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Why “World Imperialism” Is a Fairly New Thing

The US only became a “world imperialist” country after World War 2 with the Cold War. We were “imperialist” before but it was generally just a “local imperialism” only in the Western Hemisphere, similar to that of Israel in the Middle East, India on the subcontinent, or even the Japanese in Asia.

“World imperialism as a thing is a rather new phenomenon that mostly took place after WW2, though the British did try their best for a while, with “the sun never sets” and all that. Nevertheless, if WW2 did anything, it knocked the British off their world controlling perch, where they were promptly replaced by the US, this change because of the devastation the war had wreaked on the UK.

Before, the Spaniards had made their world controlling attempt that was smashed with the defeat of the Armada. Rome tried for control of at least the known world anyway, a fairly benign tax-farming sort of colonialism that faded away rather than being smashed.

We didn’t care much about the rest of the world prior to World War 2, though we got involved in the Russian Civil War.

In general, “Bolshevism” was a problem for Europeans and not the US, and we were not really involved with the European continent until after WW2. In fact, many Americans, especially Republicans, had become isolationists at this time. The general attitude was that Europe’s problems were their own and not ours, and we needed to butt out of the external affairs of others and mind our own business and let them settle their problems or fight it out among themselves, just leave us out of it, thank you.

This of course had a long history in the US dating all the way back to the Revolution and George Washington’s warnings about avoiding foreign treaties and entanglements. On the other hand, it was an alliance or entanglement with French that allowed the revolutionaries to win in the first place so one wonders to what extent he really believed this or if this was more of an ideal that an actually existing or even preferred thing.

On the other hand, Communism, socialism, and the slightest bit of liberalism was a problem over here in which the Monroe Doctrine was invoked on a false basis in Haiti, Cuba, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Panama, and  Nicaragua. It was not seen as Bolshevism or Soviet-inspired until after the Cold War, beginning with Guatemala in 1954.

There was an actual Communist uprising in El Salvador in 1932, and the Mexican Revolution was definitely a Left revolution, not to mention Sandinism in Nicaragua (though this was also very nationalist and anti-Yankee), but the US did not see these as “Bolshevist”-inspired, and indeed, the Mexican Revolution took place before Bolshevism was a thing.

The term Bolshevism, by the way, at the time and to this day still obscenely used by anti-Communist kooks, always had strong anti-Semitic overtones, and indeed, it was the invocation this beast that was in large part a rationale for the mass murder of Jews known as the Holocaust. So I’d avoid using that word if I were you unless you want to harken back to one of the worst things we humans have ever done in terms of degree anyway.

What Are the Definitions of Neoliberalism, Neoconservatism, and National Socialism?

Neoliberalism: Neoliberalism is simply, as my brother’s economics professor referred to it, “neoclassical” economics, with “classical economics” being that of Adam Smith, Richard Ricardo, etc., though both are quite misunderstood, especially Smith, who was a strong supporter in state intervention in the economy to prevent or smooth over the inevitable excesses and abuses of pure or free market capitalism. Neoliberalism is simply “laissez faire” capitalism. And yes, there is indeed a branch of economics called neoliberal economics.

The Recent Obfuscation of the Term “Neoliberal” by the Neoliberals Themselves

Lately there has been an effort on the part of neoliberal economic types themselves to disavow themselves of the word neoliberalism, simply because it has developed a very well-earned bad name!

From the Web:

The elusiveness of neoliberalism, however, ultimately stems from denials that neoliberals themselves have made about their efforts…

In other words, the capitalist fanboys are all lying! How shocking! A capitalist of all people, lying? Why, I’ve never heard of it!

All prominent neoliberals are all lying about neoliberalism precisely because their favorite witches’ stew of voodoo economics has been exposed for the fraud it is, and now the word neoliberalism is a dirty word because everyone found out how lousy it really is.

How do the fanboys respond? They yell,

We’re not neoliberals! There’s no such thing as neoliberalism!

as they feverishly work to promote – get this – neoliberalism! In other words, they’re lying sacks!

Capitalists are great at making widgets and quite a few services and little else, but good God are they liars! Capitalist fanboys are lying for money. And if there’s anything humans will lie like madmen about, it’s money! Sinclair Lewis had some famous words along those lines. Check him out!

Whether they admit it or not, the “neoliberal” project as described by its opponents is absolutely the economic project pushed by our modern elites here in the West, whether they say it is or not. Capitalists are like women.

Don’t pay attention to what women say. Pay attention to what women do. That’s the only thing that’s important. Also because what women say and what they do are often very different things.

What women say is mostly virtue signalling on their part and “trying to be a good person,” which is not a bad quality. Unfortunately, women are base humans at core, just lower mammals like any of us, and it’s hard to be a “good person” when your mammalian brain tells you to act like a cavewoman, screw the meanest man in town, reject decent men as pussies and fags, and rut in the mud like a pig.

Men are the same of course if not 10 times worse, with the exception that most men don’t even bother to virtue signal about being “good people” because most of us know that deep down inside we are just dogs and pigs more than humans and we quite like it that way, thank you very much. But women, well, they like to think the are better. And good for them for having such noble goals! But they are doomed by their base and lowly brains the same as any of us.

By the same token, pay attention to what capitalists do, not what they say. Don’t pay attention to what a capitalist says because they lie almost as much as they breathe. What comes out of the capitalist’s mouth is whatever statements and views are going to make him the most money. The capitalist has an odd view of truth versus falsehood. Quite simply, if it makes him money, it’s true. If it loses him money, then it’s false. Keep this in mind the next time one of these economic charlatans tries to school you on anything at all.

Neoconservatism: Neoconservatism is a type of foreign policy alignment. Its left corollary is “liberal interventionism,” which is, at its base, the foreign policy of the US Democratic Party since the Cold War and probably even before in Latin America.

Most if not all Democrats (Including members of the Squad!) are indeed neoconservative in philosophy, which by the way, has nothing to do with conservatism. And quite a few are also neoliberals on economics, which has nothing to do with American liberalism. Almost all conservatives are neoliberals, for instance, just as almost all liberals are neoconservatives. Neither neoconservatism nor neoliberalism have much to do with either conservatism or (American-style) liberalism per se.

There is indeed now a woke neoconservatism. The entire US Democratic Party follows the foreign policy of neoconservatism. They’re all neocons.

National socialism: National socialism is indeed a far right ideology, and nobody but conservative ideologues (i.e. morons of the worst sort) thinks it is any sort of Left or liberal anything, and in fact in practice, National Socialism was viciously opposed to all forms of liberalism, socialism (including any sort of labor activism or militancy), and of course Communism.

I suppose there are leftwing or even communist forms of National Socialism like Third Positionism and Strasserism, but those are not popular.

“National socialism” is simply racist fascism, keeping in mind that all fascism is not necessarily racist. Mussolinism, for instance, was not particularly racist, and yet it was fascism of the purest sort, fresh as a newly minted coin from the vault.

Tolerance, Sure. Pride, Why? What’s There to Be Proud of?

Aren’t tolerance and pride different things?

Granted, they get wired up that way and they can’t help it, so we can’t hate people for something they can’t help. I get that. But why jump up and down and cheer for it? Is homosexuality really the greatest thing since sliced bread?

You’re aware that being gay cuts 20 whole years off your lifespan, right?

I wish them all the happiness and health I wish for myself and not one bit less, but I don’t really want them around me. I want a divorce. Me over here, them over there.

If homosexuals are anywhere seriously close to your life, they’re probably causing problems.

Lesbians hate men, and I’m a man, so they hate me.

Gay men and straight men cannot be friends. They never stop trying to have sex with us.

Sure, we wish them all the best if they can’t help it, but why on Earth should I jump up and down and cheer for this stuff? A tolerance flag I like, a pride flag, not so much.

Why Antisemitism and All Hardcore “Political Ideologies” Are So Popular

Why Antisemitism and All Hardcore “Political Ideologies” Are So Popular

The thing is that that type of antisemitism is so popular because like so many ideologies, it attempts to explain everything that is wrong with the world as being the cause of only one thing.

Racists say all the world’s problems are due to that race over there. Feminists say it’s all due to the patriarchy. CRT people say it’s all down to White Supremacy. Self-esteem fetishists say it’s all down to low self-esteem. The Far Left say it’s all down to rightwingers. Antifa says it’s all down to fascism, defined with a very broad brush. The Right says it’s all down to liberals, defined promiscuously.

Nationalists say it’s all down to the nation’s enemies, country-sellers, traitors, and “anti-nationals” as the Hindutvas have it. Woketards say it’s all down to bigots of this or that subspecies. Socialists say it’s all down to capitalism. Capitalists say it’s all down to socialism, defined broadly, in all of its microforms.

A particular form of antisemitism say it’s all down to “Zionism,” defined very broadly to put it mildly. Bitter women say it’s down to lousy men, which is most all of them. Bitter men say it’s all down to women and their nuttiness and even wickedness, and it’s best to go your own way.

Christians say it’s all down to unbelievers and sinners. Catholics say it’s all down to sinners, bad Catholics, and Jews. Islamists say it’s down to infidels, apostates, and Jews, I mean Zionists, excuse me! Orthodox Jews say it’s down to the secular Jews. White nationalists say it’s all down to Blacks, illegal immigrants, and the anti-Whites.

The problems of our world if not our very own lives (Which are complex enough as it is!) are unbelievably complex. They’re too complex for most of us to figure out. Hell, we can’t even figure out our damned lives! How are we supposed to understand those of the insanely complex world? We can’t! At least not really.

Sure, we can investigate it and find causes here and there, but they’re myriad, hard as mercury to pin down, and sadly almost impossible to eradicate. On top of that, most people are not that smart. Even worse, most are not particularly wise, as they succumb so easily to emotionalism and emotional logic. Emotion is the enemy of logic and therefore of science. But science is contaminated with science-killing emotion because we are emotional humans. The problem goes on forever.

Most people are ignorant as Hell, and most don’t even follow the news or know a thing about what’s going on in their nation, much less world. I’m someone who is extremely intelligent (for what it’s worth, which is about zero), profoundly educated (in part by the state, mostly by myself), and not particularly emotional (though human nevertheless at the end of the day, so the problem’s not fixed, never will be, and arguably should not be anyway).

And even I struggle to make sense of the complex world and all of the lying psychopaths, politicians, media outlets, talking head ideologues, states, on and on. I spend a Hell of a lot of time trying to cut through the Alaskan mosquito swarm of lies we are bombarded with every day, without the help of much repellent, I might add.

Since I spend so much time on this, I’ve sort of figured things out a bit, but who has the brains, knowledge, emotional stability (Or emotional poverty!), and most of all time, to stick it through? Almost no one. If it’s hard for me to cut through the crap, how hard must it be for the average mis-educated fool on the street?

What I’m getting at it is people want a shortcut. Obsessive and conspiratorial antisemitism gives you just that workaround. Most of the problems of the world are obviously down to one thing – Jews! Or Zionists or whatever your fake name for them is.

They’re .3% of the world and 2% of the US, but they’ve got the whole world, 98% of Americans and 99.7% of the world, by the short hairs. It’s a simple tool for explaining everything that’s wrong with the world. You don’t need to be excessively or even particularly smart, though most antisemites like this are not stupid by any means, which is part of the problem – they’re intelligent and persuasive.

It’s your go-to explanation for everything wrong with the world. Got a problem, national or world? It’s the Jews. Simple go-to, just like that.

This is really what’s going on with these people, and I’ve come to this conclusion after studying Jews and antisemitism deeply for a good 25 years.

Now you’ve identified the problem, which is always the Jews and only the Jews, right? Now what is to be done? Well, I think you know the answer to that question. You have a tumor in your body or a virtual one in your body politic, there’s one solution. Cut it out. Remove the tumor. In the case of the virtual one, you need to get rid of them. You can throw them out, as has been done many times in the past and continues to be done with Orthodox Jews to this day.

Yes, Orthodox Jews are literally being thrown out of communities from Iowa to Guatemala due to their insufferable behavior, which perhaps gives you a light into a past obscured by time and emotion, defenses and ideology.

Or, there’s another solution. A final solution, as a well-known antisemite famously put it. You can kill ’em. Curiously, you can’t just kill a few of them, which might actually make sense in a brutal yet efficient way. The curious thing about obsessive and conspiratorial antisemitism is not its murderousness. It is its rather peculiar, as racist philosophies, exterminationism.

The Odd Exterminationism of Extreme Obsessive and Conspiratorial Antisemitism

The Odd Exterminationism of Extreme Obsessive and Conspiratorial Antisemitism

Hardcore racism descends into homicidal intent in short order. But the curious thing about extreme antisemitism is not its muderousness but its genocidal intent. It’s never about knocking off a few of the more obnoxious ones here and there, which even I might sign onto when the mike’s turned off. No, they always have to kill them all, to exterminate them, every last one of them.

I’ve studied lots of types of racism and bigotry and other than extreme Islamism, you usually don’t see exterminationist intent anymore, at least not these days.

You see it in Ukrainian nationalists, but that’s because they’re Nazis, and Nazis are exterminationist. You see it in Burma with the Yoghinga, in Sri Lanka with the Tamils, in Pakistan with Hindus, in Palestine with Jews, in Turkey with Kurds, Armenians, and any other “unpatriotic minorities,” in Sudan with Africans, in Africa with the Pygmies, with the Hutu towards the Tutsis, in Salafism with the Shia, in Iraq with Yezidis. You formerly saw it in the Americas with the Amerindians.

But even in the worst days of the South and slavery, you never saw it with Blacks. You never saw it anywhere in the Americas with Blacks. Nor in South Africa.

A lot of people hate Blacks, Muslims, Hindus, Hispanics, Asians, and even Whites, but how many want to exterminate them? Almost none. See?

Yet, with the Jews, it’s always not just kill em, but it’s always kill em all, with an emphasis on the all. Which has also been tried many times in the past to gruesome, and horrendous, voraciously cruel, and morally appalling effect.

There’s something curious about that.

Jews always claim that the next Jewish extinction event is right around the corner. It’s part of the neurosis of Jewish Identity Politics or being unassimilated. The antisemites have their go-to answer to all problems – the Jews – and the Jewish IP types have their go-to anxiety-inducing catastrophism about future events, a sort of Jewish Anxiety Disorder, and that is, that the next mass Jew culling is always right around the corner, ready to start tomorrow, or better yet, yesterday.

On the other hand though, this behavior is insensible and paranoid. If you look hard at the real world, especially the West, we just don’t have the stomach for any mass Jew-killing at the moment anyway. That last one was a doozy and quite enough for a long time, if not centuries, if not forever.

Most Westerners feel terrible about that last go-round, which is another thing Jewish IP types can’t figure out. But then a perverse pleasure in being a Chicken Little who’s never wrong and always just has their dates mixed up is part of Jewish IP and its basic neurosis, Jewish Anxiety Disorder.

How I Became an Antisemite (Anatomy of a Mental Disorder)

How I Became an Antisemite (Anatomy of a Mental Disorder)

The aggression was the one thing where the light finally turned on about them. I hadn’t figured that out about them until I was in my 50’s. Then, even worse, I succumbed to it and became a bit of an antisemite myself, a period I look back on with a bit of shame. But I can tell you what it’s all about now that I’m a recovered antisemite (And of course they recover, Jews! For God’s sake!).

Antisemitism in its conspiratorial and obsessive phase should honestly be seen as a mental disorder, but then, all obsessive racism maybe should be seen as a disorder. Similarly, all Identity Politics looks like mental disorder too. IP people are not mentally healthy. It’s not adaptive. IP make the IP believer himself crazy. When I finally pulled myself out of it, I realized I’d been insane for a years there, and I felt a lot better when I “got clear” and could see properly again.

Jews Acting Like Regular White People Is a Good Thing

Polar Bear: While on the other hand the Jews I’ve met behave as model Aryans unless they’re from NY.

That’s really nice that Jews act like regular White people! That means one thing – that they’re assimilated! And acting like a regular White person, or Aryan as the poster mistakenly puts it, is not a bad thing at all because white picket fence and even cookie-cutter mirror image suburbs work very well.

If there are any problems, it’s homogeneity to the point of assembly-line sameness in just about everything, suffocating conformism, partriotardism, excessive morality to the point of paranoia at the different, way too many rules, manners, and social peccadilloes for way too many things, and just a general lack of easygoingness.

But none of those things are a big deal, and having spent my life in these places, let me tell you that humans act quite good in these places. Other races like Hispanics and Asians quickly assimilate to Whiteness in these population centers.

As do Jews. Your average Jew in a place like this is quite assimilated. Now Jews can kvetch and bitch about assimilation and how it means the end of the Jews (and perhaps it does), but at the end of the day, it cannot be denied that the assimilated Jew acts vastly better than his unassimilated counterpart. Look at how Israel and Israelis act. That’s how Jews act when they don’t assimilate. Pretty lousy, huh?

And yes, most people are not totally ecstatic about Jews and we tend to give them the side-eye a bit and don’t totally trust them, and all of these are good things! They are an antidote to excessive Jewish power and the antisemitism that follows it like day follows night.

The Jews don’t control the world.

But due to our dubious attitude about them, we wouldn’t let them even if they tried! That’s good for the world and it’s even good for the Jews at the end of the day, though few realize it. As the author notes, we know something’s amiss so we keep our distance a bit and are rather suspicious of them, vowing not to let them get away with murder or even the lowest misdemeanors.

I always thought Jews acted like typical Whites too. I thought this way for the first 40-45 years of my life. Jews in the US don’t behave obviously bad, and it’s very easy to get fooled into thinking they’re like everyone else. They’re not, but they’re so assimilated here that any bad or even excessive behavior is rather masked and subtle, often tending towards the annoying rather than the pernicious.

It was not until I thought very deeply about Jews for a very long time starting at age 45, and sadly, until I started reading a lot of antisemites (who are sometimes tragically correct if misguided, hyperbolic and obsessive in their focus) that I started seeing them in a new light.

Then I started looking at all the Jews I’d known through this new lens, and, yeah, they started adding up in new ways. But still they weren’t bad people, just a bit aggressive is all. And I finally saw the clannishness, which just seemed more weird and incomprehensible if fascinating in an odd way.

I Started Out with an Open Mind about Indians, but the More Time I Spent around Them, the More Appalled I Got

Rambo: Wow.

This is Greg’s comment after reading my post, A Brief Primer on Hinduism.

Amazing, isn’t it?

It took me so long to figure these fuckers out. At first I thought they were just wonderful because I knew nothing about them. I started meeting some of them on the Net. And these were the good ones! Every single high-caste Indian I have ever met has defended their shitty casteism.

They do so with an utter lack of apology as if it’s right and correct and wonderful. Sometimes I think they know it’s evil but they just don’t care! That’s what I meant when I said that sometimes I think they worship evil. They know they’re acting evil but they don’t care and in fact, they even like it, rather gleefully I might add.

Anyway, I met some of the decent ones, but even they got on my nerves after a while. They were always so grasping. You know the stereotype of the grasping Jew, right? Well most Jews I’ve known were nothing like these Hindus! They were always trying to get money, always cooking up this scheme or that scheme to get the money, which is all they care about. The class system is terrible in that place and they suffer from a severe keeping up with the Joneses issue.

The one friend I had was making $18/year as as a journalist, which is great for an Indian, but all these high caste types he was hanging out with were telling him what a loser he was because he wasn’t making more money money. I don’t mind of people have some money-making scheme but this guy had one every time you turned around, and they all fell through! He was a great guy but he was this endlessly scheming and desperate fuck at the same time.

At one point he tried to get me involved in a company he and his Indian friends had set up in Chicago. Get this! They came to this country, immigrated here, and then set up a company that hired zero non-Indians! All of the people who worked there were Indians as they refused to hire anyone else.

Yeah, they discriminate wildly. They only had mabye three employees in the US and they were farming as much of their labor straight back to India to save money. I thought, “These are exactly the sort of immigrants we do <em>not </em>need in our country!

There are horrible problems in IT now because the Indians take over the shops and slowly fire all the Whites and pretty soon it’s a near-all Indian shop. And the few remaining Whites are made to feel like they need to leave. It’s worse than that. They not only hire only their own people, but even worse, they only hire their own particular group or caste and blatantly discriminate against everybody else.

The sleazy IT industry has been hand-waving all of this away and denying it as they’re making bank off of all these Indian scabs, which is basically what they are. Every year the sleazy IT pricks who run these companies go to Congress and plead for increases in the Hindu 1-B visas. We already get 200,000/year but they want more. There are plenty of Americans available to do this work but they won’t work for the crap wages that these IT execs pay these Indians.

Supposedly they can only import them if they work for the same amount as an American but they always pay them about half as much. And though discrimination is illegal, there are sleazy American lawyer types who run seminars showing how you can blatantly discriminate against all US applicants in order to hire only foreign scab labor.

The Indians running these Hindu 1-B shops are terrible people and they grotesquely abuse their own employees in a boiler room atmosphere. Their employees are treated horribly. It’s pretty much a sweatshop for IT workers. Of course the Indian owners owners don’t care because this is the sleazy way things work in India.

Look, I started out with a very open mind about these people but the more I dealt with them, the more appalled I got. It’s resembles a society that’s devoid of all morality aside from doing whatever it takes, right, wrong, or indifferent, to <em>get the money</em>! Even Jews are nowhere near this bad. Most Jews have figured out that you aren’t supposed be a grasping, money-grabbing bastard all the time.

To the extent that they may be like this, they keep it under strict cover and at least their public face is often quite civilized, especially in assimilated Reform types. I did know an Orthodox Jew for a while there and he was a sleazeball. He openly stated that the type of businesses he was trying to set up were “scams” as he put it, and there was usually something seriously sleazy or borderline illegal about whatever his latest scam was.

There are indeed good people in India. Some of the Muslims are ok. Most of the Dalits are all right. And the Christians in Goa, who utterly despise Indian nationalism, are ok too. And there are some Indian guys who have seen the system for the pile of shit that it is and have decided instead to become these “hippie dropout” types.

And of course a lot of the decent ones realized what a shithole they were in and immigrated here to the US to get away with all the lying, cheating, and thieving. They told me that if they had stayed in India, they would have had no choice but to get in on the scamming and debased behavior because if you want to succeed, there’s really no way to get around it.

Where I’ve Been

Maybe you are wondering where I’ve been. I’ve been working on a classification of all of the Indian languages of the Americas, which is at least 900 languages. Actually it’s a lot more than that! It is an expansion of the Amerindian classification I did in this article here, in which I, unbelievably, tried to classify most of the language families in the world! I still can’t believe I actually completed such a Herculean feat, but apparently I did!

Now that I am redoing this, I am finding out just how difficult it really is. There were serious problems with my classification of Latin American, particularly South American languages in the article. The problem is that the classification of South American languages is sort of like a group of blind men leading each other through a cave, and not much being accomplished along the way. It looks like,  more than anything else, linguistic chaos.

I don’t mean to get racist about this, but it’s clear that our understanding and classification of North American Indian languages is vastly superior to that of South American languages. Mostly Whites (hey let’s face it) got an early start on North American Indian classification with the work of Edward Sapir and Arthur Kroeber at the turn of the century which revolutionized the field. Their work inspired many followers and students of theirs to engage in similar work on the last remaining speakers of many of these languages.

The genocide of the North American Indians came later and was not as extensive as in South America, and there were still many competent first language speakers of North American languages in the first few decades of the 20th Century. In fact, many of these last remaining speakers lived on after the 1930’s and some of them are just dying out right now.

Hence, most of these languages were described quite well with exceptions on the East Coast, in Texas and to a lesser extent in the Southeast where Indians-colonist interactions began very early, as soon as the 17th and 18th Century. The Texas Indians were genocided and missionized by the Spaniards very early on, as in in the 1600’s and 1700’s.

By the time the 1800’s rolled around and actual linguists like John Swanton went out to study them, there were hardly any of these Indians left. Many tribes had been nearly exterminated or civilized into extinction, with the remnants of many others joining larger surviving tribes to stay alive and hence losing their original languages.

The languages of the Interior Northeast and the Middle West are a lot better documented as those areas were not colonized until later on and the Indians held on there, as in upstate New York, a long time.

The areas west of the Mississippi were not even colonized at all until after 1850, and many of these tribes were not genocided and instead were herded onto reservations, where at least their languages survived for quite some time under the rubric of self-rule. Still there are very few large Indian reservations east of the Mississippi, but many Midwestern and Southeastern Indians ended up on reservations in Oklahoma.

The Western Indians also fought vicious wars with the colonists, and these wars lasted for quite some time. Quite a few tribes were not pacified until the 1870-1890, by which time they still had many surviving members on reservations.

Missionization happened early on in California too, but not as early as it did in the Texas and the Southeast. California was not truly colonized until after 1850, and the genocide was not complete at all as many Indians survived. Indeed, when J. P. Harrington was doing his incredible salvage linguistics on the West Coast, especially in California, from 1910-1930, he was still incredibly able to find many first language speakers of even the rarest California Indian tribes. They were still around because as I said, the colonization happened later here.

As a result, North American language classification has been undergoing a smoothing-out and intense editing and criticism project for over 100 years now, with the involvement of many scholars. Most Americanists in North America have worked on North American languages. Only a few have worked to the south and even there, there seemed to be a preference for working in Mexico and Central America as opposed to South America.

In recent years, more are working in South America, but not much is happening in the way of classification as this work is being done under the present regime of extreme conservatism in historical linguistics. And in many cases, there is barely even salvage linguistics going on as so many tribes are vanished altogether.

There were few linguists, either North Americans or Europeans or even South Americans, working on South American languages before 1950 or so. To this day, there have only been a few excellent linguists from South America. Those who exist are very good, but as I said, there are not many of them. Their numbers are dwarfed by the number of linguists who have worked or are working on North American languages.

Furthermore, attitudes towards Indians were much more cruel and backwards for a long time in South America after North America started to clean up its act. South Americans were engaging in actual, literal genocidal projects worse than North American had ever done in the late 1800’s until the 1910’s. Many Indians were enslaved or kept on various forms of bondage, including debt bondage, and were only liberated from these conditions as late as 1912.

By this time attitudes in North America had already softened quite a bit towards Indians. Indians in North America were not much hated in the 20th Century. I was born around the mid-century, and all I remember was a veneration and near-worship of the North American Indian from fellow Whites, including an intense feeling of guilt for how we treated them and took their land.

We did give some of their land back as reservations on which Indians were largely under self-rule. North American Whites’ feelings of contrition towards the behavior of their ancestors towards Indians have resulted in various schemes to advantage Indians such as allowing them to form gambling casinos.

Also, the idea of the nobility of the Indian and the near veneration of Indian culture by North American Whites has led to a renaissance of cultural and linguistic rebirth in Indian lands in North America, whereas in South America, extreme racism, including mass murder as in Brazil, continued for far into the 20th Century and in fact, is still quite prevalent today.

The ruling class of Peru is very racist towards Indians, and Indians are simply massacred with little more of a shrug from the state in Brazil.

I have spoken with Chileans, including ostensible leftwing Chileans, and I was stunned at their completely unashamed contempt for and ridicule of the local Indians. These highly civilized Chileans (considered among the most cultured in South America) make brutal fun of Peruvians for the fact that they have a lot of Indian blood, whereas Chileans reassure themselves  that they are pure White or mostly White, both of which are perhaps more dubious than one thinks.

Indians were simply exterminated in Argentina and Uruguay and to some extent in Chile quite early on. Vicious wars of extermination were fought, particularly in Argentina. Hence little is known of Argentine and Uruguayan Indians.

The rape of the Amazon by colonists who are foresters, jewel-hunters and land-clearers to create lands for grazing economies continues to ravage Brazil to the present day and many Indians are still being murdered every year in significant numbers. Even in their reserves, they are killed and their lands are stolen. Everywhere their lands are set aflame to create pasture for ranching. The weak Brazilian state which is controlled by a brutal, primitive, and racist ruling class, barely lifts a finger to stop the murders of Indians by colonists.

In addition, disease epidemics ravaged many Amazonian Indians around the turn of the century. These exterminating epidemics continued far into the 20th Century past the time when epidemics were a faded memory in North America. For a vast number of these tribes, few if any are left, and of those who remain, only a few or perhaps none speak their ancestral language.

In much of the continent, being Indian continues to cause a sense of shame, and acculturation to Spanish or Portuguese -speaking culture is seen as a way to move up in the world and in many cases to rid one of the shame of being “Indio.” Nevertheless, many of the less-contacted tribes in Venezuela, Panama, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador, and Chile yet retain a strong sense of pride which is apparently a new feature. I am personally stunned at the pride local Mexican Indians have in their Indian cultures and languages.

By that time an incredible number of South American languages had gone extinct.

Consequently, South American Indian classification is a massive mess with over 100 language families and isolates with no purported relationship to each other at all. These silliness is being cemented in by the reigning fad, and it is a fad after all, of bullheaded and nihilistic conservatism that now reigns supreme in our field.

Thus, this project of mine is a gigantic clusterfuck. It’s chaos X 100. There are as many as 10-15 different names for some languages (and of course I need to write them all down and alphabetize them and try to figure out if they are correct or are really names for other languages that somehow snuck in. What might seem like four different languages might actually be one language spelled four different ways because the documentation of these languages has been so scattershot and poor.

There have been a few brave forays into classification of these languages, but these are still in their initial phases, and the ruling conservatives are of course shooting them all down. I’ve had to change my classification over and over and the names and the whole gigantic mess makes me want to tear my hair out. My often feels like it is spinning.

Nevertheless, I love work like this. You start working on a project like this and you laugh and think, “There’s no way that any human could possibly figure this mess out.” A computer, maybe, but even that might be hard. I’m always finding out that I classified something incorrectly or under the wrong name, and I’m having to go back and redo a lot of my work as I get a better and more “holistic” feel for it.

Still, I love jobs like this! The very idea of an “impossible job” which I can nevertheless probably manage to “do the impossible” and complete somehow anyway is an incredible rush. If I thought it was hopeless, I would throw in the towel. But I love the challenge of an insanely difficult task which I nevertheless can probably figure out if I stick at it long enough.

Furthermore, the fact that I am always solving little puzzles here and there and coming up with better solutions to things I thought I figured out earlier means that in the midst of the insane frustration (which I actually like), there are victories sprouting up all the time. The feeling of accomplishment every time you put another piece of the impossible puzzle together can hardly be exceeded in this world.

Hopefully this may be published at some point in an academic journal, as some of my colleagues at a journal actually encouraged me to go ahead and write this article when I suggested it to them. Without probable publication, I probably wouldn’t be driving myself nuts like this.

Maybe I’ll put up a working copy on my website if any of you want to look at it.

Francis Miville on Hinduism

I will add one detail to the criticism of India and Hinduism that tells it all: Orwell’s 1984 is now banned in most states and cities of India. Why? The rulers have seen in it a not-even-so-deformed caricature of Indian society and even more so of Indian best-known philosophy known on the idea export market as Advaita Vedanta.

Unfortunately they happen to be right: George Orwell grew fed up with Indian culture for life, as he was a civil servant in India and feared that the anti-human culture of that vast human mass might seduce the bourgeoisie of the whole Anglosphere on a day that was far nearer than one could imagine and with a particularly Western adaptation.

And lo, just ten years after he made that remark, Indian philosophy together with yoga came to be pressure-sold to the whole West, especially through the channel of the Anglo-Saxon Fake Left.

Make no mistake about it: all Indian philosophies are about one thing: nipping in the bud any mental impetus to correct social injustices as the hallmark of an inferior being. Doublethink as described by Orwell is practical Advaita Vedanta. That means that requiring your opponent to be coherent and consistent in his argumentation is considered to be a blasphemy against the highest heavens. As a consequence 1984 is now banned as a “racist book against India.”

My opinion is that Hindu propaganda of any kind should be banned from any humanistic conversation space together with its author, because the first thing these assholes do is attack your mental sanity together with your elementary sense of common decency. Talking with them is like entering into a Black Hole’s gravitational pull.

Indian philosophy is namely a war against Faith, Hope and Love wherever any of them might arise in the universe. It is a vivid proof that multiculturalism doesn’t work, or better said, works in Indian philosophy’s direction only. You cannot survive as a species by the mere exercise of your virtue of toleration. People of Indian origin should be profiled until they show clear guarantees that they will behave otherwise as wanted by their society of origin.

One of the main reasons the French Empire lost in India to the British during the Seven Years’ War was that the French quite clearly manifested their intention to eradicate Hinduism like the Black Death if their administration were to take over: they would tolerate Islam as in principle it talked about the same deity, while they saw in Hinduism a system of adoration of the forces of evil in the universe that teach people how to cheat.

India is just the first big modern country that fell prey to some kind of New Age thought in history, and the net result is the horror you see. The result in the West is California as you can contemplate it nowadays. Actually Hinduism as it is now known not something very ancient in India.

It appeared in a recognizable form around the 15th century, no sooner (contrary to the big lie that it dates back from some Golden Stone Age) that is to say, well after the Muslim invasions, in a strange parallel with the Rhineland and Flemish mystics of the same time period.

There was a Hindu-like form of thought previous to Hinduism (the Sivaite current), but it has now disappeared for all practical purposes from the Hindu scene, and even so, Early Medieval Hinduism was absolutely inauthentic and claimed to originate from a tradition that never existed.

Even the Sanskrit language is in its greater part a mostly medieval linguistic creation like Esperanto except that its purpose is just opposite, namely destroying humanism through divide and rule, and practically all sacred Sanskrit texts can be shown to be fakes. In all but a few passages, it can be shown that they were composed during Muslim rule and not before.

A Brief Primer on Hinduism

Rambo: What are some of the beliefs of Hinduism? The partition of India that created Pakistan (a country that Christopher Hitchens used to say was not a country at all but an hypocrisy) is seen by most as basically a Hindu vs. Islamic schism. Just what is Hinduism at it’s core?

Of course it was a Hindu versus Muslim split that yet reverberates to our own present day.

Let’s just say that Hinduism is a very primitive religion and primitive religions were largely amoral. Look at how many of them require human and animal sacrifices. Which brings us to the essential feature of a primitive religion: that an insecure and unstable Man is at the mercy of a capricious, sometimes warmly nurturing and other times brutally cruel Gods that no one can see, hear, or understand.

So insecure and unstable man must make prayers and give offerings to get good things from the Gods and to keep the Gods from getting angry and sending bad things our way.

These prayers are often to the Gods of Elements, who held the sword of life or death swinging over the heads of primitive man. The Elements were not understood, and few things are as capricious as the weather and other elements of Nature.

In a primitive religion, sacrifices or offerings are made to either appease God or to, frankly, get stuff. Get things, as in material things. You make an offering to the heathen God, and you are rewarded with riches at some point in the future, morality be damned! It’s all about getting the stuff and it doesn’t matter how you go about getting it.

These religions have little to nothing to say about human morality at all except to sometimes mandate unspeakably cruel and immoral behaviors! Like the Book of Manu for instance, one of the most important books in the Hindu religion. And an utterly, brutally, diabolically, cruel and immoral book, too. But that doesn’t matter, you see. Primitive religions are morals-free or even perversely mandate immoral behavior as the just and the good.

Strict morals-based religions are a pretty new thing. Even the primitive Jewish religion, a step forward for being monotheistic (Let’s give the Jews credit where it is due) relied on an insane level of animal sacrifice at its ridiculous temple. On sacrifice days, the line of Jews with the animals they were going to sacrifice to the Gods (or to their one God?) stretched far away from the temple.

The air was a cacophony of bleating and other animal noises along with the brutal screams of animals having their throats slit. The blood ran out of the temple and down the dirt path where the twisting line of sacrificial worshipers stretched into the distance. I’m not sure what was done with the meat of the dead animal. Was it eaten? No idea.

But this clearly was animal sacrifice run amok, and more than anything else, it was idiotic. Idiotically cruel, yes, but more stupid and ridiculous than anything else.

Well, there you have a primitive religion. Primitive religions are stupid because primitive man was uncultured and uncouth, more of a lower mammal than a human.

Morality in those days was taken care of presumably by tribal codes which, along the lines of Judaism, after all a primitive tribal religion, mandated that one should obey strict moral rules with the tribe or in-group, whereas all morality was thrown to the dogs when dealing with the out-group.

Why religion changed into a strictly morals-based belief system designed to force man into a decent and well-behaved life which he is constitutionally disinclined to follow is uncertain, but we on the Left see History as forward motion in all areas and that includes forward motion in morals and behavior.

Presumably as man became agricultural and more settled, increased civilized behavior become more important or even essential, so strict rules had to be put on people.

Tribes in the Amazon follow few rules with regard to other tribes, and they are in the habit of massacring or even genociding each other. It doesn’t matter much as the group that gets genocided numbers maybe 50-100 people, so there’s no great effect on the general scheme of things. But we can’t have groups of humans in our modern societies who decide to go genocide 50-100 people of some opposing group. It’s not going to work. Increased civilization demands more strict morality.

What I am saying here is that Hinduism is an “offering-based religion.”

Hinduism has something like 700 million Gods including a God for everything under the sun. Some of these Gods are Gods of pure evil, which makes sense theologically because this exists in humans, not that these entities should be worshiped!

But in Hinduism one can choose as a perfectly matter of fact and justifiable Hindu choice to follow one of the Gods of destruction. Thuggee culture in 1800’s India was based on theologically-sanctioned vicious criminals who roamed around preying on other humans. In Hinduism this is just a choice some people can make, as valid as any other. It’s probably not best for everyone to follow the thugee Gods, but the behavior of the thugees was definitely theologically sanctioned.

In Hinduism, one makes a morals-free offering to crooked priests who run shakedown enterprises called Hindu temples. You shower the temple with money or valuables or whatever, and then the Hindu priest, like some fortune telling charlatan bent over a crystal ball, tells that you that some Hindu God will send you great riches in the future. I suppose you can pray for anything you want though, not just money. But I’m not so clear on this.

Probably no religion treats women worse than Hinduism, and this is once again in line with its being a primitive religion, as such religions typically didn’t afford women much in the way of rights.

Hinduism also features caste, and caste sadly seems to be a hallmark of primitive human religion. Perhaps the earliest modern religion yet extant, Yezidism, has a strict caste system with serious rules about intermingling. I believe  the related Zoroastrianism also has caste.

It stands to reason that in Hinduism, being a very primitive religion like these two, caste also figures as a prominent feature. We can argue about this, about why caste was so prominent in early religions, about whether this indicates a basic caste-like value system of more primitive societies and perhaps a built-in natural tendency of primitive man towards cruel caste-based societies that man outgrows as his civilization and hence his morals become more developed, as each appears to need to the other to fully flower.

A Comparison of Christians, Hindus, and Jews

Amy Stark: It is their lying, scheming, scamming, and stealing of other people’s land that make the fucking Indians so despicable.

They don’t just steal land. The Indian Hindu spends his whole life lying, cheating, scheming, scamming, thieving, and backstabbing. He has no sense of honor whatsoever. And their nepotism is out of this world. It’s the worst. What worse about all of these things is that they don’t seem to feel bad about any of them. They think this is just the normal, typical, proper, and even moral way to behave.

I’ve known a lot of Jews. I liked most of them, but these were assimilated Jews who are fairly easy to like, and you have to concentrate, think real hard, do a lot of reading, and put a lot of weird pieces together to come to dislike them. I knew them for many years, and I never hated them at all. There were things about them that I found a bit odd and puzzling, but I just chalked that up to a weird culture. They were also rather aggressive, but they weren’t hostile towards me, so that didn’t matter either.

With almost all of the Jews I’ve known, I really got the impression that deep down inside, they have some deep moral core that’s really not that different from that of us Christians. I know Jews will hate the comparison, but there are a lot of good things about Christian culture. If there’s anything wrong with it, it’s that it demands you to be too good! People don’t want to be as good as Christianity demands you to be, so people drop out of the religion.

As the Jews are chosen to bear the burden of following the Jewish laws (the true, pure meaning of them being “chosen”), the Christians are also chosen or perhaps even doomed to be good, too good, maybe too good for their own good, certainly too good for an amoral society like ours. But I’ve always had a soft spot for saints. Jews and Christians are more alike than they think. We are both “chosen” to carry some rather heavy moral burdens and chores.

Hindus are far worse than Jews. Jews have a down side, but I also think there are a lot of great things about them, so they’re a mixed bag. Hindus are what happens when a group has all the worst qualities of Jews dialed up to the max and nary a trace of the good ones, which are considerable.

Sometimes I think Hinduism is almost demonic. Judaism is weird, it’s a lot of things good and bad, and in its Orthodox form it blows as much as any fundamentalist retardation, but the core religion, especially as practiced today by Reform assimilated Jews, is not demonic! Hinduism almost seems like literal Devil worship.

Why Are Americans So Ignorant, Stupid, and Lacking in Wisdom?

I don’t understand Americans, how they can hold grudges for half a century and they always assume that stuff that never works anywhere ever is the solution to this or that problem.

I talk to people in other countries all the time and almost to a person, they are far smarter (or more wise) than Americans and they know far more about politics and the world than most Americans do. Americans don’t know shit about anything! They’re some of the dumbest people on the planet.

They’re also shockingly lacking is wisdom. They have no normal curiosity about the world outside their shores, I assume because they hold all foreign countries in contempt. The problem isn’t White supremacy. It’s American supremacy and the whole country is guilty of it. Patriotards are everywhere. Most liberal Democrats are even worse patriotards than MAGA Republican nowadays. I’ve met a stunning number of Leftists who told that America was the greatest country in the world. Leftists!

A Bit about Cuba

It’s just that I don’t remember one quote from Cuba about the Russia-Ukraine situation. Does anyone else?

I’m not aware that they are talking about it very much.

This is an awesome website about Cuba. Really it’s an “online newspaper.” It’s run by a revolution-sympathetic guy in Cuba. He used to live there. Most if not all of the commenters are Cubans themselves! So you can see what they really think. Most if not all of them are strong supporters of the revolution and they are way more hardline than the government.

I keep up on Cuban news fairly regularly. That site is awesome because it shows you how the average Cuban feels about politics and their country. It also shows you how the place really works as opposed to “nothing but lies and distortions” BS you get from the US media. The US media only shows the bad side of Cuba and then they blame Cubans for things that are not their fault.

Remember when there were foreigner-sponsored demonstrations all over Cuba a while back and the government arrested a few people? Almost all of the Cuban commenters were mad that the government was going so easy on these people and they wanted the state to throw the book at these people! Not all dictatorships are tyrannies. In a lot of cases, the majority or vast majority support crackdowns on dissidents and the opposition.

There’s a lot of bitching and moaning on the site though, all from Cubans. They complain but they don’t want to get rid of the system. Almost all of the problems are due to the blockade we put on them. The blockade has secondary sanctions built in that force other countries to comply with our sanctions! Like US law sort of applies to the whole world! If a ship ports in Cuba, it cannot port in the US for the next six months, I know that. There are probably quite a few other ones. The blockade costs them $3-5 billion/year and that was 30 years ago.

It’s insane. We put it in in 1961 to make lives so miserable for Cubans that they will get rid of the government. Then we strengthened it over and over. Well, guess what? It didn’t work! It’s been failing for 62 years now. How long must a total failure go on before you hang it up and say screw it?

Why the West Is So Russophobic?

Polar Bear: “Jews love Russia, Russians, and filthy Russian culture.” KAK.

I don’t really understand anti-Russians. I get anti-Americanism, anti-Semitism, etc. but don’t fully understand why many hate Russia. Is Russian culture Jewy and filthy? The West looks more filthy and Jewy.

What’s Russian hate down to? Mongol and Commie hatred? Lack of niceties until some Westernization? Westernization in Russia did create its own culture in the arts, fusing two worlds (East and West). Some consider that middle ground to be the Russian ideal.

The Jews who haven’t left yet are hardcore patriots, most of them. Interesting people. There’s no anti-Semitism at all against these folks. Russians don’t dislike Jews per se. They just dislike a certain type of Jew, a nation-seller, traitor, and nation-hater who always worked for the enemies of Russia and tried to screw Russia over due probably to resentment over how Russians had treated his people.

Russian culture isn’t really filthy. It’s not like that at all. It’s hypermasculine, traditional, boozing, corrupt, and violent, but the average person you meet is really cool. Besides, all that stuff is the downside of Russian culture, and Ukrainian culture suffers from all of those things in an even worse way.

I guess it is West versus East. I know the British have hated Russia forever, all the way back to the 1800’s. France, Georgia, Germany, Poland, Sweden, and Finland all got their asses handed to them by Russia, and believe it or not, a lot of them are still out for blood and paybacks.

Mostly it’s all about the USSR and the Cold War. Your average Westerner thinks Russia is still Communist and still the USSR. It’s hard to change people’s thinking habits. It all shows the power of propaganda. Westerners are easily propagandized when the state has complete control over the media as is the case now in the West.

The entire West lives under a NATO dictatorship, and NATO despises Russia and wants to see it destroyed. A lot of Westerners also see Russia as a potential competitor and a threat. When you have 100% of the media screaming in your ear night and day about the evils of Russia, it’s easy to get brainwashed.

Westerners are not independent thinkers at all. They are profoundly conformist patriotards. They’re incapable of independent and critical thinking, and they have hive minds. With gullible brains like that, they are very easy to brainwash.

However, state, elite, and NATO control over the media is starting to develop cracks now that everyone can publish their own newsletter on the Internet. There have been many attempts to re-consolidate and get this back under control. That’s what the social media companies, the censorship, the canceling, and the character assassination is all about. They’re terrified that they don’t have total media control anymore, and they are lashing out in all directions.

The West is also becoming more authoritarian too. The only reason we had freedom of speech here is that everyone went along with the Foreign Policy Establishment and the NATO dictatorship. Now that some don’t drink the Koolaid anymore, there are wild attempts at censorship and authoritarian shutting down of speech. In the “free” West now, people are being arrested and are going to jail just for supporting Russia.

As soon as people started rebelling and going against the Deep States of the West, the West got authoritarian real quick, started censoring and canceling people, and putting critics in jail. Democracy is just a fine veneer over fascism in any Western country, and your typical Westerner goes from normie to fascist in the wink of an eye.

About That Soviet-German Pact

A college professor that was giving lectures about Russia was really into that Soviet-German pact. I suspect he had a chip against Russia given his ancestry.

Yes, the Russophobes are going crazy about that lousy pact on Twitter, saying that the USSR and Nazi Germany were allies during WW2. So the Holocaust is the fault of the Soviet Union! The Soviets were Nazis! Never mind Ilya Ehrenberg and the 500,000 Soviet Jews who bravely served in the Red Army.

They won’t shut up about this.

What’s next? How about the old theory:

The USSR started WW2 and Hitler only invaded to stop an immanent Soviet invasion of Europe with the intention of conquering all of Europe and installing Communist governments in each country.

Is that coming next? Why not?

Putin is fighting an antifascist and anti-Nazi war and the entire West is falling all over themselves to support the Nazis, who are pegged as freedom-loving Democrats, and bash the antifascists as being the real Nazis! We’re already rooting for Nazis, why not go full bore while we’re at it?

That’s straight up Nazi apologetics straight from the source!

I read neo-Nazis and their ilk all the time (Unz is full of them), and I can’t tell you how many times I have heard this line. There is even some fake Soviet defector who claims that this was the actual plan. But a lot of those defectors are flat out lying.

Of course the other part of it is

The Jews started the war by attacking Germany, and Hitler was only fighting back.

This is because World Jewry did indeed institute a boycott of Nazi Germany very early on, as early as 1933, due to the wildly antisemitic government they had. Obviously, it didn’t go very far, and Germany got quite wealthy and built up an economic and manufacturing powerhouse just the same.

The Jews didn’t have very much power back then. In the 1930’s, even in the US, Gentiles didn’t like Jews a whole lot. They were not Nazis of course, but most Gentiles were not real keen on Jews. So if the Jews announced a boycott of Germany, what effect would it have? Your average Gentile would have laughed and said they were not going to honor some Jewish boycott.

The Jewish Position in the US in the 1930’s

Back then, the Jews did not even have very much money. They had some of course, but not like they do now. Yes, they grabbed the media and Hollywood. Both were documented conspiracies motivated not by power lust but by the desire to keep the media and the movies out of the hands of racist Whites, who always go after the Jews sooner or later anyway.

The production of Birth of a Nation in 1916 had seriously alarmed the Jews. The movie venerated the KKK which mostly hated Blacks, but they didn’t like Jews either. Hell, they didn’t even like Catholics!

The Jews got alarmed and 4-5 Jews, all from within a 50-100 mile radius in Galicia (now Western Ukraine, formerly the Pale of Settlement) indeed bought up all of Hollywood, and they kept it for a long time. I think the Jewish hold on Hollywood seems to be lapsing though. For instance, Italians have become a major force in Hollywood in recent years. It’s not just a bunch of Jews anymore.

The Soviet-German Pact

I told my Mom about it and I said that Stalin hated Hitler and Stalin had realized all the way back in 1933 that Hitler was going to invade the USSR, hence he started preparing all the way back then. That’s how they industrialized so fast and moved all their industry east of the Urals so quickly.

She told me how when she was a little girls of 7-8 years old, her father had shown her a cartoon of Stalin and Hitler signing the pact and each one of them had a knife behind his back as he was doing it. Her father told here that they were not allies at all, and in fact, Stalin hated Hitler. Hitler had no intention of honoring the pact, as shown from his invasion three years later, an invasion which had been planned for a very long time, like almost a decade.

Stalin was just buying time and he grabbed part of Poland to have a buffer zone against Hitler. Same reason for the invasion and takeover of the Baltics (part of the Russian Empire since the 1700’s!) and the invasion of Finland.

And he grabbed all of Eastern Europe after the war because he didn’t trust the Germans, and he wanted a real buffer zone against Germany and the West itself and NATO (which he apparently foresaw) in case they tried any more crap. Don’t fall for it! All of the allies made peace treaties with Hitler, some of them multiple times.

If a maniac is breathing down your neck and he hands you a piece of paper to sign so he will quit trying to kill you, are you going to sign it? Of course you are!

On Some Motivations for Jewish Behavior

Polar Bear: Some Jews act like total victims for being ghettoized and badged. It’s interesting that many Jews want to be distinguished and isolated.

Jewish humor is said to come from little Jew towns, shtetls, in Poland.

Jews often take both sides. Many Jews backed Napoleon but at the same time many Jews backed Russia. Seems like a theme, Jews always take both sides.

The big Russian bear seems to spew Jews out after awhile. I know at least one Tsar wanted them sent back to Poland and later on Stalin wasn’t a fan either.

Bit by bit.

Some Jews act like total victims for being ghettoized and badged.

I dunno. How would you like to be forced to wear a yellow star badge? I don’t think I would like that very much.

It is interesting that they built some of those ghettos themselves! Apparently to keep Jewish women from having sex with Gentile men. They didn’t care too much about Jewish men having sex with Gentile women. Any offspring would be simply lost to the Jews, as the kid would have a Gentile mother and he couldn’t be Jewish. The man would keep on living with the Jews.

Jewish humor is said to come from little Jew towns, shtetls, in Poland.

This is actually correct. And do you know how poor those Jews were? They were very poor and their villages were basically overpopulated. Supposedly people hate Jews for being rich, but these Jews were as poor as dogs. And they got murdered just the same as all the others! You wonder what motivated murderous antisemites.

They killed the rich Jews. They killed the poor Jews.

They killed the degenerate Jews. They killed the deeply religious Jews.

They killed the nation-sellers and dual loyalists Jews. They killed the deeply patriotic Jews.

Basically if you were a Jew, you were screwed. Screwed from birth all because you chose the wrong parents.

Jews often take both sides. Many Jews backed Napoleon but at the same time many Jews backed Russia. Seems like a theme, Jews always take both sides.

You know, in their defense, I will say that a persecuted minority might do well to hedge their bets in any conflict. That way whoever wins, you can always say you supported the winners. A group like that doesn’t want to be seen as backing the losing side because there is often retribution against losing sides in wars.

A lot of people are fence-sitters in wars. In the Salvadoran Civil War, 1/3 supported the government, 1/3 supported the rebels, and 1/3 were sitting on the fence with their finger to the wind. My Mom said that the Revolutionary War was the same. 1/3 were with the Americans, 1/3 were with the British, and 1/3 were hedging their bets by being neutral.

I’m told you need a minimum of 1/3 support for any revolution to be successful. And you will need to turn the army. In successful revolutions, the state soldiers drop their guns and go join the rebels. When that starts happening, it’s all over!

Morals and values aside, in a war, a civilian mostly just wants to survive. And that might just mean siding with whichever side wins, whether they are good guys or bad guys or your guys or their guys, none of it matters. A lot of people reasonably just want to support whoever wins.

I saw a photograph taken when ISIS was attacking Ramadi in Iraq. There was a large group of young men who were still in the city who apparently had not been drafted. Most countries don’t draft all their young men, you know. They were posing in a wild, ragged group, and some of them had automatic weapons. They said they were ready to support whichever side was winning, either ISIS or the state. I was shocked that they were so honest about it.

Soldiers are like that too. Once one side starts getting its butt kicked and losing badly, often a lot of the soldiers and even officers will go over to the other side. Soldiers switch sides in wars a lot, especially when one side is losing badly.

The big Russian bear seems to spew Jews out after awhile. I know at least one Tsar wanted them sent back to Poland.

I think one of the Czars in the ~1880’s was like that. He was very bad for the Jews. I think he tried to throw a lot of them out of country, even the ones who were living in his own Pale. This is where the phrase “beyond the pale” comes from. I think he organized a lot of pogroms against Jews too. He was big-time bad news for Russian Jews.

I recently read an account of a British journalist who went to cover the Russian Civil War on the side of the Whites or the Royalists. He was stunned at their obsessive and conspiratorial antisemitism. He thought their antisemitism was so extreme that they were crazies. If you want to know why Russian Jews went over to the Bolsheviks, there you go. And if you want to know why Jews outside of Russia were opposed to the Whites in the Civil War, there you are. The Royalists were antisemites!

It’s also a lie to say that Russian Jews were Bolsheviks. Sure, a lot of the Bolsheviks were Jews but not as many as people say, and there were just as many Latvians as Jews in the high ranks. Yeah. Latvians! So go start a pogrom against Latvians then.

In 1917 in the last election before the October Revolution, 70% of Jews voted for the Zionist political party, not even for socialists, much less Communists. The Rightists say that rich Jewish bankers outside Russia backed Bolshevism, but that’s got to be BS. No rich anyone anywhere backs Communists! Why would they?

I do believe that the rich Jews outside Russia supported the more socialist or social democratic formations in play at the time though. Those parties were quite popular. One was called the Mensheviks.

A lot of those Czars had been antisemites or at the very least, antisemitism flourished under the Jews.

I’ve heard the Czars used antisemitism as a scapegoat so whenever popular resentment against the state developed, the Czars, instead of addressing the issues in one way or another, simply tried to distract people towards the Jews. It’s like peasants are mobbing some landlord demanding his head and he stops them and points in the distance, pointing out some Jews, and says, “Look, Jews! Your enemies! Go get them!” As in, go get them instead of me. Politicians use this sleazy distraction method all the time.

The Tranny Revolution

Ukraine is called the basket-case of Europe. Found some pro-Ukraine nudes, two nude girls with Ukraine colors, and clicked #Ukraine and a lot of trannies came up. That full Western corruption mixed with the worst form of Nazism. Some very odd thoughts are about in Ukraine.

That’s Ukraine, trannies and Nazis. Even worse, trannies and Jewish Nazis! WTH. What the Hell is a Jewish Nazi, anyway? How does that even exist?

I read porn blogs sometimes just for kicks now and again. You can search around for the porn blog sites and check them yourself. Tumblr had them for a long time, but then they banned porn blogs and everyone left. I used to read on there all the time. I think you have to set up a blog to read there, so just set up a blog and leave it empty. That’s what I do.

What’s interesting is that there are many, many porn blogs run by women! You would think something that perverted would be all guys but the ratio of females is far higher than I would have ever thought. Women are more perverted than you think!

Anyway, on this site I read nowadays at times, it’s absolutely flooded with trannies! They all call themselves “sissies” and a lot of them come across as gays. I guess they want to be seen as women, dress up as women, and get fucked by Alpha men as if they were women.

There are also a lot of the “see yourself as a woman” porn memes on there, which of course is what autogynephilia and almost all male trannies are about. They often seem like women’s blogs until you read for a while and you start seeing these creatures (Apparently human but who knows?) that look like really hot chicks except you look down the body and they have a cock! You’d almost want to fuck one of them, but I don’t fuck humans who have these things called penises attached to them. That’s pretty much a no-go for me, sorry, boys.

Women and even men put that stupid tranny porn on their pages. I’m really getting sick and tired of trannies in straight porn!

There are also quite a few FtM trannies on there with their porn blogs. I’ve talked to a few of them. One admitted to me that she made a big mistake, but she said it was too late to change now. I recently met a couple of them who had chopped their tits off! Yuck! I didn’t ask to see pics. I’ve seen pics of those anyway. They all have these small scars where their tits were.

A shocking number of these FtM women were still virgins into their early 20’s. And all these FtM women want to have sex with men, so I guess they are gay men! These were straight women who convinced themselves that they were really men.

A lot of them have a fetish that they want to be abused and insulted about being trannies, told that they’re not really men and they’re just faking it, told that they were stupid for being trannies, etc. They want you to misgender them. They specifically request to be misgendered.

About “Putin’s Palace”

Here is the lie, straight off the Internet:

I don’t think anyone actually believes he is a Communist when he built a 1.3 billion dollar mansion with a strip club and a casino.

That link is to The Guardian, a despicable British shitlib publication, nominally supportive of the shitlib party known as Labour. The story came out in a movie by the liar Navalsky, the Russian oppositionist. See? Now whatever you may think of Putin, I assure you that the Russian opposition is no good. They’re dirty, no-good, lying sonsofbitches and almost all of them are white collar criminals. Many have embezzled millions of dollars.

The media went crazy here in the US a while back when a story from the Russian opposition broke about how Putin owned a gigantic illustrious mansion in Crimea. They called it Putin’s Palace. I didn’t know what to think until later when someone said it was just some unfinished hotel down there and Putin had nothing to do with it. I just learned some new information that sheds light on the matter.

Turns out that Putin’s then son-in-law was one of a group of people involved in an hotel development in the town of Gelendzhik on the Black Sea. As a sales gimmick, the son-in-law offered Putin a free apartment in the complex for life. Putin refused, the complex was never completed, and to this day remains an empty shell. It was recently sold on at considerable loss by the original investors. The new owners hope to complete it sometime in the coming years.

The complex was never a palace, least of all “Putin’s Palace”. But this was the bullshit peddled in the Western MSM.

You see how they lie to you? This is going on all across the West now and the stories all have a familiar ring about them. A paper in the US, Spain, and the Czech Republic will all print the same bullshit story using the same sources and nearly the same wording. And in every Western country, every media outlet will go along without a single media voice in opposition. Some freedom of speech we have!

Is Putin a Killer?

Supposedly, Putin had Navalny the dissident and the Skirpals the double agents dosed with Novichok, which is almost always fatal. Additionally, he killed another double agent, Litvinenko, with plutonium.

However, I do not think that any of these things even happened. Nobody was dosed with Novichok. If they were, they would be dead, period. A weapons-grade dose of Novichok is fatal to the person and anyone around them who breathes the fumes.

It is possible to survive Novichok poisoning, but you will be very damaged afterwards and will be dead within five years with a deteriorating course. It stands to reason that if Putin was doing to dose these people with Novichok, he would use a weapons-grade dose that is fatal. Why use a sub-lethal dose so they survive and make you look terrible? It makes no sense.

The Skirpals were dosed with BZ by the MI6 to frame Russia. They were double agents anyway so they were expendable. The BZ was found in their blood by one of the non-NATO corrupted labs in Switzerland, and their symptoms resembled BZ poisoning. Their symptoms absolutely did not resemble Novichok poisoning in any way. After the BZ was found, the West immediately said the finding was in error and they sent new samples to a NATO-compromised crooked lab.

This sample was dosed with Novichok provided by Porton Downs, the British lab that makes chemical weapons to be used in warfare to this very day! However, the sample was pure Novichok, not weapons grade, and it was collected three weeks after the poisoning, in which case it would have deteriorated a lot. Nevertheless, it was as good as the day it was made.

Novichok poisoning is fatal, period. Later, pure Novichok, not weapons-grade, was added to the blood samples by Porton Downs chemical warfare lab in the UK which produces chemical weapons for the UK. It’s been proven that this was added later on.

Remember how the story kept changing all the time? That’s how you know it’s a false flag. In false flags, the stories keep changing every day. If one lie fails, a new one is put out to see if it works. It fails too and then a new one is put out. Remember how many times the Skirpal story changed? In true stories, the story doesn’t change every morning when you pick up the paper.

The Skirpals said that they wanted to go back to Russia. The British refused to return them. Their relatives kept trying to contact them, but the British would not let them. Then both Skirpals vanished off the face of the Earth.

The British said they were being hidden so Russia wouldn’t kill them when Russia had actually invited them back into the country. They were last seen in the company of the British, who said they were in a secure location. They have not been seen since. People fear they may be dead. Where have the British hidden these poor people?

Navalny was not poisoned with Novichok either. He had some sort of a medical crisis and almost died. Extensive testing found no Novichok or any other toxin in his blood. The West demanded he be shipped to the West, and he was sent to a crooked German hospital that works with German intelligence and NATO.

German intelligence, the BND, then reported that they found Novichok in his blood where no one else had found any. Russians asked to see the samples to check them but the Germans refused. Why refuse if your hands are clean? It makes no sense. Then a phone conversation between the German BND and a Baltic country was captured by Belarus and released in which the BND told the Baltic official that the whole thing was a gigantic fake and there was no Novichok.

Notice how that story kept changing too? If that Novichok had been on that man’s underwear or in his water bottle in the hotel room or any of the other fake places where they found it, that man would have been dead. Period. And everyone around him in the hotel who breathed the fumes from that bottle in that room would be dead too. And the people around him on that plane would be dead from his underwear. That’s how strong that stuff is.

The man who invented Novichok saw a tape of Navalny in the hospital three weeks later and said he had not been poisoned by Novichok because at even 1/300th of a weapons grade dose, he would have had pinpoint pupils even three weeks later, and he did not.

The Litvinenko story, another fake with a double agent who the UK apparently view as expendable, seems dubious. The retired head of French intelligence recently stated that the British MI6 had poisoned Litvinenko themselves with polonium as a false flag to blame on Russia. The Russians always denied it, and it didn’t seem like something they would do. The Russians even said that they did not care about Litvinenko themselves so there was no reason to poison him.

Notice that with the Skirpals, MI6 have now dosed three Russian double agents with toxins as false flags to blame the poisonings on Russia. If they did it once with Litvinenko, it stands to reason that they would do it again with the Skirpals.

All of these poisonings were fakes in one way or another! One was a real false flag that killed the victim. The second ones they were dosed with something else and then lab results were tampered with, then the victims were disappeared or murdered. In the third case, nobody was poisoned at all. A man had a medical crisis which was changed to a fake poisoning plot and then lab results were again reportedly tampered with, but there was no way to check as the West would not put the samples out for review.

I always thought Russia would not murder dissidents, especially overseas, with toxins. They had never done it before and even the Soviets never stooped that low.

I’m not sure if Novichok has ever been used as a chemical warfare agent to attack or kill a single soul other than the accidental poisoning of one of the scientists who discovered it. IOW, it’s never even been used!

I’d like to see some good evidence of these Novichok poisonings from somewhere other than the lying Nazi NATO countries and their controlled press machines.

I’m not even sure about Putin having people killed. I think he did have some spies killed who were double agents. That doesn’t surprise me at all. But I’ve never heard of him being implicated in any other deaths.

He didn’t kill that opposition guy outside the Kremlin. Chechens did that. The police surrounded a house with some Chechens in it who were suspected of the murder. When police raided the house, they blew themselves up with suicide belts. There are theories that the Chechen leader, Ramzan Kadyrov, a fanatical Putin supporter, had something to do with this murder. A high officer in his Chechen forces has been implicated in this murder, but there have been no attempts to put him on trial.

Putin isn’t stupid. He may be foolish, but he’s not an idiot. There’s no way he’s so stupid as to have an oppositionist murdered right outside the Kremlin. Also this man only got 1% of the vote when he ran for president. Why bother with him?

I went through the list of journalists killed in Russia, and the rate of their killing was far higher under Yeltsin than it was under Putin. Most of it was connected to the Chechen Wars. The rate went way down under Putin. I could not connect him to any journalist death other than possibly one, and there were over 100 listed. Most were killed by common criminals or organized crime and quite a few seem to have been offed by local politicians at the municipal, state, and regional level.

I’m quite sure that either Putin or his allies has journalists beaten up though. I’m aware of one obvious case.

The problem is that everyone making these claims are NATO Nazis or the Russian opposition, both of which groups are the most incredible liars. Both have already told countless lies about Putin and Russia even if we only look at the last year. I’d really like to see a look at this question from an unbiased or better yet, a pro-Putin source.

Putin is giving people what they want, no? He has 83% approval ratings. That’s nothing to shake a stick at. It looks like Russians are quite happy with his type of governance. Who am I to complain? National sovereignty! People have a right to run their countries in any way they see fit as long as they are not committing mass human rights violations against their own people.

Jewish Life in the USSR

Polar Bear: The big Russian bear seems to spew Jews out after awhile. I know at least one Tsar wanted them sent back to Poland, and later on Stalin wasn’t a fan either.

No, Stalin was extremely pro-Jewish for a long time. I think one of his wives was Jewish.

You must understand what it was like in the USSR. You weren’t supposed to talk about your ethnicity. It was sort of taboo. You were all just workers, and ethnic nationalism was seen as “barbarous bourgeois nationalism.” It was practically outlawed.

But then Lenin allowed the right to self-determination of nations which took the form of the extreme development of the cultures and languages of the USSR if they would agree to be loyal.

I’ve read things from Jews who lived in the USSR, and they said it was not something anyone talked about. One said that at his university there were ~300 professors in his department and all but 3-4 of them were Jews. But he said nobody cared or even bothered to remark on it! Like Trotsky who refused to identify as Jewish. Asked his nationality, he answered,

Working class.

That was how a Jew was supposed to be in the USSR.

After Israel was formed, Stalin was hoping it would ally with the East, but instead they went to the West and Stalin got very angry. Also, a lot of those Israeli and Western Jews used their contacts in the East to become Western spies against the USSR. Jews became a security risk.

So Stalin turned his support to the Arabs. Then there was the Doctor’s Plot in which some doctors, mostly Jewish, were arrested for plotting to poison Stalin, presumably because he turned his back on Israel. These men were executed. What’s odd is that there are theories that this plot was actually in the works and others who say that Stalin was actually poisoned to death!

Some of Stalin’s contemporaries complained that he was executing Jews and how that was pretty low considering they just fought a war against murderous antisemites, and I remember Stalin responded,

But you don’t understand! It’s not that they are Jewish. No one cares about that. The problem is that they are all Zionists! That’s the issue here.

Nevertheless, this turned into a bit of a pogrom against Jews, and some top Jewish cultural figures like writers of Yiddish were killed. I believe this was a low point for the USSR.

After Stalin died, there was a sleazy campaign against “rootless cosmopolitanism,” which was a code word for Jews. It spread to Communist Poland too, where it went over well in fertile ground. I think it was all because the Jews had all turned their loyalties to the West with the founding of Israel. This was actually another low moment for the USSR. Going from making antisemitism a capital offense for which the punishment was execution to waging what amounted to pogroms against Jews? That’s a real fall to me.

There ended up being some anti-Jewish laws put in place, but they were not much of a hindrance. I think the effect was that before the laws, Jews were six times over-represented in top jobs, and after the new laws, quotas brought it down to them being three times over-represented. Cry me a river! They were still doing great, just not as great as they were before. Whoop tee doo!

But if you read what I just wrote above you can see how insane it is that antisemites go on and on about how “Communism is Jewish…Bolshevism is Jewish…the USSR was Jewish…Soviet (Jews) killed 100 million Christians,” on and on.

You can see that the actual reality of Jewish life in the USSR was quite complex! And those Soviet Jews were as deracinated as they come.

The 100 million Christians lie is particularly noxious because they say “Bolsheviks” did it but they imply that Jewish Bolsheviks were driving it due to anti-Christian fervor. However, the Soviets at that time were not very nice to any religion, and they went after synagogues just as much as they went after churches. And Stalin killed 2.5 million people, not 100 million.

Anyway, most of those killed in the USSR were probably not practicing Christians, as many people left Orthodoxy when Communism took hold. A very large number of those killed were other Communists, and they were supposed to be atheists.

Along those lines, did you know that Stalin had originally wanted to study to be an Orthodox priest back in Georgia?

A Lot of the Remaining Jews in Russia Are Patriots

RL: “Jews who haven’t left yet are hardcore patriots”

Polar Bear: Both of them?

Putin probably has Jewish blood, and his fanatical talk show guy on TV is flat out Jewish, and Progozhin is also Jewish on some level. There’s a guy on Twitter named Jewish Russophile. He’s really cool!

A lot of the Russian Jews in Israel are strong Russian patriots. They’ve had huge Russian flag waving ceremonies. We shouldn’t call them all traitors. Give them the benefit of some reasonable doubt.

I imagine there are quite a few Jews like that among those who are left.

Putin has an excellent relationship with the top rabbis in Russia, as he has an excellent relationship with the heads of Islam and the top bishops of the Orthodox Church. The old Russian Empire thing was that all of those religions were supposed to support the empire.

There are quite a few left but they aren’t advertising that they are Jews or even identifying as such.

Sort of like in the old USSR. The USSR was basically good for the Jews. As Shamir said,

“The Soviet Union wasn’t antisemitic. It was anti-anti-semitic.”

He also said,

The Poles learn their antisemitism at their mothers’ breasts.

Some of those old Jewish guys are pretty hip. One thing about Israeli Jews is a lot of them are quite honest. They bash Jews all the time! And that’s healthy. Self-critique is a healthy thing.

For instance, the Jews in the West have all lined up with these damned Nazis in Ukraine, but quite a few Jews in Israel don’t like Ukrainians and say, “Ukrainians are antisemites.” They have long memories and probably a lot of them have Ukrainian roots somehow and have stories about World War 2 from friends or relatives of anyone who survived. I like that! I like a Jew who thinks that way about Ukrainians!

You know why? Because he’s supporting his people! Now he might be an ass in all sorts of other ways, and I’m sure he probably is, but that part of him that says, “I will always oppose the enemies of my people,” I love it! I have so much more respect for a Jew like that then these Western lowlife Jews falling all over themselves to support Nazis. That just plays into the old stereotype of Jews having no basic values.

For God’s sake, I will make alliance with just about anyone, but I will not make alliance with Nazis. You don’t ally with Nazis. You kill Nazis. That’s how I see it.

Most of the haters and traitors took off for Brighton Beach or Tel Aviv. But even Israel has a lot of patriots. See above.

The “Russia Is a Kleptocracy” Lie

This is probably one of the biggest lies of all, and to go along with it, we have the lie that Putin is the biggest kleptocrat of all. Of course, these lying scum either know absolutely nothing about China or they are willfully ignorant and believe their own crap. The fascinating thing about “Russian” and “Soviet” experts in the West is that all theses shitheads went to school forever, learned Russia and learned more about Russia and the USSR than almost any of us.

Nevertheless, almost everything they have ever said about Russia or the USSR is a straight up Goddamned lie. As usual they went to school for many years and never learned a damn thing except how to be exceptional liars! I know more about Russia than all the Western Russia experts put together because every one of them is nothing but a lying propagandist. Propagandists are never objective. They’re always pathological liars. Don’t necessarily believe a word they say.

People in the West are some of the most brainwashed people on Earth. They are exposed to more than any other country with the possible exception of North Koreans. Worse, Western idiots believe every single lie that their lying states and media have ever told the.

We have no freedom of press in the US, we never did in the past, and we never will in the future. This is probably because freedom of the press is impossible in any imperialist country. Thing about imperialist countries is that almost the entire populations get on board with the imperialism while they all insist that there’s no such thing as imperialism, or that only our enemies are imperialists as my mother used to say.

An example of Soviet imperialism was said to be Eastern Europe, even though there’s no way that that region was ever a colony or neo-colony of the USSR and anyway, of course the USSR never had colonies or neo-colonies based on exploitation because their ruling theory would not allow them too do that.

The Chinese are the same. China has no colonies or neo-colonies because they are still Communists, and Communist theory does not allow such behavior.

Anyway, the lie that every single dipshit in the West in the West supports without fail is that Russia is a kleptocracy and Putin is the biggest kleptocrat of them all. These people are referred to as oligarchs, and they are reviled in the West except when they are not and support the West, in which case they are poor, persecuted freedom fighters. Of course, only our enemies have oligarchs running the show and our allies never do, except when they do, and in that case we deny it and say they are the greatest thing since Kleenex.

Like the Latin American Right are not oligarchs and kleptocrats! Every single one of them is! If they were not, they would not be on the Right. Of course the Philippines, Thailand, India, Indonesia, the Gulf states, the UK, Ukraine, Pakistan, Georgia, Afghanistan, and Turkey are not run of, by, and for the rich and against everybody else!

And don’t forget the US, the greatest kleptocratic and oligarchic country that ever existed! We just call our oligarchs and kleptocrats billionaires and let them run the state and the military. The US is for, by, and of the rich and opposed to everybody else. Most of the 99% support their oligarchic oppressors because most of them dream of being rich too one day, and Americans care about nothing other than money and stuff.

However, let us look at the question.

Putin is said to be the richest man on Earth, yet no one has ever proven that he has more than a modest income. All of his so-called properties overseas and in Russia have been proven to be not owned by him. The liberal pro-Western traitors in Russia lied and said a palace in Crimea was owned by Putin. In reality, it was simply an unfinished hotel.

Here is the truth.

Putin was indeed selected and groomed for his role as President by the powers that be in Russia. The reason they picked him was that he was squeaky clean! Everyone else they looked at was corrupt on some level or other. But no one had anything on Putin. He was clean as a whistle then and he’s the same now.

This guy was literally put in because he was the only prominent Russian they could find who wasn’t up to his ears in corruption! I’m sure you can say a lot of things about Vladimir Putin, but one thing you cannot say about him is that he is corrupt.

Now granted there are many oligarchs who have become pro-Putin, but they only did so to survive. When Putin came in, Russia was run by traitorous kleptocratic oligarchs. He said them “You’re either with me or against me, take your pick.” A lot or the oligarchs went against him, and a very large percentage of them were Jews. As usual, the Russian Jews worked against the state for the enemies of Russia.

However, most of the remaining Jews in Russia are very pro-Putin. In fact some of his wildest propagandists are Jewish! Progozhin is Jewish! Putin himself appears to have Jewish roots via his paternal grandfather, which he has gone to great lengths to cover up. They say in Germany, “There’s a little Jew in every German.” Well, in Russia, that’s not far from the truth either.

All of the oligarchs and all of the large anti-Putin oppositionists were and are corrupt as Hell. Putin simply said that

If you don’t line up with me, I will prosecute you for your many crimes. If you do line up with me, maybe I will look the other way at your sticky fingers.

That’s how most of the opposition ended up behind bars! They’re all dirty criminals! On the other hand, he said, if you line up with me, I will look the other way at your corruption. Corruption and kleptocracy flourished under the pro-US Yeltsin, helped along by many bankers in New York, Berlin, and Tel Aviv who raped the country bald and bought up the whole place for a dime on the dollar. In fact the US even bought an election in 1996 by using literal suitcases full of cash.

The Yeltsin era of unrestrained pillaging was one of mass murder. The death rate skyrocketed under the return to capitalism and there were 15 million excess deaths in Russia during the Yeltsin years. That’s right, the Western era in Russia was one of mass murder and thievery. Putin came in and restored nationalism to Russia and said I’m ending all this bullshit. That’s why he’s so popular. He’s giving Russians what they want.

So the oligarchs who sided with Putin were able to keep the state off their backs for a while. However, Putin has continued to crack down on corruption even under this model. In particular, there have been mass arrests for corruption in the military, which was notoriously corrupt. If you read the Russian news, scarcely a day goes by when there is not another arrest for corruption in Russia!

Now, Western turds will ask why doesn’t Putin go after all the oligarchs. Like we do here in the US? We just had the most corrupt president in the history of the US, and half the country can’t get enough of this fascist monster.

There were zero prosecutions for corruption under his rule. The truth that you cannot go against the American oligarchs because they run the whole damned country just like they always have. If you try, like FDR did, they will hatch a fascist coup against you and overthrow you just like they almost did with him. 

Similarly, you can’t really go against the Russian oligarchs either because as in the US, they run the show like they always do. So Putin makes do with what he’s got. The oligarchs who wanted to survive lined up with Putin, and all the ones who didn’t got arrested or fled the country. After they left, Putin confiscated all of their stuff and gave it to the state or to the oligarchs who were on his side.

By the say, Ukraine is the most corrupt country in Europe and it is far more corrupt than Russia. Zelensky the Nazi Jew so loved by the Nazi-loving West was recently proven to have stolen $450 million and stashed it out of the country. He owns vast properties in the Jewish state of Israel and in the lesser Jewish state of Florida where he has a Trump-style mansion. Of course the Western media never reported that to you, did they?

Not only is he a Goddamned Nazi son of a bitch, he’s a wildly kleptocratic Nazi son of a bitch. These are the democratic values that the Nazis-loving West is fighting so hard for.

Vladimir Zelensky is nothing more that a poster boy for the Nazi-loving and money-grubbing West. His values are our values. That’s why we are shoveling mountains of weaponry to this damned Nazi maniac.

Neat Little Roundup of the Semitic Languages

From a book on the subject. I never knew much about them, but they are pretty darned important.

The name “Semitic” derives from Shem or Sem, Noah’s eldest son, from whom most of the Semites were said to descend. It is believed that Semitic languages evolved from hypothetical proto-Semitic. The place of origin of proto-Semitic is disputed: Africa, Arabia and Mesopotamia are possible locations. Unique to Semitic is a triconsonantal root, which carries the basic meaning.

Superimposed is a pattern of vowels (or vowels and consonants), indicating variations in meaning or serving as inflection. Another feature is that related consonants typically fall into three subtypes: voiced, unvoiced and emphatic. The Semitic languages are as closely as Slavic, Germanic, or Romance.

Semitic divides into three groups: I. Northeast or East Semitic; 2. Northwest or West Semitic; 3. Southwest or South Semitic.

East Semitic includes only Akkadian, the oldest attested Semitic language. Akkadian is known from cuneiform texts and was spoken in Mesopotamia between cca 3000 BC and 1,000 CE but remained in written usage until the 2nd- 3rd century CE. From cca 2000 BC, two dialects developed: Babylonian in the south and Assyrian in the north (both succeeded by Aramaic in the 6th century BC). The main differences between East and Northwest (West) Semitic are in the verb system.

Northwest Semitic includes: Amorite, Ugaritic, Canaanite, and Aramaic. Also, some twenty years ago, another language was found at the site of Elba, south of Aleppo in Syria. Passages in this language were interspersed with Sumerian texts from cca 2400 BC. Although heavily influenced by Akkadian, Elbaite shows similarities to Northwest Semitic.

Amorite is a general term for a language attested from the first half of the 2nd millennium BC by proper nouns inserted into Akkadian and Egyptian texts. The first Amorites were probably nomads. Ugaritic appears to be an early form of Canaanite. It was spoken and written in Ugarit (Ras Shamra) on the north coast of Phoenicia in the 14-13th centuries BC, before this city was sacked.

The first Ugaritic texts, discovered in the late 1920’s, were written with alphabetic characters resembling cuneiform script. Canaanite constitutes a group of closely-related idioms from Palestina, Phoenicia and Syria. Records go back to cca 1500 BC.

Aramaic is recorded from 850 BC in Syria (the Tell Fekheriye stele). It spread very quickly and by the 6th century BC it was the administrative language and lingua franca in the entire Middle East. Aramaic supplanted many Semitic languages, including Akkadian and Hebrew. Only Greek rivaled it for dominance in the Middle East until the Arab conquest of the 7th century CE.

Aramaic of the pre-Christian era (Ancient Aramaic or Imperial Aramaic) is known from inscriptions, papyrus letters and documents, and from the Old Testament books of Ezra and Daniel. The Aramaic alphabet was derived from Canaanite script. By the 1st century CE, written Aramaic divided into different forms based on the various types of script adopted by different religions.

West Aramaic includes Nabataean, Palmyrene, Aramaic of Hatra, Jewish Palestinian Aramaic (or Galilean Aramaic), Samaritan Aramaic and Christian Palestinian Aramaic (Palestinian Syriac). The inhabitants of the Nabataean kingdom (Petra and surroundings in south Jordan), Palmyra (Tadmor in northeast Syria) and Hatra (el-Hadr in Iraq) were mainly Arabs, but from 100 BC to 350 CE they wrote in Aramaic in their own variant scripts.

Classical or Biblical Hebrew, known mainly from the Old Testament, was used in texts from a period of cca 1,000 years. The earliest known Hebrew inscription, the Gezer Calendar, dates from cca 925 BC. Hebrew was first written in the Canaanite-Phoenician alphabet, but in the 4th century BC the Jews adopted from Aramaic the square alphabet still used.

By the 3rd century BC Hebrew was spoken only in Judaea, and even there in form known as Mishnaic. Yet the language was maintained by Jews down the centuries as a sacred language and was resurrected (with modifications) in the 20th century as the official language of Israel.

The major Canaanite languages are Phoenician, Punic, Moabite, Edomite, Hebrew and Ammonite. Initially all were written in Phoenician script. Letters from the 14th century BC in Akkadian, the language of diplomacy at the time and discovered at Tell el-Amarna in Egypt, contain “mistakes”, i.e. early Canaanite words and phrases. Phoenician records extend from eca 10,000 BC (inscriptions from Lebanon, Syria, Israel, Cyprus, etc.) to the early CE.

Punic developed from Phoenician in Phoenician colonies around the Mediterranean from the 9th century BC., was still spoken in the 5th century CE.

Moabite, Edomite, and Ammonite were spoken in present-day Jordan. Only a few short inscriptions and seals from the 9-5th century BC survive in these languages, which were probably supplanted by Aramaic. The best-known text, in Moabite, is inscribed on the Mesha Stone from about 840 BC; in it Mesha, King of Moab, recounts his battles against King Omri of Israel.

The Southwest, or South Semitic includes:

I. South Arabian,

2. Arabic and

3. the Ethiopian languages.

South Arabian is attested by ancient inscriptions and by living vernaculars in present-day Yemen and Oman. The South Arabian alphabet derived from the Canaanite script, brought to the area about 1300 BC from the North Arabia. South Arabian inscriptions (epitaphs, promises and deeds) date from 700 BC to 500 CE. The language comprised several dialects, e.g. Sabaean, Minaean (or Ma’in), Qatabanian, and Hadramauth.

The modern South Arabian languages are not written and are giving way to Arabic. Best known are Mahr, Awr, and Soqotr, spoken by less than one hundred thousand people.

The precursors of Arabic proper were the idioms spoken by the tribes of Dedan, Liyn, Thamd, and Saf. Thousands of short petroglyphs and graffiti have survived from the period 700 BC-400 CE. The oldest Arabic texts in a script derived from the Nabataean alphabet dated from the 4th century CE.

The cradle of Arabic lies in North Arabia. It first made its mark as a literary language with pre-Islamic poetry and the Quran, and these sources have remained universal ideals. With the rise of lslam, Arabic rapidly spread over an area from Persia and Asia Minor to the Atlantic Ocean, Spain and the Sahara.

Relatively few Arabs emigrated, but the inhabitants of the countries they conquered soon adopted the sacred language of Islam. The major dialect groups are those of Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt and North Africa (Maghreb). Their mutual comprehensibility is limited.

The Ethiopian languages more closely resemble South Arabian than Arabic proper. The earliest known example is Ge’ez, commonly called Ethiopian. It diverged from South Arabian around the beginning of the Christian era, reaching its greatest extension in the 4th century CE, when it was spoken especially in the kingdom of Axum on both sides of the present border of Ethiopia and Eritrea. Although it died out around 1000 CE as a spoken language, Ge’ez is still the liturgical language of the Abyssinian Church.

Israel-Palestine Conflict

In a previous post, we went over all of the reasons the Jews give for saying that the Holy Land is theirs. And they’re all nonsense, of course. The Jews say they just immigrated, it is true, but they are all on record as saying that Zionism was a settler-colonial project. They even said the natives were going to resist.

Ok suppose a bunch of French people moved to the UK in the south. Eventually they flood out the British to where there are more French than British. Then they declare the independence of this “New France.” And they throw 80% of the British who live there out of their homes. After they leave, the French move in a steal all the homes. They declare that the land is for French people only and French people all over the world can come to New France and become citizens.

There are still a lot of British there but the French conquer up to Northern England too and then settle it with their own people.  They steal land from the English all the time and throw them off the land so French people can take it over. They put restrictions on English people building houses so they have to build illegally. Every time they make an illegal building, the French move in and bulldoze it and say they built it without a permit. Slowly they take over more and more English land, even farms.

They create a network of French-only roads that only French people can use. The English are forbidden to use these roads. Instead they have to go on inferior roads and there are checkpoints everywhere even on these roads. They claim all the land to the north as New France for French people only. Many British flee the wars and head to Scotland and Ireland where they become refugees. They start waging guerilla war against the new settlers. This periodically breaks out into out and out wars.

See, the Jews didn’t just immigrate to Palestine. They came there for the explicit purpose of taking all of that land and making it for Jews only, while throwing out as many Arabs as they can. Gradually the Jews steal more and more land in Palestine. They didn’t just move in. They came as a colonizing force to claim the entire land for the Jews!

Right now we have a conflict between two groups of nationalists, one Jewish and the other Palestinian. They both say the land is all theirs and the others have no right to it. The Palestinians don’t want a two-state solution. They want the whole place! They want to it over and make it a Palestinian state. Some say the Jews could stay as the “guests” of the Arabs who own the place. This is an old PLO line. But notice that the Jews are only guests. It’s not their land. They are there at the whim of the owners of the land, the Palestinians.

Generally, the Arab line is that all the Jews need to take off and go back where they came from. That’s obviously not going to happen, so the whole project is ridiculous. Others say that the Jews can stay in one state with the Arabs, a secular state.

Problem is there are no secular states in the Arab World. They all religiously based in one way or another. Also there’s a serious problem that if you let the Palestinians back into Israel they are going to start killing Jews. They’re already killing Jews as it is, and they don’t distinguish between citizens and military. What makes you think they’re going to stop once they get to live in Israel.

I suppose a lot of Arabs will be wanting their own homes back. The Jews aren’t going to give them back.

The original PLO plan as laid out by Arafat was for all of the Palestinians to move back to Israel and then slowly terrorize the Jews into leaving with terrorist attacks every now and then. This was also the plan of Hamas’ Sheik Yassin. They would slowly terrorize them until most of them take off.

The Palestinians also pin their hopes on the collapse of Israel as a state. It has supposedly been on the brink of collapsing for some time now. When it collapses, the Arabs will get to flood back in.

Sure some Palestinians said they were going to kill all the Jews in Israel.  They did say that they were going to throw them into the sea. Obviously, population transfers tend to be quite bloody because the people getting expelled don’t usually want to leave so they have to be forced out.

The Jews say that the Arabs in Israel are only there at the whim of the Jews, and the Jews can throw them out any time they want to. The Arabs are already second class citizens in a way the same way the Blacks were in South Africa. Of course Israel is an apartheid state. It’s only obvious.

The Jews say they want a “Jewish and democratic state.” That’s a contradiction in terms. If it’s a Jewish state, it’s not democratic, obviously. And if it’s a real democracy, it’s not a Jewish state because a Jewish state can only be undemocratic by its very nature.

One group of nationalists, the Jews, say the land is all theirs. The other group of nationalists, the Palestinians say the land belongs to them and them only. As you can see these are contradictory positions. You can implement one or the other but not both. Neither side will give up their land.

To the Palestinians, Israel will collapse. I guess at that point, the Palestinians flood into Israel. The Palestinians say that at that point, realistically speaking, 90% of the Jews will just up and take off. There will only 10% left and the Palestinians are ok with living with a small minority of Jews in their land. So the transfer and population exchange problem fixes itself with the collapse of the state.

The Palestinians say all the Jews in Israel are “settlers.” Well that’s bullshit. Sure the ones in the Occupied Territories are and as far as I am concerned, the adult civilians there are military targets because they are stealing other people’s land. Attacks on minors on either side should not be tolerated.

As the people of Israel are not “settlers” as the Arabs say, they’re not legitimate targets, usurpers, rapists, or whatever the Arabs call them. They should not be targeted. Neither should the Palestinian civilians. The Arabs make a big fuss whenever the Jews kill some civilians, especially kids. But guess what?

The Palestinians kill Israeli women and minors too, and they do it all the time. Not only that but they do it on purpose while Israel targets Palestinian civilians only by accident. There have been quite a few terror attacks where Palestinians pointed guns right at Arab women and children and mowed them down. That’s much worse than what the Israelis do. At least the Jews don’t usually target Arab civilians.

So the Arab complaint that Israel “kills kids” rings hollow. So do the Palestinians and they do it in an even worse way. Both sides kill civilians, one accidentally and the other on purpose. Right now the Palestinians are screaming about attacks on civilians. Meanwhile they are aiming unguided missile right at Israeli cities and towns, obviously targeting civilians themselves!

The position of the PFLP and the DFLP has always been that they want one state for Arabs and Jews. George Habash of the PFLP famously said that if he could go back, he would build a new house to live in. And he would build an extra floor on tops to rent out to any Jewish family who wanted to live there. Leila Khaled of the PFLP has also said that all of the Jews can stay.

Palestinian attacks are mostly due to nationalism, so Jews in the Diaspora are not targeted as a general rule. They’re not part of the problem. The beef they have is with the Zionist Jews who stole their land and took it over. So Israelis say that the Arabs are out to “kill Jews” is bullshit and Holocaust porn. They’re only after the ones who stole their land. They could give a hoot about the rest of them. They’re not part of it!

Some of the attacks are driven by anti-Semitism and Palestinians do have a lot of hostility towards Jews in general. There are even attacks on Jews as Jews. There are calls to attack Jews everywhere they are on Earth.

Hostility towards the Jewish religion characterizes the Arab line. When the Jews pray, the Palestinians say they are engaging in “Talmudic rituals.” That’s just flat out anti-Semitism. The Jews like to pray. Fine, so do the Muslims. Everyone has their own way of praying and none are better than the others.

They also refer to large groups of Jewish settlers as “herds.” They’re calling them animals. This is antisemitism too. Furthermore, the Arabs hate it when people attack their religion, so maybe they should leave the Jewish religion alone?

Of course all sensible people are against Israel’s occupation of the West Bank. It’s totally illegal for one and the formation of Israel itself was frankly legal. The settlers need to leave the West Bank. Or turn it over to the Palestinians and say that any Jews who want to stay and live under Arab rule are free to do so. I doubt if many would take them up on the offer.

The problem is terminology. I just now learned that the Palestinians, when they attack the “occupation,” are attacking Israel too, not just the West Bank! The Arabs say all of Israel is occupied too, and occupation if you exist. This is what Palestinians refer to when they talk about “the occupation.” They’re talking about the people inside Israel itself.

This is bullshit. Israel is not an “occupation” and it’s perfectly legal under international law or at least it was at the time it was formed. They’re not occupiers, usurpers, rapists, or settlers. That’s all bullshit. That only applies to the West Bank. 46% of Palestinians object to attacks on Israelis inside Israel proper, so a lot of them agree with me.

This has all made me a lot less sympathetic to the Palestinians as I have long been a 2-stater. But that’s dead now. The one secular state seems to be a pipe dream, dead on arrival. The problem is that almost zero Arabs actually  want a 2-state solution. You have to understand the Arab mind. They Arabs are the original never say uncle crowd. They fight you forever.

The PLO is on record saying the 2-state solution is only temporary, a first step towards  their goal of taking over the whole place. The Arabs, like the Chinese, think of the long-term beyond this brief life of ours. First they get their own state, then 100 or 1,000 years later, they use that to build on a single state. The Arabs are actually willing to wait that long! The Arabs will fight you forever! You have to understand that about them.

Of course I am not happy with those Jews over there. I honestly cannot stand them! But I’m ok with a lot of Diaspora Jews. Let’s see. Are the Diaspora Jews squatting in Palestine and stealing Arab land every week? Of course not. They haven’t stolen an inch of land. People say when the Diaspora Jews support the Palestinians. Well, fine. They’re supporting their people. What do you expect them to do? Everyone is supporting their people and everyone should do so.

Anyway, Jews are only 2% of the population. In order to get state support for this shitty little country of theirs, they have to convince at least 49% of the Gentiles to go along with it. They can only pull this off with mass Gentile support. So the problem isn’t just Jews and in the Diaspora is more the Gentile Zionists. They’re the ones with the votes who keep voting for the Jewish state.

Support for Israel runs 55-60% among Gentiles and that figure has been flat for years. Support for Palestinians is ~15%. That’s actually gone down over time! You need to realize that the Jews couldn’t pull this off on their own and they need mass or majority support among Gentiles to see this thing through.

Yes, Jewish money has infected US politics in a bad way. The US Jews have pretty much purchased the state in the same way that the Cubans in Florida have. The Jews like to boast that they will take out anyone who goes against them. So to some extent the Jews are terrorizing lawmakers to support Israel.  Do lawmakers act like they have a gun to their heads and grit their teeth every time they vote for Israel. Get out.

And it’s important to note that in purchasing the state, the US Jews only want to buy a single thing and that is support for Israel.. They care about hate speech laws too, but that’s not a big issue. The Jews as a group did not purchase society and the state for all of these nefarious purposes like the antisemites say they did. The Jews can’t agree on anything. Sure they like the Cultural Left but so do most Gentiles. And Orthodox Jews hate the Cultural Left.

Two Jews, three opinions. They can’t agree on economics or capitalism and socialism. They can’t even agree on cultural issues because they’re not all united on that Israel. The vast Jewish conspiracy is complete nonsense except in the sense of purchasing the state for the purpose of getting the US to support their country. There’s no vast Jewish conspiracy because they can’t agree on anything other than support for Israel! That’s it. Other than that they are all over place on every issue – liberal, Centrist, conservative.

Sure I’m disgusted with the Israeli Jews. They’re a plague. But increasingly I don’t like the Palestinians much either. They’re too radical and fanatical for my taste.For one, they’re terrorists. This revolt has been straight up terrorism from the very start. At least the Jews try to follow international law to some extent.

The Israeli Army does not engage in terrorism. The Arabs do, in spades. That’s one reason I’ve had it up to here with the Arabs too. A pox on both of their houses! I’m out of there. You guys go fight it out over there, but just leave me out of it, ok? I have better things to do than do get into a beef of two groups of assholes acting terribly. I’m supposed to pick a side and figure  out which one is a bigger asshole. And I can’t make up my mind.

I don’t agree with a Palestinian state where 90% of the Jews take off for places unknown. I either believe in two states or co-existence, which to me means that the Jews and Arabs live together in the land. But both sides are against coexistence, so I don’t really have a dog in this fight anymore.

“A Threat and Its Annulment: Coping with the Sexuality of the Gentile Man in Medieval Ashkenaz”

A Threat and Its Annulment: Coping with the Sexuality of the Gentile Man in Medieval Ashkenaz

Avital Davidovich Eshed and Moshe Halbertal

Neat stuff. However, only 1 in 200 breedings with Ashkenazi Jews in Europe were outside of the fold! So the Jews ended up being quite inbred, which had good and bad implications. Via Shahak, we learn that the rabbinical punishment for a female having sex with a Gentile in Spain was to cut off her nose! That’ll keep them in line. And I have also heard that if a Jewish man breeds with a Gentile woman, he’s simply lost to the Jews and goes off and lives with the Gentiles. This had the effect of inbreeding.

Further, Jews didn’t necessarily hate living in their ghettos or quarters. In fact, sometimes they built those ghettos themselves! The purpose here was rabbinical desire to limit Jewish contacts with Gentiles and consequent sexual relations.

In addition, prior to Napolean’s liberation, a proper Orthodox Jewish man (there was no other kind) would not even take tea with a Gentile, much less eat with him. Must have been double that for a Jewish woman. Obviously this had a distancing effect in order to prevent sexual outbreeding.

No way can I support pogroms ever, but refusing to eat or drink with Gentiles isn’t exactly going to make the Jews win friends and influence people.

To this very day, some Orthodox living in the Diaspora have been thrown out of communities! Shades of the Middle Ages. They settled in a small Mayan town in Guatemala and after some years, they were tossed out of town on grounds that they were extremely unfriendly. A Jewish community in Iowa who set up a packing plant had a similar experience.

A man I know married an Orthodox Jewish woman and said her relatives never did accept her and many would not shake his hand or talk to him. This embittered him so much that the poor fellow became a wild antisemite!

Here in the US, 90% of Jews are non-Orthodox. There are few issues with non-Orthodox Jews here in the US, and anti-Semitism is quite uncommon. If one voices anti-Semitic views, one is often left with a look of puzzlement, as if the listener cannot understand what anyone would have against them.

Anti-Semitism in the US is much exaggerated by Israelis, probably to get them to make aliyah. Most of what little there is is coming from Palestinians and maybe a few other Arabs or Muslims. Further, there are serious issues with the Black community in New York and with radicalized Blacks who imbibed in Farrakhanism.

Yes, there are some nasty anti-Semites among the White nationalists/White Supremacists (basically Nazis), but there are also folks like this who say Jews are White! Further, there are Jewish White nationalists!

However, running across a White person with this Nazi mindset is very unusual.

Anti-Israel sentiment is furthermore not very common. Israelis vastly exaggerate this, not to say that they have a right to some concerns in Europe, especially France. 55-60% of Americans side with Israel and ~15% side with the Palestinians. These figures have been flat forever, and support for Palestinians has even declined over the years.

Trump was not an anti-Semite. Jews are just making that up because they hate him. On the contrary, he is quite a Judeophile, having hobnobbed with Jews in business and pleasure for decades in very Jewish New York. Many wealthy and ruling class Gentiles have formed an alliance with a newly rich Jewish group in the last 50 years.

I think I’d rather have an epithet hurled at me than have a rocket land on my head.

Further, some Reform Jews have extreme hatred for Orthodox Jews. I know, my Jewish girlfriend was one of them!

And the feeling goes the other way. I spoke to an Agudat Orthodox man in Israel who despised secular Jews. In fact, he said he would rather live with Hamas than the seculars!

This was because he could at least respect them for being very religious as he was. Perhaps it is possible. 500-600 Samaritans live in the West Bank and have no problems at all. Samaritans are considered Jews. And in Lebanese refugee camps, there are some anti-Zionist Jewish people who never accepted Israel. They have no problems at all.

All the Fake Reasons The Jews Give to Prove They Have a Right to Israel

Now, of course, I despise Israel. None of their justifications for why they stole that land or why it’s really theirs makes the slightest bit of sense. All you can say is they stole it fair and square.

This is our homeland. Yeah, but you left 2,000 years ago and never came back. Think of how many places all around the world used to be some other ethnic group’s land 2,000 years ago. The UK. Spain and Portugal. Italy. The entire Roman Empire. All of the Middle East. Hardly any group that calls anywhere their home were living there and claiming it as theirs 2,000 years ago.

Can you imagine if every group that used to control some territory some time in the last 2,000 years got to go back and reclaim their land? Total chaos. How much could Italy claim? Poland? Russia? Hungary? France? North Africa? After the Jews left, Palestine was still Roman land. Then it was owned by the Greeks. Do these people get to go back and reclaim it?

And by the way, a lot of those possessions or homelands were acquired by force, usually an invasion and conquest.

Just because you Jews used to live there 2,000 years ago doesn’t mean you get to go back and reclaim your property deed! Sorry, but it doesn’t work that way.

Our religion says this is our land. Yeah? My religion says bats flew out of my butt! How bout that? Who cares what your crazy, made-up religion believes about much of anything! It’s not important. Religions are not factually based.

Every year we have been praying to get our land back. So? What if the French had been praying for 700 years to get the UK back? Do they get to go back and conquer the UK, and even worse, to throw out all the British and settle the place with French people? What relevance is that? I don’t care what you pray for or pray about. That’s never a basis for anything.

We have had a 2,000 year presence in this land. Yeah. So? Mostly as a tiny minority of 3-5% of the population! So what? Suppose some minority has been living in some place for 2,000 years as a tiny percentage of the population, and they never owned the place in all that time. Gypsies or Roma for example, though that’s a bad example. Because you all have been sitting on some land as 3% of the population for 1,700 years doesn’t mean it’s yours! Can you imagine if this was enforceable in international law? Crazy!

There’s no such thing as Palestinians. Yeah. So? Guess what? There’s no such thing as most of these nationalities in the world. A lot of them were just dreamed up in the last 200 years or so. Before that they had other names. It doesn’t matter. They’re still the same people no matter what you they call themselves.

The Arabs are settlers. They conquered and settled the place 1,300 years ago. Though honestly they mostly just conquered it. The people remained the same as they ever were. If the Arabs were settlers (which didn’t happen), then by this logic, Hell, we are all settlers. This is the biggest can of worms.

The Palestinians are the Canaanites, the people who had been living there since before the Jews. The Arabs didn’t move in, kick out all the Canaanites and move in Arabs from Arabia in their place. That’s not what happened. So the Arabs are not settlers or settler-colonists. Arabs didn’t “colonize” that land, or if they did, then we have all colonized whatever land we are living on. The Canaanites are not “settlers” or “colonists.” They’ve always lived there.

After the Jews left and Greece took over, they turned Christian. Then after the Arabs, they slowly converted to Islam. Sure, some new folks moved in in the past century. So? This was all Arab land. It doesn’t matter what name the Arabs went under. Arabs moved all over the Arab World all the time. Just because some new ones moved in recently doesn’t mean it’s not Arab land!

There has never been any such thing as Palestine. Yeah. There’s never been any such thing as most of the countries on the map! They’re all new inventions mostly in the last 150 years after 1948, especially in Europe. Most of the rest only became countries after the colonists left and they got their independence. Most countries on Earth didn’t exist 150 years ago. Hell, they didn’t exist even 120 years ago. They’re all new creations or inventions. It doesn’t mean they’re not real.

For the Christians: The Bible says its Jewish land. Well, no it doesn’t. Not the New Testament anyway. You Jews got replaced. That’s what Replacement Theology is all about. It’s not your land anymore. Jesus came, freed you from the Law, and now the Church is the new Israel. You all don’t get it anymore. The Old Testament maybe says it’s yours, but I doubt if it does so in so many words. But the OT isn’t Christianity. That’s another religion, a religion called Judaism.

We conquered it in a war, so it’s ours. This is the only one that makes any sense, but they never use this about Israel Proper, although they certainly could. They only use this about the Territories. You don’t get to conquer land in war, kick out the people who live there, and move in your own people. They did it in 1948, but it was legal back then, and international law has grown up in the time since then and it’s no longer legal. The age of settler-colonialism is over. It ended here the Western Hemisphere in 1890. Nobody plays by those rules anymore.

Now, I do think the Jews get Israel based on this, but they don’t get those Territories that they conquered.

What about Russia? Well, if the people who live there want another country to come in and liberate them and free them from the people they live under and hate, that’s not settler-colonialism.

That isn’t even occupied land because the people wanted to occupiers to come in, occupy it and attach it to their country. People have a right to self-determination. If people in some country want to split off a part of that country and go join some other country, they can do just that. Consensual invasions and occupations and not an issue. No one cares about that other than some silly statists who violate the rule all the time anyway whenever it suits them.

The formation of Israel was legal. Well, that is correct. It was ratified by the UN. With a lot of abstentions, sure, but it was perfectly legal. Apparently the Nakba was legal under international law at the time it happened. But international law has changed a lot since, and it’s not legal anymore, sorry.

But they have no right to an inch of the rest of that land in East Jerusalem or the West Bank, Gaza, the Golan Heights and Shebaa Farms. All of that was conquered in war and settled and annexed illegally.

But I’m not saying Israel itself is invalid. The Jews can keep on living in Israel. They’re not being very nice about it or sharing the land with others, but it’s all kosher under international law. Yes, it would be nice if it were not an apartheid state, but apartheid states are perfectly legal. South Africa was a legal country. It’s not very nice to be an apartheid state, but a lot of perfectly legal things are not very nice.

We stole it fair and square. They don’t use this one but I wish they did. This is the only one that makes any sense. Just because the Jews stole it fair and square doesn’t mean they don’t get to live there.

The Crazy Things the West Believes about the Ukraine-Russia War

Three big ones and boy are they whoppers.

Russia attacked its own nuclear plant where it’s own forces were stationed! That’s crazy. They were supposedly shelling their own troops. Of course they didn’t. All of those artillery rounds were traced back to Ukrainian positions. Ukraine ever said that they should blow up the nuclear plant. One of Ukraine’s top leaders went on TV and said that Ukraine should blow up the nuke plant because…I don’t know! But he definitely recommended to do that. I guess it would be a great move in terms of the war.

I’ve told you so many times that these Ukrainians are insane Nazis. Every time you hear about Ukraine doing some evil stuff, ask yourself, “Would Nazis have done that?” Since Nazis had few qualms about doing much of anything, the answer is usually yes. Well these Ukrainians are Banderists. Their heroes were all Nazi collaborators and before that, they were proto-Nazis in the 1920’s before there even was a Nazi Germany.

Russia blew up its own gas pipeline! Yeah. Why would they do that? This is another story that keeps changing. See the fake story the CIA put out about the team of Ukrainian amateurs who rented a yacht and sailed to the site to blow up the pipeline? Well that didn’t work because it was so obviously fake, so they went back and got a new one.

In the new story, Russian ships were seen many times in the area of that pipeline blast in the months leading up the sabotage. None of the reasons given for why Russia would even blow up that pipeline in the first place even make sense. Logically you would think that they would be cleared right away of the crime because it hurts them so much. I guess Russians are flagellants!

The truth of course is that the US blew up the pipeline with the help of the British, the Danes, and the Norwegians. Seymour Hersch laid it all out in an excellent article. Now the liberals all hate their hero Hersch because now he’s blowing up the lies of the liberals. There’s a huge campaign on to smear Hersch and ruin his reputation because he pricked the wrong bubble.

Not one single Western news outlet has told us the truth – that the US blew up the pipeline. Hell, Biden, Blinken, Nuland, and Rubio all admitted it! They even said they were going to do it beforehand and then laughed and cheered it on when it happened. We have all of this on tape.

The media’s general line here is “We can’t figure out who blew up that pipeline. Germany, Norway, Sweden, etc. all have big investigations into who did this sabotage, but they’re all coming up with their hands empty. They can’t seem to figure it out. The best minds of the West are baffled! Yeah, right. They know who did it but they can’t say so because they’re all the whores of the US, bought, paid for, and threatened or blackmailed.

Russia attacked its own presidential palace with drones! Yeah. Sure. That would be like the US firing drones at the White House to try to kill Biden. Like that would really happen! True we haven’t figured out who did it yet, but that doesn’t matter. The hands of Ukraine are obviously behind it. It was probably fired from inside Russia near Moscow because that thing couldn’t fly very far. It wasn’t even very powerful.

It looks like they were mainly trying to blow up that flag that sits on top of the Kremlin. An hour before the attack, one of Zelensky’s top aides sent a mysterious tweet with a rocket flying through the air on it. Obviously Ukraine is behind it but we don’t have the details yet. Leave that to the FSB.

The entire Western media got behind this one and even came right out and called it a false flag. I thought there was no such thing as false flags. That’s been the US line all along. They’re in the realm of conspiracy theories and kookdom. Now it looks like false flags do exist, but of course we or our friends never do them, only the bad guys do! As in, our enemies! Like Russia! Blinken even suggested that Russia attacked its own presidential palace on TV.

Almost all Westerners think that all of the above lies are true. They fell for all of them and if you support Ukraine, you believe that all three of those things are true. I’m starting to wonder just how stupid Westerners are. I thought Whites were supposed to be smart? I think we are just brainwashed. But it’s odd that the “low IQ dummies” in the Global South have this all figured out when we, the brainy people, believe that stupidest stuff.

Show me one pro-Ukrainian who doesn’t believe all of the above. I want one, just one.

Russia Never Put Bounties on Dead US Soldiers in Afghanistan

This was just some bullshit the CIA put out to screw Russia. They literally pulled this out of a hat. Later the story changed to “Iran paid bounties for US troops killed in Afghanistan.” You can always tell a fake story if it keeps changing all the time. Real events don’t take wild turns every other day with brand new facts. But these things do. If the first set of lies doesn’t work, they just go make up some new ones. See how the Nordstream sabotage story keeps changing? Same thing. That’s because it never happened like they said it did.

There was never any evidence for the Russian bounties on dead US troops in Afghanistan and none was ever presented. But everybody fell for it anyway. Liberal Democrats were especially susceptible to believing this crap. I know Kos at Daily Kos made a big deal about it and every dumbass liberal on that site believed it. It’s a real hive mind over there.

Russia Never Invaded Georgia

Everyone keeps insisting they did but it’s a known fact that they did not. Instead, Georgia attacked South Ossetia. Russian troops were there as peacekeepers and they got attacked by Georgia. The Russian Army poured in from the Russia/South Ossetian border and fought with the Georgians. Then they attacked into Georgia and went all the way to Tblisi.

This should be a known fact and it’s been proven many times, but the Western scum media keeps lying and saying that Russia invaded Georgia, when really they ought to know better. Of course of the Ukraine fanboys, it’s axiomatic that of course Russia invaded Georgia. They had to be they’re Russia and Russia is evil!