my face. I do not want to see my gay neighbor kissing just outside my door or downtown. I do NoT want gay kissing on TV and I do NoT want to see gays kissing in the paper, and I do NoT want to hear on the radio how “wonderful” gay sex is 24-7, 365 days a year.
    Well, that is how it is and that is one of the reason why I no longer watch TV, listen to radio or read the so called papers.
    Who cares about jews? Nobody cares about jews – until the jews force you to think about jews.
    When you read and listen to jews all they care about is jews. When you don’t care about jews, the jews start to accuse you to be a jew-hater.
    99,99999% of all people don’t give a fuck about jews or if people ar homos. They are just like me – they do NOT give a fuck – until the jew is forcing him to you face.
    I will give you one very clear exampel. I was in Fredrikshavn in Denmark. It’s the major seaport in the very north in Denmark with a ferryline that runs 24-7 from Gothenburg, second biggest town in Sweden, pop
    Fredrikshavn is in the most remot part of Denmark you can come to, it’s like Alaska is to Amerika, everybody knows it but who the fuck has been there?
    The ferryride is three hour and the major reason why people go with the ferry is cheap booze. Cheap booze is a major thing to most sweds and if a swed can get a bottle of booze at half price he can spend a dollars to save 10 dollars to a bottle, and then brag about how much he “saved” on that bottle. Many sweds are really that dumd. Trust me on this one, I know sweds and their booze “thinking”.
    Back to the the remot and dull Fredrikshavn, what is the likelihood that you would encounter fore jews in Fredrikshavn? I went for a restaurant near the ferry and there was two couple just inside. I nodded at them and sat down three tables away. They looked typical americans.
    I wanted to eat and then I noticed that one of them looked very intense at me, so I started to look back.
    -We are jews …
    If you go to a restaurant in a shithole of a town in Alaska, who the fuck would think about jews?
    Only a jew would do that. Nobody, absolute nobody care if anyone is a jew in a shithole of a town in Alaska or northern Denmark. Sooooo … What do the jew do when nobody cares about him being a jew? He tells you that he is a jew and the next thing will be that you are an “antisemit” because you don’t devote all your money and your whole life supporting him and give him everything he demands, you are a jewhater, in essence “antisemit”.
    This is how the jewish problem works, the jew comes from a jew ghetto on Krakow, Poland and then moves to your town, tells you he is a jew and if you don’t give him your house and serve him as a slave your an “antisemite”.
    You don’t give a fuck about jews, but the jew forces himself to your face. The jew owns all “media” and what do the jew do when you don’t care that the jew is a homosex? The homosex jew force him to your face.
    Pick up any paper, TV or radio in the WHOLE western world and the homosex jew is in your face and telling you, that if you don’t do as I tell you, you are a hater and an “antisemite”

  6. What is wrong with footbinding? I see nothing wrong with it, that is, if the young girls does it out of her own will. As you pointed out, many think that hooves or bound feet are exceeding hot. So, I say, if you wan to bind your feet get out the wrapping paper!

  7. I believe, Goyta, those “on the margins” defy your “natural” description
    as well as do many if not most of those members of ex-homosexual organizations who have re-converted to straight status.

  8. I won’t even reply again to our new “Wise Man of Zion”, Hey or Heg. More than the persistance of anti-Semitism throughout the centuries, it amazes me how easy it is to find people who believe that crap.
    Ken, I think you have been reading or hearing only one side of the story. There are many gays (men, in particular) who submitted themselves to such “ex-gay” therapy groups. Many succeeded in leading heterosexual lives later – but so did many gays *before* accepting themselves as such. A lot of gays have children from failed heterosexual marriages before they accepted that it was not what they really were. The mere fact that a man *manages* to have sex with a woman doesn’t mean that he is straight, or even bisexual, if he has to force himself to do it.
    Most so-called “ex-gays” will tell you that they still feel the urge to be with another man (or woman), but refrain from doing so because it would be a sin that would attract the wrath of God, or because they don’t have to face social discrimination and can enjoy tax breaks reserved for heterosexuals, for example, or because they decided they are too scared to turn back. Many simply start getting “the best of both worlds” (which I would actually call the worst of both) by leading double lives and cheating their wives or husbands with same-sex lovers. Often anonymous one-night stands. Heterosexually married gays (or “ex-gays”) are among the most promiscuous people in the world and the largest HIV vector today, as most epidemiologists will tell you.
    Few “ex-gays” will tell you that they are really 100% into the opposite sex now, and that the same sex causes them no more attraction. And I believe those few ones most certainly will be lying. And there is a very large number of “ex-ex-gays” who saw how they were fooling themselves (and are very vocal about it), and also a sadly large number of suicide attempts among so-called “ex-gays”.
    Even more important than the purported efficacy or not of such “treatments” (which in countries like Brazil are strictly forbidden by law, though some religious groups find ways to circumvent it) is the fact that one who subjects him- or herself to them is doing it to satisfy OTHER people’s mores, comfort zones and, in many cases, agendas. One talks a lot about “gay agenda”, but that is laughable – contrary to the Religious Right, who easily leave aside their differences to reach their common goals, gays and lesbians are too incredibly fragmented and disunited to really have anything like that. One who submits to a homosexuality “cure” is simply selling one’s soul to that agenda.
    As for those “on the margins” – whom I prefer to call by their proper name, “bisexuals” – there are several issues. First, they are not necessarily indifferent – they often need *both* experiences. Nothing prevents them from falling in love with either a man or a woman at any given time. People don’t choose their partners like goods in a supermarket, as in “I won’t buy this because it has too much trans fat and sodium”.
    Second, there are those who would rather have sex and relationships with one sex, but would be willing to have them with the other one. Why prevent them from that? Again, just to please a majority they have no obligation whatsoever to please?
    Third, where does one define the limits of those margins? Everyone is bisexual to some degree. Even the most hardcore heterosexual macho will indulge in homo sex once locked in a prison or a merchant ship for a long time.
    This is an area where there are no simple answers, and this means that one should try to give them – especially at the expense of others. Like a Brazilian proverb says, “pepper in other people’s eyes is a refreshment”…
    And Robert, I have my doubts about lesbians being easier to “revert”… Just because they have a passive vagina where a man can put his thing, even if she doesn’t feel like it? I don’t buy it…

  9. I forgot Troll… You forgot the social conditions of that time and place, where women were next to sexual pets who were also trained to do some household chores. Their subservience to their fathers and later to their husbands (in practice, “owners”) was total, and even if they could run, there would be nowhere to go, no place for them to live their lives in dignity. Even without foot binding (but often worse, with female circumcision and the like), this situation still persists in much of the world, of which most Muslim countries are an example, but by no means the only ones.
    Joining both issues in the discussions, a large Brazilian construction company had a big contract to build a road in Iraq in the 1980s. It went nearly bankrupt when Saddam Hussein himself went bankrupt after the First Gulf War and the project was cancelled. A friend of mine worked there at that time. He told me that in spite of the harsh Shari`a punishment for homosexual relationships, it is widespread there. Easy to explain: women stay at home in the exclusive roles of sexual reproductors and housemaids. Men do everything together, it’s basically an all-male society. (Iraq was said to be more open to women studying and working, but that applied only to a more affluent minority.) So, if Ahmed stayed four hours locked in a room with Said, they were discussing business, of course, nothing to question… So hypocritical!

  10. Hello Goyta. I have reviewed the scientific literature on the subject. It was impossible to change male’s attractions even 1%, but they were able to change the attractions of females. That’s the science behind it. I suspect that many lesbians do not wish to be changed though.
    But the bottom line is that males were not able to be changed in the lab using the latest scientific methods. Not only that, but they could not even change the ratio of male attraction – some males were say 90-10’s, others were say 80-20’s, etc. They were unable to move this even one iota after age 14. Whether or not they can be changed before that age is not known.
    I appreciate your liberationist perspective though. I am a do it in the streets 1960’s style sexual revolutionary, and I do not feel that anyone should be hindered in trying to fulfill their sexual needs (which are like our needs for food), and I oppose all puritanical efforts to humiliate males who are seeking find and attract sexual partners. You may not realize it, but we have a vast movement here in the US that is blatantly anti-sexual – it persecutes men for looking at women, fliirting with women, asking women out, etc. I can’t put into words how strongly I oppose such a baackwards movement! Everyone has a right to get laid, or at least to try! That’s my motto here.

    1. Women’s sexuality is very fluid and capricious. It obey’s no “formula.”
      I’ve heard lesbian expressions of curiosity from the most repressed Catholicized Filipina’s and various other lesbian utterances from women I was convinced were straight. These were women in marriages and relationships. Women adore women more than they do men.

  11. If a man takes it up the ass once, is he gay?
    Not necessarily. There are probably a few men who do that sort of thing who are not gay, but the numbers must be small. Most men who do that are either bi or gay.
    I base sexual orientation on attraction, not on behavior.

  12. Goyta’s “Most so-called gays will tell you”….uncited opinion polls don’t persuade. Neither does the latest science Bob doesn’t directly cite, but,as with “global warming” I’m sure there is a “consensus” on the subject. There is a long history of notably super-talented homosexuals wrestling with, fighting their urges records of their anguished struggle. But then Bob’s blog isn’t about History/ Nobility/ Sacrifice, that is, Heroic Life.

  13. There is indeed a consensus. Everyone knows you can’t change these guys. You can change their behavior, but not what’s in their head. Nor can you convert gays to straights. I had the ref on the studies (it’s from a book by one of Australia’s top sexologists, who recently died). In that book, he said he had been treating those guys who the latest and best scientific techniques to change homosexuality but he finally had to quit because he was never able to change one of them. He did say that he was able to change the women if they wanted to change.
    Sure, a homosexual can struggle with his gay urges and not give in to them, or fake it and try to be straight. But that doesn’t seem to work, and the marriages are usually a catastrophe. I don’t see why people should do that. If you’re gay, be gay. If you’re straight, be straight. Real easy.

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