What's So Bad About Indian – Hindu Nationalism?

Let me count the ways.
A commenter from India, an Indian and a Hindu, asked me to define Indian Hindu nationalism and what exactly I found deplorable about it. First of all, it is clearly possible to be an Indian and not be an Indian Hindu nationalist. The Indian Left has clearly rejected this ideology. I know some Indian Christians, one a convert from Hinduism, who also rejects it. The one I am thinking of is a Tamil who supports the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka.
I have spoken to many upper middle class to upper class Indians, and almost 100% were Indian nationalists of the very worst kind. There is something really horrible brewing in India. I do not have the faintest idea what middle class, lower middle class, working class and poor Indians think, as I have never met one. But Indian Hindu nationalism of the very worst sort seems to be epidemic in the upper class and upper middle class.
The symptoms are:
Contempt for the West, its medicine, its language and its perceived superiority. In particular, rage towards the US as being the source of much of India’s problems, a notion that is absurd.
Strong feelings of rage over perceived inferiority masked by compensatory feelings of superiority, typically for the most backwards and fucked-up aspects of Indian culture and the Hindu religion, in particular caste. In particular, fury that India is referred to as a 3rd world country and anger that Westerners consider themselves civilized and consider India backwards, etc.
A notion that India is one of the great countries of the world, but India’s enemies have held it back from its greatness and kept it from being the great country it could be. This goes along with some weird notion that India was the wealthiest country on Earth in 1500, but then it declined to one of the poorest. This project was apparently done by outsiders, mostly Westerners.
A lot of anger towards Muslims. In particular, a notion that moderate Muslims simply do not exist. There is also continuing anger over abuses done by Muslims towards Hindus in the region from 500-1000 years ago. There is also the notion that many Muslims in the area are not really Muslims, since their ancestors were Hindus who were “forced to convert.”
Extreme denial about the worst aspects of Indian culture and the Hindu religion, in particular caste.
Extreme defense of the most outrageous differentials in wealth and poverty.
A notion that something called “Bharat India” existed and that much of the land east and west of India is “really India” in some weird way, because they were Indianized or especially Hinduized at some point.
These people lay some sort of claims to Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia, Southern Philippines, Afghanistan, Iran, Azerbaijan and the general region of the Caucasus. Supposedly at some point these countries were all Hindu or Hinduized of some sort.
A denial that there was ever any religion than Hinduism in India, along with the notion that other religions such as Zoroastrianism are just branches of Hinduism. There is also a complete rejection of the Aryan invasion theory along with a lot of contempt for the lower castes, in particular, a curious notion the Dalits now run India and the Brahmins have become the new “niggers.”
Rage towards Christianity for converting low caste Hindus. I would say that contempt for Christianity is typical amongst this type, over and above feelings towards any other religion.
Anger towards the “White man” and a refusal to be lumped in with him in any way. This is apparently all because Whites from England colonized India for some time.
At the same time, while they often defend Hindutvas,  they themselves usually get angry if you call them a Hindutva or point out that their Indian-Hindu nationalism does not differ much from the Hindutvas.
Extreme rage and irrationality over the Kashmir issue, on which India is effectively an outlaw state, defying a security council resolution. On the contrary, most Pakistanis seem to be fairly calm about Kashmir. I think Indians are filled with so much rage and fury about Kashmir because deep down inside they must know they are wrong.
In particular, regarding Kashmir, there is a denial that even one native Kashmiri Indian is protesting against or has taken up arms against India. 100% of protesters and armed fighters are actually “Pakistanis”.
The Kashmiris are completely happy in India and all of the problems are caused by Kashmir. In particular, they deny that any Kashmiris want independence. They also deny that there is such a thing as a Kashmiri Indian. They claim the war started when “Pakistan invaded Kashmir and the King appealed to India for help.”
Also, all of these people feel that what occurred after India’s independence was 100% right. Many princely states refused to join India. India attacked many of them and threatened to attack many others. This is the root of the separatist conflicts in India. These people all feel that none of these states had a right to refuse to be part of India since they were all part of “Bharat India.”
India has attacked or threatened to attack most or all of its neighbors since independence. Upon independence, India immediately placed claims on its neighbors’ lands. At the moment, India claims parts of both China and Pakistan.
If you go on Rediff or other forums where many Indian H-1B workers in the US post or if you talk to people working with Indian H-1B workers in the US, you will find that these attitudes are absolutely rife.
Almost all of these folks come from higher castes.
I would like to point out that this general picture is creepily reminiscent of ultranationalisms around the world and in the past. In particular, the Indian Hindu nationalism I describe above has many similarities with German, Italian and Japanese ultranationalism of the 1930’s and 1940’s that caused so many problems. The fact that Indian Hindu nationalism, which seems omnipresent in India, is backed up by a state armed with nuclear weapons is something I find very frightening.

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31 thoughts on “What's So Bad About Indian – Hindu Nationalism?”

  1. “I have spoken to many upper middle class to upper class Indians, and almost 100% were Indian nationalists of the very worst kind.”
    70% of the people I work with are Indian with the large majority Hindu and although I have seen some of these attitudes, at least in my experience, they are not common.
    Where are you encountering these people?
    I detect more tension from Chinese (not Western born) and Pakistani and India Muslims although I generally don’t have many problems with them either.
    I definitely get the sense that there is a burgeoning nationalist movement in China that is aided and abetted the (formerly) communist party, basically in my opinion as a control mechanism.
    Here’s an article by John Derbyshire on his encounters with an Chinese (stateside) Silicon valley group:
    There’s seem a distinct rise in nationalism globally, evocative of the era in Europe from the late 19th century till WWI (and which basically was not squelched until the end of WWII)

    1. Brahmin and Baniya in general in my experience-and I have been in India-seem less nationalistic than the lower-castes.
      Sikhs also seem less nationalistic as well-they are merely thuggish and invented the word.
      Indian Nationalism is a low to lower-middle caste thing for Indians who worry about the darkness of their skin and still feel inferior to whites.
      No successful Brahmin or even Gujarati Muslim is to concerned with nationalism.

  2. for the hindus, nationalism(swarajya, ramrajya, etc) means establishment of supremacy of the brahmins over others through religious injunctions(inhuman treatment of shudras and women) and imaginary stories

    1. Sorry, Brahmin do not seem terribly nationalistic or interested anything but money outside of India.
      Nor do they have any “influence” over Parsis or Jews in Indians. This is strictly a Hindu thing. Why? Because their IQ is generally higher than other Indians.
      Brahmin are physically timid and hate the sight of blood as well as lack any capacity to fight so you will not see dangerous foaming nationalism.
      This will come from Punjabis of the lower castes.

  3. Everything you’ve said up there seems fair Robert except one thing. Pakistanis are just as rabid about Kashmir as Indians are. The Pakis are not willing to let Kashmir go independent either. Neither side has claim on Kashmir. You should do an article on India’s atrocities in assam, which receives virtually zero air time in the lamestream media.

  4. Why can’t Kashmir, Punjab, and Pakistan, Himachal Pradesh, and every North/North Western Indian state just break from and form a united “North Indian” country with it’s name and boundaries? They have their own race and everything.

      1. I feel like if the IQ of any people in these “Northern” regions were higher and there was no tribalism, the entire “Indo-Aryan” region could be like one of the Nordic countries. Kashmir could become like Norway, Denmark, Switzerland etc, Punjab would just become like a breadbasket for this entire region like Bavaria in Germany. This entire region has the potential to be a continental little European nation of it’s own, if you think about it.
        So much human potential is being wasted because of stupid tribalism, Islam, “Hindu influence” and just stupidity in general. Anyone agree with me?

        1. Indians are born degenerate , they have a degenerate gene in every ones blood its due to mixing of aryans with degenerate Dalits and low life jewish bastaradized parasite race.
          Only complete destruction offers some hope, all indians have transformed into subhuman parasites

  5. Well I would say, No nation is perfect.. Problems are there in every nation. Regarding India, I feel Indians are very smart people and can tackle any problem. Just have “patience” and give them time. I believe there are some Islamic extremist group which demand Independence form India as well as form Pakistan. The current situation of Pakistan can be a good reference point of what they are up to and why Kashmir is targeted by them as a “genuine” demand. The hard lind Islamist demand freedom for “Sharia” law in Kashmir. They want freedom to deny others their freedom. I am currently in India and what I have seen is amazingly the media never reports it, as they do on “how Indian army is damaging the Kashmir valley”. They never report the Islamic extremism is the Kashmir valley, sometimes even total market shut down. In Indian Kashmir, a significant minority groups comprising Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and Buddhist are killed (80 thousand or more) and driven away (up to 4 million). Even Indian government is salient over their condition. No Human rights for them. I think India needs time and world should have patience. Remember outside influence was always not been good for India and its people. I might not support a divided India as this country is having a tremendous business opportunity and intelligence which can help world of opportunities. Also Indians in different parts of this country like in North, south, east or north east are interdependent to a large extend for trade, business, employment even marriage! Indians love their country as it is now, they have high hopes for India to tackle its problems. You will be amazed to see people loving its own diversity to an extent that they now believe they won’t do without its diverseness. India’s unity is well protected by its own people.

    1. Fucking moron, mallu idiot you are living in self delusion.
      Even in USSR people were interdependent and married with Ukranians and latvians that didn’t stop Splitting of USSR.
      India must be destroyed for betterment of south asian people as long as india as a nation remains people -Millions of them will suffer from grinding poverty and delusionary utopia of hindu idiots

      1. Hinduism is the culprit/conspiracy behind all these evils. Today’s Hinduism is NOT the vedic-dharma but subhuman originated culture full of bullshits. It was created to deceive,distract & dupe Aryans, so that they get pussified & no longer keeps jack-booting the ugly subhuman degenerate mass.
        Hinduism asks to Hindus of all racial types for obedience/patriotism/unity towards India/varat-vasrsha. The same way islam asks for obedience towards muslim-Ummah. Religions destroying racialism.
        Thats why Kashmir, Punjab, and Pakistan, Himachal Pradesh, and every North/North Western Indian state hindus don;t want to break out of subhuman infested union-cesspool called “India”.

        1. Then why is HDI better in southern india.
          Why is pakistan so much worse than hindu india.
          Aryans were an small irrelevant group of people that bringed some irrelevant symbols across schytian and south asian lands.

        2. And you negate Arabic-islamic racism against south (east asians) asians and africans. Everything said in this comment is wrong.

      2. There ARE ALMOST NO JEWS in India. A few in Cochin and a tiny minority in Mumbai. They are gone from Calcutta.
        Nor have they been a market-dominant minority of any real impact in India. In the case of the Armenian Jews in Calcutta they had to leave because they were not able to make a living.
        Sorry, they have no influence in India over policy whatsoever.

        1. jews run india, most billionaires are jews only, Ratan Tatta, Azim premzi & all gujrati, sindhi bnaiyas with ‘ani/wani’ surnames etc . all are mleccha jewish rats, that facilitates subhuman ape races to breed & over run aryans

  6. Hindus r false believers.they worship gods that never existed.holi, diwali r foolish type of festivals.this race should be abolished from earth so that peace should be maintained.hindu gods r created by fucking brahmins that ruin the entire mankind.gods like ganesh had imaginary half human body with the head of an elephant,hanuman had head of a monkey,durga with a ride of a lion

  7. If I had such a hideous monkey-face, greasy curly hair, black-skin & stinky physique, I would naturally oppose the existence of Indo-Aryans. The more they try to hide facts with bullshit, the uglier their monkey-faces become.
    Now wonder they are still ruled by Indo-Aryan types without them knowing. Lol look at Bollywood. There’s no place for them, even though it belongs to their great nation. Bollywood chooses the best of the Indo-Aryan types coming from Pakistani, Kashmiri, Afghani, and Punjabi roots…hahahha. They are bunch of unwanted subhumans in their own nation. 😀
    Look at my face. How can they deny existence of Indians like me? How can they get rid of Indo-Aryan/Caucasian genes? Those ape-looking Hindutavadis & Indian nationalists, most of whom are South Indian semi-Austro-Asiatic mongrels, are actually in a great dilemma.

    1. If Indo-Aryans lived in a separate country than Black Dravidian people would not care about them. It is simply the fact that they are subjugated in their own country.
      However, South India is almost a separate country.
      As for Indo-Aryan supremacy? Pashtuns don’t impress me?

    2. True, lower and lower-middle caste Black Dravidian Hindus are Indian nationalists due to deep feelings of inferiority or insecurity towards whites whereas as Kashmir Brahmin will never care at all.
      However Pashtun’s capacity to create a utopia does not impress me so I am not quite as impressed by Indo-Aryan nation building in Northern Pakistan or Kashmir. But of course lousy government and international interference has something to do with this.

  8. https://imgur.com/Ikf8xSk
    Heres how it could have been done to improve the lives of indians. By making the state homogenous in economic structure, class structure, ethnic group, language (very important), but more generally any group, would make everyone emphasize with eachoder more and focus on issues that are really relevant for economic and group health. Punjab would have to create religious tolerance, but with having an similar culture and less foreign interference it might be easier.
    Modern indian ethnic politics is just a bunch of games to distract the proletariat hardcore, modi is an big example of this.
    These hindu nationalists are a bunch of sheltered retards or pushy strivers who dont care about indians but their retarded inferiority complex. And its funny becuase it stems from their small nerd dicks.
    What Robert doesnt seem to mention is that India was an good guy in the past, they were social democrats that wanted to free all of south asia. Sadly, their plans were not working and later on their islamophobia ans sinophobia got the best of them, and now its just an empty husk filled with capitalist divide an conquer, the old india were “non-pragmatic idealists”
    https://robertlindsay.wordpress.com/2018/08/25/nato-the-wto-and-the-prospects-for-resistance-to-us-eu-militarized-economic-hegemony-the-axis-of-resistance/ becuase they couldnt maintain their government and got it sold to a bunch of scheeming capitalists supporting the horribe “make in india” initiative, killing the environment in the region, ignoring domestic markets to get quick bucks by torturing indian citizens by giving them no other alternatives than to work in shitty factories in an poisionous environment by stealing taxes for the construction of slave camps for foreign predators and the local elite. As china grows, even they might want to start manufacturing things in india, imagine that. Slavery would be good if it led to longterm sovereinity, like in the soviet union to an small extent, or japan/korea, but its bullshit if it degrades the environment.
    India is being colonized! through divide and conquer!
    If there are any seperatist groups in the indian subcontinent, its most likely good.
    Pakistan is no angel either, its an threat to india and central asia, it should also be partitioned as its an violent and evil government. But its an pawn of the ameircans, so that wont happen, yet it would be good for the people in the indian sbcontinent if it was never created to begin with.
    I see india becoming china withouht any communism, replace Japan with Pakistan and youll see that there wont be any war, just malingering.
    India will not only have diversity in culture, but also class and riches, some areas/people will be extremely rich, while others not so much.

    1. There is still time to improve, as their gini is kinda low. When the media says good things about India, you know somethings up.

  9. (from another site)
    Something quite obvious about ‘Hindu nationalism’ but seldom concluded:
    “..In the Hindu case, it’s a more complex issue and could only be understood if one tries to imagine one in the capacity/position of an early Hindu nationalist honcho (most likely a religious cynic ) and look at what options he had. First of all, what holds a country together (particularly in view of the fact the last time before 1947 India- in fact only northern India) was unified happened more than 2000 yrs ago under the reign of King Asoka):
    a) Race? Too bad, racially Hindustan is most complex.
    b) Language? Hindustan has 16 ‘official’ languages
    c) Sense of sharing common history/heritage? Too bad, as I said, ancient Hindus lacked historians and proper historical record; Fairy tales like the Mahabharata, are/were more in vogue. Besides the Dravidians don’t particularly like the ‘Aryans’.
    d) Common religion? Now we’re talking sense. So the Hindu nationalists must try to inflate the religious balloon, whatever it takes. The elite definitely know Ganesha’s head transplant is BS and embarrassing, but they can’t help it. I’ve never posted at any BR type forum, but I bet any Chinese poster raising the comedy of Ganesha’s head transplant at any Hindu nationalist forum will have his/her post deleted in no time.
    e) One can throw in external threat perception too. That’s why china is their ‘enemy’………”
    As time goes by the Hindu religious balloon is increasingly inflated with cow farts.
    As with ‘Made in India’, it’s too late. Hindu society is simply too elitist, and it has been far more ready to create jobs in air-conditioned rooms for the minority higher castes than low-tech sweat shop jobs for the downtrodden masses; so the Hindu elite loves to brag how Bharat was becoming an IT power house. Now industry overall is becoming more automated and robotized. I think the best way to ‘Made in India’ the robotic way is to ask their low caste workers to put on C3PO suits to go to work.

    Not the least, India’s unemployment figures (at 3 or 4 % officially) are grossly inaccurate. They lack either the political will or admin. structure to measure it sensibly. Most countries might understate their unemployment figures due to methodological difference; in India it’s grossly inaccurate; some estimate it at > 20%.

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