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The Catholic Church’s Official Position on the Old Testament

The Holy Catholic Church firmly believes, professes, and teaches that the matter pertaining to the law of the Old Testament, of the Mosaic law, which are divided into ceremonies, sacred rites, sacrifices, and sacraments, because they were established to signify something in the future, although they were suited to Divine worship at that time, after our Lord’s coming had been signified by them, ceased, and the Sacraments of the New Testament began; and that whoever, even after the passion, placed hope in these matters of law and submitted himself to them as necessary for salvation, as if faith in Christ could not save without them, sinned mortally.

Yet it does not deny that after the passion of Christ up to the promulgation of the Gospel, they could have been observed until they were believed to be in no way necessary for salvation; but after the promulgation of the Gospel, it asserts they cannot be observed without the loss of eternal salvation.

All therefore who after that time observe circumcision and the Sabbath and the other requirements of the law, it declares alien to the Christian faith and not in the least fit to participate in eternal salvation unless someday they recover from these errors…

In other words, Replacement Theology. And as Catholicism is the one and true Christianity and Protestantism has always been born of a deviation and has continued in that spirit ever since, this is the last word on the subject. The OT has no significance in Catholic theology. I used to go to Mass here, and the homilies always had to do only with the New Testament.

In other words, the OT isn’t even Christianity or at least it’s not anymore if one sees Christianity logically as the outgrowth of Judaism that it can only be. And all of these Protestant sects fetishizing the OT are, in my opinion, heretical. Basically they are practicing Judaism. So convert already!

And because of the endless fetishization of the OT by Protestantism for centuries, this suggests that Protestantism itself at the very least contains the seeds of heresy if not the actual content. And those Protestants who are doing this, really, are not even Christians anymore. They’re just Jews. And they act a lot like them too, if you think about it.

One more thing, Replacement Theology, which the Jews kvetch is antisemitism, is simply Christianity itself, and it’s only the gutlessness of Christianity proper vis a vis the Jews with regard to the fake Judeo-Christianity heresy that prevents Christians from coming out with some real talk.

The only ones with the nerve to do so have been the Christians of the Arab World, who are almost all Catholics, either Eastern or Western. In particular, Palestinian Christian clerics have strongly pushed Replacement Theology in actual word. If Jews think that Replacement Theology is antisemitism then that can only mean that Christianity itself is antisemitism, which, after all, is always an interesting argument.

The best way to look at this is to see Christianity as some sort of radical, albeit heretical, proto-Reform Jewish sect which was rejected by Jews as they reject all such heresies. This sect was excommunicated from Judaism proper by the Jewish authorities.

However, they continued to think of themselves as Jews until at least 60 AD. In fact, for a long time, you could not be a Christian unless you were a Jew first. Can you imagine that? You could imagine if nowadays only Jews could become Christians? So Christianity was very Jewish for a long time.

At some point there was a big fight about whether non-Jews could convert to Christianity. I believe that Paul’s conversion on the way to Damascus paved the way for other non-Jews to convert. But Jesus himself was as Jewish as anyone who ever lived. He was just a Jewish radical like Chomsky. Modern Jews would have called Jesus a self-hating antisemitic Jew, not that he’s as bad as Gilad Atzmon. Jesus had a Jewish mother. He lived and died a Jew. His last meal, as all of his meals, was kosher.

But the tail of Judaism continues to be present in modern Christianity just as the tail of our collective past continues to be present in all of us as part of the present, driving us forward to the future, which itself with contain and be the fruit of our present moment.

And in that sense, one can make that case in terms of the Philosophy of Time that the past, present, and future in a way all happening at exactly this moment, as the present is nothing but the accumulation of the collective past and the future will be nothing but the shoots that grow from the seeds of our present moment. And in that sense, since the past is also a part of the present, the past will be also part of the future. See The Harmony of the Spheres, by W. J. Tucker, 1964, for more along those lines.

How Women Make Accommodations for Chads and Alphas

Women like players. They like studs. They like the men who get all the women. They see a guy like that, and a lot say,

Where does the line form and do I need a number?

Even if they have to stand in line and take a number to get a fairly quick fuck, they will walk out of Joe Player’s house with smile beaming across their faces and a notch on their belt – one of the hottest notches of all because they fucked the guy that all the women want!

The guy all the woman want seems to be, from the female POV, the “man with the golden sperm.” We have to think in cavewoman terms because this is still how modern women think sexually. In that sense then, his genes may be the best because why else would everyone be lining up to get impregnated by him?

Oscar Wilde said

Women always want to the best.

The naturally gravitate to superior or dominant males, and the guy getting lots of women seems superior in a sexual sense, and, as sex results in breeding, in the cavewoman brain most women still have, it’s his genes they want.

What I noticed a lot though is that women love the player, but they want to reform him and be the hottest women on Earth to the point where this guy who was doing three chicks a day is now satisfied by her and only her because she is just that damn good. I saw this over and over when I was young. A lot of married women are very proud that their husbands were players when they were young. They hope he’s given it up, but they’re glad they nailed a player.

Problem with this is I don’t think it really works. The biggest players of all that I know married chicks who thought they were so hot that they were substitutes for the multiple other women. But I noticed that in a couple of years, these guys were back cheating again.

When women get older they figure out that a lot of Chads and Alphas have so many women after them that they will never be faithful. They figure faithlessness is what they have to put up with to get this hottest guy of all.

So they make accommodations, bring other women around for him to fuck while they watch, bring women around for threeways, or even offer to get him a girlfriend on side. I’ve had women offer and do all these things for me.

Mostly they want to still be Number One, and what they fear more than infidelity is his love straying and him falling in love with another woman. So a lot of swingers have this thing were the guy or the woman gets to fuck other people but any falling in love is absolutely forbidden. So straying sex is no problem but straying love is a serious issue.

I had a girlfriend once who figured I was incorrigible, but she didn’t care as long as she was Number One. She was crazy in love with me and vice versa. In fact her knowing I was a player seemed to make her fall even crazier in love with me.

Most women will dump your ass just like that if they catch you cheating and frankly most women are monogamous and demand that their men be the same. I’m not really cut out for monogamy, though I can be monogamous for years if I don’t get lucky. But I’ll always be looking for pussy on the side.

This one chick I had seemed to figure that the price of Mr. Hot Guy was he was going to cheat. But she was willing to make accommodations. We had a “Don’t ask, don’t tell” open relationship where we did what we wanted sexually as long as we didn’t tell the other one about it. “What I don’t know won’t hurt me” is the idea.

I’ve had these relationships my whole life and most women and even girls are perfectly fine with them. Some even wave the open relationship around as a flag and brag to people about it so they can be modern, hip, and uninhibited and all that. Problem is they tend to figure out when your cheating. Then they catch you cheating and it’s like this.

Couple with open relationship:

Woman: Goddamn it you motherfucker you cheated on me!

Man: What about our open relationship?

Woman: What open relationship? Fuck that.

That’s sort of how it works.

I asked this chick what she would do if she caught me cheating on her even though we had an open thing.

Me: Would you dump me?

Woman: Nah

Me: What would you do then?

Woman: What will I do? Probably just to fuck one of your friends to get back at you.

She seemed to think that infidelity was the admission price to getting me.

I was dating a 65 year old woman recently, and she caught me chasing other women. She didn’t say much except:

You have a wandering dick.

I agreed. Then she helpfully suggested,

Do you want me to get you a girlfriend on side? Do you want me to bring a woman around for you so you can do both of us or put on shows for you?

See, she’s trying to make accommodations. As long as you keep her Number One, she doesn’t care. Sex matters not. It’s only falling in love that counts as infidelity.

Anyway this chick was literally an old lady, and she’s offering to bring women around for me and do threeways and put on girl-girl shows and get me a side chick and whatnot. Female sexuality just goes on forever I guess. At age 65 she was still masturbating to orgasm every single night. She still got real wet.

I knew another woman age 66 around this time, and she told me she banged herself with a dildo every night to keep herself open because when the estrogen goes down after menopause, their pussies can start to lock up real bad, almost like a damned pismo clam straight from the surf.

I dated a 59 year old woman not so long ago, and she had this thing called a “vibe” that she used to pry her pussy open for sex. She had forgotten and left it at home though, so we could not have PIV sex, though we had another type of sex. I told her about the estrogen ring and she got very interested. A lot of postmenopausal women really need that thing.

She still get plenty wet too, once the dick got in.

So some of these old ladies you see might not be quite so sexless as they seem.

I’ve met a number of postmenopausal women and they all told me that they still got wet. Haven’t met a dried up one yet. One girlfriend said,

“I don’t get as wet and it takes me longer to get wet.”

The problem was I couldn’t get into her damned vag at all. She was tighter than a virgin and she was 51 years old and had been fucked halfway to Mars and back over the years, but her pussy was none the looser from all of it.

I used some lube though and I got in, but when I pulled my hand out, it had weird dried blood all over it. I was horrified but she just laughed. I’ve noted that females seem to make some sort of peace with blood at a fairly early age for obvious reasons. There’s stuff about their vagina’s that grosses us out and horrifies us, and they just shrug and act like it’s nothing. I think men are a lot more pussy around blood and bodily secretions than women are.

This crap about pussies turning into the Mohave Desert is sort of bullshit. Still you might need lube. A better option is an estrogen string implanted in her cervix to get her vagina supplied with estrogen to counter the effects of aging. It works great and it’s local so you don’t have to deal with bad side effects of systemic estrogen. Otherwise you can get vaginal pain, dryness, burning, itching, and even bleeding due to the thinning of the walls of the blood vessels in the vagina that results from lack of estrogen as the levels go way down after menopause.

Some side effects of declining estrogen in postmenopausal women are a not infrequently totally nuked and ruined sex drive. I’ve seen literal slut to non convertions. Very depressing. However, what often goes along with this is that postmenopausal women are not less insane then pre-menopause. It seems that the thing that makes women raving, gushing, animalistic nymphos is the same chemical that makes them act so crazy. So you want to get laid, you have to deal with the crazy. You want the crazy to go away? Fine but the price is no more pussy LOL.

I think it’s rather interesting that the same chemical that gives them a sex drive also makes them nuts. You take the crazy chemical away and they get a lot saner but now they don’t want to fuck.

Life gives but then it takes away. There’s no free lunch in life. There’s a price for everything and we pay for our pleasures with the wages of misery. You want the good times, you need to put up with the bad.

Age of Consent Laws and Adult-Teen Sex, Then and Now

Back in the day, I used to drive an ice cream truck. Like the cliche, I sold dope out of it. In my case it was hashish. I also used to stop my truck sometimes and smoke pot with my customers.

One time it was with this hot 15 year old girl and her friends. She gave me her name and number. Keep in mind that I was only 20, and it was completely normal back then for 18-21 year old men to have sex with 14-17 year old girls, but most of them stopped around 21.

I started calling this 15 year old girl. Her Dad had left her and she lived with her Mom. One Friday night she said she and her Mom were going down to my city on the beach for the weekend. She wanted me to meet her at some hotel by the beach. I forget what happened but it never materialized. We kept talking and one time she talked about when she was at Catalina Island and this 23 year old man started hitting on her. She called him a pervert I guess for going after an underage girl at his age. Then she asked me if I was a pervert. It’s hard to see 20 year old man and 15 year old girl as perverted in any way, but as you can see, even back then, some of the girls were already thinking this way. But none of the men were.

Generally speaking, a lot of the best men from 18-21  fucked hot 14-17 year old teenage girls. But as a general rule, most of them stopped around age 20. So what was really going on back then and what was actually epidemic was sort of an extreme version of what our Romeo and Juliet close in age Age of Consent laws are addressing. Only a few men kept banging teenage girls after age 21, and a lot of them had sociopathic or Cluster B characteristics.

I knew one guy who was fucking a 14 year old at age 24. She was living with him!

I knew another man, age 29, who had sex with his 15 year old sister’s best friend. The sister and the girl came over one night while we were watching movies. They both had those somewhat “stick” bodies that girls that age have, and of course both were all legs, but that starts as young as age 11. They both acted like 15 year old girls too, which isn’t 100

Apparently this 15 year old girl approached him and seduced him. It must have been that way because I can’t this guy chasing a 15 year old girl. You see, a lot of girls that age are still virgins, and virgin teenage girls and young adults are often angry, annoyed, and frustrated by their virginity and want to get it over with as soon as possible. And a lot of the time,  they lose it to an older man. In fact, in many cases, they prefer to lose it to an older man. I met two girls recently, one 14 and the other 15, who had older man fetishes and both told me they intended to lose their virginity to an older man when they hit the age of consent. Both of them refused to date boys their age because they thought they were idiots. The 14 year old had an older man friend, a divorced guy about 50. They hung out together and he gave her little jobs to do for money sometimes. I think this was a great maturational experience for this girl. They were both keeping it extremely clean and there was no sex whatsoever going on. The sex fascists go into wild fury when they hear about this sort of thing and call the man a pedophile and demand he put murdered in a woodchipper. Or they call him a “groomer.” I don’t even know what a groomer is anymore. I don’t think you can groom a teenage girl, at least after 15. They’re just way too smart to fall for that. “Grooming” nowadays seems to mean nothing more than “seduction.” For the life of me I can’t understand why anyone would be upset about the relationship this girl has with this man.

A friend of mine went to high school in South Carolina. He said a lot of the 13-15 year old girls were anxious to lose their virginity, so they headed over to the local stud’s place in the trailer park and did the deed. The guy was about 25. Nothing ever happened to the man, and no charges were ever pressed or even investigated.

Teenage girls try to seduce adult men all the time! I don’t think it’s true that the man literally preys on some sweet innocent thing and he’s the one who comes onto her, although it happens in some cases with some more sociopathic men. But I’ve never seen a single case of it in my entire life.

All I’ve seen is the girls seducing men or it’s mutual and they hit on each other. This whole idea these girls are sweet innocent victims getting preyed on (they literally say this sex is child molestation!) by these evil men is pretty much bullshit! Perhaps there some cases. Generally though, to say the girl is ready and willing is an understatement.

Though people were ok with what boiled to an extended Romeo and Juliet law back then of up to seven years doesn’t mean it wasn’t illegal. The AOC in California was 18 this whole time, but it was rarely prosecuted. If the man got older in age they started to prosecute it more.

I knew a  35 year old Black former football player who had an apartment and let us teenagers hang out there and smoke pot and drink beer. He was a great guy. Well, it turned he fucked one of the 14-16 year old girls who hung out there. I fucked one of them myself, but I was 16 so it was no big.

This White girl the Black guy fucked was 15. I believe he got five weeks in jail. That was a pretty average sentence back then. And this was for a 35 year old man and a 15 year old girl. Nowadays, I’ve seen guys in their late 20’s getting life imprisonment for fucking a 15 year old girl. But he also took videos and photos of her. How times have changed!

Back then, they would only press charges if the girl complained, and the girl rarely complained. Sometimes they would take it to the girl’s parents and ask them if it was ok for her to have sex with the young man. A surprising amount of the time, the parents would say they were fine with it. Even in cases where the police got involved and possibly an arrest was made, the DA often wouldn’t prosecute because the girl usually refused to testify against the man.

Nowadays, we’ve cleared up that problem of letting these dastardly fellows off the hook! Girl’s ok with it? No problem, prosecute anyway! But if the girl’s ok with it, then she’s not a victim, right? How the Hell you can possible have a crime with no victim? That’s ridiculous.

Too bad!

Let’s go to the girls’ parents and ask them. Ok they’re fine it too.

Too bad, prosecute anyway!

See, even if the girl and her parents are totally ok with this man having with this teenage girl, hence there is no victim and no perpetrator, the state itself bypasses both of the non-victims and decides to prosecute the guy on the basis of the state’s interests. Because allowing this to go on ruins society or some bullshit. This is absurd. I want to go back to the way it was.

Now I’m not advocating lowering the Age of Consent laws in my state or my country or anywhere, but I wouldn’t object if some governing body decided to reduce it to a reasonable level, like 16 or 17 in the US. I don’t think I’ll ever fuck one of those girls again. What the Hell do I care about an 18 year old AOC law in my state?

Running Two Women at Once

Running Two Women at Once

It’s actually pretty cool to have two women going at once even if one knows the other one. It’s a good way to keep them in line. If she ever gets crazy and out of control and bitched out, just threaten her:

Why are you treating me like this? The other woman never does this to me! She treats me like a king! I should leave you for her!

This really riles them because I believe that women and girls love to compete for the best men. Anyway she will calm down real quick. If there are sex acts she won’t do, tell her that the other woman will do them, so why don’t you?

It’s sort of evil to play women off each other like that but so what? If it gets me a better behaved, less psycho and loony girlfriend and some better sex, where’s the harm. It’s not really evil to manipulate people into behaving better, though I suppose it can be. You’re not hurting someone by making them act better. You’re actually doing them a damned favor!

One thing you can do is tell both of them that they’re better than the other one.

Say you’re with Woman A. Tell her:

You know what? You’re better than Woman B.

Say you’re with Woman B. Tell her:

Man, you are so much better than Woman A.

You’re totally lying to both of them, but so what?

If you want to be a player, you have to get ready to lie like a complete psychopath because otherwise you will start to feel guilty. Also you have steel yourself against women screaming at you for dumping them and crying and wailing in your face. You’re going to hurt a lot of women’s feelings.

I went through this “Guilty Player” phase but it doesn’t really work. And it’s stupid.

If you can’t be a pathological liar with a heart of stone, just don’t try to be a player. Just get yourself a girlfriend or wife and stay with her. There’s nothing wrong with monogamy. A lot of guys say it’s the greatest thing on Earth, especially if you’re having tons of sex with a great woman. I’m not going to disagree with them! A lot of married monogamous men are living the Life of Ryan!

I’m just not cut out that way though. I think I’m incapable of monogamy even at my age or at least psychologically incapable of it. That is, even if I were monogamous, my mind would always be looking for other women to “supplement” the one I have.

But I have been monogamous by default. That is, I had a woman and I was open to getting other women of course like the cheating dog I am, but I just never ran into any opportunities. Monogamy, even by default, was a lot of fun. Especially if you are getting lots of sex.

This was ten years ago and I was running two, wait, three girlfriends at once. In my mid-50’s too. I would always buy three separate Valentine’s day cards, and the young female clerks would always give me funny looks.

With the two of them, it went on off and on for 1 1/2 years. Both of these chicks were insanely in love with me. I was crazy in love with them too. The other one was the Jewish chick and we went on for 5 1/2 years. She was madly in love with me too and the feeling was mutual. So I had three chicks crazy in love with me at once. At age 57! It was great, man!

The women were 48, 51, and 57 and all three wanted to fuck all the time, for those of you who women around that age don’t like sex.

No wait, I was actually running three girlfriends back then! I would always buy three separate Valentine’s day cards and the young female clerks would always give me funny looks.

With the two of them, it went on off and on for 1 1/2 years. Both of these chicks were insanely in love with me. I was crazy in love with them too.

The 48 (the artist) and 51 year olds (the editor) were seriously dirty and perverted. I’ve found that by the time a woman gets to 40, if she really loves sex, she’s usually accumulated a kink or two on the way to midlife.

So women actually get more perverted as they get older. A lot of young women and teenage girls are pretty inhibited. It was a long time ago, but quite a few of them refused to suck cock. And some wanted lube for PIV sex, which means she’s experiencing painful sex. This is almost always due to emotional reasons or inhibitions.

The 57 year old teacher even said

You can fuck me anytime you want. You want to fuck me 10 times a day, I’ll do it.

This is great. This is what you want to hear from a girlfriend. If she says that, she really loves you too. I wonder how many men never hear that one time in their lives.

The editor loved me so deep and so dearly that she loved me more than I had ever been loved. This was the one who treated me like shit half the day and then like a king the other half of the day. If she was at my place, she behaved a lot better because whenever she bitched out, I simply threatened to kick her out of the apartment right there! When I was at her place though, I was at her mercy. I think for one two-week stretch she threatened to throw me out 50 times!

She also threatened very seriously to call the cops on me because we did get in a physical fight. The crazy bitch started hitting me for no sane reason, I got tired of blocking her blows after a bit, and I punched in the shoulder. She said:

Owwww! That hurt!

I didn’t even hit her very hard because she’s a woman. But I guess even half-strong male punches feel strong to a  woman.

The whole rest of the night, she bitched and whined:

You hit me. You hit me. You hit me.

Like a broken record. She did a lot of crying in between.

But once she stopped crying and complaining and said:

You know what? That whole time I was crying and complaining about you? I loved you the whole time.

Then she would give me a sad face.

Well I never had a chick love me that much! Actually I stayed with her not just for the sex but because she loved more than any woman ever had. I just could not abandon that sort of love. It might come once a lifetime if you’re lucky. A lot of probably never get it.

This even went on all through the night when we slept together. She cried off and on all night long and kept saying:

You hit me. You hit me. You hit me.

For God’s sake. I didn’t even hit her very hard, and it was in self-defense. I kept grabbing at her body all night long because I’m sexually insatiable, and I’m also sort of a scum. She pushed me away all night long.

Nooo! You hit me. Nooo! You hit me. Nooo! You hit me.

This is where I have a problem with #Metoo BS. #Metoo says every time you touch a woman in a sexual way without her permission, it’s sexual assault. And they claim sexual assault and rape can even happen with regular girlfriends and wives. But if you see above, couples are always grabbing at each other and even at times pushing the other one away because they’re not in the mood. I guess #Metoo would claim I sexually assaulted this chick 100 times that night. See?

Anyway I would go on trips with the artist who knew about the editor, and the editor would be calling me every day. The artist would laugh and look at the number and say:

It’s your wife.

And giggle. For some reason, she was really getting off on being this woman having an affair with a guy who already had a woman.

She was pretty good too. I used to tell her how the editor woman treated me, and she would get so furious. She was always threatening to beat up the other chick because of how she treated me. The editor was dead jealous too. She said:

I take care of my men. I don’t let anyone else take them. I swear to God if some woman tries to steal my man, I’ll cut a bitch!

She literally carried a pocket knife around for this expressed purpose.

At this point you’ve basically got two women literally fighting over you. I know that most men never experience that. If you can though even if only for once in your life, it’s the greatest feeling in the whole world to have two chicks literally fighting over you. It’s Alpha as Hell.

She may have liked to be the woman having the affair for a while, but then she tired of it:

I’m the other woman

She complained, knowing that my first love was the editor. Women will play second fiddle for a while, but then they tire of it.

Then she broke up with me for a while but came back after a while,

Robert, I still love you. Take me back. Please take me back.

This is an excellent thing! How many guys experience this? A girlfriend literally begging you to take her back. You see, in this case you have all the power and she has zero. But that’s not such a bad thing because that’s how a lot of women like it.

At some point, though the editor found out about the artist and the artist soon found out about the teacher and that  really set her off. The editor had never known about the artist. But at some point, she figured it out. I showed her photos of the artist, and the editor made fun of her looks and called her “Big Head” and said she, the editor, was so much hotter. She also said,

You fucked that?

Anyway this two women at once thing is going to end at some point in most cases. If you keep it going even a year or two, you’re a hero. But at some point, Woman A will dump you even though she knew about Woman B the whole time. She’ll probably suspect she’s “the other woman” and resent that. At some point, Woman B will find out about Woman A. Then she will dump you too. Then  they will make friends with each other and sit around and talk about what a piece of shit lowlife dog you are.

C’est la vie!

Low Conscientiousness Redux

CLAVDIVS AMERICANVS: Oh, I think you mean geniuses are low C, low A but high IQ. In that case, yes. I am very much like that. I am far more creative than I am smart, but I have always had terribly low contentiousness.

People usually don’t like me because I posit “strange” ideas and I point out unfortunate truths. Like they literally get mad that I waste their time with an alternate point of view because it distracts them from solving the problem at hand using a conventional framework that their superiors handed down to them.

I just got banned from a pro-Resistance Axis discussion group for precisely this reason. I’ll write it up later.

Yes, I must have extremely low Conscientiousness. The whole purpose of this blog was to shock people out of their bullshit Normie-NPC ways of thinking by proposing new ideas that I felt were uncomfortable truths made taboo by society for some moronic emotional reason.

And yeah, I ask a lot of questions about the sort of things we like to talk about here. But a lot of people don’t like someone who is always asking questions, especially about about “heavy” things. I had a 140 IQ girlfriend who complained “You’re always asking questions?”

You see there is a some standard societal answer to most of those questions or society doesn’t even consider the question even worth discussing as it’s somehow below them (or possibly above them as in over their heads?) I look at those societal answers to these questions and I think they smell like bullshit real strong so I suspect their wrong and I want to know the real (in a “banned truth” sense) answer is.

Thing is for people like me the world is this gigantic mystery box. We are always picking things up and examining them and realizing that they don’t make sense in any real way. Of course we know the way society has taught us to think or believe about this object, but we have the sneaking suspicion we have been lied to and we don’t like this.

We aren’t really ok with believing in “comfortable lies” because we prefer to live life in a scientific and factual way. And we don’t like telling lies. We are all about “tell it like it is.” Of course nothing gets you cancelled, fired, or career-wrecked more than telling the truth a bout some thing that society insists you lie about or else.

Most everyone else has these preconceived notions about all of this objects usually along the lines of “groupthink or what “everyone around told me how to think or believe about this object” or “only say nice things, everything is fine and perfect” type of thoughts. We look at those groupthink conclusions and are immediately suspicious of them because they objectively smell false and we often know a lot of contradictory evidence.

I also dispense a lot of psychological wisdom which by now is the “wisdom of old age.” Nobody much wants to hear that either because even though we all supposed to know this wisdom (I guess by figuring it out on your own) it’s taboo to bring it up because most of this stuff is in the realm of “open secrets.”

You’re simply not supposed to go around dispensing the timeless wisdom of the ages all the time. The lame way most people live their lives usually contradicts this ancient wisdom and I suppose you are reminding them of how they failed. And in society you are never supposed to talk about “heavy, important, deep, or psychological” subjects. I guess you’re just supposed to have fun and talking about this stuff disrupts all the fun.

And of course no one likes being told those uncomfortable truths. I also point out “strange” ideas a lot too, I talk about taboo subjects like race, gender, and culture.

Three Different Type of Geniuses

Tamerlane: Conscientiousness is more than just working diligently over extended periods of time, it also includes fulfilling obligations to elders/society and following rules(doing what you are “supposed” to do like going to school and being a good little boy).

Geniuses are low in this and low in agreeableness and have high IQs. Basically psychopathic personality characteristics, as psychopaths consistently score low in both agreeableness and conscientiousness. Undoubtedly, high IQ and high conscientiousness will make most people very successful and wealthy in life but that is not the same thing as being a genius/having genius-like characteristics.

This is the video I was talking about, long version and then short version:

The Psychology of the Genius: Autism and High IQ Criminal Traits:

What Are the Psychological Traits of a Genius (Very Briefly)?


There are people who read here who get furious whenever I discuss this subject. Considering this is an important part of this site, why don’t you just leave? You know, take off? go bye bye? Do make haste depart from our dear company here if you will, kind sir?

You are referring to geniuses per se, correct?

1. “Genius IQ types” in which genius is simply a metric on the IQ scale where the top 1

Discussion of this is very much a taboo in our country to the extent that I can almost never be discussed under any circumstances, which strikes me as bizarre and yes indicative of an anti-intellectual country.

2.The second definition is simply a subset of the Genius IQ types so they may be very common also. There are less than 3.3 million of them in our country, but there are many more than the true “pure geniuses.” I’m not sure what to call them. Geniuses with genius psychological traits? No matter what you call them, the people like my friend will get mad because they are a “lesser type of genius,” even though they have very high IQ’s. Now about dividing them  into Normie Geniuses and…Non-Normie or Outlier Geniuses?

3. There’s another definition of genius that is much more restrictive, such as that Napoleon, Beethoven, James Joyce, Herman Melville, Bob Dylan, Picasso, Elizabeth Bishop, FDR, Frank Lloyd Wright, Rachel Carson, Timothy Leary, and so many more great and famous people qualify for. These geniuses are pretty rare. They really stand out as the top people in their fields. Maybe call those True, Pure Geniuses.”

The thing people get mad about with me is they are too stupid to figure that I am talking about 1 when they think I’m talking about Number 3.

“Lindsay keeps saying he’s a genius!”

Man, would you STFU, idiots? Yeah, it’s a matter of science that I fall into this rather useless category Number 1 Genius types, me and 3,299,999 others of us that is. Now it doesn’t sound quite so impressive, does it? I’m willing to discuss it but I’m not willing to brag about it because it’s hardly anything to brag about.

It’s almost more of a liability than a benefit. And there’s nothing to brag about in this life of mine these days anyway, ok? You don’t want to be me. There’s nothing to see, nothing to be, and in fact, there’s nothing there at all. As far as being me, there’s no there, there.

There’s no there, there.

-Gertrude Stein, discussing Oakland, California

In other words, I can’t think of anything quite as pathetic as someone who is jealous or envious of me. Yet these confounding folks exist.

I live in a city of 60,000 which may have up 30-35 genius IQ types. Yet if you spent some time here, you’d think it was a city of full of uneducated idiots because that’s more or less what they act like. There’s nothing wrong with them of course, but they’re simply not intellectuals in any way, and the environment here is very anti-intellectual with a vengeance. But for someone like me, I may as well be in the Empty Quarter without a map, not that one would do you much good there anyway.

You still think “I have a Genius IQ” is so impressive? It’s not, and it often doesn’t get you much of anywhere anyway.

They never discuss Number 2 Geniuses probably because they angrily deny that they even exist. I’ve noticed another thing. The people who get so angry if anyone brings up IQ also tend to be people who don’t have extremely high ones. Which is just fine, of course.

What on Earth is wrong with being average? Average means “like just about everyone else,” and in the US, it’s regarded as disability. Once people’s IQ’s get to a certain level, definitely over 140, they tend to be much more willing to discuss it.

So obviously discussing IQ makes most people feel small, inferior, failed, and lesser-than, which in a statistical way is all true though we’re not supposed to mention it. Because it makes them feel inferior, they angrily lash out at the subject. As if everyone should be expected to have a 140 IQ. Look, dammit. Everyone cannot be superior. Everyone cannot be above average, unless you live in Lake Wobegon. Studies have shown that 95

Out of curiosity, I would like to ask Tamerlane how many Genius IQ types are also low in agreeableness and conscientiousness and hence are Non-Normie or Outlier Geniuses?

And how many are like my NPC Super-Normie friend?

Low Conscientiousness

Tamerlane: It makes absolutely no sense until I admit that I was, and still am by the way, a lazy piece of unmotivated, unconscientious shit.

That’s exactly what I am and what I’ve been my whole life since I was ~16. On the other hand, I do have an anxiety disorder that never gets quite treated, so how much of this is just fear anymore. I used to be fearless. Now I’m the opposite.

I don’t go along with the crowd.

I don’t follow rules. I break them, often deliberately and for no reason other than a perverse one. First thing I think of when I see any rule is, “How can I break this rule?”

I don’t “go along, get along.” I hate that crap.

I hate Groupthink. I hate “don’t cause strife or dissension.”

I hate society because it lies to me and demands that I believe a ton of complete bullshit that can’t possibly be true.

Also, I’m a dropout. I quit climbing or sliming up the societal ladder long ago. There are so many rules and I get tired of the 1 million things you can never say and the 300,000 things you can never do. All that stuff gets crammed up inside of me and I feel like a dam burst waiting to happen.

I feel like I’m in a cage, like I’m a prisoner and can’t get out. I have to censor everything I say and do to the point where life doesn’t even feel that much fun anymore. I don’t really like having “all this very important that stuff that needs to be talked about and you’re dying to talk about but you can never bring it up because some hypersensitive weenie might get upset.

It’s all about money and I don’t feel like playing that game. I don’t want any part of this money-oriented bullshit society. Get me out of here.

One Serious Problem with Making a Lot of Money, Working for a Corporation, or Starting Your Own Business

One huge problem with getting any significant of money in life is you are now surrounded by rich and upper middle class people, who by and large are nearly all conservative assholes.

Same thing if you go corporate and with any of the professions.

Most people around you in those cubicles are going to be conservatives. You will be having lunch with conservatives. Your boss will be a conservative and you will have to listen to his crap. If you get promoted, which is the general idea, with every step up the ladder, more and more of the people at your level would be conservatives. It almost makes you not even want to get promoted.

By the same token, if you start your own business, you will now sadly be surrounded with “entrepreneurs,” or small businesspeople, 83

If you are lucky enough to gravitate into the better jobs, you will now be surrounded by more and more conservatives as your income rises. And even the liberals and progressives will be shitty because they will all be extremely oriented towards money.

And by the way, when you move into this group, everyone around you will be totally wrapped up in money but you won’t be able to discuss the subject with anyone! God forbid you ask anyone how much they’re making. It’s very taboo in our society, which is odd. If they’ve wrapped their whole lives around, why on Earth is it taboo and not up for discussion? The most important damned thing in your life can never be discussed? That’s weird as Hell. That’s almost like being gaslit right there because it makes no sense.

God forbid you ever mention how much you’re making, probably because you think you’re making out quite well. The automatic response from those around you will be something along the lines of

Ah, that ain’t shit.

Which ends up shrinking you smaller than a Lilliputian.

When I was into that scene, I found I was angry all the time. And no matter how much I made, the women I dated made more, and that never works, so they were always bitching and saying I needed to start making more money. How exactly? So even though I was doing all right, I found myself in this continuous start of angry agitation, sort of like being all coked up with nowhere to go but with an anger component.

Now, thank God, I’ve completely dropped out of this sick joke called society for a good 25 years now. In some ways it’s horrible but in other ways, I feel like I dodged a bullet. And that angry, agitated feeling of never doing as well as those around me is pretty much history.

Male Intelligence, Female Sexual Preferences, and the Modern Anti-Intellectualism of Elite Universities

Long, 15 pages.

CLAVDIVS AMERICANVS: I will explain in detail later why I think American women prefer aggressive men compared to say European ones, but in short we are a younger, more libertarian, more barbaric and less settled society than Europe. I think, and I could be dead wrong here, but Russia women value brains more than American ones, even though Russians in general are more aggressive.

American culture does not value intelligence. It loves to reap the benefits of high IQ types, but we never glorify them for their intellect, only for their achievements and impact. That is, it values the effect, not the cause. In fact, I dare say American culture and society almost wishes it could have the effect without the cause at all!

This is evidenced in the elite universities’ admissions process. They even make SAT scores optional know. To them a 1550 is just as good as a 1600. Not in the Soviet Academy, it’s not. They take “holistic” approach which means. “How rich are you or how socially adept are you?” Exactly the two things women care about the most.

Women, like the Ivy Leagues, want a man have a minimum degree of intelligence, neither suffer fools after all, but past a certain IQ, they view it as a handicap rather than as a desirable trait.


Bit by bit.

CLAVDIVS AMERICANVS:I will explain in detail later why I think American women prefer aggressive men compared to say European ones, but in short we are a younger, more libertarian, more barbaric, and less settled society than Europe.

I think this must be it. Are Australia, New Zealand, and Canada the same way, though? They’re not. Is it because they never rebelled and stayed connected to the mother ship UK?

It’s not just youth. We are more libertarian and barbaric than either of those places.

I’m not sure about less settled or how much it matters.

Sometimes I think that American Revolution was the stupidest thing we ever did. Just think, if we never had that idiot revolution, we could have ended up halfway civilized like Canada. Instead we had that revolution and it turned us into barbarous, backwards fools, mostly conservatives. Because conservatism itself is barbarous backwards by definition. There’s no other explanation for it.

Of course, the Cultural Left is now just as stupid. It’s not barbarous or backwards, though it’s definitely stupid. It’s too smart and advanced for its own good. The Left is addicted to continuous “progress,” come Hell or high water. Always full speed ahead and more stuff to get liberated. Yet at some point you end up with a sane society that’s about as liberated as it can get. Then you start getting into what Lenin talked about in, “Leftwing” Communism: An Infantile Disorder, change-addicts who start attacking all of the accumulated wisdom of ages on the grounds of

If it’s old, it’s bad.

This is in part the idiocy of the Chinese Cultural Revolution, which actually reached near-conservative levels of backwardsness and barbarism.

These are the models of modern liberal-leftism:

Forward change yesterday, forward change today, and (especially) forward change tomorrow!

And instead of

(Most) everything your grandma said was right.


Everything your grandma said is wrong.

What your grandma said, assuming she was sensible as mine was, boiled down to the accumulated wisdom of humankind.

So what they are really saying is

The accumulated wisdom of mankind is garbage.

I guess because it’s old, and old = bad.

Which is almost breathtakingly stupid but it’s not not backwards or barbarous as conservatism. People on the Alt Left kept trying to say that Wokesters were “regressive” and called the Regressive Left, mostly because of the support for backwards Islam. I kept arguing with them that they were wrong. One brought up that Woke Culture was against the Enlightenment, and that is true in a sense I suppose. That still doesn’t quite hit the nail. The problem here is literally going too far forwards, not backwardness. How is trannyism backwards and barbarous? Get out.

The liberal-Left has nowhere to take change anymore but into insanity, as most of the oppression has been dealt with.

CLAVDIVS AMERICANVS: I think, I could be dead wrong here, but Russia women value brains more than American ones, even though Russians in general are more aggressive.

I’m not so sure about that. I met a couple of them on the Internet, and they both wanted to fuck me. One said she was going to New York in a year or two and wanted me to meet here in a hotel there for sex. I asked them if they wanted clothed pics or nudes, and in the confusion of their poor English, they ended up saying both. So they got them.

They both acted shocked, but they stuck around. An American woman would have left. I explained and apologized, they both started gushing, verbally and probably bodily, about how huge my cock was and how much they wanted it right the fuck now. It’s bigger than average – 1 1/2 inches bigger, but it’s not that big. One went on about how some American guy came over to see her in Russia, but he had a small dick. She also said he wouldn’t listen, which to her was about on the level of having a small cock.

Presumably to orgasm.

I want a man with a big cock!

They both kept saying over and over. Perhaps it is not only in brains that I am gifted.

She was great – beautiful and smart.

She was a cool chick. Once I went to talk to her and said,

Ahhh, I just got through masturbating.

A problem was that her English was so convoluted and bizarre that it was almost impossible to talk to her. There was something about the rhythm and “layout” of her sentences that just seemed bassackwards or completely messed up. Often her sentences seemed to literally circle around themselves. I found my mind going around in circles as I was reading her prose. A lot of it ended up making no sense. Yet she was proud she could speak English.

I do get the impression that Russian women like those hypermasculine men though. There’s a video of a hot Russian woman walking around her dilapidated village with a sign, “Husband wanted.” I saw a video she made, and she said he had to be “masculine.” Russian men are hypermasculine of course, as are Ukrainian men, as Ukrainian culture in some ways is just the culture of Southwestern Russia with some weird add-ons.

Perhaps they do value brains though. I have no idea.

CLAVDIVS AMERICANVS: American culture does not value intelligence. It loves to reap the benefits of high IQ types, but we never glorify them for their intellect, only for their achievements and impact. That is, it values the effect, not the cause. In fact, I dare say American culture and society almost wishes it could have the effect without the cause at all!

Well, of course. This is an extremely anti-intellectual society. Sure it loves the benefits of brainy people, but obviously we never glorify them for their intellect. Though there are a few Americans who value this sort of thing.

Right, achievements are valued but not intellect per se, It is interesting that intellect per se without any achievements was highly valued in the European ghettoes of old. It was a garbage culture, but that’s not to say there was nothing good about it.

Chinese culture is much the same way in valuing intellect. Interestingly in both cultures, the women are some of the most high-IQ women on Earth, and those are two of the rare groups of women who actually value the smartest men as the best men of all. The smartest guy in the village is the man all the girls want to marry in both Jewish and Chinese culture. Which is of course baffling to most of us men.

I’ve had a lot of friends in my life, and a few of them remarked on my brains or knowledge (they’re sort of the same thing, but they’re also different). They acted shocked, stunned, and completely blown away by both. One friend said:

Everyone says that. Everyone I know says they can’t believe how smart you are. They’re all just blown away.

I had an audiologist recently tell me I was the smartest guy he knew.

And that’s a compliment because I know a lot of doctors and lawyers. And you’re smarter than any of them.

I’ve had girlfriends say it too, but I always got the impression that it didn’t make them wet between the legs. It almost seemed like it dried them up or at least their pussies reacted with indifference. I’m not sure how a pussy reacts with indifference, not having one of those convoluted organs, but I suppose it can, since it has a brain of its own just like our cocks.

I dated an 18 year old girl when I was 59 years old though, and often when I started talking, she would tell me how horny she was getting.

She also mixed up the feelings of “horny, my pussy is wet” with “getting emotional” and “falling in love.” I’m not sure how often those feelings get mixed up in women, but I imagine it’s more often than we men think. She would say:

Oh my God! I can’t believe how smart you are! I’m starting to get emotional again.

Which always meant she was

  • Starting to fall in love with me.
  • Getting physically horny, that is, her pussy was getting wet.

So there’s the definition of a sapiosexual.

I’ve also had a woman who said one reason she had fallen in love with me was because, according to her, I was a genius. I made her really horny too, horny as Hell, all the time.

Now I make zero women horny, 100

Come to think of it, that 18 year old girl was horny all the time too, like every minute of every day. I figure it was because she was in love with me.

And I’ve had other women who fell in love with me suddenly get wildly horny much or all of the time, much more so than usual. So it’s possible that love turns on the female sex drive, or love makes their pussies wet.

Another woman said she wanted to literally fuck my brain or fuck my mind, which meant she wanted to fuck me but in part it was for my mind.

And a 20 year old woman wanted to have my baby a few years ago. She was also absolutely blown away by my mind. She kept saying:

Your mind…Your mind…I can’t believe how smart you are.

At the end she dumped me because somehow she thought I was a pussy, and I have no idea why she thought that. She said I had turned from an exciting, dominant guy into “some old philosopher.” She did acknowledge my mind:

Well there is your mind, but

See that “but?” In other words my mind was very attractive, but it wasn’t enough to overcome the turnoff of the passivity or lack of masculinity or whatever confounded thing was upsetting her about me and making her think I was a pussy. She said:

I want a dominant man! Let me know when you feel like acting like a man!

But, yeah. Americans are anti-intellectual.

I’m probably one of the most interesting people in this whole damn city you could possibly talk to. Not only am I smarter than anyone but 50-60 people in town, but I also know more stuff about general knowledge than most people will meet here. You would think people would want to talk to such an interesting guy who’s smarter than and knows more stuff than about anyone in the city, but nope! Literally nobody wants to talk to me.

Well, a few do. Usually men from 30-60. Some people place extreme value on brains, knowledge, and what you achieved with them. As a rule, as people get higher in IQ, the more interesting they find an intelligent and especially knowledgeable person.

Most people here are what I consider borderline idiots. The problem is when you’re saddled with a stratospheric IQ like I am, even a lot of people with normal intelligence (Which is just fine!) seem like morons. I figure the average IQ here is ~92? Supposedly that’s enough to make a civilized society, but if you drive around here for a while, you might question that.

Most people in the 90-110 IQ range have no use for intellectuals at all. They see them as useless, boring, and annoying. Below 90, intellectualism is probably a liability.

I suppose some ego-defense kicks in there too, because if you’re average intelligence, every time some high IQ type opens up his mouth, he’s making you look like a total idiot, and the obvious ego-defensive reaction to that is going to be hostility. The deep meaning is:

How dare you make me feel like an idiot!

with the corollary of:

I know I’m an idiot but I’m blinding myself to that fact.

This sort of internal thinking is poison to the ego, obviously, so what’s going to come out is:

High IQ people are totally useless and annoying!

They’re always putting on airs and bragging about how smart they are!

Who cares about your damned IQ score!

It’s considered a social error to even mention anything mildly indicative of essential intelligence. What’s valued is knowledge of a practical sort, money, and prestige.

I hate your guts for suggesting that you’re smarter than any of the rest of us!

You trying to act like you’re better than me?

Brains and non-utilitarian knowledge are completely useless and in fact they are a sign of marked inferiority. Being slow and stupid is cool, and it’s the hip way to be. Plus it gets you laid because women love morons.

Beyond the few who think brains and knowledge per se have any value, everyone else reacts with hostility, bafflement, apathy, disinterest or some combination like annoyance, hostility and indifference, to such things, probably to defend themselves against feelings of inferiority. And other cultures are not like this at all, especially European ones.

CLAVDIVS AMERICANVS: This is evidenced in the elite universities’ admissions process. They even make SAT scores optional know. To them a 1550 is just as good as a 1600. Not in the Soviet Academy, it wasn’t.

That’s not what’s going on here. This is all a result of Woke Culture, Political Correctness, SJWism and Identity Politics.

The problem here is that the races differ markedly in intelligence. Of course as a liberal, I’m very unhappy with this state of affairs as it makes society almost impossible for govern and make work.

Basically no one believes this obvious, endlessly proven fact. It’s barely controversial in the field anymore, and I was acquainted with some of the top names in the field like Jim Flynn. And if you mention it, your job, career, and name will be ruined. So this is one more of society’s insane phobias and taboos where if you speak science, truth, or facts, your job, career, and name get cancelled for all of time.

Modern antiracist insanity is predicated on the notion of equity. “Equity” means literally that all races should be present at equivalent rates in every prestigious profession or admissions to all universities.

It’s interesting that they don’t demand that this be the case for ordinary or unprestigious positions.

By equivalent rates, I mean if Blacks are 4

I say if possible, because if Blacks are fewer than 13

There are many reasons for this, but most of them boil down to the fact that Blacks as a group are far less intelligent than Whites; in fact, they are almost a full standard deviation lower.

This one fact (a ~13 point difference in intelligence) is probably behind a lot if not most of the racial disparities in our country. In order to figure out the extent to which intelligence factors play a role in racial disparities, you’d have to do a factor analysis and factor out everything else that might be causing any given disparity. Or take a group of Blacks and Whites with equivalent IQ’s – say 100 IQ – and compare their achievements.

It’s illegal to state this obvious or similar social fact for that matter such as the extremely high crime rate, high rates of all sorts of dysfunctions, and terrible anti-intellectual ghetto culture among Blacks as a group, all of which obviously play a role in these other disparities. On the other hand, to what extent does the lower intelligence differential literally cause the high rates of crime, other dysfunctions, and the idiotic, anti-civilizational ghetto culture?

However, in our insane modern society, all differentials between races can always and only be caused by only one thing: racism. No other cause is entertained and indeed the mere thought that there may be another cause is grounds for cancellation right there. The fact that “racism is the cause of the racial disparities” is utterly unfalsifiable and beyond that, probably a tautology, is of no matter.

Consider the tautological snake eating its tail below:

Why are Blacks dysfunctional? Because of racism.

What is there racism? Because Blacks are dysfunctional.

This is starting to look suspiciously like an dog of an argument chasing its tail around the living room, sorry.

Hence if admissions or hiring were done on pure merit, Whites and Asians would be admitted and hired at far greater than their percentages in the population and Blacks would be represented at far lower percentages than their population. According to modern anti-racist theory, the over-representation would not be due to merit but i but instead because of Whites and Asians being preferentially preferred due to “White Supremacy” for both Whites and Asians.

The only way to even this up, ever, is to weight the scale in favor of in favor of Blacks as a group and hire less qualified Blacks over more qualified Whites and Asians. Logically, this is an injustice if we follow Locke, Rawls, and Rorty (Rawls in particular) and the general tradition here in the West that evolved from that thinking, but since Whites and Asians are oppressors, injustice against them is well deserved and even required.

Note that Asians are now themselves “White Supremacist” because, since they are high achievers, they are automatically like Whites, and all Whites are White Supremacist. Hence, Asians are Whites Supremacist-adjacent or White-adjacent. Apparently any group that starts achieving a lot becomes White Supremacist and White-adjacent by default so God forbid any of you other minorities do well for yourselves.

I know it makes no sense. Don’t blame me. I didn’t make up this idiot bullshit.

Since merit will always result in “racist” outcomes or outcomes with serious racial disparities, according to modern antiracism, this somehow means that merit itself is racist. You see a lot of articles saying just this right now.

Of course that can’t possibly make sense, but never let reason get in the way or a Wokester’s brain. This is the common Woke knowledge that everyone must subscribe to now. The reason is that everything that causes racial disparities is objectively racist, including IQ tests, SAT scores, and merit-based university admissions and prestigious job positions.

CLAVDIVS AMERICANVS: They take a “holistic” approach which means, “How rich or socially adept are you?” Exactly the two things women care about the most. Women, like the Ivy Leagues, want a man have a minimum degree of intelligence. Neither suffer fools after all but past a certain IQ, they view it as a handicap rather than as a desirable trait.

Women may indeed care about social adeptness. It’s been a long time since I’ve been socially adept, probably due to a mental disorder, so I have no way of knowing. And the Ivies are still indeed hiring “legacy admissions,” shorthand for rich offspring of graduates.

Women don’t suffer fools? One thing to watch out for is lying to a woman. Women are the masters of the universe when it comes to lying, sort of like Jews I suppose, so the principle is that you can’t fool an expert. Even Schopenhauer remarked on this. Women are therefore always uncovering our lies except those they don’t want to believe. Of course we men lie to you women all the time because if we don’t, we’ll probably never get laid, but never mind, and let’s change the  subject, ok?

I would say women have contempt for a man they can fool. Of course at my age that’s the only kind I attract (psychopathic women out to cheat, steal from, and fool men), so I should getting more misogynistic in my old age, but I’m not probably because I had so many great experiences with females.

As a man, you’re supposed to act like

No woman can fool me.


You can’t fool me, woman. Don’t even try.

I’m not sure if women actually view my brains as a handicap. Of course some do but those are all dumb working class women. Possibly the most common reaction I’ve gotten other than utter indifference (I think most women are simply indifferent-to-annoyed or a mixture of annoyance and indifference by brainy men) is

Your brains blow me away but they sure don’t make my pussy wet.

Something along those lines. Not quite a handicap but definitely not something that’s going to get you laid, except, as noted above, in some cases. Yes, there are female brainfuckers and mindfuckers out there, but I think there are not so many of them, though I’ve definitely run into a few.

Culture, Male Intelligence and Female Mate Preference

CLAVDIVS AMERICANVS: In my experience it depends on the woman’s personality and the socioeconomic status. The general trend is the following: Cluster B-ism in a woman is positively associated with a desire for more aggressive manly man, whereas the higher her socioeconomic status, the less she cares about this. But beware because high SE status bitches scare about how much money and influence you have!

So you can be a poor brute or a rich mild-mannerred man, but heaven spare you if you are poor and soft.

This isn’t some bullshit PUA stuff I’ve read. These are hard lessons learned in life. They don’t teach you this in school. I wonder think it’s for a reason. In fact, considering most grade school teachers are women and most undergrads are now women, they probably don’t want you to tell you.

Women never want to explain to you what they want. They want you to figure out it. They hate it like nothing else. I almost think some women would rather kill themselves or die as spinster than spill the beans. Having to explain subtle emotions and social dynamics is odious to women.

Bit by bit here. Superb post.

In my experience it depends on the woman’s personality and the socioeconomic status. The general trend is the following: Cluster B-ism in a woman is positively associated with a desire for more aggressive manly man, whereas the higher her socioeconomic status, the less she cares about this.

Of course. I wonder why that is. Are smarter women simply more able to turn off their primitive cavewoman brains? Does aggressive mate preference in females decline as IQ rises?

I’ve had Cluster B girlfriends (usually not even diagnosed, as so many women are Bordlerlines as a basic component of female psychology). One of them bitched at me half the day and then was nice the other half the day. Insisted that she loved me with all my heart and soul. I confronted her about her cunty attitude and insisted that she was “just fighting back” LOL.

Thing is I was going out of my way to be as nice as possible to her all the time so as not to set the evil cunt off if for no other reason. But she attacked me all day anyway. I tried all these different strategies to get her to knock it off but nothing worked.

Aggression? Fail.

Fighting back? Fail.

Confrontation? Fail because she denied she was attacking me when she  spent half the day doing it LOL.

Homicidal ideation? Fail.

Ignoring? Fail.

Saying, “Ok?” Fail.

Saying, “Um yum?” Fail.

Nodding my head and saying, “Umm hmm?” Fail.

I put up with all this for some pussy, basically. There were other benefits of course, but for us men, that’s always number 1. And the sex was always great, day or night, and yes, I do mean we did it all the time. I was 55 years old too. Just to show you what a sex maniac I am.

At my pussyless age (don’t worry, all men at my age are pussyless, most by default or involuntarily but many also because they have no interest or literally don’t care anymore), I’m thinking back and wondering why I put up with all this Godawful crap from women just to get some Goddamned pussy. Is it really that important? Why not just jerk off? Why not be an incel or better yet a volcel? Perhaps these guys are onto something and they’re trying to prevent us men from living lives of mute hopelessness  and terminal frustration?

I told a gay man once

You gays have got it made. You don’t have to put up with women!

He didn’t think it was funny as he was one of those self-hating gays who desperately wanted to be straight. I kept trying to tell him that homosexuality was incurable. I love this guy like a brother and I’m sure his gayness is biological. I’ve also told women

You know, you say women are great, but you had to date and have sex them, you might not like them so much either!

Bizarrely, most women agreed with me on that, including my very own mother!

Literally nothing worked. So this attitude that you can shut up a bitch once they’re on a cunt out streak just seems ridiculous. Literally nothing works. I assume killing her would work, but unfortunately  that’s against the law! I asked my mother why she was doing it, and she acted like she knew the answer but was refusing to tell me, and said in an exasperated voice

I don’t know!

I wish she would have told me but I’m afraid it was bad news on my end. Red pillers say everything a woman does is your fault on some end, so I assume that she was doing this for some reason as a reaction to my behavior. If so, what on Earth could I possibly have been doing wrong? Other than the age-old complaint that I’m too soft and unmasculine?

You all can chime in but be nice about it please.

This plays into Claudius’ later comment that a woman will generally not tell you why they are acting any confounded way they are. He suggests you’re supposed to figure it out on your own. I wonder if perhaps women don’t even know why they are acting they way they are half the time. Perhaps this woman’s brain was just telling her,

“Attack him!”

And then sending another signal to Ego Defense Central Control with the Denial Division saying

“But deny that you’re doing it.”

while the Projection Group said

“And then blame him for what you’re doing!”

and another unknown Department said

And don’t analyze this or try to figure out why you’re doing it, and anyway, you’re doing it in the first place, ok? Just do it and pretend you’re not, dammit.

But beware because high SE status bitches scare about how much money and influence you have!

I haven’t run into this as I’ve never had any money or influence in my entire life. I’m not sure it’s a problem though, other than a general feminist cunt issue. The feminists have decided that all “power imbalances” in relationships are evil, creepy, predatory, pedophilic, and at the very least, their favorite idiot word of the year, “problematical.”

Of course, in a lot of cases, no power differential, no sex, but never let thinking get in the way of a ranting feminist. They’re as allergic to self-analysis as any woman. Power differentials make the world go round. Why do you think rich men drown in pussy while poor men are sexually malnourished? Why do you think power attracts women. There are actually a lot of women out there who are referred to as “powerfuckers,” because you know, they chase powerful men to fuck them.

But that’s all banned now, so what’s a man to do?

So you can be a poor brute or a rich mild-mannerred man, but heaven spare you if you are poor and soft.

Excellent point. Then you’re a double loser. I guess that’s my problem.

I guess a brutish rich man isn’t that great either. That crowd might not even let him rise, or if he does, they’d throw the old, “Why are you so angry, anyway? What the Hell’s the matter with you?” at him. I’ve heard this from these types many times, often directed at me.

This isn’t some bullshit PUA stuff I’ve read. These are hard lessons learned in life. They don’t teach you this in school. I wonder think it’s for a reason. In fact, considering most grade school teachers are women and most undergrads are now women, they probably don’t want to tell you.

Of course. No woman wants to tell you the dirty little secrets women have. No woman even wants to tell you what she wants, although there are exceptions. The Red Pillers always say, “Pat attention to what a woman does (to figure out what they want), not what she says (she wants). Almost all women are either remarkably blind to this sort of thing or they’re simply ashamed of their desires.

But I think they don’t want to tell us what they want because if they told us what they wanted, they think it would make them look like scumbags because often what women really want is often something pretty low, lousy, and sleazy. They’re ashamed of this because women think of themselves as good, nice people, but their desires say something else.

And once you start learning these hard lessons in life, if you tell people, a lot of them gaslight you and tell you you’re imagining it or hallucinating it, which is even more confusing. A lot of men won’t even own up to this stuff, especially if they are married, marriage being a pacification and even pussification project for the male. I’m not calling married men pussies, though testosterone does decline with marriage, which makes my point.

I don’t even hate pussywhipped men unless they defend or won’t admit they’re whipped, in which case I have contempt for them. If he admits it and hates it though, I feel sorry for him. Also, I don’t hate passive, soft, or even wimpy men though a lot of them hate me. Half the population already hates them (the women) and surely some macho guys too (though most men could care less about these men either), so why join the blanket party and beat up on some poor schmuck?

If he can man up and stop the behavior (which probably won’t even stop it anyway as nothing stops a crazy bitch), that’s on him, not me. So he’s a soft guy? He’s got it rough enough in the world as it is. Give me one reason why I should hate this guy or even refuse his friendship? I’m not an asshole. I’m not like 80

Women never want to explain to you what they want. They want you to figure out it. They hate it like nothing else. I almost think some women would rather kill themselves or die as spinsters than spill the beans. Having to explain subtle emotions and social dynamics is odious to women.

This is one of the truest things I’ve ever read! Thank you! I’ve been thinking this for a pretty long time now but I could never really put it into words. Of course if you tell women this stuff, you run up against a wild storm of denial where they call you “incel” (go to insult for all women these days), say no woman wants you and laugh about it, accuse you of being a misogynist and then saying that’s why no woman wants you, on and on.

As most men telling women about this stuff are decent men, get women, and of course don’t hate women any more than any of us do, this is very confusing to them. This man is also being mass gaslit too because his obvious observations over a lifetime are being called crazy and hallucinatory by a gaggle of women, all lying either deliberately or not.

I’m starting to think one of women’s main purposes here on Earth is to gaslight us men. And I’m starting to think society’s purpose is to gaslight you through all your troublesome and troublefree (assuming there are any) years. Worst of all, I’m starting to think that the purpose of life is to be gaslit every waking day of your baffling existence. In other words

Life is a gaslighting experience.

It’s not making sense to me but I think society and culture are so weird that this is how it’s supposed to work:

Somehow you are supposed to figure out all this stuff on your own (perhaps with some help of some honest others), then probably deny that you figured it out even though you did, then never tell any other baffled person these truths on the grounds of,  “Just figure it on your own!,” then act like these truths don’t exist and actually the opposite (the falsehood) is actually the truth, then spend your whole life in this absurd state of self-contradiction and suspended animation til you are given a shuffling off pardon from this mortal downward spiral we call life.

I have no idea where we go afterward, but I only pray it is somewhere that makes sense, assuming there’s such a place in this benighted universe of ours.

If you try to tell men, a lot of times they will gaslight you too. I’m not sure what’s going on though I think it’s some bizarre cultural rule:

Somehow you are supposed to figure out all this stuff on your own (perhaps with some help of some honest others), then probably deny that you figured it out even though you did, then never tell any other baffled person these truths on the grounds of,  “Just figure it on your own!,” then act like these truths don’t exist and actually the opposite (the falsehood) is actually the truth.

Then you spend your whole life in this absurd state of self-contradiction and suspended animation til you are given a shuffling off pardon from this mortal downward spiral we call life.

If you figure this stuff out, the usual reaction is if they agree with you is,

Duh! You finally figured this out this late in life? Social retard! You idiot!

So you get insulted for figuring something out because you’re either supposed to figure this out when you’re two or according to most folks, be born with the 500,000 social rules already in your head. That, or,

Shhh! It’s a dirty little secret! Don’t tell anyone!

Which only makes you even more confused. Why can’t I tell anyone? What will happen? Will I turn into a pumpkin at midnight?

Sometimes you get a

Yep you’re darn right, ha ha.

Which makes the whole experience of figuring out how you’ve been gaslit and figuring it out somehow worthwhile? I guess?

There are some women who are starting to make some very honest videos on Youtube along the lines of, Why Women Hate Passive Men, and Why Women Hate Nice Guys, etc. They’re almost all rightwing women because when it comes to Identity Politics issue and common wisdom associated with them, only the Right is telling the common sense truth nowadays, the Left only resorting to repeating the endless lies that make up the cultural view of the IP Left, or Idiot Left.

As a man of the Left and one who despises conservatism, it makes me furious when conservatives are right about much of anything because being conservatives, they should be wrong about everything by default because conservatism is crap. If they’re right about anything, we should just co-opt it and call it liberalism because liberalism should be about the truth and only the truth, otherwise there’s no point of being a liberal at all.

Truth is liberalism. Liberalism is truth. Or it should be. After all, we were the first to marry logic and science to politics and culture. Read Locke some time, if you dare. He’s very hard to read but if I can read him, maybe you can too. Well, if you’re smart you can. It’s also written in a foreign language called Mid-Eighteenth Century English, which makes it even harder to read, but I could decipher that so maybe you can too. Start with Two Treatises on Government.

The Tik Tok/Osama bin Laden Scandal and the Israel-Palestine War

CLADIVS AMERICANVS: Apparently Bin Laden’s letter to America has gone viral on Tik Tok, and the social media censors are trying to stop people from reading it. Personally, I think the letter is rubbish mixed in with some truth to make it effective propaganda. What bothers me is how Big Brother is trying to censor it.

Whatever Israel is trying to accomplish, I hope they do it soon and stop this nonsense. They can only get so much bad PR before they have to stop.

With that said, the Palestinians had it coming with their little “prank” they pulled.

The Israelis and the cursed British are the original culprits clearly. Who the hell thought a mass resettlement of Jews from Europe into Palestine would go smoothly? Nobody in their right mind, that’s who. However, the Palestinians, like your brother says, are ass-backwards terrorists who decided to pick a fight with a group of people with centuries-long cultural PTSD. No way that could end well.

They are playing the victims here. I see this attitude in ghetto people all the time. Whenever they are victimized by someone else, say the cops or a group of White people or a Latin Gang, they have their tails between their legs and cry boo hoo hoo. But we all know what they act like. So whatever. Fuck ’em.

The Israelis and Palestinians have done so much evil to each other at this point neither have the moral high ground left. But, if I have to choose sides, I’ll go with the more sophisticated and liberal civilization: Israel. Try being an open faggot in Palestine or procuring an abortion as a single mom and see how things turn out for you.

I’m guessing this is the sentiment many Americans hold. Many might just buy the main stream media’s simplistic propaganda of “Israel good. Palestine bad.”


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Went to a Palestinian Rally Tonight – Idiots Tried to Get Me Arrested!

Well, there was a Palestinian rally in my town tonite. I drove by it and then decided to go to it.

I went there and initially made the mistake of talking to a couple of young women. This never goes well for me anymore, and they usually act like they’re about ready to call the police if I so much as say hi to them. This is what awaits you, guys.

As a matter of fact, I can’t even look at young women. Same thing. If they’re attractive, I have to force myself to not look at them, and that’s very hard to do. They give me hate looks and act like they’re going to call the police. This part kind of pisses me off. I can’t even look at hot young women without people acting like they’re going to call the cops? WTF.

When you get to be my age, the one thing that infuriates people more than anything else is this outrageous idea that you might still have a sex drive. Because at my age having a sex drive is all but illegal.

I can’t talk to any kids of any age, which is something I don’t understand. I thought we don’t have a sex drive? Well, if we don’t, what are you so worried about? Not that I try to talk to them. But sometimes I look at them because well, kids are interesting. But I can’t do that either. If I do that, people start acting like they’re going to call the cops again. And the kids usually just act terrified. That’s for looking at them. Just showing you what it’s like to be me nowadays.

So I don’t talk to young women a whole lot. But old habits die hard.

So I went to their shitty rally because I believed in their crap cause.

When I got there, I talked to a couple of young women. They told me they were Arabs, Palestinians. One told me where her family had come from by naming two cities in Israel by their Arab names. I asked if those cities were now in Israel. She said,

Yes, occupied.

You need to understand how these maniacs think. They talk about the “Occupation” all the time. If one didn’t know better, one would think they were talking about the Occupied West Bank and possibly also the Gaza Strip.

A bit later I ended up talking to the father of one of them. He didn’t really want to talk about anything substantial very much, which I could say for everyone there. However, he did say he was for a two-state solution. I then asked the young women if that was what they wanted. For some reason this question was toxic to everyone I asked it to.

One told me that she liked a two-state solution, but she acted like I was annoying her for even asking. The other one acted like she didn’t want to answer the question.

I figured out that the reason for that was that she had the typical Palestinian attitude that, “All the Jews need to go back where they came from because all of this land is ours.” If you hang out in their Telegram groups or ind other online groups of them like do and used to, you will find that this is the only attitude you will ever see any Palestinian or Resistance Axis person say, “All of the Jews have to leave and go back where they came from because all of this land is ours.”

I’ve been in these groups a long time, and I’ve never seen one of these people ever say that they were for a one-state or even a 2-state solution. I don’t think most of them support either of those.

The attitude of all of them is “All of this land is ours, and not one inch of it is yours. You all need to go back where you came from and give us back our land.” Curiously, the Jews all have the same attitude, “All of this land is ours and you are not entitled to one inch of this land.” They usually leave it at that, but some add that the Palestinians all need to go to Jordan. You have two peoples both pursuing a maximalist, zero-sum game agenda. There can be no solution as long as they are both thinking like this.

One totally unpleasant Arab woman with a microphone came up to the women I asked and looked at me suspiciously.

“You don’t have to answer any questions you don’t want to,” she said to the young women, shooting me an unpleasant and suspicious look.

I then talked to a couple more older men. One of them was a Palestinian. Once again, he didn’t want to answer the solution question but he also said he was for a 2-state solution. Why is this such a terrible question?

I then tried to ask some guy with a big nose if he were a Palestinian. He refused to answer me or even acknowledged that I had spoken to me. I later figured out why that was. He was about to get me in trouble.

I went over talk to some White guy and then I went to talk to another Arab guy. He wasn’t very forthcoming either. None of them seemed to want to tell me what part of Palestine they came from, when they left, or anything interesting like that. They acted suspicious about any question like that. I ask him which solution he preferred and he wouldn’t answer (none of them will answer this question) until I prompt him with, “Two state solution?” to which he answered in the affirmative.

Pretty soon I had a cop in front of me challenging me. I had no idea why this was happening. He was asking me something about pepper spray, about whether I had pepper sprayed anyone. I had no idea what he was talking about. Then he asked me if I were ok. Actually, he kept asking me that and it was starting to make me angry.

I had no idea why he was asking me that. I asked why and he said I looked angry. People always say this and I never feel angry. I told him I wasn’t angry. He wanted to see my driver’s license. I gave it to him with a baffled look on my face. Next thing I know I was being taken aside by two or three cops. They were both asking me questions about pepper spray. I had no idea what they were talking about.

The loudmouthed woman with the microphone giving lousy chants for people to chant like, “Settlers go home,” shot me a suspicious look. One of the young Arab women shot me another suspicious look.

Then I figured it out. They tell me eventually that someone told the security guards who were providing security for the demonstration that someone reported me as being someone who had been at a previous rally pepper spraying people. These security guys had called the cops. I’d never been at any other rallies, and I don’t carry or use pepper spray.

So this question kept getting asked, and I kept saying I’d never been to any rallies or pepper-sprayed anyone. Finally it came out that I looked like some guy who had been at another rally and had pepper sprayed people. I told them it’s obviously a case of mistaken identity.

One cop asked to look through my pack. I told I didn’t think I had any pepper spray in there. He searched through my whole pack while the cops were looking at me suspiciously the whole time. The shithead who refused to talk to me when I tried to talk to him was standing by our side the whole time. This was obviously the asshole who turned me in the first place. The refusal to even acknowledge that I was talking to him was a dead giveaway.

I blurted out, “I go to these people’s rally because I support them, and they try to get me arrested!”

The cops finally decide it must be a case of mistaken identity, say some comforting words, leave me alone, and go away.

I looked around, confused, but decided to leave. I’m really sorry I went to their stupid rally. Almost everyone there was an Arab, a Muslim, or both. There were very few non-Arabs and non-Muslims there, and we outsiders (or at least I) were treated like hostile intruders. It felt like a closed party, for Arabs, Muslims, and Arab-Muslims only.

Like they didn’t want anyone else there. They were suspiciously guarded about what they wanted out of this conflict or even their relationship to the region. As you can see with how they called the cops on me, they’re way too suspicious and paranoid too.

I don’t think I’m going to any more of their lousy rallies. Still not understanding why they act this way.

Elon Musk Is Right, But the Theories Assign Jews Far More Blame Than They Deserve

There’s a huge fuss about Elon Musk liking an “antisemitic” tweet.

The news stations all have a huge fit about this. Even the White House chimed in that this was an evil thing for him to say. It’s being referred to as one of the worst and most toxic antisemitic conspiracy theories floating around nowadays. Musk is being compared repeatedly to Henry Ford. I know a bit about Ford’s antisemitism, but I don’t know a lot about it.

What I do know is that a lot the Jewish behavior in the US from 1900-1920 he wrote about in The International Jew was straight up, flat out true. Jews acted pretty horrible back then, and it was only antisemitism among Gentiles that prevented them from taking over whole swathes of our economy. This shows once again that once Jews wage ethnic warfare on other groups, only antisemitism stops them in their tracks.

He did talk about the Protocols of the Elders of Zion like he believed in it. This book was written by Czarist supporters. It proposes to be a record of a meeting of the “Elders of Zion,” the leaders of the Jewish communities of the world, in which they describe how they are plotting to take over the world. The plot is pretty much standard antisemitic conspiracy theory.

Apparently this meeting never took place, and the work is wholly fictional. For some reason the Jews are always jumping up and down yelling that this work is a “forgery,”

It’s a forgery! A forgery! A forgery!

– silly Jews

but it’s really just a made-up story about the minutes to a meeting that never happened between people who don’t exist. Why they call it a forgery is beyond me.

Anyway back to the tweet. The tweet is in reference to an ad Jewish groups have been pushing where a father confronts his son. The father found that his son had written,

Hitler had the right idea

on social media. The father says,

I never taught you to think like that.

The kid looks sheepish. The father points to Jewish families picking up their kids outside of a Jewish school. The father says,

If you feel so strongly about it, why don’t you go say it to their faces.

The son obviously doesn’t want to do it.

In response to that, we have the tweet above:

Jewish communities have been pushing the exact kind of dialectal hate against Whites that they claim they want people to stop using against them.

I’m deeply disinterested in giving the tiniest shit now about Western Jewish populations coming to the disturbing realization that those hordes of minorities that they support flooding their country with don’t exactly like them very much.

You want truth said to your face, there it is.

To which Musk responds:

You said the actual truth.

Here’s the problem. This theory, the Great Replacement Theory and the corollary that the Jews are promoting it  and also promoting hatred of Whites is simply straight up, flat out true. So this theory, one of the worst, most evil antisemitic theories of our time, is actually a simple fact. I would say that truth is a defense against antisemitism.

This theory is said to be dangerous because Jews have gotten killed over it. Think of the shooting at the Philadelphia synagogue – that was his beef. I’m sorry that happened, but maybe they should stop promoting it if they don’t want it happening to them, right? You’re promoting a theory that’s getting you killed? Either own it, “Yes, we’re saying it, but so what, and please stop killing us over our plan here,” or stop promoting the theory in the first place, seeing as, you know, it’s getting you killed? How hard is that?

We’ve talked in some posts lately about what huge liars Jews are. I happen to think that they mostly lie about matters regarding themselves, but they’ve also had a reputation in the US and Europe going back at least as far as Ford’s time for being dishonest, corrupt, and prone to bribery and perjury on the stand.

Anyway this is a matter concerning themselves, and I’ll tell you right now that the Jews are lying about this. They are indeed promoting this project, but they’re lying and saying they’re not, and they gaslight anyone who notices that they are and call them a Nazi Jew-hating antisemite. For…pointing out the obvious.

A few words of explanation here. Jews generally promote this plan in any White country they inhabit. There’s no nefarious plan at work here. Jews are simply trying, like they always do, to create an environment that is safe for the Jews. It’s driven by, if anything, Jewish paranoia. This is actually what is behind a lot of Jewish plots, schemes, and machinations.

They’re simply trying to create an environment that is safe for their people and to keep antisemitism at bay. That’s why they grabbed the media and Hollywood back in Ford’s day. Not power or money or any of that. Simply to keep it out of the hands of the antisemites.

Jews think they do best in multiracial, multicultural, multireligious societies because the more diverse a society is, the harder it is for it to gang up on the Jews. Jews have tended to be persecuted as problematic outsiders in monocultural, monoracial, monoethnic, monoreligious societies, and White Christian monoethnic monoreligious countries had a terrible record in recent times of going after the Jews.

Hence Jews try to dilute such societies by importing people who are not from the White ethnic Christian cultural background of the country. They’ve done this everywhere and they’ve done it here for some time now.

Jews were heavily behind the 1965 Immigration Act that got rid of the 1926 law that mandated that 90

The White Supremacist and White Nationalist types have been angry about this change ever since because after all, it did result in the decline of White America to the point where we are now on track to be a White-minority country.

I don’t have strong feelings about this, but we’ve certainly imported a lot of low-quality non-Whites to our country. I don’t particularly mind that we imported non-Whites, but it does bother me that the so many of the ones we imported were so low quality. Of course I refer to Hispanics when I say this. These low quality immigrants have caused us all sorts of problems.

We do also seem to have imported far too many non-Whites too quickly to the point where I often wonder what country I’m living in anymore.

I don’t understand why it was so important to flood my country with such vast numbers of non-Whites. How did this help me? How did this help me country? How did this make this a better place to live? I’m not seeing it.

I don’t have a problem with importing non-White immigrants. After all, we did it all through the 1960’s, 70’s, and into the 80’s. It just seems to me that we’re bringing far too many of them, and I don’t understand the point of this. I’m not against non-White legal immigration, but I’d like to bring in a lot fewer of them. Total legal immigration to the US in a year ought to be maybe 400,000, and illegal immigration should be close to zero.

The other charge is that Jews have been promoting hatred against Whites. Well, of course they have. They’ve been doing this for a long time now. Easy answer is Jews don’t like White Gentiles, especially White Christian Gentiles. Jews have never liked Christians. This goes back forever and was the case in Europe from 1000-on. And not too long ago, a lot of us White Christian European Gentile types got together and massacred 6 million Jews. If you want to know why they don’t like us, there you go.

The notion that Jews are not White is of course yet another Jewish lie, but Jews are as White as any of us White European Gentiles as far as I can tell. So Jews are a White tribe who hate all the other White tribes and insist that they’re not White. Problem is anyone can see through that and see the lie that the Jews are peddling here. Jews are increasingly being seen as the Whites they are, and all of the hatred that they promoted against us Whites all those years is now being turned on them.

Which, to me, is a dessert well and richly deserved! You promoted hatred against us forever, Jews, now people figured out your lie and saw that you’re as White as any of us are, and all this anti-White hatred you promoted is being turned back on you folks being fellow Whites who lie and say they’re not White.

On the other hand, is the war on Whites completely the fault of Jews? I doubt it. Many of us Whites have done a pretty good job of flagellating ourselves. And many non-Whites so resent us enough for this or that reason that they’ve eagerly taken up the White-hating mantra for their own mostly ego-defensive reasons.

Hating Whites has become a fad for many Hispanics, Asians, and especially Blacks. It’s not like Jews put guns to these peoples’ heads and ordered them to hate us. They had their own resentment-oriented reasons for doing so. Hating Whites has simply become an SJW, PC fad in Woke Culture. In fact it is one of the reigning pillars of Woke Culture.

I admit I was into it myself for a while because I saw myself as a man of the Left and this was part of the Left project I was immersed in. But I started seeing through this woke bullshit a good 20-25 years ago, and I started writing against it even way back then.

So, yes, hating Whites is part of Wokism and has been eagerly taken up by all sorts of non-Whites. Jews were one of the groups pushing the White-hating fad but they cannot be solely blamed for it as all sorts of groups got in on it. Blaming Jews for the White-hating fad doesn’t make a lot of sense and deprives the other guilty actors of agency.

We are letting in way too many refugees, and 95

There are calls under Biden to deport them if they commit certain serious offenses, but I’m not sure if they even do that. The fake-fugees are supposed to get a timely hearing at an immigration court but these courts are ridiculously understaffed, and no one wants to staff them fully. The Democrats don’t want to staff them because they want a system that doesn’t work.

Why Republicans don’t want to fully fund these courts either, I have no idea. A lot of people nowadays are overstaying their visas. If you overstay your visa and get caught in the country, it’s supposed to be immediate deportation. Apparently they’re not even deporting these people anymore either. Workplace raids are history. Democrats never raid any workplaces for illegals.

By the same token, yes, there is an immigration lobby in the US, but at the moment, that lobby is simply the majority of Americans. Most Americans want to legalize all the illegals. Mass amnesty. That’s what the “pathway to citizenship” crap is all about. Amnesty. Period.

The illegal immigration problem doesn’t seem as if it will get fixed because the Democratic Party is committed to not deporting illegals once they get in and releasing all of the fake-fugees in the country to wait for the forever hearing that so many of them will never show up for. So while the Democratic Party is not for open borders yet, Elizabeth Warren, AOC, and Julian Castro are effectively on record as supporting what boils down to open borders. It’s quite frightening actually.

It’s not so much a bunch of Jews pushing this as it’s the entire Democratic Party coalition. A huge percentage of Hispanics and Asians are on board for mass legal and illegal immigration. The reasons are ethnic. Their ethnic group has benefited from mass legal and illegal immigration, and they simply want more of their own kind to flood into the country.

Liberal Whites and liberals in general are supposed to be on board this same project as part of the overall liberal agenda. If you’re a White liberal, you have to support mass legal and illegal immigration. You simply cannot come out against it because if you do, you get beaten from here to Kingdom Come and called racist.

Most White liberals don’t enjoy getting called racist. They’ll do anything to avoid that. I would imagine most Black liberals are on board for mass legal and illegal immigration for the same reason. You simply can’t go against it. If you do, you get beaten half to death for being a racist and basically cast out of the Democratic Party.

Yes, the Jews support mass immigration, probably both legal and illegal, for their own selfish tribal reasons, but they’re not very important in terms of the immigration lobby, which is mostly made up of non-White ethnics and liberals in general.

If you’re against mass legal and illegal immigration, the Jewish Lobby won’t try to get rid of you. In fact, the Jewish Lobby lately has been electing lots of MAGA, election-denying Republicans, simply because they are for Israel. This is the only issue the Jewish Lobby cares about – Israel and antisemitism. The Lobby itself doesn’t spend a nickel on anything else.

No Congressman is terrified of being primaried by the Jewish Lobby because they’re not kosher on immigration. The Lobby won’t try to unseat you for that reason. I doubt if there is much Jewish money being spent for the specific purpose of maintaining sky high levels of immigration.

So the arguments are true:

Yes, Jews push hatred of Whites, but anymore they are not the major driver of that cause which has gone on autopilot and is now mostly driven by ethnics with grievances.

Yes, Jews promote mass immigration, legal and probably illegal, but they are not the primary force behind this lobby.

Of course it’s rich that the Jews pushed White-hatred until it turned around and bit them on the ass. And of course it’s equally ironic that they’ve promoted flooding our country with the very non-Whites who are going against them on so many things, in particular support for Israel, as young Woke non-Whites are not fond of the Jewish state at all. Jews also promoted flooding the country with Arabs and Muslims, many of whom hate them and their country. Once again, rich.

The problem with the schemes, machinations, plots, and conspiracies of the Jews, which they are always hatching and masterminding, is that they are carried out with an odd sort of frenzy as if they are simply driven to promote this or that scammy, underhanded ethnic plot. It’s like they can’t help themselves.

Jews are markedly lacking in introspection and they get so caught up in their scheming even deny that their schemes are even schemes that they never really think them through. The problem with compulsive plotters is that unless you plan your scams out very well, it’s quite easy for them to go south, especially for a group that is driven to scheme and remarkably unwilling to inspect their machinations to see if they even make sense.

Scheming while blinding yourself to the idea that you are scheming will of course also result in zero introspection or even awareness.

So, are the dual antisemitic theories true?

Of course they are, but these Jewish schemes are not the main drivers behind White-hatred and mass immigration. There are so many other factors driving these things forward that I think Jewish involvement is not very important.

45% of All Men Aged 18-25 Have Never Approached a Woman in Person for a Date

Hi folks. This post is over on Substack now because for some reason, three of the most important sentences in the post refuse to publish on the web. They look just fine in the editor, then I put them on the web and all I can see is the first letter of every sentence.

The Latest Jewish Lie: Hamas Had a Command Center in Al-Shifa Hospital

*Below, in most but not all cases, Jews means Israelis. US Jews are not doing any of these things over in Gaza, nor are they making up any of these stories.

The Genocide Jews and their lies changes more often than the breeze, so forgive me if I have not kept up with the latest bullshit.

The Jews’ genocidal attack on the Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza and in fact in all hospitals in Gaza from north to south, almost all of which are now shut down or on the edge of shutting down, was predicated on some bullshit about Hamas’ main command center in North Gaza being located right underneath the hospital. There were also reports of Hamas gunmen in the hallways and Hamas fighters using the grounds as a gigantic base. Doctors who have worked there for decades said they had never heard of any such thing.

First the Jews claimed they found military materials and weapons in a children’s hospital. Word is that the Jews planted all of these weapons and material. Next they claimed they found a document on a bulletin board listing the names of various Hamas commanders. Turns out it was nothing but a calendar written in Arabic. Apparently Hamas’ top commanders were named Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

The latest Jewish lie is that they found Hamas uniforms and weapons in the MRI room of the hospital. They were found in “pick up and go” backpacks in the room, apparently so that Hamas soldiers in plainclothes could grab them. All of the weapons were Chinese-made. Hamas doesn’t use Chinese made weapons.

The cameras of the room were taped up. Hand grenades were found behind in a backpack behind an MRI machine. Floppy disks were found, said to be terrorist materials. A terrorist laptop was found but a female Israeli soldier’s face was on the screensaver, so it was obviously her computer and it was planted.

The cameras were obviously taped up so the Jews could plant the fake weapons without being caught. The floppies are found in all MRI rooms as a matter of course, so they were fake too. People who work there recognized them. No hand grenade would ever be stored in back of an MRI machine because it’s made out of metal. When you turn on the machine, the metal was break the MRI machine.

I don’t believe any of this nonsense for a minute. People who have worked in the hospital for decades said Hamas had never used the hospital as a base ever during that entire time, and they surely were not doing so this time. Doctors stated that they had never seen a single Hamas fighter in the building.

There is no way Hamas would have secretly used the hospital as a base because the government and the hospital authorities and workers were so opposed to it. There’s no way that the hospital workers or authorities would have let Hamas use any part of that hospital as a base. As both sides were clearly dead set against using the place as a base, that’s obviously not what happened.

Obviously all of this material was planted by the Jews. The fake laptop, fake backpack location behind an MRI machine, fake floppy disks, and fake tape covering the cameras all give the lie to yet another Jewish fake.

The problem is that the fakes and lies of the Jews are getting so obvious that they’re not even trying anymore. Not that it matters because Americans swallow whole every lie the Jews make up, so it doesn’t matter how pathetic they are.

In fairness, I should note that the Ukrainian Nazis lie far more than the Jews and Americans swallowed every single ridiculous lie they told too. The media also dutifully reported every single idiotic lie the Nazis made up same as they are reporting these Jewish lies, so I’m not saying bullshitting and pathological lying is a Jewish thing. Obviously they have a lot of company. And the US government has echoed every single lie the Jew and Ukrainians have made up, so it looks like the Americans and Ukrainians lie just as much if not more than the Jews. And the West itself backed up every single Ukrainian Nazi lie echoed by the US, so it’s not just a US problem. I haven’t checked the European media on the Gaza War yet, but I assume they’re echoing all the Jewish lies.

So I’m not saying that Jews are some special sort of liars. Right now the Americans and the Ukrainian Nazis actually lie more than the Jews do. And the West in general echoes every lie the Nazis told and I’m betting they’re on board with the Jewish lies too. This seems to be more of a general problem with the pathological lying West in general, the US, the Jews, the Ukrainian Nazis, and the NATO countries in general. It’s hard to say that any one group is any more dishonest than any other. They’re all in it together.

The Jews have been ranting forever that the main Hamas command center in all of North Gaza is located underneath the Al-Shifa Hospital.

This was the rationale for their genocidal massacre of patients, health care workers including doctors and refugees at the hospital. Now we finally realize why the Jews insist that that there’s a base under the hospital. The Jews built a base and tunnel complex under the hospital themselves when they ruled Gaza in 1983! So they were going to find their own base and tunnel complex.

After they raided the complex, the Jews found their old base and tunnel complex, but it had been concreted over by Hamas, probably because they did not want to get accused of having a base under the hospital. Idiotically, the Jews are going to dig up the concreted over tunnel to prove that there was a “Hamas base” there.

The hospital had been bombed for days by the Jews. The Jews denied water, food, fuel, and medicines for this hospital and all the others too. Newborn babies had to be taken out of incubators because the Jewish cut off the power, and three of them died as a result.

At one time, 15,000 were taking shelter at the hospital as the Jews constantly bombed the area all around. They also bombed the courtyard outside where refugees were sheltering in tents, killing a number of people. In one of these attacks, they used a US Hellfire missile.

Other buildings in complex had been bombed and a number of children were killed by the Jews. Towards the end, the Jews shot at anyone, patient or worker, trying to move between one part of the hospital and the other.

The Jews delivered enough fuel for half an hour to the front of the hospital as a PR move, but the workers could not go out to get it because the Jews shot at them every time they went out of the building. Every time refugees, patients, or workers tried to leave the hospital, the Jews attacked them with bombs and bullets. All ambulances going to or coming from the hospital were bombed by the Jews.

Towards the end, things had gotten do dire inside the hospital that many wounds were going gangrenous because the Jews were denying them medical care. The Jews shot at doctors and other workers who showed their heads in the windows.

120 people who were murdered by the Jews were dead outside the hospital. The bodies were decomposing and dogs were starting to eat them. They could not be buried because every time someone went out to bury the bodies, the Jews shot at them again.

At one point, a group of people, workers, refugees, and patients, left the hospital. The Jews opened fire on them, killing 30.

As the Jews started to raid the hospital, the entire building smelled like death. During the raid, the Jews arrested many workers and refugees for no good reason. They were stripped of their clothing, tied up, and taken away in Jewish Army vehicles.

Over the weeks, the Jews had bombed various units in the hospital. As they raided it, they locked doors shut in various units. Patients in these rooms were locked behind the doors, and doctors could not get at them. Doctors were prevented from accessing many patients in this manner. The entire hospital was filled with smoke and dust.

The Jews went on a rampage in the hospital. They destroyed all of the hospital’s X-ray machines. The Jews blew up the medicine warehouse, destroying all of the hospital’s medications.

At the moment, the Jews are still in the hospital, taking up positions at windows of the building and sniping from them.

What’s even more outrageous is that all of the main US media outlets are now running with the lie that Israel found a Hamas base in and under the hospital. They’re also running with the “Hamas weapons found in the hospital” lie. Not even one single US media outlet is running with the obvious story that the Jews planted all the evidence.

The White House and the US intelligence community issued a finding that Hamas had used the hospital and the area under it as a base. These are all lies the Jews made up, but the US government is reciting them like gospel.

It’s still not completely clear why the Biden Administration is so pro-Israel. They’re supporting only a minority of the American population here. Why?

Jewish money in the general election?

Biden has deep emotional ties to Israel dating back decades, so this may be a factor.

The Pentagon, the CIA, and the US national security and foreign policy establishment have formed a deep alliance with Israel for decades now based on a number of factors. Perhaps what we are seeing here is the effect of the inertia of a deep alliance cultivated over decades.

What’s bizarre here is that Biden seems to be destroying his own re-election campaign in this wild effort to suck up to the Jews. It doesn’t make sense. Israel is so important that it’s enough to lose an election over? I’m not getting it.

The US media isn’t really run by Jews anymore, though it was 25 years ago, so I’m a bit mystified.

The truth is that the US media, Gentile and Jewish, is completely pro-Israel, and there’s no good theory about why that’s so, especially for the Gentile media power brokers. 66

Only 5

Professor Outrageously Prosecuted for Killing a Jew during a Fair Fight

Paul Kessler, a belligerent, 69 year old pro-Israeli Jew from California, got into a fight with a pro-Palestinian protestor, Loay Alnaji, a university professor. In the course of the fight, Kessler was killed.

The media lied about the case from the very start. First it said that the killer had beaten Kessler over the head with a microphone, knocking him over on the sidewalk and killing him. Kessler’s supporters made that up. It wasn’t true at at all.

Next the other side lied saying that Kessler started beating the killer with his Israeli flag. The killer then hit him back with his microphone. It knocked him over on the sidewalk, killing him. Well, that didn’t happen either. But no one believed that lie, whereas the lie Kessler’s supporters told were swallowed whole by the entire media.

The truth is finally coming out. Kessler tried to tear the microphone away from Anjani. A big tussle ensued. In the course of trying to get Kessler off of his microphone, the professor quite understandably shoved Kessler. Kessler fell to the ground and died. If I have a microphone and some maniac is trying to wrestle it away from me, you’re damn right I’m going to shove him!

Incredibly, insanely, Anjani is being charged with battery causing bodily injury and involuntary manslaughter. No battery should be charged in this case. It was a fair fight and Kessler started it. Anjani was surely within his rights to continue it. Involuntary manslaughter seems completely inappropriate also. It is defined as an unintentional killing that results either from recklessness or criminal negligence or from the commission of a low-level criminal act such as a misdemeanor. You can’t go around charging everyone with involuntary manslaughter every time someone accidentally kills someone else. It usually means that someone was so wildly negligent or reckless in their use of force that another person died. There was no negligence or recklessness here.

There’s no way any crime was committed here. It as a fair fight and of course Kessler started it. Anjani was completely within his rights to shove Kessler when Kessler attacked him and tried to wrestle his mike away from him.

America’s media went berserk when this death occurred. “A Jew was murdered by a pro-Palestinian protestor!” the headlines screamed across the land. I was dubious of course because our media always lies about such matters. When I researched it, it seemed like a whole lot about nothing. When police refused to charge the man who pushed him, I figured it was a nothingburger.

Americans Have a Fetish for Aggressive Behavior

Americans have a bizarre way of championing aggressive behavior.

Look at how readily we fire people in this country. I’d make a terrible boss because it would be very hard for me to fire anyone. If someone had a problem, I’d probably give them a few chances and warn them.

At all the jobs I’ve ever worked, people were fired instantly for the tiniest little things, and the managers seemed to take sadistic delight in this.

I was on a forum once where they were discussing an article about why workers get fired in the US. The Europeans were stunned and kept saying, “You get fired for this rinky-dink, petty-ass bullshit? What kind of a country are you, anyway?” The Americans seemed nervous and were squirming around in their answers.

I’m also convinced that few people get fired for cause. Americans think this is always the case, as they think this mysterious “incompetent worker” is everywhere. 90

For instance, American women see aggressiveness as masculine. If you’re not aggressive, you’re a puss, and she won’t respect on some level.

Of course if you’re a passive, withdrawing, follower-not-a-leader Chad like me, you still get laid a lot because of that damned pretty face and maybe some great Game, but they can’t fuck you all the time, and sometimes when they take a break from fucking you, they will contemptuously attack your lack of masculinity. Speaking from experience here.

I loved the sex but didn’t appreciate the attacks on my masculinity much as, like so many passive, withdrawing, follower-type men, I definitely see myself as a masculine man.

A gay man once noted that even what he called “feminine” men – quiet, shy, passive, follower types – had what he called “a soft masculinity” about them. That rang so true with me! Of course! No woman will ever see that. I’m not sure if straight men will. Gay men are completely outside of the masculinity game and have no skin in that contest, so they can be completely objective. It often takes a complete outsider to look at a situation most logically. Once you’re wrapped up in the issue in some way or other, your objectivity tends to land in the trash.

I’m convinced that American women only want hypermasculine men. They simply will not tolerate anyone else. I’ve come to this conclusion very late in life, and it’s very depressing because I’m not that way at all. I’m convinced that I’m right though. Some women dress it up in evolutionary psychology arguments. This may be so but it doesn’t make life any more pleasant for us passive men.

Lying, Jewish, Normative, Utilitarian, and Psychopathic: Its Nature and Motivations

I suspect Jews are respectable racially, more eugenic than dysgenic, but spiritually they are very low.

I think you are right. I’m also convinced that Jews’ upbringing must place very little emphasis on telling the truth. There’s no way that honesty is a Jewish value. That can’t possibly be true.

Of course you have to lie sometimes to protect yourself or for other utilitarian reasons, but I would not get in the habit of lying too much. People will see through it and trust me, eventually you will be caught in your lies, and people won’t like that very much. I don’t think pathological lying is worth it.

Of course I’ve lied in my life. I’m human and I’m not stupid, so of course I’ve told a fib or two in my time. Also I used to be a player and all players are liars by necessity.

For instance, if you tell a 40 year old Japanese man some typical Christian bullshit like, “I never lie,” he will laugh right in your face:

LOL! You are an idiot!

He will holler.

In Japanese society, lying is part of politeness. Suppose you accidentally leave a door open in a Japanese house. It would be rude to yell at you about it and it would even be rude to point it out in the nicest way, so the Japanese will beat around the bush. They might not even close it themselves! Soon you will hear people mildly noting that’s gotten quite a bit cold inside and wondering why that is. That’s their way of calling you an idiot for leaving the door open.

You’re supposed to figure out you screwed up by leaving the door open and go close it and then probably not say anything about it. Very much a “culture of subterfuge.”

An American would yell at you and call you are idiot for not closing the door and everyone would cheer the person who did that and call them “masculine,” “not a pussy,” “a leader, not a follower,” “a go-getter,” etc.

The Jews’ argument is like this:

If telling the truth is bad for the Jews, why should I tell the truth? If admitting Leo Frank killed that girl (he did) gets one Jew harmed, injured, or killed, then why tell the truth? Why not just lie and save the Jews from harm, injury, and death?

This is actually the utilitarian reason for a lot of lying. I suppose it makes sense, but my argument would be that I could care less if admitting that Leo Frank killed that girl gets some Jew harmed, injured, or even killed. So what? I’m committed to the truth above all else and I don’t care what consequences the truth carries. That means nothing to me.

I think some liars know that they are lying, and they’re just deliberately making shit up, but I think most of the time lie-peddlers think the lies they are selling are actually true. The weird thing is that the worst liars of all, people who just deliberately make shit up for whatever wicked utilitarian reasons they have, tend to gravitate to the highest positions of power, money, and prestige.

It is at the very heights of society that one finds the most psychopathic liars of all. I’m convinced that the worst people seem to rise to the very heights of society and that the commanding heights of society are pretty much run by psychopaths. No matter what, where, when, or how, I think the psychopaths are always in charge.

Kant’s Categorical Imperative is part of his moral philosophy. He held that one should tell the truth if not all times than at least almost all of the time.

For instance, if you were hiding Jews and the Nazis came to the door, you would be required to tell them the truth that there are Jews hiding in your house. Doesn’t seem real intelligent to me.

The Problem with Jewish Lying: Westerners Believe Every Word They Say

Anyone with working eyes, ears, and brain knows that Jews have a terrible reputation for being fast and loose with the truth.

I’ve known lots of Jews in my life though, and they didn’t seem any bigger liars than anyone else I’ve ever known. But then the Jews I knew were very assimilated. As Jews become more assimilated, the Jewish tendency to lie declines precipitously.

The Jews’ religious books tell to go ahead and lie like rugs all you want to the Gentiles. T

here is also a huge textual array of dissimulation in Jewish texts whereby there are severe proscriptions on the severe anti-Gentile strictures of the religion being leaked out the Gentiles. Along the same lines, similar to Muslim taqiyya or strategic lying, Jews are ordered to lie about these major aspects of their religion to the Gentiles when Jews are minorities in Gentile cultures so as not to bring a pogrom upon them.

I get the strong impression that Jews are not brought up with a strong prohibition against promiscuous lying or lying period the way we Christians are. The anti-lying rules I was brought up with were quite severe even while I was surrounded by strategic and mostly ego-defensive liars in my own family. Jewish lying is so felicitous, un-selfconscious, and shameless that one gets the impression that Jewish upbringing doesn’t bother much with teaching honesty.

A Jew I knew said that Jews didn’t lie anymore than anyone else when it came to matters outside of the tribe, and I think he may have a point.  See my comment above about the Jews I’ve known.

On the other hand, Jews are driven to succeed money-wise at all costs, the men in particular, and male Jewish life is haunted by the specter of failure that stalks every frightful day of his life. “Succeed at all costs” is bound to create a huge liar intentional or not. Honest people, like nice guys, finish last. In US culture, the biggest liar wins for all the marbles. Jews tend to accumulate a lot money, prestige and power and the more of these things one has, the bigger of a liar one must be in case an honest slip of the tongue deprive of your material and wordly gifts.

When it comes to the tribe of course, Jews lie like rugs. In this area, Jews are not scientists at all. They are one of the most anti-scientific races on Earth. This is Jewish “empiricism.” Let’s lay this out mathematically like Wittgenstein:

  • Is it good for the Jews? Yes? It it is true.
  • Is it bad for the Jews? Yes? It is false.

Given this ridiculously anti-factual mindset, one wonders exactly how so many Jews end up working in any type of real science.

That they flock to the fake social sciences should be no surpirse, as here ideology reigns over fact and theory over truth every single time. The social sciences are where truth and logic go to die. Here capricious emotion holds court over rapt and riled up limbic brains riding rough over dozing frontal lobes, and the royal house of trivial and petty tantrum reigns with the mercurial direction of the wind and shifts about as often.

Of course (((Moronicans))), who think Jews are the most honest people on Earth and hang on every word that flows from their silver tongues, fall for every single lie the Jews tell about the matters of their people, except those so outrageous that even the US disbelieves them (40 beheaded babies), although the Jews continue to stubbornly repeat this even long after it has been disproved.

Note that Jews are continuing to repeat the “beheaded babies” lie even today and I’m sure they’ll be pigheadedly echoing it a year from now or even decades hence.


My opinion is that (((US Gentiles))) are basically a “Jewish” people, as in “Jewish in spirit.” (((Americans))) are indistinguishable from Jews. This probably explains downright fanatical (((US))) support for Israel.

Another similar way to see it is that (((Americans))) are not an antisemitic people at all. At this point, a teaspoon of antisemitism in our coffee every morning might even help us see straight through the day, but alas, for most of us it is not to be, though to me it’s a quotidian devotion. Instead, (((Americans))) are wildly, almost fanatically philosemitic. I refer to (((Americans))) culture as “pathological philosemitism” or even “delusional philosemitism.”

Excess love of the Jews, who are really just another silly little tribe of petty humans, is as irrational as deranged antisemitism. One could argue that our ridiculous philosemitism got 3,000 (((Americans))) killed on 9-11.

Since then, it’s been one “War for the Jews” after another in the Middle East while the bodies pile up and the hospitals fill and are emptied as the Jews massacre the patients on their own linen sheets. The (((American “Wars for the Jews”))) are ongoing in Syria, where our (((presence))) is illegal, and Iraq, where we have been ordered by Parliament to leave the country and take all our (((bases))) with us. In addition, (((Wars for the Jews))) are ongoing in a sense with our (((fleet))) in the Mediterranean, the Persian Gulf, and now the Red Sea.

The “Americans are controlled by Jews” line suggests that Jews are putting guns to these (((American Gentiles)))’ heads and forcing them to support Israel. Not buying it. “Jewish control” is basically consensual. You aren’t controlling someone if they’re going along with it.

*I use Echoes or Cohencidence Marks not to delineate Jews but to mean “pro-Israel.” So it includes both (((pro-Israel Gentiles))) and actual Jews. The distinction between the two is increasingly irrelevant. By “pro-Israel” I don’t mean “controlled by Jews.” I think we need to get over this. So many (((American Gentiles))) are simply down with the Jews for one reason or another. We’re a nation Jew-lovin’ fools!

The Anti-Jewish/Anti-Israeli Bombings in Buenos Aires in the 1990’s

There were two bombings in Buenos Aires in the 1990’s, the first of the Israeli Embassy in 1992 and the second of the AMIA Jewish Center in 1994. It’s long been thought that Iran and Hezbollah were involved, but recent findings have shed doubt on that theory.

The best analysis so far is that neither Hezbollah nor Iran was involved in either that awful embassy bombing or that terrible Jewish center bombing. Neither Hezbollah nor Iran has ever attacked Diaspora Jews, so there’s no reason for the AMIA bombing, and the embassy bombing killed a lot of other people. The (((Hezbollah and Iran did it))) line has fallen apart over time, but the (((usual suspects))) keep pushing it of course.

Right now the best theory is that local Argentine neo-Nazis bombed both the embassy and the AMIA center. There are many in Argentina, they were very active in the Dirty War from 1978-1983, and they are fanatical antisemites.

Of course Hezbollah does suicide bombings, but they have not done one in quite some time now.

Even the prosecutor who was investigating the case was murdered at some point (he was Jewish himself).

Considering he was Jewish, the Nazis may have killed him.

There is a theory that the AMIA bombing was a “Mossad false flag.” Not buying it. I don’t think they do those very often, though the Beirut port bombing with a nuclear weapon could be seen as one perhaps. It’s more like they do an attack, kill a bunch of their enemies, usually hundreds or thousands of “evil Arab civilians,” and then say they didn’t do it, often blaming Arabs for killing their own people.

The Role of the Muslim Brotherhood and Sunni Anti-Shiism in the Arab and Muslim World

Rambo: That’s where Khaled Meshaal, the leader of Hamas, is now – in Qatar.

Back in the 90’s when the Mossad hunted him (Meshaal) down and poisoned him, the Palestinians demanded that Israel provide not only the antidote for the poison, but the formula for the antidote as well. Israel refused that demand, but did provide the antidote for the poison to save Meshaal’s life.

Don’t forget. A few years ago Saudi Arabia wanted to go to war with Qatar (right on Saudi Arabia’s border) because they had too close an alliance with Iran since Iran and Qatar share a huge natural gas field.

The Jordanians demanded the antidote, not the Palestinians. I think now they would just let him die.

Also, Qatar supports the Muslim Brotherhood (MB). Hamas is the Palestinian Muslim Brotherhood. Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Egypt all hate the MB, not because the MB are evil or crazy or extreme but simply because they are competitors. They’re all Islamists and the MB isn’t really any more Islamist than Saudi Arabia or UAE. Hamas is remarkably less Islamist than the Egyptian or Syrian MB or Saudi Arabia and UAE. So the MB differs by region.

The fact that Hamas is MB has a lot to do with why the UAE and Saudi Arabia don’t like them. Egypt really hates the MB and has serious issues with Hamas as a result. Palestinians don’t like the MB so Hamas hides their MB affiliation.

Turkey is pro-MB. Syria also hates the Syrian MB but likes Hamas. The Syrian MB is very radical and is the main force behind the Islamists fighting the state there. CAIR in the US is an MB front. Students for Justice in Palestine is also an MB front. The MB is Sunni and they don’t like the Shia, but Hamas is pretty much pro-Shia. Most Palestinian  Sunnis though not all are pro-Shia.

The Axis of Resistance is very much pro-Sunni but it doesn’t work the other way around. The resemblance would be to the Jim Crow South where a lot of downtrodden Blacks probably wanted to just make peace with Whites, but the Whites just wanted to treat them like n_rs. The Shia have long been the n_rs of the Arab World.

Also, Arab Sunnis say that they run the Arab World and they dislike the Shia making inroads. In Lebanon before Hezbollah the best job a Shia could get was garbage collector.

The Sunnis of Jordan, Egypt, Sudan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and UAE all hate the Shia. Palestinian, Syrian, Yemeni, Turkish, and Lebanese Sunnis are much more pro-Shia, although many Syrian Sunnis are vicious Shia-haters, and the Turkish Sunnis treat Shias badly.

Morocco, Somalia, the Sahel, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Djibouti, Bosnia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Chechnya, the Stans, and Russian, Filipino, Indian, and Albanian Muslims don’t care anything about the Shia, mostly because they never had to deal with them. The Shia-haters have had experience with Shia in the country and a history of conflicts with them, especially with the Iranian Safavids.

Al Qaeda was actually created by MB preachers who fled to Saudi Arabia after Egypt cracked down on the MB after they assassinated Sadat for making peace with Israel. They all fled to Saudi Arabia and became increasingly radicalized due to the crackdown. They bled in with the largely Quietist Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia and ended up radicalizing it and turning it into Qutbism, a militant and anti-Quietist form of Wahhabism.

This militant Wahhabism was then exported all over the Muslim World by Saudi Arabia in an effort to export their own militant Wahhabi revolution to keep it from overthrowing the throne, but it ended up radicalizing Islam everywhere it got exported to.

The Axis of Resistance doesn’t like the Syrian rebels, Wahhabism, Qutbism, Salafism, or the UAE or Saudi Arabia. They also hate Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, and Bahrain as sellouts. They call them “Jews.”

Israel As a Cheap and Tawdry Imitation of Southern California

Another great post by Francis Miville. Great unique perspective.

Israel is the theater of Western culture’s ultimate defeat, though only as a theater scene.

All Zionist Jews living in Israel don’t live on the disputed (occupied) land of Israel-Palestine. They live in a TV serial entitled “Israel” and have concerns typical of B-series actors and stunt performers. As soon as they can, after their day job, they take refuge from the local geology, climate, and political narrative in air-conditioned shopping malls to better their careers.

Greater Tel Aviv covers more than half of the country (Negev desert excepted) with a suburbia absolutely identical to Toronto’s (most of its recent architects are indeed Jewish-Canadian); that is to say, one of the worst land-squandering urbanisms of the world.

The semi-desert Palestine of Ottoman rule did once bloom not so much thanks to the kibbutzniks but rather to the British entrepreneurs in industrial horticulture of Mediterranean fruits from 1850 onwards after the technologies of deep rock drilling into far aquifers had entered into general practice. Most of their manpower was composed of Arab-speaking people from overpopulated regions such as the Nile Delta or the coast of Lebanon.

Jews were also appreciated by these British farmers but only as second fiddles in that economic modernization scheme, and also to help the de facto British colonists (they were to become official ones only after Balfour) practice their customary divide-and-rule way of colonial nation-building.

Israel was already at its peak greening when independence was proclaimed thanks to British entrepreneurship and Arab manpower imported from neighboring regions. Thereafter the development of Tel Aviv reestablished the desert, this time in its urban “stroad” form you know all to well in So Cal around San Diego and Venice. In my opinion it is one of the most spiritually-empty places of the world.

Jerusalem is to Tel Aviv what Hollywood is to the greater LA conurbation : there is no longer any countryside between Tel Aviv Beach and Old Jerusalem apart from the British-planned and -planted green belt in the exact fashion of Canberra or Ottawa, and if you want to get an idea of what kind of spirituality you can breathe in Jerusalem, picture yourself something between Canberra, Ottawa, and Christchurch with a hint of Kingston, Jamaica.

All the agriculture Israel remains so proud of having developed with propaganda reminiscent of Soviet posters was already all developed under the British mandate. Now now it is in relative decline quite like California’s Grand Valley due to stroad suburbanization and also to the soil having retained too many toxic chemicals from too much input accumulation and lack of drenching rainwater to flush them out, a problem typical in many irrigated deserts. All of his makes the produce more and more sub-standard on the world market.

Whenever a typical Israeli has done his day job as an actor or stunt performer on the TV serial that passes as world news, he takes refuge in a Torontonian-style shopping mall to meet his friends and family and enjoy conditioned air that is too expensive for his own flat.

Israel’s sustainability as a state is very limited in time due to the failure of its Jewish population to inhabit and love the local ground for real. Instead, they all see themselves as a cheaper version of what the same Jews have created in So Cal. A country composed of B-series actors is the biggest danger to world peace you can imagine. A TV serial can sell only through perpetual suspense, and Israel sells suspense by appealing to the darkest recesses of the West’s collective unconscious.

But the big mistake to make when discussing the situation in Israel-Palestine is to analyze it in religious or eschatological terms, as Netanyahu himself tries to do without believing a single word of it.

When that subject is in or on the air, it is better to be an atheist, preferably of the Marxist kind. When people of any party ask you to pray for Jerusalem, just answer, “The day when there is no one to make a single prayer in Jerusalem will Jerusalem’s greatest day.” You wouldn’t pray for Canberra nor go there as a pilgrim, would you?

What remains of Old Jerusalem is a kind of theme park enshrined in a far wider and luxurious marble-covered area of mall galleries like Manila but where you can enjoy lox on a bagel for twice the Manhattan price. The only difference with America is that the Palestinian zones are modeled not so much as Afro-American ghettoes as in-city Amerindian reserves micromanaged through state-selected organized crime bands like their New World counterparts.

Netanyahu’s Plan for a New Suicidal Holocaust – A Sacrificial Burnt Offering to the Enlightenment West

By Francis Miville. I edited it quite a bit but I hope I didn’t change the tone too much. Very interesting though I don’t necessarily agree with it.

The issue of Gaza is much simpler than you think.

Netanyahu’s move means many things. Perhaps first it is doing what he needs for his slow-motion coup to proceed forward and transform Israel into the unchecked autocracy so many dream of now. Next, he aims to co-opt and move the White European and American Racist Extreme Right as far away as possible from antisemitism.

In this case, “Never again” means “never again” at any cost, even if it means hiring Nazis themselves as bodyguards to keep the populace down and away.

The intention here is to identify Israel as the perfect bully role model for the White Racist Right it is now not only authorized but encouraged to imitate when it comes to dealing with the dual specters haunting Greater Europe – the throngs of Black Power and multicultural immigrants roiling their own latter day Weimar streets.

Netanyahu is proceeding in this offensive of evil charm following his mentor Trump’s towards the very same kind of stultified public. What they both love is seeing “Sand Negroes” being dealt with at last in the very same way they would love to do to so many “un-whites” they find or actually are irksome.

Many of these retrograde types dream of seeing hospitals and all kinds of social services being destroyed with all due fireworks, as they see them as mini-mafias of freeloaders anyway. Netanyahu, who is but Trump’s elder circumcised brother, knows how to whistle to the very same dogs and by what kind of red meat to whet their debased appetites.

What I am witnessing now is about 95

For a doctrinal Zionist like Bennett, the ritual human sacrifice being performed in Gaza operates a guarantee that this time around, whatever the economic crisis to come, the Street Nazis and other like leathered thugs will paradoxically support Zionism and oppose antisemitism.

For a doctrinal Zionist who doesn’t care about the state of the rest of the world left behind, that’s the thing to do to be immunized against the worst never to happen again. In the WWIII to come (or the Second American Civil War) the Racist Right will be a guaranteed ally up to the very end. They may kill and maim all intellectuals, but they will make an exception for the Jews provided they are less and less liberal as is the Likud’s intention anyway. Enlightenment Jews as were typical of the 19th century must be a thing of the past.

Israel Shahak, only a very few years after WWII and the foundation of Israel, in his masterwork “<em>Jewish History, Jewish Religion, The Weight of 3000 Years</em>” saw in advance the transformation of Israel, just created at the hands of the most humanistically liberal class Jewry ever known, back into the worst kind of super Warsaw Ghetto he himself had so painstakingly extricated himself, emerging to breathe free at last for a century and a half.

The Jewish mentality in the pre-modern Polish and Russian ghettoes, if need be reminded to those who tend to see Einsteins or Freuds when they meet Jews, had always sided with tyrants and fascistic gangs among the non-Jews around to keep the populace enslaved and easily exploitable by their own shady dealings, which of course had resulted in a mean doctrine of Judaic thought far more obscurantist and retrograde than the Roman Catholic Church ever was.

Namely, whereas the latter kept content with maintaining a (never very long) index of forbidden “bad books,” the ghettoes’ thought police maintained a (very short) list of allowable books besides the Talmud. Intellect was to be applied only to conform one’s thought to the rabbis’ in order to make money for the rabbis, otherwise curiosity was a sin of “epicurism.” The Jewish world is reverting to that mentality via express highway.

Netanyahu’s conclusion is that for “never again” to hold, there most must no Jewish Enlightenment again. In contrast, what is needed is collective protective stupidity which allows mere cunning as the only legitimate form of intellect. This is very stupid because the Holocaust unfolded precisely in that part of Europe (namely mostly Poland and the former Russian Pale of Settlement) that had made its obdurate choice of obscurantism at the service of Russia or Prussia.

The Warsaw Ghetto had for some time been an upper middle-class bourgeois zone closed to all Catholic Polish like to pigs before the ghetto itself fell into squalor when the tyrants the residents served ended up on the losing side, which segued into the Nazi period when it gradually turned into a camp, first of concentration, then of extermination.

Israel is taking exactly the same historical route.

Israel has just signed a blood pact with the very same Filthy Beast that nearly missed killing them all. It will continue onward towards the same result at an accelerated pace. It won’t be a repetition of the of the Holocaust of yore though.

The Nazis are now being guaranteed to be on the side of the Jews as a result of the act of Jewish Black Magic the Jews are performing now in Gaza. This Jewish human sacrifice is now presented to the world as a cheap, drive-in, reality snuff movie for the lowbrow masses. This burned offering will driven a wave of absolute obscurantism and book burning unfurling in a flag of darkness and arrogant ignorance, its shadow darkening our benighted lands.

That wave of anti-intellectualism will engulf Israel itself, together with most institutions formerly founded or conquered by Enlightenment Jews, and in that climate the mere fact of being a present or former intellectual will drive one headfirst and headlong inexorably towards a Fahrenheit 451 style pogrom. Only this time around in the Holocaust to Come, our destiny as children of Adam will be only one of suicide, of the intellect first and civilization later.

Banned by Another Leftie

This guy.

Weird because he was one of my heroes for many years and now he banned me. I don’t even know why he did it! I wrote a long comment something along the lines of the last post about the US’ fanatical support for Israel, saying that while Jewish money and power was part of it, it wasn’t the whole story. Went into a lot of detail about the degree of Jewish control over various parts of our society, focusing on the media where I said Jews don’t really run the media anymore. Was it that?

Did I make a comment with some Echoes or Cohencidence Marks? (((Like this))). Those get you banned on all leftwing blogs now. But I use them to just mean “pro-Israel,” by that I don’t imply “controlled by Jews” or any of that, whatever the Hell that means anyway.

I think he banned me for being an antisemite, which is a bit weird as I don’t even like extreme obsessive and conspiratorial and certainly Nazi antisemitism very much. But there’s clearly a huge problem with Jewish power and money in the US and subsequent US fanatical support for Israel. It’s a big deal because it’s threatening to blow up the whole world. And Israel’s behavior is, to say the least,  not very good at all.

I think a lot of  pro-Israel Gentiles have some deep dealings or passions about the Jewish people that allow them to feel that way. For instance, finance banking was still quite WASP up until maybe 25 years ago. Then the Jewish takeover began. Don’t ask me how it happened.

Many of the largest law firms are still White Gentile owned. However, with the financialization of the economy, much of the business of these biggest firms now consists of representing the financial sector – the banksters, hucksters, speculators and other forms of “parasitic capital,” which is exactly what it is because almost none of that money in investing anything productive or real, like, you know, making stuff?

Making widgets or whatnot is so passe. It’s all about the big Gambling Casino in the sky now. But economies based on speculative capital are not even “real” in a sense because the only real economy is about making stuff.

Anyway these law firms now have lots of Jewish clients. So that’s why you see them all lining up saying they won’t hire anyone at Harvard or Yale who looked at Israel the wrong way. They’re not “controlled by Jews.” But they’re deeply wrapped up with them in consensual moneymaking alliances.

What’s hilarious about this Cook guy and Caitlin Johnstone who just banned me too is that like all idiot Lefties, they despise Israel but refuse to consider that this whole Israel problem might have something to do, with, um, shall we say…Jewish people?

You see, to the Left, Jews and Israel are sort of a “never the twain shall meet” sort of thing. They all agree that Israel is Satan on Earth, but Jewish people themselves are still just the coolest.

Well, wait.

Israel is full of what kind of people? Jewish people! So the behavior of Israel, the Jewish state full of Jewish people, obviously has something to do with the thinking, behavior, attitudes, culture, and especially religion of the Jewish people, right? How could it not?

It’s true for every other country. Doesn’t the behavior of Russia have something to do with, you know, Russian people? Same with Ukraine? Same with Poland? Same with, just about everywhere?

The behavior of most countries on Earth other than unpopular dictatorships is rooted directly in the people of that country – their thinking, behavior, attitudes, culture, and religion. People create countries. Countries full of people create governments. Democratic countries reflect the values of the people. In most cases, the behavior of a state tends to be quite rooted in the behaviors, etc. of the people who make it up. Can someone explain to me why this is controversial?

There’s this attitude that we have these bad people called Israeli Jews over there, and then we have these good, cool, liberal and leftwing people called Jews over here in the US. And according to the Left, they have nothing whatsoever to do with each other!

Wait a minute. Does that really make sense to you? Like, US Jews and Israeli Jews are two completely different ethnicities or even races of people? Does that make sense?

Nevertheless, this is the very silly tightrope that the Left demands that we walk. It makes no sense at all, but the Left is phobic of racism and that includes antisemitism. As the behavior of Israel gets worse and worse, they’re going to have a harder and harder time threading this crazy needle:

Israel is evil! But Jewish people are the greatest thing since sliced bread!

Look, I’m not saying Jews should be blamed for Israeli behavior.

But if you are Jewish, maybe you want to take a look over there? Is that really something you really want to be associated with? You need to think about that real hard. You want this country to speak for your people?

There’s nothing wrong with cutting off your country. I’ve been an America-hater forever. I don’t even like Americans as people.

So if you’re Jewish, you could be like me and reject both the Jewish state and maybe even your own people if you don’t think they’re thinking or acting properly. You’d be doing to your people the same as I’m doing to mine.

Jews are pretty ethnocentric so that might be hard to do, but it’s not the end of the world to decide your country is messed up and your people have been headed down the wrong road for some time.

I still love myself. And I still love being an American.

You can still enjoy being a Jewish person and love yourself even if you feel your people and state are speeding down a one way street going the wrong way.

You see, just because America is bad doesn’t mean I’m bad. Just because Americans suck doesn’t mean I suck. As a Jew you can make the same choices. You’re not wedded to your people. You’re not an appendage of a tribe. You’re an individuated human being who didn’t pick their parents of no fault of your own. You are not your country. You are not your people. And vice versa.

As an American, I still have a lot to feel proud about.

As a Jew you have a lot to feel proud about too. The Jews are an extremely successful and extraordinary gifted people, having made superb breakthroughs in all sorts of fields of study, business, innovation, medicine, and the arts. Jews kick ass in life. They do well for themselves.

If you’re one, you’re an heir to a long line of invention and gift, stretching clear to Heaven and back. Go ahead and feel good about yourselves, Americans and Jews.

You are you. Your country is your country. Your people are your people.

At the end of the day, you really ought to stand for you and you alone.

The United States of Israel

Israeli Death Tolls for the October 7, 2023 Palestinian Attack on Israel

I’ve been studying this issue for a while now, and I’m finally able to come up with some totals that I feel confident about publishing. Unfortunately, there are still significant error bars within these totals, but it does give you a general snapshot of what is the closest we can come to an actual Israeli death toll for the 10-7 attack.

Most Recent Death Toll from Ha’aretz

This new total is from the liberal Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz. It supplants previous totals I had from an earlier summary by Ha’aretz.

Israeli Deaths on 10-7, Civilians and Security Forces

Total: 1,166.

IDF: 278. Some of the IDF were killed by their own army via Hannibal Doctrine. Israel called in an airstrike on their own base, killing the wounded soldiers still there. Four IDF POW’s were killed by a helicopter while being taken back to Gaza per Hannibal Doctrine. However, this also includes soldiers killed in Gaza and in the north. 40 were killed in Gaza and one in the north, so we must subtract this from the total.

Police and Shin Bet: 67. 57 police and 10 Shin Bet. Many of the police were killed by the IDF per Hannibal Doctrine (see below).

Community police forces: 50+.

Rescue services: 14.

Total security forces and rescue services: 409.

Security forces by IDF via Hannibal Doctrine: 34+.

Civilians: 707

Baby or infant: 1. The latest toll does include one infant, however, it’s not known how the baby died as it could well have been killed by the IDF tanks that slaughtered 122 civilian hostages deliberately as per the Hannibal Doctrine.

Civilian hostages by IDF tanks in Be’eri via Hannibal Doctrine: 122

Other civilians by IDF: 4+. Four in a vehicle by a Hellfire missile from a helicopter.

Civilians by IDF: 126 (too low). This figure is much higher, as it does not include the dead from the festival parking lot.

Civilian hostages and military POW’s in Gaza by IDF bombing: 60+

Total by IDF via Hannibal Doctrine: 216. 122+ civilians, 34+ security forces, and 60+ hostages killed in Gaza by IDF bombing.

Unarmed civilians killed at the festival: 333. All presently listed as killed by Palestinians, but many were killed by the IDF.

Unarmed civilians by Palestinians: 581 (too high). Too high as it does not include the festival parking lot.

Furthermore, the Palestinian total of 581 civilians killed, while surely deplorable and an obviously war crime, is below the endlessly repeated, “Hamas murdered 1,400 unarmed Jewish civilians.”


Unarmed civilians by Palestinians according to pro-Israel media: 1,400

Actual unarmed civilians by Palestinians: 581 (too high).

The figures killed by Palestinians have been exaggerated by 2.4X or the number killed by Palestinians is reduced by 59

Equally incredible is that Israel killed 216 of its own civilians more or less deliberately by the Hannibal Doctrine.

Figures for IDF, police forces, rescue personnel and civilians are from the latest Ha’aretz total.

Known Unknowns about the Death Toll

Festival Mess

Palestinians showed up and started shooting. People started dropping and running everywhere. A number were shot as they ran. Others hid under bush clumps. Some of these were ordered out by Palestinians and killed when they appeared. We have many testimonies of fleeing festival-goers reporting Hamas gunmen shooting them down and zero reporting IDF at the scene.

A walk through the site afterwards shows gunned down civilians everywhere, all by Palestinians. There is footage of armed men at the festival taking cover under bushes, and pro-Palestinians says this means the IDF was there right away and everyone was killed in “crossfire.” Except those armed men are several festival security guards, not IDF. There was no IDF at the festival til everyone was gone or dead.

People ran towards their cars. Some of the cars made it to the road, but the road 1/2 mile ahead is already blocked by IDF. So you see it’s a lie that Israeli troops did not appear for seven hours. Some were there very quickly. There were cars stalled along this road with their doors flung open, people dead in their cars and lying in the road. All obviously shot dead by Palestinians.

Many who ran for their cars made it to a huge parking lot where the festival people parked.

This parking lot somehow got turned into a kill zone, but no one knows what happened there. All the cars are burned out, and there are scorch marks all over the pavement. Hamas had automatic weapons and RPG’s. They don’t do that.

That parking lot obviously got sprayed with devastating fire from IDF helicopter gunships. The burned-out cars and scorched pavement are clearly from missiles from the gunships. Can’t be anything else. So these helicopters shooting blind shot up that whole parking lot and killed many festival goers.

333 were killed at the festival. But how many killed by Hamas and how many by IDF? No one knows.

Cops at Sderot Police Station

30 police officers were killed, mostly in Sderot. I figured Palestinians killed them but Hamas took over the station and the cops surrendered. Hamas ended up taking them hostage or POW and holding them at the station. IDF tanks showed up, assessed the situation and blew up the station, killing all cop hostages and Hamas captors. So many cops were killed by the IDF. How many? All of them? No one knows.

Israeli Atrocity Propaganda Debunked

I will barely cover the endless lies that Israel told about the 10-7 attack, all atrocity propaganda:

40 babies beheaded. 0 babies beheaded.

40 babies killed. 1 baby killed, but it’s not known by whom.

A baby was cut out of its mother’s stomach and then the mother was murdered. Didn’t happen. Israelis are projecting here. If you study them, they project constantly.

This is a reference to a documented atrocity committed by Lebanese Maronite militias in the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps in Lebanon, all done under the watchful eye of Ariel Sharon’s soldiers, who stood watching on nearby rooftops in case the killers encountered any armed opposition to their murder spree. A video of this has shown up on Israeli channels but to my eyes, it’s a poorly done fake.

A baby was put in an oven and burned to death. Didn’t happen. Once again, more projection. This references a documented case that occurred in an Arab village in 1948. A Jewish militia member placed an Arab baby in an oven and turned it on, killing it.

Sometimes the two stories above are combined, with the baby being cut out of the mother’s stomach, the mother killed, and the baby then put in the oven and burned up. A video of this is said to exist, but as the last one was a fake, this one surely is too. This story is accompanied by photos of burned bodies. Apparently one is supposed to represent a burned baby. These photos were actually taken from one of the homes burned down by IDF tanks shells, so these were Jews deliberately burned to death by their own army.

There was an earlier photo of a burned baby stating only that the baby had been burned when Hamas set a house full of civilians on fire. Hamas did set one and only one house on fire. Israel had previously said the whole town was set on fire by Hamas. This photo is AI or Photoshop. They took a picture of a puppy on a vet’s table and somehow charbroiled the puppy, thereby creating the “dead baby.”

Multiple reports of rapes:

Various reports of rapes have been reported. Some even sound credible. However, Palestinian armed groups, perhaps especially Islamists, heavily look down on rape as a crime or even a punishment for Jewish settlers. A Palestinian abducted, raped, and killed a young Jewish woman a while back. Hamas and other groups barely mentioned it.

Surely they were ok with the murder, but I found that the Palestinian groups despise rape in all circumstances as it is seen as a low, disgusting crime. Jewish female civilians are never to be raped under any circumstances. Sure, kill all you want of them, but no raping please.

In fact, Palestinian revulsion for this crime is so severe that I think if any 10-7 fighter was found to have raped an Israeli woman and caught, I think they may well execute him. This makes any reports of rapes by fighters on 10-7 dubious.

Further, it has now surfaced that the IDF ordered no rape testing done on any Israeli victims, alive or dead. Apparently the IDF itself doesn’t think there were any rapes at the same time they insist that some Israeli women were raped. So far, there is no evidence that a single Israeli woman was raped on 10-7.

Shani Louk Case

Shani Louk was a 22 year old German-Israeli woman who was at the festival. She suffered a gunshot wound in the head, surely by Palestinians. She also somehow broke both of her legs, but no one knows how that happened.

She is seen in widely seen video footage in the back of a pickup truck followed by wild mobs of boys and young men spitting on her and trying to climb into the truck. Obviously, maniacs spitting on this woman’s sparsely clad and immobile body are is not a good look. However the armed men squatting over her body seem to be protecting her from these mobs more than encouraging them to abuse her.

She is in the back of the truck either passed out or dead. She is wearing full clothes and Israeli propaganda said she was stripped and raped by gunmen. Problem is she was barely wearing anything at the concert either, so she was probably not stripped. Nor is there any evidence she was raped. Her story is very confused.

Some say she survived and was taken to a hospital where she survived a few days and then died while Hamas doctors tried to save her life. Another says she was already dead in the pickup truck. Neither story can be confirmed but she is presently deceased.

The latest Israeli story is that Shani’s body was found in Gaza, abused and beheaded. This seems quite dubious. Hamas cared enough about this woman’s life that a story was put out about her being treated in a hospital, so she’s a known and famous victim.

She dies in a hospital, they take her body out, abuse it after death, behead it, and leave it out in the open for the IDF to find to make a propaganda coup out of it? Real doubtful. Even if she was dead in the pickup she was obviously quickly buried by Muslim tradition. In short, little is known about this sad woman’s case other than that Hamas no doubt shot her in the head. Everything else is pretty uncertain, but the Israeli propaganda additions are almost surely false.

Naama Levy Case

There is widely seen footage showing a young Israeli woman being roughly taken out of the back of an Israel army vehicle and placed in the backseat. All of the videos carry the title, Israeli Civilian Woman Abducted by Hamas in Gaza. Problem is the title is not true. It’s been known for weeks now that she’s not a civilian, but not one network has bothered to go back and change the title on their video, which should be trivial. I suppose the lie sells better.

The woman has been identified in Israeli media as Naama Levy, age 19, and she was indeed an IDF soldier on the Home Front at a base on border. I have seen a video of her and two other soldier women being taken POW at their base. The fighters are treating them decently enough. She has also been seen all over TikTok parading about in her uniform. In addition, if you understand Arabic, you can hear that the mob is shouting, “She’s a soldier!” as she’s being put in the back seat.

One argument that she is a civilian is that her clothing does not look like a military uniform. I have no idea what’s going on with her clothes, but the two other women arrested with her at the base were wearing the same clothing. Perhaps this is what they sleep in? Perhaps this is their uniform? I have no idea but the charge is refuted.

True, she’s being treated pretty roughly, but POW’s are often treated roughly in wartime and that’s when they are lucky. Many times they are tortured, murdered, or both. She’s lucky to be alive. She has blood on her arms and on her ankle. Sadly, her Achilles tendon was cut, an unnecessary and cruel act. Worst of all, she has a huge stain on the rear of her pants.

Many people think this is a blood stain and say that she has obviously been raped brutally and anally multiple times by these men. The same people often say she’s in for for more of the same treatment from these captors, but see above about why I am dubious about rape charges against these fighters. Close examination of this stain and comparison to a similar stain on the rear of another female IDF soldier shows that she has clearly soiled herself. People, perhaps especially women, loose their bowels in sheer mortal terror. Some call these “terror poops.”

Many are insisting that she is obviously dead now, but we have no reports of POW’s being killed by the militants.

10-7 Was by Far the Most Humane and Ethical Major Attack the Palestinians Have Ever Done

Surely that headline looks like a joke, but it’s true.

Shortly after 10-7, Mohammad Deif, commander of Hamas, issued an order to his forces to refrain from killing minors, women, and elderly Israelis. He also ordered that hostages be treated well and POWs receive humane treatment. He justified this by the laws of warfare in Islamic laws and he is correct on that score, not that Muslims typically follow them.

No such statement has ever been issued by any Palestinian leader during this century-long irregular conflict. Any chance an armed Palestinian had to get close to any Israelis, they tried to kill as many of them as they could. They’ve killed the only civilians they took hostage. They’ve taken only a couple of POW’s. One was treated well and another was killed by his captors as the IDF raided the home he was kept in.

The fact that these armed Palestinians on 10-7 flat out refused to try to kill or even harm many Israeli civilians they captured, choosing only to take a number hostage while releasing others unharmed, affording at times polite treatment to their captives while choosing to take so many IDF soldiers POW shows that this is actually by far the most humane and civilized war that Hamas or any Palestinian armed group has ever waged.

There may be many reasons for this, but the best analysis is that Hamas has been moderating since at least 2009 and dramatically in the past three years. In the transition from an illegal armed group to an actual government of a de facto state, pragmatic moderation was an obvious and intelligent choice. That even the bloodthirsty Deif was humane enough to issue such an edict about ethics in warfare was probably a result of the massive negative blow-back Hamas and the Palestinians received from the brutality of the 10-7 attack, especially on civilians.

Commenters all over the Internet were reporting that they had supported the Palestinians before, but after 10-7, they were so sickened that they were retracting all support from them, often throwing it to Israel. A casual look around the Net showed that Palestinians lost a lot of support in the West after 10-7.

Indeed, polls in the US also showed loss of a lot of support, especially among liberals and Democrats, sometimes up to a 15-20 point loss. As a response to this PR catastrophe, Deif issued his remarkably ethical orders for his troops, demanding that they follow many though not all of the rules of war.

It’s Not Only Israel That Is Lying – the Pro-Palestinian Side Is Too

All civilians were killed by the IDF.

Nope! Hamas killed civilians. That is clear.

All of the deaths at the festival were by IDF helicopters.

No. Both sides probably killed quite a few people at the festival.

What Is Liberal Racism?

Rambo: As far as Whites go, was Scott Adams (creator of the Dilbert comic strip, syndicated in newspapers) right saying, ”I’m through with Blacks. I’m not helping them anymore.”

This is the cry of the former liberal because only we wanted to help them at all.

I don’t think he was right, but I have thought that a lot. Of course, I am a humanist, and I always go back to wanting to help Blacks. Even the ghetto ones. If I can bribe the ghetto ones to act better, I will do it. I’m too much of a human to follow through on my racist impulses, and of course I have them. I’m just not comfortable being a racist. I’m a man of the Left, and it feels bad to be any kind of a serious racist.

It’s like being the worst kind of sinner or bad person. It’s like being a Republican. I think Honest Guy has a similar dynamic going on. He’s an antifascist Jewish guy, but he’s had a lot of bad experiences with ghetto Blacks and he says he wants a divorce. I figure he’d still pay to help them though.

I will keep on helping them even if they scream at me and tell me to stop. I will keep helping them even if they scream at me and call me racist. My humanistic impulses are important to me and I’m not to abandon them because some Black people are caught up in their petty pride and ego-defenses.

Those are the weapons of the weak. I consider myself one of the strong because I am committed to helping them not matter how they order me to quit or call me terrible names. I’m above that petty, childish behavior. I’m a grownup.

There are several aspects to this.

Blacks say:

1. It’s insulting! You’re going to help us? We don’t need any help! The very idea that they need help is pretty insulting right there. So they hand-wave away? Why don’t you help White people? Don’t they need help?” Well of course we do but their problems are not at the point of civilizational collapse.

Like I said, Black America is fire alarm. And it’s screeching. If a house is on fire, you call a fireman. If a neighborhood or a city is on fire, same thing. You call another type of fireman to put out the humans that are on fire before they spread the fire to others not yet combusting.

2. Don’t worry! We’ll help ourselves. We don’t need outside help. Well, they can’t or if they can, they don’t. And the problems are so disastrous that somebody has to do something.

3. It’s insulting to take help from others. This is why a lot of Whites refuse to use social programs even if they are entitled to them. It’s an insult and they also think it’s leeching and they don’t want to leech.

This is supposedly the definition of liberal racism: treating Blacks like children who need a handicap or at least some sort of help. If that’s what it means, I am surely a liberal racist then. I guess the antiracist thing is to back off, do nothing, and let them spontaneously combust.

Pro-Israel Lie: All of the Arabs Actually Hate or Don’t Care about Palestinians

*Jews means pro-Israel Jews, especially the more passionate ones. All of the pro-Israel lies start with them but then disseminate out to the larger US Gentile population, so they end up being repeated as much by Gentiles as by Jews. But I don’t think Gentiles are thinking up most of these clever arguments. In 2010, 95

In other cases, it often just means Israel.

Commenter: What’s becoming abundantly clear is so-called brotherly Arabs just wished the Palestinians would go away.

This is so false. Large majorities of the Arab populations have heavy to extreme hatred of Israel and of course consequently strong support for the Palestinians.

The only reason all these fake regimes could normalize with Israel is because they’re dictators!

Even in Jordan and Egypt, which have long made peace with Israel, 85

Yes, UAE sucked up to Israel, but 68

Bahrain has also normalized but there it’s another 70-75

We hear all about Saudi Arabia normalizing relations with Israel, but do we ever see the polls showing that 85

Morocco normalized and then some. Too bad it didn’t ask the population, as ~80

Sure, maybe these regimes, all dictatorships I might add, are on board with Israel or tired of Palestinians (although even that is dubious), but their people sure aren’t.

This is just another lie the Jews* have spread – all of the Arabs hate the Palestinians. So many American idiots fall for this, as they idiotically hang on every precious word that comes out these infallible and omniscient people…oh Hell, let’s cut to the case, Jews are actual secular Gods in America, and even get a front row seat in the shows the real Christian Zionist Gods (the only real Gods of the land) put on.

Instead of being some of the most facile, guiltless, and shameless liars around, Americans believe every single golden word that flows off the Jews’ blessed tongues. How many ways can you spell sucker? If we had any sense, many things that come out of those liars’ mouths should be taken with about a boulder of salt, if you can get it down!

So this is just one more Jewish lie American Jew-cucks and marks swallowed whole – that all of the Arabs hate Palestinians as much as Jews do. But it’s not true!

Sure, the rulers are sellouts and make deals with Israel, but they can only do that because they’re dictatorships and they are going against 70-90

What’s going on here more than anything else is fear. Every Arab regime is some sort of a US ally except Syria. They are all very vulnerable and can be screwed over at a moment’s notice, especially as half of our fleet is sitting offshore ready to bomb and kill countless more Arabs for the Godhead of Zion.

Want to help the Palestinians? Uncle Sam will come down on you, maybe militarily.

Let’s look at the governments that stood up to Uncle Scam and the Jewish Neighborhood Bully:

Syria: destroyed, pocked with US bases tainting the landscape like acne scars, all illegal, currently stealing 90

Iraq: destroyed, project ongoing for twenty years, 1.4 million dead, Takfiri terrorists stalking a land littered with the festering sores of US bases staying on after the government ordered all US bases to leave!

Yemen: Destroyed, 200,000 dead, most of them kids starved to death by the ships of Uncle Scam and the Saudi ghouls, who blockaded the coast and would not let any food or medicine come into the country. Skeletal children creep across the land as vultures hop after them hoping for a meal. Oil and all trade for that matter is blockaded. There’s no real government. Half the country is under the control of US, UAE, and Saudi-backed Al Qaeda and ISIS.

Iran: Wrecked, sanctioned to Hell and back, making it very hard to conduct business normally. Jews conducting regular murderous assaults on high-ranking officials. Under constant US and Israeli threats of destruction, an anxiety attack posing as a defiant country.

Libya: A ruin of a country, a failed state collapsing into itself like a black hole in space. Slave markets, Al Qaeda and ISIS, Islamists everywhere, feminists and human rights activists gunned down soon as they peek out of their barricaded windows. No government at all; state collapse. Warlord rule instead with dueling states in the east and west and no one in control. Oil industry in ruins.

All right, look. This is what happens to you if you stand up to the US and Israel. You get destroyed, mostly by the US.

The Arab governments are not so much cucked as terrified. They stand up for the Palestinians, and their country goes next on the list to be hit with the US-Zion wrecking ball.

Please Learn about the New Antiracist Laws and Keep Yourself out of Woke Prison!

Polar Bear: I think some racial hatred directed at assimilated Blacks in the past was often overkill.

No kidding! Those Black people acted like you ore me and they got racially abused nevertheless. How would you like people shunning you for picking the wrong parents.

Polar Bear: Sadly, I prefer the ease of the old ordered oppression to the slog of trying to uplift the nog.

One thing you notice if you go to the South is how unbelievably polite everyone is, the Whites for sure but even the older Blacks. Check into a hotel and the older Black men who will help you are unfailingly polite, so proper, decent, mannered, and deferential that you wonder if God got their genes mixed up.

But nope, those are real Black folks all right. The suggestion is that these are somehow the effects or aftereffects of Jim Crow. I suppose one benefit was that Blacks were terrorized into acting very politely, if only due to fear than anything else. Although Jim Crow was wrong, it’s an ill wind that blows no good and most clouds have silver linings.

Well, I’m not going back to that, and society is lurching wildly in the other direction anyway. We’re on a wild fishing expedition looking for all sorts of nasty White racism:

Microaggressions. These might seem trivial but in some ways, these are even worse than the bad stuff because you have to be very hypersensitive and pussy to even see that they are there, and so many protected groups and hypersensitive and pussed out nowadays.

Invisible racism. Institutional and structural racism is the worst kind of racism of all because you can’t even see it or prove it’s there! Ghosts are scary things. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather deal with live folks than dead peeps. Because we can’t even prove it’s there, of course we can’t measure or qualify it. This makes it even more insidious and evil.

People being too helpful (!). Oppressors trying to help the oppressed is evil, so we have to stop helping people in protected categories (everyone who’s not White). These means their problems will be even worse, but it’s better than being racist and trying to help people!

People noticing obvious things. There are new laws against Illegal Noticing.

People stating clear facts. Many facts, truths, and even sciency stuff is racist now, so you need to figure out which facts are real and ok and which are really hallucinations and wrong.

All of these are illegal now so you need to get with the new antiracist program and learn the new laws so you don’t get fired and get your career ruined for be truthful and proper and refusing to lie and fake it like everyone else.

Practice these affirmations if that makes you uncomfortable:

Up is down.

Right is wrong.

White is Black.

Forwards is backwards.

Everything I know is wrong.

Left is right.

North is south.

East is west.

In the new antiracist world, everything is upside down and bassackwards, and it’s hard to get your bearings.

To orient yourself, try these exercises to make yourself just as confused and bassackwards as everyone else. It may seem silly, but it’s better than being racist, right?

Stand on your head every day for as long as you can stand it to reorient yourself to the new upside down world.

Walk backwards (preferably in your own home) slowly, please, and tell yourself the whole time, “I am really walking forwards.”

Stare at a black object while repeating over and over, “This object is really white.” After a while, every time you see a black object you will think it is white. Your antiracist programming is working!

Cross your arms in front of yourself. Now your left arm will be on your right and your right arm will be on your left. Try to convince yourself that left is really right and vice versa. Please try to forget these lessons if you get behind the wheel of a car though. The new antiracism can make driving difficult!

After awhile, all of your orientations and binaries will be properly reversed and you will be ready for this new antiracist Wonderland.

Acclimate yourself to the new antiracist laws:

Illegal Fact-Talking. The only way to not violate the Illegal Facts law is to lie, so that’s what most people do.  Since the truth is racist, you have to be careful when stating facts to make sure you don’t state any hate facts and hurt anyone’s feelings. In these situations it’s better to lie like everyone else than to break the Illegal Fact-Talking laws.

Illegal Noticing: It’s hard to not to notice things in front of your face, but you can probably do it if you lie to yourself enough, or you can just notice stuff and claim you hallucinated and never saw a thing. The human capacity for Denial and self-delusion is an amazing thing.

Illegal Non-equity: I guess, say Blacks have to be 13

Illegal Fair Law Enforcement: Also, Blacks have to be 13

Arresting or imprisoning Blacks at more than 13

Illegal Avoidance: Avoiding ghettos, ghetto people and other unpleasant things is Illegal Avoidance. This is aversive racism and of course it’s my favorite kind. It’s not legal to avoid bad places or bad people. To be antiracist, you have to put yourself in harm’s way on a regular basis.

So you might get hurt? So what? It’s a small prize to pay for being an antiracist! So you might get killed? Ever heard of martyrdom? If you get killed by being antiracist and refusing to avoid dangerous entities, you’re an antiracist martyr. You go straight to Heaven. This is much preferable to staying alive as a racist because a racist life is not worth living.

Illegal Preferences. You as a White are not allowed to have any preferences at all in anything: dating, friendship, or sex. Look at all the White porn stars they came down on for refusing to have sex with Black men. You can’t be like that. If you want to have sex, you have to be willing to have sex with any humans, even Aborigine chicks! Want to date your own kind? Sorry! You’re SOL. Of course Blacks and other oppressed folks get to have all the preferences they want, but oppressors don’t get to pick and choose.

I’m Not a Cracker

You really let your seething inner cracker come out in this one.

Not really. Ghetto Blacks act awful. That’s beyond debate.

But do I hate them?

I’m not even sure if I hate them, really. I mostly just don’t want to think about them and I avoid them like the plague. I think if I start thinking about them, I start disliking or hating them, and I don’t like to feel that way about whole groups of people, so I don’t think about them to keep away from that hate. I hate way too many people as it is, and any chance I can hate fewer instead of more people, and I jump at it.

I’m not sure how I feel towards them.

Maybe frustrated and exasperated. I think I wish they’d knock it off and start acting like humans, but that’s probably not possible.

There also seems to be some evidence that ghetto Blacks, if they survive, may age out of ghetto behaviors.

I knew a Black man, pretty ghetto, in his 50’s, who lived above me. I never knew him when he lived there, but I met him later, and he was all right. He’d probably been bad when he was young, but once they get to 50 or so, they usually age out of that and become rather pleasant. You can probably associate with them without being victimized. Sometimes they seem a bit down, bitter, and cynical, but I don’t care about that as long as they’re not preying on me.

And they’re quite wise, too. Sometimes I think there’s no one wiser than a Black older man with that twinkling forehead, “seen it all, figured it all out” gleam in his eye, and slight wry smile. They’re survivors.

I’ve met some middle-aged Black women who still seem pretty ghetto. They don’t age as well as the men. One threatened to call the police on me for craning my neck to look at her in her car. I guess this meant I was going to rape her. She seemed pretty angry and nasty, but she was still hot. They seem bitter too, like the men. Another one did the same for trying to talk to her. She was still caught up in the ghetto lifestyle.

But I’m committing to helping Blacks. And despite the awful behavior of the race, I still don’t hate the whole race. Why? Because I know so many Black people who aren’t ghetto and aren’t IP human mosquitoes. I don’t even hate Black IP types as long as we can keep away for the things that set off their verbal tertiary syphilis. I know a few and I can talk ok to them on all sorts of things as long as we keep away from Black stuff.

Black IP types are infuriating but so are all IP morons.

Point out the obvious about insane levels of Black criminality, murderousness, predatory behavior, and general dysfunction? Racist.

Point out that Blacks slaughter each other by the scores in our cities every weekend, and, like, maybe this is, like, a little bit of a problem? Racist.

Try to help Blacks? Racist. How dare you try to help us! Take your help and shove it up your ass!

Blacks rack up Vietnam War tallies of dead and wounded in our cities every weekend? Racist. Hey, Whites commit murder too, so let’s not talking about Blacks massacring each other, and they aren’t doing it anyway, and besides, you’re racist for pointing it out!

Try to help their own kind? Of course not. First they deny that there’s a problem in the first place and then they say if there is, it’s all White people’s fault.

I taught Blacks for years in the schools. I will never teach Black kids again. Someone else can go be a martyr and flagellate themselves.

But I still don’t hate Blacks because of those experiences. I used to start hating them when I was teaching them because they were so horrible, but then I would meet a Black lady teacher and all of that would vanish. And I liked all the decent students. It was just a raw temporary emotion that never got converted into an actual prejudice. I realize the unreason of racial prejudice against an entire group, and I try very hard not to fall into it.

The Black teachers and administrators and even a number of the kids were pretty damn cool. I’m not going to hate a whole race because their kids are infernal chaos agents. Blacks grow out of that anyway. You teach a class of Black adults, and you won’t have to deal with any of this crap.

I’m not a cracker. I don’t hate Black people at all.

Any Black person who isn’t ghetto or Black IP can be my friend anytime they want.

I still date Black chicks sometime. But if I find out she’s even remotely ghetto, I get out, sadly sometimes after I’ve already dated her.

If I find out she’s Black IP, I’m not getting involved. They’re just too annoying.

And way too many Black women have a “prostitute” attitude towards sex where they pretty much want to charge you every time you do it. This includes the educated, intelligent, middle class ones. I met a beautiful Black woman with a good job on a dating site recently. She was Black IP and I didn’t like that. She also wanted to be taken out to a very expensive restaurant. This was the only way you could date her. At 60 years old, her pussy was still platinum-plated and for sale at a fancy price. I don’t think they ever grow out of this.

I still think about those Black women I worked with and that Black girl in my class who was in love with me. I especially think about the Black girl. If she was really in love with me, we could have had fun. Plus she was in honors and AP classes, so she probably acted pretty good. There was an Hispanic girl who was in love with me too. She was the Homecoming Queen! I think about her a lot too but I chickened out with her too. Same robotic hypnotized stare.

There’s a special place in my heart for every woman who ever loved me. There’s something about that magnetic, slave-like devotion where they seem drawn and stuck to you like a force field that’s just magical. A woman in love is enslaved in a sense – to you, to me. But they love it like that. And so do I. I’m thinking that humans, especially women, like to be “pleasantly enslaved” to another person, usually man. They call this love and they live for it.

I often fantasize about getting together with them. No cracker would do that.